Creating Memories with Young Children

Kids grow up so fast, so it’s vital to make the most of those early months and years before they’re a thing of the past. These are some of our favorite ways to make memories while the kids are little. These bonding experiences are a lot of fun for you and for them.

Cook Together

Cooking together is something that’s a lot of fun, even when they’re just old enough to sit on the counter and watch (an taste!). They enjoy the tactile nature of handling food and baking cakes. It can be a lot of fun, while also taking the first steps towards passing on a skill that’ll be vital for them later in life. It is sooo nice when they are old enou0gh to really help work and clean up in the kitchen, too 😉


Travel as a Family

If you get the opportunity to, exploring the world with children is so healthy for everyone. Getting out there as a family and seeing new things and doing activities that are outside the norm can be very rewarding. It doesn’t have to involve going far, or spending a lot of money, but having these experiences as a family while children are young is worth it!


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Get Creative

Being creative with your kids might be messy but it’s also fun. There’s nothing quite like the unrestrained creative energy of a child, and as a parent. As a parent I try to encourage that creativity, even though it isn’t always my favorite thing. It’s enjoyable for them, so finding lots of ways to be creative, including with nature, music and dance, art, and getting dirty is proven to be healthy for our kids.


Have Group Portraits Taken

It’s important to do things that will remain meaningful for your family for a long time to come. That’s why taking photos is a great option, because it gives you something to look back on later; it immortalizes those early years with your child. We found a great local photographer for our family last year. We missed portraits with her this year but plan to do it again! Independent photographers like Michael Kormos can help you with getting family portraits made professionally. You won’t regret having these kinds of photos taken. Im sad we didn’t do them this year.


Read Together Consistently

If you want to establish good habits that will benefit your kids for a long time to come, it’s definitely a good idea to read together often. You can read to them from a very early age, we start as babies, and then gradually encourage them to take part in the reading as they become old enough to do so. It is proven children that being read to as a child is a marker for college readiness, (ehum, not test scores).

Listen to the Read Aloud Revival Podcast, for more info on the benefits of reading aloud as a family!


While children are young, making the most of each day and being intentional with time as a family is what will determine relationships and future success in life. There are so many things to do to show love to, and make memories with our kids.  

What are your family’s favorite ways to have fun together?




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