How to Make (real food) Snowcream {snow ice cream} *with dairy free ingredients, too!*

Almost a year ago our family moved out to the midwast, {from the warm south}, to the great state of Nebraska.

Nebraska, where spring is cool and green, summer is warm and sunny, fall is crisp and orange, and winter is cold and snowy.

Yay for our first big snow!  We were supposed to get a “dusting” but instead wound up with a good 8+” in our backyard.  Coming from the tristate area of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi, all we ever got was ice, so real snow was an absolute treat!

With our first real snow, we decided to make {real food} snow cream!

This isn’t your mama’s snow cream- there are no processed ingredients, and that means NO white sugar!

Brownie points for being an awesome mom making snow cream, and super brownie points for making it healthy for your family.

Here it is, you will need:

  • A big pan or bowl of clean snow (my picture above shows enough for at least 6 people ..)
  • Some Grade B Maple Syrup  (a little goes a looong way)
  • A little raw milk (or any milk will be fine)  *for a dairy free alternative we used rice milk*
  • Pure Vanilla Extract
  • maybe some cocoa
We added snow to our bowls, topped it with a few tablespoons of maple syrup (which surprisingly does’t taste like maple syrup when it’s not on pancakes…)
Then added about a 1/4tsp of vanilla to each bowl, and a few tablespoons of milk, maybe even a 1/4cup?
**For a chocolate variety, sprinkle with a bit of cocoa, but not too much because it can make it bitter**
And that’s it!  Delicious, and mostly healthy, snow cream!  Lexie loved it and has asked to make it every day since; I finally gave in today. Mister at 15 months isn’t crazy about cold foods, so he wasn’t a fan, and enjoyed a pear instead.
Have you ever made snow cream with your family?  What’s your favorite recipe?
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On The Farm: Wrapping Up November {2015}

So … about Thora.  She is still very much a puppy.  And while she loves to love on all of us, be near us, and generally obeys commands, she is still a puppy.

And puppies chase things and are just naughty in general.  And BIG puppies like to show their authority using their big-ness.  This particular BIG puppy likes to dig giant size holes looking for *wait for it* …

moles. (I think because the cats catch moles and she wants one for herself.)

So we have small-human sized holes in our yard now.  Which is okay, we can fill them in … but man.  She is a mess!  She sure is loyal though and definitely My girl.

November on the Farm

The laying hens and two roosters have moved out to their coop.  They really need a nicer, new coop with more room and no drafts.  But right now they seem okay, if annoyed by their damp, drafty conditions.  They are not yet free ranging … we have to do some engineering for Thora a runner before she can be introduced to them full time!

We exchanged 1 possible rooster for another 5 week old chick, but will be returning 3 other possible roosters soon for more baby chicks.  We didn’t get them before Thanksgiving because we would be traveling, and wittle baby chicks need daily care.

We came home from Thanksgiving to ice everywhere!  Everything is covered in a few inches of ice; we are just praying we keep power.

Overall, things are looking good for the winter.  The weather is back up in the 50’s which is very nice!  The kids have been playing outside, and enjoying the weekends with their daddy.  Hopefully the winter doesn’t get too bitter and windy!

How was November for your family?

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Baby Summary Weeks 35-36

Max hit the 37 week mark yesterday, so this is a post for the last two weeks of his life.

To say Max ha started eating is an understatement.  The boy is devouring finger foods.  Everything from dried blueberries and apples to sausage and sauerkraut!  He ate the sauerkraut like it was running away from him!  This weekend he enjoyed my cucumber and tomato salad in oil and vinegar … with garlic!  We still do pureed foods just because sometimes I don’t have a meal made that doesn’t have dairy in it, but he is eating a LOT more finger foods.  I can’t wait for him to try watermelon and cantaloupe this summer.

We still only have two teeth, but I think he is working on the top two.  They’re a little white but not puffy yet. He has been napping great!  Most days are 2 1.5 hour naps, sometimes a cat nap at 4:30 if he is really tired.  But we usually just do early bedtime at 6:30pm instead.

Crawling … well, he is moving about 2 feet at a time before he falls on his belly and decides to roll over.  So yes, he is crawling, but not for long distances.  He rolls and scoots around a LOT more than he does crawl.  **EDIT: he crawled all the way across the living room floor today!  I know, it’s a 37 week update, but had to add it!  YAY MAX!**

He enjoys being outside, and playing in the water.  We have had beautiful, warm weather as of late.  So Mama has been laying out while the kids play.  He sits in the baby blow up bath tub and Lexie plays in her kiddie pool.  Speaking of which, they are finishing our fence!  Woo hoo!  I am so excited.  It should be complete tomorrow morning.  They did most of it today.  Lexie is so excited, she has been waiting on her fence for a very long 3 months.

Helping mama make the salad …

Last weekend was Mother’s day; we went to church at the Methodist church (which I liked a lot, surprisingly, coming from a full gospel girl.   It was really homey).  JTom got me a bread maker for Mother’s day- woo hoo!  We have already used it several times and LOVE it.  way better than doing it by hand, any day.

This past weekend we stayed home and worked around the house.  JTom and Lexie got the garden in and JTom got the sprinklers set up in the flower bed.  He cut into the sprinkler system and put little sprayers in the flower beds.  They’re really cute.  Our garden this year is just: tomatoes (roma, big beef, early girl, burly boys, and cherry), red and green bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, and butternut squash. We put the bed in on the south side of the house, where they dug out for flower beds.  It’s the perfect spot, and J.Tom may cut in some sprayers for the garden as well.  I sure hope so.

I got some petunias for the back porch and filled the hanging baskets for the front, like I do every year.  Lexie and I planted some giant impatience in a big pot for the front porch; they smell SO good.  (I love having a front door that we use to come into the house)  

JTom also got some new burners for the inside of his grill, so we can get back to grilling again soon.

Overall it has been a low key couple of weeks.  Some how things have seemed really busy, but in all honesty we haven’t been super busy. 

How have you spent your last few weeks?  Anything exciting happening?

water play

she couldn’t resist; we didn’t have a kiddie pool yet

Mmm  blueberries

Our record heat one day last week- 100 degrees here in lil ole York (we had snow on the ground the week before …)

Daddy and Mister

Reading a gymnastics books while waiting on class to start.

My morning Yoga

Mmmm Cucumber!

My Mister’s curls

wearing Daddy’s hat and looking like my cousin Wesley’s twin when he was this age.  Like, if she didn’t have on the lace night gown, she would look exactly like him.

wearing daddy’s hat

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