Fun Interactive Story Bible {with free app-a review}

Our children LOVE Bible stories, and Bible story books; one of the first books my oldest fell in love with was a Bible story book at the age of 3. Our family has gone on to enjoy several story Bibles over the years. We have been using Planet 316 Story Bible and the companion Planet 316 Story Bible App from Planet 316 and WorthyKids/Ideals.

The Planet 316 Story Bible is no exception to a great story book Bible, it is however different than other story Bibles! This is an interactive “come to life” Bible, when combined with the companion Planet 316 Story Bible App. It is easy to use, and fun for all ages! My kids are 7, 5, 3, and a toddler (who wasn’t usually around when we used this Bible because it was at the older’s bedtimes) and they all enjoyed the stories from the Bible, and also the interactive app on our ipad.

We simply open the app on our iPad or phone, point the screen at the page to be scanned, and the illustrations on the Bible page “come to life,” as my 7 year old says, or appear in 3D. The app works really well, we didn’t run into any hiccups; the scanner scans quickly and easily without any fuss. It really is fun to tap the different illustrations and hear them talk, or act out part of the story. The kids laugh and listen as illustrations run across the page (Jacob and Esau), as angels walked to heaven while Jacob snored (haha-Jacob’s ladder), and Joseph’s brothers plotted against him (Joseph’s coat of many colors). There are many beloved stories in the Planet 316 Story Bible, some many story Bibles don’t include (over 100 stories in all).

Planet216Bible and free App

The language is written clear and sticks to true Biblical stories with no fantastical elaborations or emotions inserted into the stories (this is a HUGE criteria for both my husband and myself when it comes to children’s Bibles). The illustrations are beautiful and fun; most important in a children’s story Bible, they are memorable. The images help solidify the stories which lead to knowing Jesus as our savior, and the Planet 316 Story Bible definitely does justice to said stories.

One really big plus for our family is the diversity found in the illustrations- characters and angels all have different skin and hair tones; some are obviously due to the region in which they take place (Egypt, for example) while others seem to be selected more randomly? Regardless, it is refreshing to see different shades in a story book Bible that probably reflect a somewhat (more) realistic idea of the people at that time.


The Story Bible alone is wonderful, but when paired with the fun interactive Companion App, it is even better! I have no doubt that some of these stories are more memorable for my kids because they have seen and experienced a bit more of the story itself through the app. It has led to some really great conversations and discussions in our family at bedtime (Would Joseph really feel that way? Would you be scared to profess the meaning of dreams to the king? How would you handle a sibling rivalry that determined your future? What would Jesus tell him to do?).


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