G is for Grace {blogging through the ABCs}

I am a little late, but I am excited to join the “Blogging Through the Alphabet” series. Each week I will have a new post based on the a letter of the alphabet.

This week is the letter G.

G is for Grace {blogging through the alphabet www.quietinthechaos.com}

G is for Grace {blogging through the alphabet www.quietinthechaos.com}

G is for Grace-giving and receiving

I have a really hard time with this one- grace for myself, and grace for others. Grace was bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ. God has given us grace. Why do we not give it to myself? It is okay if everything doesn’t go perfectly as planned- modify and adjust. It is okay if every inch of the house isn’t perfect- shut the door to the messy rooms! It’s okay if dinner didn’t turn out just right- they will eat it anyway (because you cooked it, and they love you).

God doesn’t require perfection; he doesn’t require that I be: the perfect wife, the perfect mama, the perfect house keeper, the perfect homeschooling parent, the perfect friend, the perfect daughter, or the perfect daughter of Christ.

What he does require of me is that I give others grace.

Then give myself grace when I fail.

Don’t stress over it; LET IT GO.

Do you know the best gift you can give to someone else? grace.

Our children need our grace; sometimes the room looks clean to them (what clothes all over the floor?) when it is a disaster to us.

Our husbands need our grace; sometimes it is overwhelming being the provider, the daddy who give “shouldy rides,” and the fix-it-all man of the house.

Have grace and patience with our work. Even having patience with my blog and using the hostiserver.com servers and others like it.

We need to give ourselves grace; let it go. It wasn’t exactly perfect, and that is okay.

Husbands, we need your grace. We need you to look past our imperfections and see the heart of what we are doing- raising our families the best we can to honor you, our children, and God.

God poured his abounding love and grace all over each and every one of us when Jesus died on that cross, then called us to live like Jesus did. Treat other like Jesus did.

And what did Jesus do for others?

He gave them grace.

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