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So … this isn’t going to interest many of you, sorry about that! But I am very excited to finally have chosen the bedding/decor for the kids’ rooms!

We never decorated Lexie’s big girl room, because we knew there was a possibility she and Max would be sharing a room if we had a third baby. Since that time is quickly approaching us, I have been searching high and low for bedding ideas for the kids. But before, those ideas meant looking for bunk bed solutions. There are so many different bedding possibilities, it’s slightly overwhelming. However, during my search, I did discover that you can Create a Custom Blanket with any design you like! I think that’s a pretty cool idea for personalizing the beds, especially with a shared room.

However, Max is just too good a sleeper in his crib-why mess with a good thing?! I have decided to just move his crib into Lexie’s room, which will mean moving out her dresser. But that’s okay since most of the drawers are empty anyway. =) For months I haven’t found anything I just loved for either of the rooms, then the other night while looking, I found it! All of it.

Shared Sibling Room

We will put Max’s creamy-white dresser and crib in the shared sibling’s room, and add a rail to the closet for him. Then Lexie’s dark furniture (chest, dresser, and crib) will go to the nursery. I am going to try to leave the bookshelf in the shared room because it gets a LOT of use in there.

For bedding, I have decided on this for Lexie’s bed:

Fun paisley bright bedding

Picture courtesy of

Then, I am thinking we will paint the walls a pretty blue or green (or maybe a beige/brown like it is?), and do some bright black out curtains on the window. Something like this, which will keep the light out (Max needs it cool and dark to sleep).:

Bright blackout curtains

Picture courtesy of

I am getting really excited! The bedding for Lexie’s bed is a duvet cover- she currently is sleeping under a white down comforter. It comes with the shams and a throw pillow for $48.99! Woo hoo-that is a good price, I think. The curtains …. well, they cost the same as the bedding. Which stinks. But for blackouts, I am willing to pay more. It stinks even more, though, that after I had spent the money my friend recommended these online coupons for moms. I could have done it with them earlier! Oh well, I know about them now for the future.

Max will keep his same crib bedding, until he moves to a tot bed.

Nursery for #3

Then, in the nursery I am going to get this bumper:

Summersault Doodles Bright


My mom and I will make the crib skirt as we did for Mister’s crib (well, she did the hardest parts), and I will keep up the red blackout curtains that are in his room. Then we will paint the walls either a light gray, yellow, or green. I’ve even considered buying some marble wallpaper – peel and stick since I think that would look amazing in the room too! It can also be removed or re-used which is perfect for when the kids decide they want a new wallpaper in a couple of years. I also am going to grab these crib sheets, since Mister will still be using his and you can never have too many sheets:





I think when put together, it will look really nice. I sorta wanted the entire crib set for the nursery, but it A)doesn’t come with the bumper, which we love, and B) I only want the blanket from the set! So it seemed like a waste of money, really. I think I will make baby’s blanket; then we will find some bright, pretty prints at like TJ Max for the walls.

I am really starting to get excited! Once we get the walls painted, everything should be done! But we have also decided that if things get in the way, meaning that we can’t paint the kids’ rooms as quickly as we had hoped, knowing that there are companies such as Lenny Martin Painting out there, at least we don’t have to worry about not getting it done!

Woo hoo. Honestly, I just can’t wait to get the FLAT paint covered up- it can’t be washed, it leaves marks and stains all over, and the Magic Eraser takes the paint off the wall. Semi-gloss paint, here we come!

What do you think?

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    • Meghan says:

      Thank you Ginny. I’d really like a pretty quilt, like in your girls’ room (and I had as a child). But, I have a down comforter on her bed now, and we don’t have any nice quilts here-had to go inexpensive with a duvet. haha I am excited for the finished product too- especially that paint!

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