Christiain Audio Dramas: Jonathan Park

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Jonathan Park

If you have been around here very long, you know we love all things audiobook and audio drama. So I jumped on the chance for our family to review Jonathan Park, The Adventure Begins, Series 1. We received a physical, 4 disc set covering all four albums of the first Jonathan Park adventure. This is a wonderful Christian audio drama, and perfect for your home and homeschool. My kids listen to audio dramas almost daily in our home; they’re a great way to get reading in (through the ears, yes it’s thing…), and I love when they’re Christian based, adding Biblical truths.

I would say this is definitely appropriate for 5+ years old. A younger 5 year old may not quite understand what is happening, but my just turned 6 year old definitely does. There is a lot of adventure, and some “bad guys,” so especially sensitive kiddos may struggle there, but I have a few sensitive kids and they haven’t had any trouble with it. My just turned 12 year old enjoys it as well, and she said older kids would probably like it, too.

Jonathan Park Audiodrama for the Family

What Is It?

Jonathan Park, The Adventure Begins, Series 1 is a Christian audio drama chronicling the adventure of Jonathan and his father when they run into the Brenan family. They go on to discover a huge area of dinosaur bones, which prompts them to open a creation science museum. The adventures they go on, and trials they face make the listening experience so fun and exciting for families.

In our home, we have a lot to do during our day- farm chores, meals, quiet time for Bible reading, and home educating require a lot from all of us. We work very hard to keep things slow and peaceful, so down-time is a must for everyone. Jonathan Park has been a perfect addition to our days. Listening while they color and do puzzles or even play board games, is one of my kids’ favorite ways to spend their free time. Jonathan Park is  a series they have listened to over and over again over the last several weeks; each kiddo has their favorite parts (my 10 year old even has his favorite disc 😂 ), they quote it to one another throughout the day, and have little inside jokes about different things said. Mister (10yo) says:

My favorite part is when Eddie is late, and has to tell the password to get into the treehouse, and it’s funny. The tune and song they put in is hilarious! I also liked the last CD, The Mystery of Deadman’s Curve, when Mr. Moriarty is trying to scare the Brenan’s and the Parks out of making their science museum, so he can make his top secret spy vehicles and sell them to the government. If the museum goes up, it won’t be a top secret operation anymore. He’s the bad guy”

Why You’ll Love It

I love that as a mama with a full day, I can trust that what my kids are exposed to through Jonathan Park, is safe; I don’t have to worry about bad language, inappropriate scenarios, or bad attitudes that may influence them. The story line is interesting for everyone, and gives them a chance to build comprehension through listening. We know that listening to build comprehension is an important skill, and rereading/relistening gives a different experience each time. The first time we read, it is to learn what happens, each time after that is for enjoyment and building our understanding even more, without knowing it. All 4 of my oldest ask for this audio drama because they truly enjoy it.

I know we will be needing to get the other series, soon! They will make a perfect stocking stuffer, gift from grandparents, or a great enrichment to the homeschool year! You can listen together in the car, or just during downtime at home. The Adventure Begins, Series 1, is a series parents and grandparents will enjoy listening along to, as well- my meter of how enriching something is (movies, music, books, etc.) is this- would an adult enjoy it as well? If not, it is probably a bit twaddle-y (using language that talks down to kids, unintelligent, reading-made-easy language, etc). If an adult would enjoy it with their family, it’s probably high quality and worth spending my time or money on. This is definitely enjoyable by the whole family!

Right now you can get The Adventure Begins, Series 1 discounted nearly 60%, PLUS a discount code for free shipping. Don’t miss this offer, and the experience of Jonathan Park! Enter jpcrew22 for free shipping on your order!


Connect with Jonathan Park:

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Homeschool Scripture Memorization: Morning Time Memory Work

:,Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Scripture Memory Fellowship

We have been using 14:6 – The Way (ESV version) as a scripture memory work course in our homeschool. This is a great way for anyone, adults included, to memorize scripture. While it isn’t a full blown Bible study, Scripture Memory Fellowship has put together a wonderful program that isn’t just rote memorization, but also offers context, for meaningful lessons. No need to look up specific verses or context to find just the right thing for each topic- the work is done for you! This is a great way for anyone to memorize scripture to help share the gospel with others, and understand the why behind the verses they’re learning.

14-6 The Way

What is it?

14:6 The Way has 28 weeks of memorization with 7 units of 4 lessons each. This book covers seven gospel-centric questions that point to Jesus from the beginning of creation, to God’s plan and finally His redemption story. There are options of learning 1, 2, or 3 verses each week. The doctrine covered is in the title of each lesson. On the reverse side of each week’s lesson is the Consider the Meaning section, where students learn more about the context of their verses by:

  1. reading the context in the Bible
  2. completing a short activity about the context
  3. completing a few multiple choice questions about comprehension
  4. completing a fill in the blank statement using a word bank of key phrases from the Scripture’s context

Scripture Memorization 14:6 The Way

Let me start by saying we use this program a bit differently than it is intended. We use it during morning time, and we do it as a family working and answering questions orally. I do not keep track of if I have to help each kiddo or not, though some do a lot better with the memorization than others. (This is pretty typical, and something I’ve seen in our homeschool no matter what we are memorizing. One of my children is just really good at memorization, even though she is younger.) But we are all learning quite a bit as we go through the book together.

I like that each unit covers a specific doctrine, like What did God Do? and then each of the 4 lessons in that unit fall under that umbrella. So for example, in unit 3 (What Did God Do?) we learn through memorization that God:

  • Planned Our Redemption
  • Gave His Word
  • God Promised a Savior
  • God Sent His Son as a Man

Scripture Memorization 14:6 The Way

The scripture covered is especially meaningful because it is *in context* to what is being learned. I really love this, because so often we see scripture that sounds nice, and seems great but is actually being used incorrectly, out of context, and doesn’t actually apply in the way it is being used. But not with Scripture Memory Fellowship, 14:6 – The Way. This is so refreshing, and really helps take a lot of the pressure off of the homeschool mom who may otherwise need to find verses for specific topics. It definitely made teaching and preparing for these lessons at morning time more enjoyable for me.

The Keep it Sharp section at the back of the book covers the importance of retaining what Scripture we have memorized. The icons from the lessons help with triggering the memory based on the particular doctrine that was focused on during that lesson. This is especially helpful for visual learners, or anyone that needs other ways to remember things.

The ultimate purpose for memorizing scripture is so that it is always on our hearts, and with the Holy Spirit we can use it in our every day life. This includes sharing the gospel with others; not only unbelievers, but our children, our friends when they’re low, and of course for our children to share with others. It isn’t just something to memorize so they can say they’ve done it- it is something to be used and valued, because what is more valuable than God’s Word?

This has been a great way for us to learn doctrine and memory verses in our homeschool, and I think it is going to work for just about any family or individual. Always remember to make the program work for you! Which is what we did here by using it as a family, but it is a perfect program for an individual to work on independently, aside from reciting what they’ve learned to someone else.

We will definitely be continuing with this one!


I just wanted to share their hints for memorization, because I think no matter how you decide to memorize scripture in your homeschool or personal life, these are really great ideas:

Connect with Scripture Memory Fellowship


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Friday on the Farm: Summer Harvest Time 2022

This year we have an abundance of somethings on the farm, and a scant production of others. My tomatoes are in need of  potassium, so that is ordered. But we have lots of pears, cucumbers, okra, and basil!

The flowers we planted have started blooming, and we have babies galore!


If you want to follow more of the goings-on about the 40 Acre Wood, follow my instagram where I post pictures, updates, and fun little reels.



Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

Musk Melon from the garden


Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

Dolly’s calf- we had her AI-ed in Nov and she gave us a little heifer calf



Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

so many Monarch caterpillars


Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

our new tractor coop. Hubby worked so hard on this!


Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

okra blooms


Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

purple hull peas




Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

we made beeswax candles- harder than it looks, even when you get the temp just right …


Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

pickles, pickles


Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

part of the pear harvest


Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

Zinnias, my favorite



Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

one day’s harvest



Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest




Quiet in the Chaos- the 40 Acre Wood Summer Harvest

more meat chicks for the fall- 75 to be exact



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The Case for Heaven Streaming on Pureflix now!

The Case for Heaven is a documentary featured on Pureflix, based on the new book by best selling author Lee Strobel. You may recognize him as the author of The Case for Christ, and The Case for a Creator. This film is beautiful and compelling- so many misconceptions about heaven and the afterlife are dispelled.

The Case for Heaven, on Pureflix- Now!

While uplifting and inspiring, The Case for Heaven uses Biblical principles and scripture to explore the evidence for the afterlife in order to address man’s biggest fear: death. Inspired by Strobel’s own near death experience, he searched the globe for answers to the most profound questions we all have about heaven, hell, and near death experiences.

Featuring interviews with best-selling author John Burke, world-renowned pastor Francis Chan, and the late Evangelist Luis Palau, audiences will hear from experts and skeptics alike-including former atheists whose near death experienced brought them to Christ.

The Case for Heaven will challenge, encourage and inspire, daring viewers to tag along as Strobel probes the question- if there is a Heaven, can we prove it?

Come along as we carefully investigate the knowable and respond with faith to the unknowable.  🥰 This is going to be a great one to watch with your kids, especially those 12+ who can really understand the impact of what is being delved into during the documentary.

Watch The Case for Heaven on Pure Flix today!

The Case for Heaven, on Pureflix- Now!


Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.


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Singapore Math Live- Challenging Word Problems {homeschool math supplement}

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew
Singapore Math Live

Since we sorta started our summer homeschool schedule earlier than expected, we have been using Singapore Math Live – Challenging Word Problems as a supplement for my 11 and 9 year olds. This is a 2-step program that involves an easy to use math workbook, and online videos. The videos give explanation to the practice problems found in the book; the workbook and videos are purchased separately. Singapore Math Live member dashboard and courses are simple to navigate for parents and students, easy to utilize, and a fun challenge for students!

Live! Singapore Challenging Word Problems

I truly found the challenging word problems to be a good brain teaser for my kids. The online site is so easy and straight forward, while the video lessons are very clear for students to understand. The explanations are broken-down in a way that is going to help students use higher order thinking skills to really see and analyze using the most efficient problem solving skills. I *really* like that students can solve the problem their own way, and can compare how they did it to how the program solved it in the videos. This gives them freedom to be creative in their thinking skills, while also giving them more tools for their math toolbox.

This is a common core edition, but I did not see anything in the problem solving that made me pause or think I did not like how the math was taught. As an adult I see math completely different than I did as a child, I break numbers down in a much different way, and I always solve problems in an out of the box way (and not always the fastest way …). So I really liked the perspective the teacher gives in the explanation videos. I also like that just because it has cc stamped on the cover, doesn’t mean that my kids are learning for the purpose of test scores. Because they can solve the problem however they need to, it is still individualized.

Live! Singapore Challenging Word Problems

How We Used It

I mainly used this for my 9 year old who is now in 5th grade math, but my oldest also worked through some of the problems and used the online videos. We used the program exactly how the instructions in the book suggested. First, I had them read through and try to solve the worked examples, then compare their steps and answer. If their answer was incorrect, then they looked back and tried to figure out what they did wrong. If they just got their answer in a different way, then they now have 2 strategies for the type of problem!

Then they moved onto the practice problems in the lesson. Here, if they struggled we were able to pull up the videos from the Singapore Math Live – Challenging Word Problems page numbers they were on, and figure it out. Even ifs they knew the answer and how to get it, I liked them to watch the video explanations because of the terms and math language used by the teacher. I think it’s really important for them to regularly see, hear, and use the math vocabulary they learn in our full curriculum.

I like the daily exposure to the math strategies and the methods required to solve them. I really do think with the consistent “extra” practice, we have seen some growth in their problem solving skills, or maybe just in how they perceive problem solving in general. It definitely helps them in analyzing, and breaking down the steps. The challenging word problems really are challenging! They’re for sure a brain puzzle that kids can enjoy.

Live! Singapore Challenging Word Problems

The topics covered in level 3 include:

  • addition and subtraction
  • multiplication and division
  • mental calculations
  • length
  • mass and weight
  • capacity
  • money
  • frations
  • time
  • data analysis
  • geometry
  • area and perimeter
  • and 3 sets of review questions

The videos take a lot of the pressure off, and make the problems seem much less intimidating- you know there is a solution, and you know someone is going to clearly explain to you how to do it. So if you can’t figure it out, there’s help! And no one is going to fail you for needing some help on challenging word problems … So it is a win-win for parents and their students.

If you’re looking for a supplement for summer math practice, or just a challenge for an ambitious student, I think the Singapore Math Live – Challenging Word Problems is a great choice. The workbook is simple and great, but the videos are really where it’s at!

Live! Singapore Challenging Word Problems

Connect with Singapore Math live

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Math Videos

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Online Homeschool Math: Educo

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

I get a lot of questions about homeschool math from mamas wanting to know what is out there besides the traditional programs. Today, I get to share a new-to-me math program with you!

Educo International Inc. offers Educo Learning Center, an online math program with corresponding workbooks, for students in 1-8th grade. This is a math program that provides practice and mastery of over 8,000 math skills. This is a subscription program for families or schools. We used Educo learning Center with 3 children, grades 1, 4, and 5.

Educo Homeschool Hybrid Math


How It Works

This program works best for most students if they are practicing using the computer and their corresponding workbook.

For the online portion, each student will login from the main family screen, using their own login information. Upon logging in, they will see a status update/progress report of their work. After clicking continue, students will be taken to their screen that provides access to all their activites/lessons, practice and quizzes. There are also pre and post tests to help with placement.

Educo Homeschool Hybrid Math

The program focuses on: Learn, Practice, Apply, and Excel.

First students will learn the skills via animated instruction. These are not video based classes, but the instructions were clear enough for all 3 of my children that used the program. We used it for grades 1, 4, and 5. None of my kids had any trouble with this program or understanding what the illustrations were explaining.

The step by step illustrations especially help students who learn best through visual examples, not just viral explanation (which is most elementary aged kids, as this is developmentally appropriate).  The tutorial also includes activities; these are a lot of fun! The puzzles and games are interesting and similar to brain teasers. Because it is interactive, most children will find this fun to do. Using the computer with a mouse was simple and my kids did really well with this portion. I really like that the program is paced well, but if you need to slow down or speed up, that is an option.

Educo Homeschool Hybrid Math

tutorial 1


Educo Homeschool Hybrid Math

activity example

Next is the practice. Here students use the practice sheets in their portal to apply what they have learned, sort of like doing interactive worksheets. If students choose not to do the practice, they can go ahead and take the quiz; this is up to you and your child. Some students will be starting mid year, or past a certain point in the program, so this may be a good way to show mastery without having them start all over. Here students will receive instant feedback on their progress- if they clearly need help, they can stop and go back to the activities and lessons. My kids chose to do this a few times, but overall they went through the practice sheets. The feedback also provides step by step solutions, with the option to attempt the problem again.

Educo Homeschool Hybrid Math

(I like that the program utilizes practice sheets, puzzles, estimation and critical thinking skills, conceptual understanding activities, and higher order thinking skills. Some of this may or may not be important to your homeschool, depending on the regulations where you homeschool. For those of you needing to meet certain criteria, this program will likely meet those needs. And if you don’t have strict criteria to meet, this is just bonus!)


There is also the physical workbook. This practice is what I prefer as a mom, because that’s how my brain works. But once I got used to a computer program, Edcuco’s layout is so easy to assess how my kids are doing! I really like it. Glancing at their scores vs having to grade each practice myself, and check all their papers is really nice! Everything is right there for you in your dashboard. The workbook comes in handy when your students need extra practice, but also encourages the important reading and writing math skills.

My 7 year old did much better with this than I expected; Educo is pretty different than our regular math. But after doing their tutorials she got it!

Educo Homeschool Hybrid Math

At the end of each section, students will do a review and take a test to be sure they understand what they have learned, and can apply it outside of the individual lesson. This is very similar to all other math programs; I really like seeing my kids review and apply, because ooooh how quickly we forget 😉

Educo Homeschool Hybrid Math

I love that the program is so easy to use for parents and children. Navigating the site is so simple, getting back to parent view is simple, and knowing where your kids are in math, and what skills they need help with is simple! I think this is a great math program, especially is you’re a large family. Using it as a supplement program is also great! That’s how we used it and each of my kids did well with it.


Educo International

Connect with Educo

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Workbooks and Online Learning Come Together

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{Giveaway} Pure Flix Sons of Thunder: Redemption

Pure Flix


Pure Flix has a new favorite series! In Sons of Thunder: Redemption Episode 5, Loss of Trust, Gibson Ranch is getting ready for the rodeo. Jacob and Logan bond over a ride until Logan reveals Jacob’s past. Then everyone wants them both gone.

Viewers watch as Jacob works through his feelings of abandonment and not being good enough. He is reminded of God’s unconditional love, as are others on the ranch.

You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. – Romans 5:68

Check out this new series and Pure Flix watch this series HERE

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. – Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV)

Leave a comment with your favorite family show, for a chance to win a free 3 month subscription to Pure Flix!

Sons of Thunder: Redemption
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Valentine’s Day Service Projects for Families

We try to serve throughout the year in ways we are able, which can feel pretty limited with 5 children. Most places that offer serving opportunities have age limits, none of which we meet yet. But there are so many other ways to serve and give throughout the year via the Christmas Tree Angel, helping stock the local food pantry, collecting coats for kids, and giving extra food from the farm to places like Jackson House.

Valentine’s Day is no different! There are lots of ways to show others in the community they are loved and valued.

Valentine's Day Service Projects for Families

I will try to order ideas from what younger children can help with, to older children. These could probably also be done by homeschool co-op groups, youth groups, or just like minded families that want to join together.

  • Make valentines (colored pictures are perfect) to share with nursing home residents
  • Use your homeschool scripture copywork as Valentine’s! Send them to family with illustrations and notes on the back.
  • Send valentines to missionaries from your church, or missionaries in your community- local missionaries are often overlooked
  • Make decorations for a local nursing home, children’s home, or foster family you may know (foster families are often overlooked in their generosity as well!)
  • Make baked goods, special cards, or decorations for the policemen, firefighters, and first responders in your area.
  • Facilitate a VDay parade for residents in the hospital or nursing home with lots of red, pink, and white
  • Play music for residents at a local nursing home or children’s home (getting creative by doing it on the lawn during restrictions will work!)
  • Make Valentine’s Rocks to hide around town- gas stations, local parks, near school, etc.
  • I like the idea of taking flowers and a meal to a widow or widower, as well.
  • Let the leaders of your co-op, youth group, or other group classes know they’re appreciated with homemade baked goods

I’m sure there are so many other good ideas, out there. What are yours?



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Sons of Thunder Series Spin-Off

We enjoy several shows on Pure Flix, but have recently watched Sons of Thunder. It chronicles a Christian biker who wants to pay for past sins by helping those God puts in his path. It is a neat story as you watch combat-vet Simon share the Gospel with people who are definitely not expecting it from a biker. His many adventures and mishaps always bring him to a place that lets him share God’s Word, and his own love for others.

We are looking forward to Pure Flix’s new spin-off series, Sons of Thunder: Redemption, which premieres January 13, 2022!

This new show will chronicle Jacob, a former biker club (gang?..) member who meets the beloved Simon in prison. After their meeting, Jacob wants to right the people he wronged while under the influence of the gang and drugs.

Watch the trailer for Sons of Thunder: Redemption here.

More info can be found  at Pure Flix.

Pure Flix is the leading faith and family-friendly streaming video-on-demand service. With thousands of God-honoring and inspiring movies and shows, you can Have Faith In Your Entertainment again.


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Online Math Practice with I Know It

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew
I Know It
I Know It is an online math program for students in K-5th grade to practice math skills; we are reviewing the 1-year family subscription for up to 4 students. This is a supplemental program to your regular math curriculum t0 help students to grow in skills, and for parents to track progress with assessment. Children will enjoy the customized learning they will receive, as well as the ease of use.

I Know It- Online Math Skills Supplementation

About I Know It

I Know It is easy to use, with large fonts and on an easy to navigate site. The questions students work through have hints when needed, and parents can select how many hints they receive. Incorrect answers result in the correct answer, along with an explanation for the correct answer. To switch from parent to student, you click change user in the upper right corner- so much simpler than other programs I’ve tried in the past.

To see what each grade level covers, you can simply click on the large grade level numbers in the top left of the screen.

I Know It- Online Math Skills Supplementation

Students can work through the grade level at their own pace, or the teacher/parent can click on the skills in this list, and easily choose which child to assign it to:

I Know It- Online Math Skills Supplementation

For Parents or teachers there are many tracking tools, and options for customizing practice for students. They are easy to use and not overwhelming like some online programs can be. Parents can choose which standards they want to use, including the option for no standards. You can set the grade level for the student, and choose the specific level at which they work; this is going to be very handy for parents that have homeschoolers working above or below their current grade level. Students with learning differences and those that are advanced can have their I Know It level customized to fit their needs.

There is an option for having the questions read aloud to the student, and parents can change the setting for a man or woman’s voice. I really like that parents can disable to animations- for some students this is very motivating and fun, while for others it can be distracting and create problems for them.

Having the options to customize the program for each student is what really I Know It apart from other supplemental programs. Check them out!

Connect with I Know It


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