Critical Thinking in Your Homeschool {with Progeny Press-a review}

Progeny Press Christian Homeschool eGuides

Our family loves to (hoard books) read! Anytime I can combine a quality book my children love with learning, it is a win-win. My almost 8 year old has been using The Josefina Story Quilt – eGuide from Progeny Press. This Christian homeschool company has put together guides for some of the very best literature for students, referencing scripture and using questions that allow children (and adults!) to see some pretty amazing messages in what may feel like simple stories.

About Progeny Press eGuide

Not only was this book a perfect fit for our little hobby farming family (think: quilts, chickens, and family), the eGuide was a lot of fun! We printed the eGuide, stapled it together, and my almost 2nd grader got started. This guide is 32 pages; it can be printed or you can work from the download on your computer/device (see their YouTube channel for how to do that).

Included in the beginning of the guide are pages about the author, a synopsis of the story, and pre-reading activities for better understanding. After these first few pages you find various activities such as mapping, comprehension and vocabulary questions, crossword puzzles, and questions that allow for a deeper understanding & literary analysis.

The Dig Deeper section was especially fun when my daughter was able to read through Bible passages that applied perfectly to the story, and then analyze them in a developmentally appropriate way (getting to use a dictionary, which she also loves). I appreciate how the guide uses open ended questions, allowing the student to interpret what they will from the text, but with a clear message that leads to scripture and how God works in our lives. This is so developmentally appropriate for an early elementary student! Sometimes there is no absolute right or wrong answer, but because of how the guide transitions from one topic to the next, going deeper in each section, my daughter was already thinking on a deeper level about the story. Therefore, she was able to answer (and understand the questions) at a deeper level.

J Story Quilt

I was honestly surprised at how meaningful the comprehension questions were- things that I don’t necessarily think to ask after narration of a book or chapter. But what was even more exciting for me as a mama, was that these weren’t “testing” style questions. This eGuide is more of a writing lapbook, or notebook if you will; the authors never shove analysis down students’ throats, or make learning dry and boring. Just flipping through & glancing at the pages gave me a sense of gentle learning. No meaningless, daunting, intimidating or dry questioning here!

What We Think About It:

One of my top (academic) reasons for homeschooling our children is avoiding many of the testing and busy work approaches to learning. Forcing children to constantly test and analyze on a developmentally inapropraite level creates burn out- it kills the fire for learning, that they are naturally born with-creating adults that don’t enjoy reading or learning on their own, or problem solving that requires a little hard work.

The eGuides from Progeny Press support a gentle and more fulfilling homeschool education that so many of us are striving for. They help create students that can think critically and independently as they read, which we all know is so imperative.  I cannot wait to use more of their guides in the future!


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