Familyman’s Christmas Treasury {a review}


Can you believe we have 10, TEN, Saturdays until Christmas?!

We have been so blessed to gear up for the holiday season by reviewing some wonderful Christmas stories!  We have been listening to eight Digital Downloads from The Familyman’s Christmas Treasury – Audio Collection by The Familyman.  We also received a physical CD from the collection, The Stranger, for review.

The Familyman has partnered with Jim Hodges to create and share with us many beautiful Christmas stories!  If you are familiar with family audio books, you know Jim Hodges is a beloved voice and great storyteller!  In  the Christmas Treasury Audio Collection, you can enjoy:

There are 2 additional stories, The Secret of the Snow Village and It’s Called Christmas, that can also be purchased separately.

We began listening to these stories during the kids’ independent play time.  They have asked to listen to several of them over and over again.  I really enjoyed these because, while they are fun, entertaining stories, they are Biblically accurate.  They teach life lessons about love, Christ, and the meaning of Christmas, which is a big deal around here!

I also love that each of these are 100% appropriate for children of many ages.  My oldest is 6, my youngest (listening) was 2.  Obviously the 2 year old didn’t get most of it, but my 6 and 4 year olds really enjoyed them!

In The Stranger, a young boy learns all about the Christmas spirit and the real meaning of Christmas when a town stranger lands in his family’s living room.  Everyone in the town fears this stranger, that they know nothing about.  But when Jessie, the stranger, end up in Sam’s home for Christmas, he and his family learn about showing Jesus’ love for everyone.  My kids were very excited to hear that Jessie whittled near the fire; they both received small pocket knives for their birthdays for whittling.  They also think that Jessie must have “been an angel that came to teach about being kind to everyone.”

Harold Grubbs and the Christmas Vest is about a special Christmas vest worn by Issac’s dad that has an enchanting story about the original owner, Mr. Harold Grubbs.  After being saved (giving his heart to Jesus), Mr. Grubbs wore the same plaid vest the Sunday after Thanksgiving every year until he died.  Issac’s dad tells the lovely story of this vest, the loving man that wore it, and the meaning behind it (that people can change and Jesus died for everyone, even miserable old men).  It is truly a lovely story, and probably my very favorite!

Captain Chaos and The Manger Blaster is a fun story about that teaches children (and adults) that the Christmas story is perfect just the way it is written in the Bible and doesn’t need anything to make it more exciting.  Jason learns that without the manger, without Jesus laying in that manger, there is no Christmas.  There is no way to heaven.  He learns to be thankful for his Bible and his savior, Jesus.

Gladys Remembers Christmas will make everyone smile and maybe cry a little; Gladys Higgins didn’t like Christmas and missed her mother terribly.  But one day Gladys has a dream and talks with her mama, who reminds her that Jesus loves her more than anyone, even her.  She is reminded of Christmas, what she loved about it, and what Christmas meant.  This story will pull on your heart strings for sure!

These stories would make a wonderful addition to a family Christmas tradition, and are perfect for those cold winter days while mama is decorating for Christmas and the kids need something to do when they aren’t busy helping.  😉

We have truly loved these stories!

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