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During our morning time, we have been enjoying the latest publication, For The Temple from Heirloom Audio. My children have LOVED this listening experience. (You can see our past Heirloom Audio review HERE)

We reviewed the 2 disc physical CD set, as well as the digital PDF study guide.

The guide is full of details and comprehension/deeper thinking questions found under sections: Listening Well, Thinking Further, and Defining Words. You will find each section has its own content for each chapter of the story. Thinking Further includes activities, such as googling images/information from history that pertain to the story and reading Bible passages for comparison/historical context. The study guide itself is beautiful and takes the adventures of  G.A. Henty to a new educational level; meant to help parents have juicy conversations with their children, it can also be used independently by older students. (My 8 year old enjoyed using it on her own, while the others used it orally with me.)

For the Temple {GA Henty Adventures}


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Heirloom Audio is one of our favorite companies to support- you can read more about who they are HERE, which outlines what they believe, and how they get these great history stories. I love that their stories are wholesome, being safe for my kids to listen without me needing to know every detail before pressing play.

Based on the book by G. A. Henty, For The Temple is another gripping, family entertainment, audio drama from Heirloom Audio. Though John wants to stay home and follow in his parents’ footsteps as a farmer, he knows God is calling him to fight the Romans. He shows great leadership skills and integrity while defending the Jews, rescuing innocents, and encouraging the men in his army. Later, we see God has been preparing John, as he is called to defend God’s people once again in Gamara.

What began as the story of a young boy, silly and not ready for marriage, turned into a hero’s story of brave risks, integrity, and Godly intent. As John realizes he has been called by God to lead an army against a great threat, we see great excitement and purpose in his life, which God saw all along (of course). He overcomes not only defeat in the field, but also slavery, as God’s hand writes his life story. In the end we rejoice with John and his family as they accept Christ and become followers of Yeshua.

This is so much like our own lives- we have plans, feel our personality is best suited for one thing or another, and yet God sends us through trials, introduces us to people we may have never known … all so we can do His work and come to know Him better.

He equips the called.

For The Temple Audio Production

My 8 year old’s favorite part of For The Temple:

“While the Romans were trying to reach the temple, John took a lot of fishing boat on the Sea of Galilea, and everyone held torches to make the Romans think they were a large army-he said if it worked for Gideon, it could work for them. Another part I liked was when the Romans were waiting for the people to starve inside the city, because the Jews couldn’t reach food and water without going outside the walls. But John was brave and fought the Romans with swords, even though he was out numbered. But I don’t think John knew Jesus, because he didn’t believe, at first, that He rose from the dead.”

The production team, acting cast, and recreation of this original G.A. Henty story is top notch family entertainment. We like to turn on the audio each morning during morning time, but be warned- it can be hard to turn it off! It is also a great independent listening time for the kids while mama gets a shower, tidies up, or prepares a meal.

Beautiful life lessons and Biblical character traits are threads throughout all the Heirloom Audio stories, and that is no different in For The Temple. We meet characters from the Bible and how their stories would have impacted people during this era of history. Even the youngest of listeners can recognize those people, and see the impact Jesus’s death would have had during that time.

For The Temple Audio Production

—I want to add, that exploring their website is worth the effort! The “Kid’s Corner” and other resource links are safe for young children, and full of family fun! You will find videos, links, quizzes, and more!

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