Friday on The Farm: The End of Summer

Friday on the Farm … it has been several weeks since I have written about the farm.

Things are pretty lively around here!  We have started back to homeschool so most of our mornings involve that.  Oh- and we have a new baby … she is 7 weeks old today!  (wow, 7 weeks have flown by!)

We also introduced 7 other babies to the farm- 7 young Khaki Campbell ducks!  Turns out 3 of the 4 are drakes, but two of those should make a good dinner one day.  Right now they are all behaving so we are going to keep ’em around a while longer.  They are all beautiful ducks though!  They really enjoy free ranging and doing their jobs- my husband saw one of them gobbling up a snake the other day, and they chase all sorts of flying bugs.  Their favorite day of the week is when we refill their little pool- they go crazy splashing and playing around.

Khaki Campbell Ducks

The calves are getting B-I-G.  Plain big.  They aren’t little babies anymore, that’s for sure.  I still call them the baby cows and they come when we call them.  They’re up to almost 5 gallons of feed a day to supplement their grazing- they eat on the pasture all day and usually go back out after they’ve been fed by us.  We are including minerals and diatomaceous earth in their feed each day.  They still love to be petted and scratched and will talk to us when we are outside.

7 month old Holstein/Angus Calves


We introduced the big hens to the little girls and everyone is getting along great.  They are happy in their new big coop and run.  The baby girls haven’t started laying yet, but that should happen any week now!  They’re 16 weeks old, and usually start laying between 16-24 weeks.  I am ready for more eggs!

Which reminds me, we need to get an egg basket soon.  =)

We are getting rain several times a week and have been for a while.  The grass is growing like crazy and so are the tomatoes and beans.  Our second crop of potatoes didn’t do anything; the seed potatoes we bought were super cheap and looked pretty terrible, so that’s probably why.  Our tomatoes are doing good, and we are all enjoying the black cherry heirloom tomatoes; we will have to plant 3xs as many of those next year!

I’ve made 3 batches of salsa, which we also use for rotel in chilis and soups, and have more to make! I will probably also can just plain tomatoes like I did last year.

Otherwise, we are gearing up for my favorite time of year- FALL ON THE FARM!  It doesn’t get any prettier than fall leaves after a wet, luscious August and September!

Are you ready for all things Fall?



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