Thanksgiving and Such

…. is less than a week away!  I am excited that we are heading to Memphis this year for my Granny’s famous Thanksgiving Dinner.  We were going to leave Tuesday, but …. I have now signed up for a 4 mile race at Shelby Farms.  The race is Wednesday morning, but packet pick up is Tuesday morning.  You can always pick up the morning of race day, but that lessens your chances for a t shirt.  😉  The t-shirt looks like a super cool long sleeve technical-t, and let’s face it,m we only run races for the cool t shirts!  Okay, okay, I am just kidding.  But it totally stinks when you register early and get gypped out of your t shirt.

So, back to the point of my post.  We will probably leave for Memphis Tuesday morning.  My car is at the dealership getting a million dollar tune up the oil changed, tires rotated, transmission checked up, all that 4wheel drive stuff … it’s so dang expensive but necessary if I don’t want a car note anytime soon.
My 10K Saturday went well, really well actually!  I had no cramps, felt good the whole time, sweated LOTS, which was a good thing.  I really wasn’t sure I was hydrated enough, but turned out I was.  My final time was 77 minutes 9 seconds.  Not the best, well actually it was one of the worst overall times.  But since my personal preliminary goal was 74 minutes, and I knew a month before the race I wouldn’t hit that time, 77 is okay.  My time was better than my original time on this race of 80 minutes. =/  I guess I have something to work towards for next year.  =)  74 will be my goal for sure!

The worst part, which was the beginning, turned out to not be so bad.  I really lost the pack when it came to the first incline on the mountain.  Those that were better prepared or more fit made it right over that first incline much faster than I did.  Had I been able to run that part better, I think I would have been in the main mix of the group.  Oh well, lessons learned.  The most important thing is to NOT STOP now that I have that mileage under my belt.  My next goal is a half marathon, and luckily I have some running friends with the same goal!  As soon as we pick out a race, we will begin our training. In the mean time, we are continuing to run with the Pacers a few times a week, and because I have a wonderful husband, I am able to do it without pushing a toddler in a stroller.  =)

Speaking of that toddler …

ready to go in my hat and boots!

silly girl

first bath in big tub!

baby greenish/blues!



on a mission for the camera!

sweet baby

coloring left handed

nope, I think I will try right handed …

“tip me over, and poor me out”

Mama’s girl!!!

playing with her farm

getting ready for church

thinking …

the curls ..

Running update, pictures, and videos

Sadly I did not meet my goal of 72 minutes on the 10K course.  It was closer to 77 minutes.  =/
And while that isn’t as terrible as the first time I ran the race 2 years ago, it is not nearly as good as I’d hoped.  But, I can say it was a terrible run.  We went to eat after church and I did not realize it was 12:30 when we left- I had to run at 1:30!  So I had an immensely full stomach, I was sore from the run Thursday (or maybe Tuesday’s mountain run?) and I was dehydrated …  so overall I was not prepared for the run Sunday afternoon. I also experienced theses stupid side-stitches in the first 2.5 miles.  I don’t know what’s going on there, but for the last 2 weeks in the first half of my run, the cramps are so bad they takes my breath away.  And what sucks, is if it weren’t for the cramps, I’d have no problem running!  The cramps are caused by not exhailing enough of the CO2 out, so you’re supposed to breathe into the cramp and exhale as much out as you can.  And I do that.  Or I try to do it, and yet the cramps are so terrible.  But after I get over the first incline on the mountain and get to go down hill for a few minutes, they usually go away and stay gone until the end.  I wish I could just avoid them all together, since I have the hardest time in the beginning anyways.

I do think this year I will warm up before the race, just a jog around the parking lot or something, so my muscles aren’t dying that first mile; the first mile is always the worst.  After that my body feels pretty good and I can keep going okay.  I am hoping that since I had a hard time and walked a TON on the practice run Sunday, that on my real run I can shave off a few minutes, maybe even 4 minutes.  We will see…

So there is that update.  On to what you really want to see and read about ….

Yes. Yes.  This is a video of Lou.  It was a video of Lou, but it says it is too long.  So, there is no video today.  Sorry.  =(  I know, she’s cute.  And luckily, about two days after her daddy was home from his trip, the tantrum stopped and she became my sweet girl again!  YAY  

Let’s see … updates on Lexie.  Oh yes!  She ate her first grilled cheese sandwich today.  Of course she loved it!  Which surprised me a bit, since she doesn’t like maccaroni and cheese?  But anyhow, she liked it. She also said “Thank you” without me saying it first!  AND, she drank out of a straw (finally!).  So, when we went to Walmart, I got her a sippie cup w a straw to drink her milk from-she loves it!  Now we need more, because only one will not get us through the day.  Oh, and she pointed in her book and said “frog,” and when I asked what a bird says, she said “tweet tweet!”  haha  So dang cute.

For my newest sewing projects I am making her a bib, and sleep sacks.  I still need to get her a new sleep sack w a zipper, but I found a tutorial to make them from men’s shirts!  So, like I used one of my brother’s dress shirts, cut out the sleep sack shape and sewed it together- tada!  Instant sleep sack.  Only problem is it’s not quite big enough for her now .. it would probably have fit about 3-4 months ago.  So I am going to save it for the next baby.  And I’m not sure that JTom has any bigger shirts that are old/worn enough for me to cut up into a sleep sack.  We gave most of them away when we cleaned out the house for Lexie’s arrival, and then again when we were going to move …

Oh, that reminds me.  We aren’t moving!  YAY- I mean, one day, yes we will build on our lot.  Or at least a lot.  But right now, we are staying put.  And this makes me happy, because I LOVE our location, our home, and our yard.  I mean, it is an older home and we do have a lot of work to put into it, but I am looking forward to it.  JTom has already put new shelves in my pantry- WOO HOO (I will post pics later)- and the fireplace is ready for its first fire.

Oh yea … the fireplace.  Well, that is another story.  It’s old (duh) and needed some fixin’.  It needed a new chimney cap on the roof, and it just so happens that our chimney, of course, is an odd shape.  So you can’t find a chimney cap for it just anywhere … for a decent price.  So JTom rigged one.  We hope it doesn’t blow off during a storm.  =)  Then, we needed glass doors to A) keep it warm in the house when the fire goes out, and B) protect babies from fires.  So, those are ordered and on their way.  We also had to get a rack for the wood inside the fireplace.  Whew- yes, it all added up to a whopping $500+ dollars (thank you cleaning business) and I just really, really hope it pays for itself in utilities over the next five years .. because it was my bright idea.  

And since it was my bright idea, I get to man the fire.  FYI: I know nothing about building and keeping fires burning in chimneys.  I still need fireplace tools, like that poker thing and a shovel, I guess?  And we need a big bucket to keep the wood in, I suppose.  I know they have those at TJ, my favorite store of all time.  Guess those will top our Christmas list.  I’m not sure what else you need for a fireplace, but any tips or ideas are welcome.  I really know nothing about fires in chimneys.  I know lots about bonfires.  =)  Fuel, matches, and pallets … pick up trucks and beer.  Wala, you’re done!  But I don’t think chimneys work like that …

After our doors get here and this project is complete, I will start saving for the bigger project.  That would be the kitchen wall.  We are taking out the wall between the kitchen and living room/dining area.  I cannot wait!  The biggest part about that is we will have to redo all of the kitchen walls when we open that section up.  This wouldn’t be a problem except there is old wall paper that’s been painted over.  Actually, I think it’s just been primed over; I don’t think the problem will be taking the paper off … I believe the problem will lie in taking the sheet rock off with the paper.  =/  And if that happens, we will either texture the walls, or just put up new sheet rock.  We will see.

The good thing about redoing the walls is that I can finally make the kitchen OURS.  It’s the only room in the house that has never been touched.  After we complete the walls, I will start saving for the floors, we desperately need new floors in there and the entry way.  But I am thinking there is original hardwoods under the linoleum, and I would LOVE to refinish them, even if they don’t match the rest of the house perfectly; I think it would be neat and add character.  =)  I don’t want to redo the counters- I mean, I do … but I don’t want granite.  I clean granite in houses and condos every week.  The glare and speckles drive. me. nuts.  I have a hard time seeing with glares anyway because I have a stigmatism in both eyes … and I know that seems silly, but when you can’t see to clean your own counters, it will drive you bat shit crazy.  So not granite for this girl.  EVER.  But I wouldn’t mind eventually having some new counter tops.  But I really don’t mind the blue too much, even if it is dated.

Actually, before we do the floors, I will probably tackle the cabinets.  I’m going to start small in my bathroom so if I mess up it’s not a huge deal.  but I want to paint them an antique white and then distress them.  I have been looking up how to do it, but I’m really confused.  It’s one of those things I need to see someone else do in front of me step by step before I can do it myself.  But I think that would TOTALLY change our kitchen and make our house the chic little cottage I am going for …  bit by bit I will get there.

And this brings me to the other topic, last one i promise. BABIES.  Some of you know we were going to start trying for a new baby in September and… we’re going to wait.  =)  Not what you were hoping to read (family), I know.  But since we aren’t moving any time soon, we want to get the house remodeled/updated a bit more before we have a new baby.  We can work during those 9 months, but I don’t want all that pressure and then have a house that isn’t complete.  Plus, if we get it done now, when we decide to move, it’s DONE and we don’t have to deal with it ANY MORE!  So … that’s that.  A month worth of updates in 6 paragraphs or so.

Now, here’s your favorite part: a few pics of the baby from this week.  Some are pretty hilarious.

yes, that’s her leg. She finally passed out for her morning nap.

sweet girly face

those curls …




silly face

pretty face- I promise I did not do this to her hair.

“help, please, mama”

playing with her farm

Running …

The Hot Springs Spa 5/10K is quickly approaching.  Like many in town, and throughout the state, I have been hard at work preparing to run the 6.2 miles of which the first 4 are all up hill.  Did I mention it goes over the mountain?  Oh, well, yes.  There is a mountain involved.   Here, “involved” means torturing the runners attempting to conquer it.

I began the journey of training for the 10K in September.  The Spa Pacers, the running club here in town, puts on a clinic to help members of the community train for the race.  I have been a member of the Pacers since 2008, when I started my running journey.  They are the most wonderful group of people and give so much back to our community.  

For the first 6 weeks or so of training, I cannot for the life of me figure out why I always return to running.  But then, the 7th or 8th week rolls around and ah.  There it is.  The whole reason I love running- the people, the ease of moving, the challenge, the fulfillment of accomplishment.  Knowing that you have accomplished something because you pushed yourself to do so is a wonderful feeling.  It is a feeling that keeps you coming back for more.  Truly, the runner’s high.  And while mine is a delayed gratification, it is still fulfilling, none the less.

My first 10K was in 2009, this same race, and I completed it in 80 minutes at just under a 13 minute mile (in other words: S-L-O-W-L-Y).  That’s an hour and ten minutes of running/walking.  Last year I was 3 weeks postpartum when training began, so I ran the 5K.  This year I want to complete the 10K in under 75 minutes.  We will know tomorrow if that goal is attainable, since we are running the route for practice.  Thursday we completed 5 miles in 57 minutes, so add another another 15 minutes to that … and I am thinking I can complete it in 72 minutes.  Geesh.  I sure hope so.  That will be awfully hard for me, though.  I am a slow runner.  After this race I hope to prepare for a half marathon, which is 13 some odd miles …  

Here is a map of the route:

I will update on the practice run tomorrow night.

Wish me luck!

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