Children’s Safety Scissors & Pencil Grips {a review}

Saftey Scissors and Pencil Grips from The Pencil Grip Inc.

Teaching a young child to cut with scissors can be a much dreaded task for any parent-my three year old has finally begun learning to cut paper with The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors from The Pencil Grip, Inc.. What a relief these scissors have been for this mama! We have also been using for review The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit with my 3 oldest children (7, 5, and 3). I also bought some scissors for myself from Office Monster so that I could use them with the children too!

The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors

The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors are truly a life saver for me- I don’t have to worry about my very adventurous 3 year old getting hurt or easily cutting herself, clothing, hair, etc with these scissors! We all know how quickly an accident can happen- especially with 3 year olds and and anything that cuts! But because the blades are encased in a *permanent* clear plastic cover, the chances of a quick slip, or clip, are much less likely.

The yellow lever between the handles allows the handle to spring up after being closed for cutting- GENIUS! Not only does this help little hands with that new fine motor skill, but it also provides some sensory feedback for children; whether they are just learning to cut or perhaps need the sensory input for other reasons, this is a great feature!

saftey scissors

safety scissors in action preschool supplies kids scissors safety scissors

My preschooler is most likely left handed, though that is yet to be decided, and she did wonderfully with the scissors. I stepped aside to help big brother with something, and when I looked over she was cutting independently! Had this been my first born, I would have thought, “using kid scissors is no big deal,”- She had good fine motor skills, wonderful coordination, and was not much of a rule breaker in the cutting-things department. But the truth is, cutting is a BIG job for little hands and brains! With my third child, I see *so* much value in these safety scissors (and looking back wish I had them for my older 2)!

They are a useful school supply to have in your cupboard.

children's safety scissors

The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit

The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit contains 3 different grips for learning correct pencil grasp:

  • begin training with The Crossover Grip
  • then transition with The Pinch Grip
  • finally using The Pencil Grip once mastered

pencil grips

This actually worked out really well for us, because all of my children hold their pencils incorrectly *insert “doh!” face here* (see the bottom of this post for a chart of correct and incorrect pencil grasps) This may or may not be because their mother holds her pencil incorrectly, though I have taught them to hold it the right way … I guess we slip in to bad habits when we compensate for tiredness, etc.

The 3 year old probably has the best grip of them all, but my 5 year old son likes to hold his pencil like mama-on his ring finger … So using the Training or Transition Grips for him has been helpful. My oldest is somewhat of a sensory seeker so she really enjoys the feeling of the grip. And while working through vision therapy (for dysfunction that greatly affects her writing), we’ve found the grip she uses helps prevent her pressing so hard on the pencil, makes writing more comfortable, and helps remind her to hold her pencil correctly.

pencil grip fun to use

Each child loves the firm but squishy feeling of the grips, the smooth texture, and enjoys using them. As always, the grips are made of a great quality, and I know I can trust this company and their products.

We received a pencil grip during a previous review for Kwik Stix, and still enjoy using it in our home. We have loved all our products from The Pencil Grip Inc., and it is always a pleasure doing business with them.

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