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If you are a Christian homeschooler, chances are you have heard of Grapevine Studies.  If you haven’t, that’s okay, I am hear to share a wonderful Bible curriculum with you!  We received, for review, Grapevine’s Old Testament: Level 1 and Traceable for Beginner study in digital format.  This study has been a joy to have in our home, even if we weren’t homeschoolers I would use it!

About The Study

The student book is 82 pages which include 12 weekly lessons, or 45 daily lessons; the teacher’s book is 100 pages.  The lessons follow chronologically, the stories of the Old Testament from Adam to Jacob.  You can view a sample traceable lesson HERE, and see other samples HERE, under Sample Lessons- Level 1.

The lessons walk your child(ren) through the first part of the Old Testament of the Bible while they learn to illustrate the timeline of activities (so fun), and learning memory verses and important (and interesting!) facts.  Also, because this study is digital and Grapevine allows it, you ar eable to reuse the study for additional students!

Grapevine Bible Studies {a review} www.QuietInTheChaos.com Old Testament Part 1 Level 1

What We Thought and How We Used Old Testament Level 1 Study:

I will start by saying, not only has my five year old daughter been begging for “history” (Bible is our history right now), but she *loves* this part of her homeschool.  We usually work on it 3 days a week, because we aren’t in a hurry.  I really like that you can just do weekly lessons, depending on how deep you are going through the Bible at the time, and that is nice for us because we take a break every few weeks to go deeper into unit studies and review.

Because we have never drawn with stick figures before, and I felt like there was a learning curve for her making a timeline, we began with the traceable lessons.  We are still working through those, but as we cycle back through and little brother does the traceable lessons, she can do the Level 1 (not traceable) version.  Max, just now three years old, had fun tagging along during the lessons, but his tracing skills aren’t that great so he pretty much just scribbled on the papers.  =)  He was able to answer questions with us and join the discussion, so this level definitely suited him just fine in that area.

Grapevine Bible Studies {a review} www.QuietInTheChaos.com

The different symbols for the stick figure “characters” of the Bible will help children easily remember people and facts because it incorporates visual and tactile learning into the auditory lesson.  I love that!  It is truly versatile for every kind of learner, and that is important among most all homeschoolers because none of our children have the exact same learning style!

The teacher book is SO helpful and very important to the lessons.  It includes the questions and answers in a different color, stick figure drawings, key lesson points as well as review questions.  I found the teacher book very useful for me, and I learned a lot from it as well (because you know we homeschool parents love to learn with our kids!).

I mentioned that Lexie loved doing these lessons, and she still does.  I think we will be purchasing the part 2 when we complete this one.  They line up perfectly with our core curriculum (which also goes in chronological order through the Bible, but doesn’t offer “activities” to go with the readings).  The Grapevine Study lessons are a perfect supplement to our homeschool, however, I think they easily stand alone as they are intended!

Here is a quick graphic to help when choosing topics and levels offered by Grapevine:

Grapevine Bible Studies {a review} www.QuietInTheChaos.com how to choose

And an overview of the Bible Studies offered:

Grapevine Bible Studies {a review} www.QuietInTheChaos.com Levels Chart

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