Dad’s Role in Our Homeschool

My husband and I have 4 small children, ages 6.5, 4.5, 2.5, and 8 months.

We homeschool (I think that is obvious).

As my oldest has grown, and gotten older, our homeschool has changed a lot; from an environment filled with preschool learning activities, to teaching an advanced learner math, writing, history, and science.

I have learned very quickly that Daddy does and will play a really big role in our homeschool.

For starters, he and the 4.5 year old are the only guys in the house. Daddy has a HUGE influence on my son and his learning. With his dad, Mister has learned all about tools, tractors, gardening, nature, hunting, and the list goes on.

Mister is learning daily how to treat his future wife, his sisters, his future mother in law. He is learning how to be a man of character, a man of God.

Outside of that realm, my husband helps with the read alouds. Our homeschool approach is one that is literature based and very heavy with books. I *love* that, and obviously the kids do as well; it works for us. But there are some books I just would not have time for if I didn’t get some help.

Insert Daddy.

I am so thankful he doesn’t mind reading the bedtime books. The kids enjoy that he does voices, and expression. I enjoy keeping my voice, and that the kids not missing out on the books. (though there are some I wish I could get around to reading myself)

As our homeschool grows, my husband’s role will grow with it. He is an engineer, and loves reading about all the latest technology, scientific advancements, and pretty much anything else. He passes this knowledge on to our kids now; when there is something I don’t understand, he usually has an answer, or knows where to find it.

I forsee him helping in math, science, and sports in the future. He and Max play baseball, football, and our Popa got Mister his first pair of sports cleats
– such a great bonding experience for them! They love playing sports together, particularly baseball. My husband is amazing at sports so it only seemed fair that he took care of that subject area!

I look forward to the day that the kids can really understand and find interest in roboting, more advanced engineering, and mechanics. Those are areas J.Tom already helps in, but when we get to the deeper stuff it will be an enjoyable experience for him and the kids to work together in those subjects.

All in all, our Daddy helps find learning in all experiences here at home and on the farm.

How does Dad play a role in your family’s homeschool?


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