Family Advent Devotional: Good News of Great Joy!

Simple Advent Devotional: Good News of Great Joy!v

My family and I were so blessed to review a wonderful new Advent devotional for Christian families!  Good News of Great Joy, ($3.99!) by Rachel Tiemeyer from Thriving Home, is a wonderful way to begin your family’s Christmas season.

This e-book devotional is written for children ages 2-11, but is definitely appropriate for all ages.  Each devotional is set up for a weekly reading and activity, but you can schedule this out daily if you’d like.  This is what I *love* about this particular program- it isn’t a crazy busy craft or activity every. single. day, requiring tons of supplies.  It is gentle and simple, just how we like to focus on Christmas in our home!

What’s Inside

There are four (4) devotions; each devotional has a “read,” “pray,” and “discuss and do,” section.

  • Read: you read the devotional from a Bible of your choice (she has even referenced the particular stories in some of the most popular children’s Bibles- The Jesus Storybook Bible, and The Rhyme Bible Storybook), or several different Bibles.
  • Pray: Pray about what you have read
  • Discuss and Do: Here is where you complete an activity.  These are fun and simple, but meaningful.  You can do one activity, or all of those suggested with your children.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year- while the world is spinning into utter chaos over material things and sales, we relax, focus on the birth of our savior, and spend time together.  We use this time to remember why God sent Jesus to Earth, and thanking Him for that precious gift.  This devotional helps us do just that!

So if you are looking for an Advent Devotional (your first, or maybe a new one), head on over to Thriving Home, and get a copy now!

Merry Christmas!