Curriculum Choices {summary} 2014/2015

curriculum choice 2014/2015 Sonlight

This is a more condensed version of my original post here.  That post was more on what we were choosing and why.  This is just a quick summary of our choices and supplements for this year, 2014/2015.  Lexie will be turning 4 in September, Max will be 2 in September, Baby #3 is due in September!

Core/Spine- (includes: Bible/memory verses, history, science, and cultures)- Sonlight P4/5

Math– Finishing Singapore Earlybird Math, begin Saxon Math K (at some point, probably after first of the year when things are more settled with baby)

Handwriting/Fine motorHandwriting Without Tears PreK (we *love* this program/book and will be using their entire series for the future).  We only use the workbook and teacher’s manual.  It has built Lexie’s confidence tremendously in coloring, which she refused to do before we started it.  And because she will now color, her fine motor skills (writing/drawing) are improving.  She has never enjoyed coloring, which is fine.  But we do need to start building her dexterity.

ReadingAll About Reading Level 1   Again, *love* this program.  She pulls our her Bob books now to read them all by herself.  She is doing great!  We are working through it slowly, and we are both enjoying it a lot.

Supplements- we will supplement with:

This is what we will work through the next year.  We started early, because the baby is coming in the fall, but we are working slowly as we find time.  Some days we just play, cook, bake, and make messes.  Other days we are outside all day and just don’t find time for anything but play and reading books.  Which is why I *love* homeschooling my babies!

Have you narrowed down your curriculum choices for 2014/2015, yet?



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