Eureka Springs and other things

We are finally on our mini vaca in Eureka Springs!  It is so nice to be away for a while.  Today we are going to see a few touristy things and just enjoy being away from Hot Springs for a while.

Lexie is doing great!  She is rolling over from her tummy to her back now.  She hates to be on her stomach though, so she doesn’t do it often.  I think she had fun at Thanksgiving dinner getting to see everyone and be held by so many people!  She is such a good baby and does well around lots of people.

This week marks the end of November, which means I will only have a few more weeks with her before she goes to school.  I am really, really dreading it.  I love spending time with her and being at home.  I guess a lot of people would go crazy being at home, but I don’t sit down much.  I am constantly cleaning and picking up, or we go out shopping or just walking down town. 

I am experiencing more and more people’s opinions on child rearing.  Quite frankly, I think they should just keep it to themselves.  What works for my family may not work for yours, but that doesn’t mean what we do in our home is wrong, it is just different.  It annoys me that people can say things so snootily and with such attitude like they know better for my child than I do, just because they have done it differently with theirs.  I wonder if they realize everyone is raised differently and that it is a good thing?  Obviously not..

As I see it, my child is happy, can entertain herself for good periods of time, she’s healthy, and she sleeps through the night.  That accommodates our lifestyle and whether is accomodates anyone else’s or not really doesn’t matter to me…  You do what is best for your family-despite what other people think!  I have never really cared what others thought of me, but I don’t really appreciate being criticized for my lifestyle- that’s mean, judgmental, and completely uncalled for.  I guess I just don’t have it in me to argue with people though.. that is unnecessary as well.

On a happier note, the drive up here wasn’t too bad!  Lexie screamed cried at one point and when we reached a good stopping point, we discovered it was gas.  Then she was fine.  J.Tom’s back is not fairing too well today, but hopefully walking around this afternoon will help.  I am so thankful that I have him.  He is such a big help with Lexie and loves pitching in; I rarely have to ask him to do anything because he knows Lexie and me so well, he just does it without hesitation.  Maybe that is why we work so well together when it comes to raising Lexie, and one reason why we do it our way..  I think she will have fun being out in the fresh air this weekend.  It is cold, but she will be bundled up good.  The other night we went to the lights at Garvin Gardens and I kept her shade over her because while it was not cold, it was cool and pretty windy in some spots.  Of curse she slept the whole time and then didn’t get to bed til 10:30-that does NOT fit my lifestyle!  haha  But it is not windy here today, so she should be bale to see and do a lot more.  Last night she slept a lot on the way up here, but I kept her awake as much as possible, so she slept good last night… from 9:00ish-7:00ish.

I guess some people would criticize me for not getting her out in windy or cold weather… but you know I don’t want to deal with a sick baby if I don’t have to.  Like I didn’t take her to church or places out not because I was afraid of her getting sick, but because I didn’t want to deal with her once she was sick.  Plus I could run my errands in the afternoons while J.Tom spent time with her so it wasn’t a big deal for me.  But it is just like I don’t want to deal with a hungry or tired/fussy baby.  So to prevent that we have a routine.  I don’t call it a schedule because it is not at the same times everyday, but I do know that she is going to eat every 2.5-3 hours, so I can estimate based on that.  But what really matters, is that she is a precious, healthy, sweet baby girl and is more loved than she will ever know!

Really, parenting doesn’t take a genius… just a little common sense will do.  =)