Favorite Dairy Alternative: Coconut Products {week 1}

I am joining a “52 weeks of favorites” Link up hosted by a fellow blogger.  I am beginning a few weeks, late so I will have more like 49 weeks.  =)

I will begin with something my family could not live without- dairy alternatives.

My first pick for a dairy alternative, is coconut oil and milk.  Coconut is a powerhouse of essential fats and nutrients.

coconut as dairy alternative

Although coconut milk has a coconut flavor, the flavor doesn’t show much in things like muffins and other baked goods.  I don’t think I would bake a chocolate cake with it …. but then again, that might be really good!

Coconut oil is a must have in our home, because the kids can’t have butter.  I use Tropical Traditions coconut oil for all my cooking needs, instead of unhealthy vegetable oils.  I trust Tropical Traditions, their standards are above all others,  and they offer amazing sales.

I looove sales, and nutritious food!  *Win*

For coconut milk, we buy Native Forest Organic Classic Coconut Milk from Amazon.  Using Amazon Prime, we get free 2-day shipping, and a great value on real, organic coconut milk.  This is what I use to make Mister’s coconut milk tonic.  You can read more about it by clicking on that link.

My husband and I eat butter and use milk for our toast and coffee.  But when it comes to baking and cooking for the entire family, I use these non dairy alternatives because I know they are healthy for my family, and are a great value!

You can replace any oil or butter in any recipe with expeller pressed coconut oil, with no coconut flavor.  Expeller pressed coconut oil from Tropical Traditions is gently refined, so there is no coconut-y flavor to your food.  Although, I have used regular virgin coconut oil, (which does have coconut flavor), and we didn’t notice any coconut coconut in our food.  So, I really just use what I have on hand now.

We add it to smoothies, sautee our veggies in it, and use it on diaper rashes and cuts.  Really, there are endless ways to use coconut oil!


  1. Tess says:

    We can use dairy here but coconut oil is so good for you! We use it in place of butter or shortening in our baked goods like biscuits and cookies. I love using coconut milk for curry dishes!

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