First Time Goat Breeding {Friday on the Farm}

Well … here I am. Waiting for my goats to go into heat. I’m 99.9% sure I missed it a few weeks back, at least for one of my yearlings. I am waiting again for the “signs”-like tail flagging, mounting, screaming, squatting to pee non stop, and possible wet tails. We will see if I am able to pin point it next time?

Everyone says I can borrow a buck rag-the scent of a buck rubbed onto a rag, placed in  jar- and when she goes crazy to get to the rag in the jar, it is time. I think after Thanksgiving that is what I will …

We will be taking them back to their breeder, to use one of her bucks (not related to our girls) for breeding.

Friday on the Farm {first time farmer}


They sure are pretty! And fat! haha

Right now we are giving herbal wormers weekly, a handful of organic alfalfa pellets, a handful of organic black oil sunflower seeds, and a handful of organic barley each evening, along with a supplement of alfalfa hay.

It sounds like a lot … but it is all nutritious feed, they’re happy, and we are hoping they stay healthy! Trial and error is the name of the goat game right now. Being new to anything means learning from others and reading a LOT; in the farming world everyone does something different. So we have chosen what works best for us in this season.


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