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Despite my best efforts, my personal social media time has gradually increased. I really try to keep that time to a minimum, especially with so much to do around here. grabbing a few minutes there, and a few minutes here online can really add up!

So instead of social media, I have been enjoying my downtime at naps or bed, with a Daily Bible Jigsaw puzzle from Planet 316.

I was surprised when using the app, that I enjoyed it so much. I know some people are just too fond of the traditional options, whether it be with a Custom jigsaw puzzle or one off the shelf. But the app isn’t super flashy or loud; the music is peaceful, and the pictures on the puzzles are always nice-all big PLUSES in my book. The sound effects aren’t too loud or annoying like you may find in a typical game. One thing that makes them similar to other app store games is that they have incorporated the idea of an in app advertisement to help occasionally break up the gameplay, but I’m not quite sure what this contributes to. Although I hope I find out soon! At least it’s left me wanting more.

It is fun completing the puzzles and the added bonus of a daily scripture is nice. I chose to use the app on my ipad, but there are many ways to enjoy the puzzles. I would love to get my children involved with doing more puzzles with me. I hear you can make a personalized photo puzzle with your family photos or whatever you want. I might have to look into that, but I’ll stick to the app for now.

Pick your way to play:

It is nice to enjoy something that is calm, beautiful, and encouraging when everything around is so negative. (It is kinda like when you change the radio station from jabbering noise, to that peaceful Christian radio station. It is just different.)

The best part is the Daily Bible Jigsaw is safe for everyone in the family to play! If you’re going to have screen time, this is a healthy activity-puzzles! It is an activity I can feel good about, and feel okay with my family playing, too. We like to wind down with it sometimes, after spending all afternoon in the sun, working and playing. I also like to wind down with it during my kids’ naps, or after their bedtime. There are so many ways to play, you can enjoy it just about anywhere.

The puzzles themselves are fun and the app is easy to use. From the iPad app, you can rotate each piece by simply tapping it with your finger. You can use coins to take short cuts for additional help; for instance by clicking the sorting tool icon, you can display only the edge pieces on our board, for 2 points. The magnet tool helps connect 2 random pieces to give a hand up on the game, if/when you get stuck. You can earn free points by watching short clips of videos OR you can purchase additional coins to use in the game!

The Daily Bible Jigsaw is a fun way to unwind and relax!

Check out the video below for more details!

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