Easter, chicks, and car

We have been so busy! Happy late Easter, everyone. Hope it was great! Ours was relatively uneventful, in not the greatest way. We didn’t really have any Easter festivities, but it was rather nice.

Saturday we bought a new car! Well, let me start at the beginning …. Friday we sold my pilot. We had our hearts set on a Honda odyssey, but they’re so high in cost for one with few miles on it (but worth it). And you can’t find them with under 40,000 miles, usually. So we’ve been looking up more online about our options, such as taking the time to read the Honda Vezel Review at Vin’s amongst others. We listed my car about 6 weeks ago on craigslist, which is also how we sold my pre-baby car, and have been shopping around ever since. We planned on doing some serious shopping Saturday morning, because we have one free weekend and then we needed a car for traveling to louisiana for our nephews first bday.

In hot springs your car lots are limited and usually overpriced (thank you old people community). We had decided we would probably settle for a chryselr town and country, but I just couldn’t bring myself to settle for one mainly because of all the features … I’m not a fan of the touch screen, the DVD system, or tiny stow and go seats. I guess they’re great for some families, but we can use my iPad for movies in the car, plug the zune into the aux outlet for TONS of music, and don’t need a touch screen to replace in a few years. My friend told me that he recently had a car crash because of his touch screen, or so he tells me. He went on to tell me that he learned a lot from personal injury law firms so he could make a more informed decision of how to go forward but I digree. We aren’t people who keep a car note, so it’s not like we will just trade this car in after 2 years. It’s something we plan to drive, payoff early, and then sell ourselves when we have other needs. So for us, a Honda is most practical. And I sorta have a big crush on Hondas. My pilot was the greatest car ever, out towed Jtoms truck on more than one occasion, and was so practical and simple. That’s what I like. I’m not a gadget or technology freak; as a matter of fact, when driving the town and country with the touch screen (which was standard on all models) I felt very overwhelmed and anxious. Ridiculous I know, but there was so much happening right there, it was like “how am I supposed to focus on driving with that thing blaring at me?!” It scared me to change the station …

Easter 2012

Anyways, JTom found a Honda in Sherwood, a bit over an hour from here, with few miles and a great price. When we got there, they had it! We tested it, made an offer, and 3 hours later walked out with drove away in, a family friendly Honda Odyssey. I’m not a car person. Or a material person, really. Maybe it’s because my dad was a mechanic, but a car needs to fit my needs and get me places. That’s all. There are a few things, like automatic doors, that fit my needs 🙂 only because I want them to. But although I could care less about pretty new things, I’m very excited about our new van. It only has 20,000 miles, which for a Honda is like pulling it off the show room floor, brand new. It was owned by an old lady who traded it in for a new one (we found out after the purchase) and doesn’t even look like the inside has been sat in. Lexie and I took it to the Y and kroger this morning. We both enjoyed the ride. Oh, speaking of the ride, it’s so much smoother than my pilot’s ride. The pilot was an SUV and had a suspension for an SUV. The Odyssey is amazing- and it has as much horsepower as my pilot. If you know how I drive, you know I need the get-up-and-go ability. =) JTom is enjoying it as much as I am, and we “argue” over who is driving now .. that has to say something (though I’m not sure what!).

After our adventures Saturday morning, we had Easter dinner Saturday afternoon. Lexie and I were supposed to dye eggs Saturday, but we didn’t get the chance, so we will this afternoon. And lexie didn’t get her Easter basket yet because we didn’t really do the egg thing, so she will get that today as well! Whew, we are only a day behind, give me a break!

week old chicks

The chicks are doing great! Oh yes, I may not have mentioned on here, we got our baby chicks! They’re so cute and sweet. I lost one Friday night, but that is to be expected. They’re very easily stressed and it’s typical that you lose one or two. So far the rest are healthy and bouncy.


peek a boo

sleepy baby

I am now 19 weeks pregnant. Baby is kicking like crazy. I feel it all the time-rolling, kicking, tickling. We have our anatomy ultrasound next Wednesday and will find out the gender with our family and friends on Saturday! Exciting stuff.

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