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If your children enjoy lapbooks or hands on projects for studying in your homeschool, then check out the lap-paks from Home School in the Woods. We have been using the Wonders of the World from their Hands-on History Lap-Paks series.

My oldest daughter is almost 8yo, and has been doing lapbooks since she was 4yo; she still pulls out all the many lapbooks she has created and looks over them, so I knew the lap-paks from Home School in the Woods would be a hit. Not only do they make beautiful history lap-paks, they offer so many history and timeline projects and studies for your homeschool.

What Are Hands-on History Lap-Paks

Our Wonders of the World lap-pak is quite literally packed full of amazing masters and activities. The download includes easy to understand instructions about how to put together the lap-pak. If you have never assembled a lapbook with manilla file folders, have no fear! Step by step instructions make this so easy; it is simple enough for me to do with ease, but also something my 2nd grader can do on her own if given the instruction, scissors, and tape.

Want to know the best part?

Not only can you print the reading material from the lap-pak in the form of a booklet, or full page (for binders), but it comes in audio form!


And it isn’t dry boring audio, I was so pleasantly surprised when I hit play and the audio was easy to listen to, well narrated, and felt like someone reading me a book. I knew if I could enjoy and follow along, my children were also getting something out of it.

Wonders of the World History Lap Pak

I won’t name every single wonder of the world project included in the purchase, because it can be found at the link HERE, under the “details” tab. But when I say there are many activities and wonders to study, you will see what I mean. Home School in the Woods has thought of everything:

  • all 7 wonders of the world (ancient)
  • Stonehenge
  • Panama Canal
  • Victoria Falls
  • The Hagia Sophia
  • The Golden Gate Bridge
  • and SO many more!

When I saw which lap-pak my children would put together, I knew it would be cherished. My almost 6yo boy and 8yo girl love history, especially ancients. They enjoy reading and hearing about civilizations that made these amazing parts of our history; anything that brings history to life for them is a hit, but something like lapbooks is even better. I also like that the writing assignments in the projects have a printable page with the answers filled in- so parents/students can choose if they want to fill in the details themselves or have it printed-making this a GREAT option for those that have handwriting difficulties, fine motor fatigue/development delays, and visual difficulties.

Lap Pak assembly and activities

The images that come with the lap-pak purchase are very high quality masters with lots of lovely detail; lightly coloring them with colored pencils adds my children’s personal touch, and helps them remember what they have learned about each wonder. There is a timeline to assemble that helps put all these great things they learn in history, into perspective so they can better understand what happened and when.

How We Use it, What We Think

Hands on learning isn’t … well, it isn’t my thing. I would rather read a book, or plan my week than do a project. However, lap-paks are hands on projects that don’t require me to do any: pre-planning, purchasing of weird supplies, building, blowing up of things, or cleaning up! *win, win*

After printing the pages (per the very easy to follow and visual instructions) I turned on the audio, gave them colored pencils, & the masters to color while I assembled the lap-pak folder. All was peaceful and well in our home; we were learning together, mama was getting a break from reading aloud, their hands were busy, and their minds were soaking in the audio.

Lap Pak Projects while listening to history audio

I love that not only are there lap-paks to go with anything we are studying, but that they will be cherished for years and years. If there is one way to document your homeschool learning, lapbooks are the way to go! My kids love them, it sparks their imagination (want to build a world wonder with Magnatiles, anyone?), we can take them anywhere, and they can be shared with siblings, grandparents, and friends.

We still have many projects to do for our Wonders of the World lap-pak, and I know we will enjoy every minute of it. It fits perfectly with our history study this year, fills the need for hands on learning in our home, and also acts as review later. Thank you Home School in the Woods!

Don’t miss the latest studies from their site: Project Passport: Ancient Rome and the download version of the now complete Project Passport collection is available.

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