Family Devotional: Roar like a Lion

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Tommy Nelson

If you come here often, you probably know our family loves a good devotional- each night at bedtime we read from the Bible, and/or a devotional, and often we read a from a book as well. The last couple of months we have been reading Roar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith from Tommy Nelson.

Roar like a Lion 90 Day Family Devotional

This 90 day devotional is a beautifully bound 192 page hardback book that is going to hold up to your family’s use. It has beautiful art work your children are going to be intrigued by, and I think it helps with understanding the devotional for that day. The stories go beautifully along with the Bible verses, and prayers to be read aloud that are included with each day’s reading. Each devotion offers simple action steps for dealing with a problem, with God’s help. Children will especially love the little fact included for each devotional- these are so fun!

Families will find prayers and ideas that help them talk to God, grow a stronger relationship with Jesus, and learn to walk closer with the Lord.

How We Used It and What We Think

My children have enjoyed reading from this so far, and they like to read it on their own as well. I love that each devotional shows children God’s faithfulness and love for his all his children. Pointing children to scripture for difficulties they face is so important.

What I really like? The topics are relevant to today’s kids in a BIG way. Some of the popular phrases children see and hear (even on family friendly shows and radio) are debunked as worldly sayings that don’t fit in a Christian’s life- ex: you do you. The authors have shown how this phrase does not apply to Christians, and they give readers evidence that this is not how we are called to live as children of the Most High.

Just because it is popular doesn’t make it right- I *really* like that message.

Roar like a Lion 90 Day Family Devotional

In this devotional, the truths are relevant to things children today deal with, but it’s done Biblically with everything pointing back to scripture and God. Because God’s truth is always the same, never changing, even when the world is. Especially while the world is.

The scriptures always show us who God is, and they’re always applicable to today. These devotionals give stories and scenarios most kids will understand and relate to, while directing it back to God’s Word.

Topics covered include:

  • facing fears in life
  • dealing with peer pressure
  • bullying
  • handling new challenges
  • dealing with disappointments
  • moving through grief
  • trying new things
  • courage
  • understanding that we do fit into God’s story, and that we are made for more
  • Roar like a Lion 90 Day Family Devotional

While it is recommended for ages 6-10, we read it with children from 5 to 11 years old. Everyone was interested in the reading, and it worked well for us. This devotional is simple and sweet, but impactful. It’s going to make a good Christmas or birthday gift for your kids, grandkids, and friends. I hope it blesses your family as it has ours.

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Roar Like a Lion Devotional Book for Children

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