D is for Ducks {on the homestead}

We have thoroughly enjoyed our ducks here on the farm. We raised 5 ducklings this spring, and they have turned into lovely crested blue swedish adults. Judging by the behavior of our male Campbell, I am going to say we ended up with 1 female, and the rest drakes.


But so far they’re all getting along fine, so we will see how it goes. I am not against finding some more females to add to our flock. =) Ducks are just too much fun to watch as they wobble about the yard!

This year, our Mammy duck made her nest in the chicken coop (which is her usual spot) and hatched a chicken egg! So now she is raising a 4-5 week old baby chick. What’s hilarious is the chick is surrounded by 30 chickens, but thinks Mammy and our drake (Mr. Quack) are its parents! He follows them around everywhere, but they never take him to the pond … it’s like they *know* he is a chicken and can’t swim? They keep him near the coop, call for him, and he calls for them! Mr. Quack will take the other 5 ducks down to the pond, and has in general taught them to be ducks, but he and mammy protect that chick something fierce!

I never realized drakes could be good daddy ducks?! Who knew …


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