Dear Girls: Be Great

My beautiful, and wonderfully made girls.

One day you will be young ladies. One day you will feel the weight of the world’s expectations on your shoulders. Suddenly what were your personal thoughts, your convictions, your morals will be questioned-and you will be told they should be public for the world to see.

They will be challenged. What you believe will be mocked and your convictions will be made small by the world.

Do not let them turn your confidence and who your are into something that doesn’t matter. Who you are in Christ matters. Who you are because of Christ- a born again sinner, someone learning, growing, and LOVED by Jesus Christ- matters.

It matters most.

Dear girls, be great

It matters more than hanging out with the young people that seem popular, get to do what they want without consequence (right now), without feeling ashamed or convicted. And it matters more than what you think is most fun right now.

You will take risks. You will make mistakes. We all make mistakes-big ones, small ones, and sometimes life altering mistakes. Learn from those mistakes.

But know that making the right choice will never be wrong. Period.

It may make others uncomfortable, you may lose “friends,” and feel very alone at times.  But making the right choice will never give an end result that you regret- it will never fail you.

And when you look back at those hard parts of your life and then glance at where you are, you will find some friends are still there, some friends didn’t make it out to stand with you, and some friends were never friends at all.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, don’t let the world break your heart or discourage you. Find joy in the tiniest of things because one day those tiny things will be the BIG things. Remember who you are, that your parents love you more than you can imagine, and you can change lives with the greatness God has in store for you.

Be great, sweet girls.

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