Cute Little Ball of Crazy

We have reached the 15 month mark.  Lexie is into EVERYTHING.  Running, not walking.  Begging … not easily distracted from her obsessions with things she can’t have or do.  Is this the terrible twos?  Are they worse than this? Because today I toted her out of Belk under my arm while she kicked, screamed, and threw her head back…

I am NOT that mom.  I am a disciplined mom who does not let her child act like a crazy person (because I can  really control how my 15 month old acts.. haha.)  We had only been out for about an hour, and this after her 2 hour 15 minute nap this afternoon…  Craziness.  After a month of tantrum free it looks like we are all up in the middle of some tantrum territory.  Again, I blame this on the two teeth she has coming in on the right side of her mouth.  Poor baby.  But she has still been a holy terror some days.  I may be exaggerating a bit; she is truly the sweetest baby ever.  Within minutes of having a moment, she is snuggling and kissing me, being all sorry about it…  =/ I’m a sucker, I just don’t tell her that!

I keep saying “THIS WEEK” I am reading those 5 toddler behavior books I bought on  But this week, I really am.  I plan on writing about what  I read to (hopefully) help out other mamas on a tight budget and schedule.  

Speaking of a schedule, I am starting our new schedule tomorrow.  I haven’t made it yet- *gasp* what has happened to me?  I am not in anyway a procrastinator- the last month and a half has flown by so quickly, I can’t seem to keep up!  Tonight I am making out our new daily routine; it will mostly be the same from wake up to independent time, but will include specific time for singing/reading, outside time, and crafting.  How will I fit all of this into our day .. I really don’t know yet.  But honestly she is so young, the singing/reading will be short, the crafting pretty short, and the outside time the longest. I realize I am only worried about it all fitting because I have strayed from my weekly cleaning schedule, which means I am trying to do too much at one time with no real order, and it is wearing on us both (meaning Lexie and I).  *sigh-the holidays*

So, here is to a new week, more discipline (on my part) and a happier toddler!

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