GoodNites, Undercover Mission!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites. All opinions are 100% mine.

A while back we had the opportunity to try out GoodNites.

We are still using them!
Lexie likes that they are a pretty purple, and was very excited to try them out.  I was excited because Lexie has always been a heavy wetter at night time.  We can cut off liquids well before bed, and she is still going to wet heavy while she sleeps, and many nights a week she leaks out of her “night night panties.”
So, when we had the opportunity to try Goodnites, which are made for children who are potty trained but wet the bed, we jumped on it!
I have to say, these fit so discreetly, just like real panties (and underwear).  You can’t even tell there is an absorbent underwear under her pajamas.
Playing Mary Poppins before bed, with her GoodNites on!

If you have older children who need these at night to prevent wetting the bed, they can feel confident that no one will know these are under their pajamas!  They are so thin, but SO absorbent.

In all the nights Lexie wore the GoodNites underwear, she never leaked onto her pajamas or sheets!  This was awesome because we went on a long trip to visit family, and she actually wore these in the car so we wouldn’t need to stop every hour  =) 
Lexie is about 40-42 pounds, 40+ inches tall, and we used the S/M size of GoodNites.  They work perfectly for her.
You would never know she’s wearing GoodNites!
We have been working REALLY hard at “staying dry” while she sleeps- she has naps down pretty well, but bedtime is still a struggle.
Lexie was so proud when she woke up each morning and her sheets weren’t wet from leaking out of her other brand of absorbent underwear.  
It boosted her confidence a lot, which is important when you are night-time training an almost-three year old!
So thank you GoodNites!  You definitely have a new customer.  If you have a potty training child, or an older child who wets the bed, we recommend GoodNites brand underwear!
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Has your family tried GoodNites?  What do you think of them?!  Tell us in the comments.

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