Easter Dinner and other plans

Well, we had a family dinner tonight, to celebrate Easter for tomorrow. It was wonderful to see family that we haven not seen in a while. Mrs. S prepared party potatoes, green bean casserole, a delicious smoked ham, rolls, and a fabulous chocolate cake dessert! Not to mention Uncle D’s bread and butter jalapeno peppers! It was a wonderful dinner, as always. Something else that is pretty exciting, J.Tom’s cousin R is also expecting! It was the coolest thing; once we decided to tell everyone (at about 6 weeks along) we called R to tell her. J said, “Guess who’s having a baby?!” and of course there was the usual shouting of excitement, etc. Then R said, “Guess who else is having a baby?!” I believe we are about 2 weeks a part, R’s baby is due in September, ours is due Aug 31 (although I am hoping for a Sept baby)! How neat, huh? Their daughter C will have a new baby brother or sister! So, it was a lot of fun visiting with her and J’s other cousin, K and the rest of the family.

Hearing the insight of others who have experience being an expectant/new mom is very nice, as well. I like to hear how they did certain things, what to buy, what you do not really need, what you definitely need, etc. I think it is funny to hear some women who have never been pregnant before tell you everything there is to know about pregnancy. I would like to slap them.
I am very excited to announce that while J was on the river canoeing and fishing with our big chocolate lab baby Scarlet on Friday, I moved the bed and all the other furniture out of the nursery and into the other spare room! Now, for those of you who may be worrying about that (mom and G), please do not. I have hard wood floors and was able to slide everything until I got to the few stairs we have. It was really no big deal; plus I am pretty strong and enjoy this type of thing. It was fun for me. So now, all we have to do is take everything else to Salvation Army Monday morning and then time to paint!! After painting we will get the crib and dresser in the room, yay! But, although I am going to organize everything as we go, I want to save a few things for those last few weeks before baby comes; nothing big just a few small chores. This is not due to my new found laziness, I promise. It is because I do not want to be sitting around the house for the last 2 or 3 weeks going stir crazy!

So, tomorrow will be a fun filled morning of Easter service and then maybe out to lunch. All that homework I have been postponing needs to get done somehow, and I think I am the only person that is going to do it! =) Remember just why we are celebrating Easter! (FYI: It is not about easter baskets and chocolate). Happy Easter everyone; I hope you enjoy time with friends and family.

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