18 Week Development & Lexie Development

Mister has completed his 18th week of life.  We have to make his 4 month dr apt … I sorta haven’t done that yet.  =/


He is on a nursing strike … not fun!  He really isn’t eating well at all, from the spoon or bottle.  I am attributing this to his teeth, since they are so close to breaking through, but this is also a normal thing for the 4 month growth spurt, and wonder week 19 development.  The last few days have not been good sleeping days, and I am assuming this is because he isn’t eating well due to his teeth, and just overall probably doesn’t feel good.  He is more snuggly and clingy right now, too.


He has started back rolling around a lot; he spins in complete circles in his crib and on the floor.  Of course, he thinks this is great!  On the floor, he will roll side to side, and has even made it from his back to his tummy once or twice.
His cradle cap is still pretty bad, but since his hair is getting thicker, you can’t tell too much, unless you’re close to him.  He still hasn’t found his feet … just doesn’t care about them that much yet.  haha  Lady begs to play with him, tells us to hurry up and finish eating so he can play with her!  He is, of course, still “my M” to her, and she does not like other kids coming near him.  =)  She is only a little protective.  haha
Lady is doing all sorts of amazing things.  She can name and point out: California, Nevada, TX, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma on the map; she knows where Idaho is, but she can’t ever remember the name of it.  Her back-bend is incredible, and of course she still loves gymnastics.  We have started doing some handstands and cartwheels at home; that’s fun!  She speaks in clear, complete sentences unless she is being silly around a big group of people.  She tends to act a little nervous around a lot of people; most people wouldn’t say that about her, but her behavior at home compared to being around a large group is different.  She is shy around certain people, usually men.  Second to gymnastics, she LOVES to sing.  She has so many “favorite” songs, and asks me to sing with her all the time.  She is constantly humming while playing independently.
Here are a few pics I don’t think I have posted before:


playing with her doll house


reading to her Moose  (obviously she picked out her socks)





Our 8″ snow on Christmas


So Much Happening-life update

Wow- sorry I have been MIA lately. We’ve had a lot going on around here in the last 2 months, this month being so hectic!

As you read, we were all sick with stomach bugs last week. The weeks before that we were drowning in party preparations, chicken coops, and packing for a mini vacation. But, it looks like things will be a tiny bit more laid back in the weeks to come.

All my free time has been spent sewing! I finally got my sewing machine out after a ( …. 6 year?) hiatus, but didn’t start really enjoying it until the first of this month. I’ve been sewing Lexie some cute dresses and just finished some toddler bibs for a friend’s son’s birthday, which is this weekend! I got a serger for my re-found hobby! It is amazing- it’s this one: Janome Juno 3434D serger I can now have those really great-looking, professional seams on anything I create. And I can do rolled hems! I am very excited about that. I used the rolled hem on a ruffle top I made for Lexie, and it’s so pretty. Anyway, so I am excited about that. I have made her 3 dresses and a top, just in May. It’s rather addictive. I am currently working on dress #4 and plan to have it completed tonight or tomorrow at nap time. =)


The chickens are doing great! The 5 Rhode Island Reds are such sweet baby girls. One is extremely feisty, and I think she runs the roost for them (Tessa). Also, I think maybe Dolly is a girl after all, but am still waiting for confirmation on that. 😉
Saturday I went to Bismarck and picked up three 12 week old barred rocks. We named the nicest one Elmo, the other two can be a little crabby towards the babies. They’re not far enough in age or so much bigger than the babies that they hurt them, but they do peck and chase them some. They’re still working out the pecking order, but there have been no injuries, so we’re good.

Yesterday, we hung them some cabbages to play with, and they’ve literally destroyed them. haha They’ve been having a big time. Chickens are like kids- when they get bored they start making trouble with they others (pecking, bullying, etc). So you can add things to their run, like cabbages, to keep them interested and busy. It’s funny to watch them boxing the cabbage.


I am almost 26 weeks pregnant now- 26 weeks on Sunday. The baby has decided he likes my ribs as much as Lady did.


But we’ve been going to kettlebell classes twice a week and yoga on Wednesdays. Now that she will be done with school next week, I will probably go to yoga more often which I’m really excited about. The baby seems to like yoga; he shifts around and kicks a lot during the class.

We go to the doctor on the 6th for a regular appointment and my glucose test *blah* Then it’s appointment every 2 weeks until the last month. I just can’t believe we will be at 30 weeks so soon. Of course it still seems so far far away, but sometimes it is just flying by.

Poor Lexie

Well, our Lexie Love just can’t catch a break!  First the bacteria infection, then the flu, and now some RSV and possible allergies!

After calling the doctor’s exchange Wednesday afternoon, we took Lexie to the ER.  Due to all our ice and snow, the doctors’ offices were closed, but I noticed while we were playing her coughing was more than coughing.  She had started to wheeze and the V at her collar bone was sinking in when she breathed.  At the ER they ran a flu test, a RSV test, gave her a breathing treatment, and took some chest x-rays.  The doctor there said he heard some bronchitis, she was breathing awfully fast and her xrays were “foggy” so to get her to the doctor the next day.  He sent us home with an inhaler and the breathing treatment equipment.  Because her oxygen levels were good and she was not running fever, they decided not to keep her.

So yesterday we went to the doctor.  He listened to her chest and said she was definitely wheezing and breathing too quickly.  Then he asked if J.Tom or I had asthma or allergies..  =/  I told him about my asthma and allergies and that J.Tom had allergy shots as a kid because his were so bad.  He said Lexie realy didn’t stand a chance against it then, but we could always hope.  He also said the RSV test is only about 75% accurate and he thinks she has some RSV (which is a respiratory virus).  This makes sense because when they stuck the qtip things up Lexie’s nose, the nurse said that there was not a lot of “stuff” on it but hopefully it would be enough…  I guess it wasn’t.  He prescribed her another inhaler to use with the one given to us at the ER and some pink medicine.  If she was not much better by the beginning of the weekend I am to take her back Monday, otherwise come back in a week.

I also had him look at a rash that was on her upper torso, mainly on her shoulders and upper back.  He said it is eczema and prescribed a cortisone cream for it; he also said that when babies have allergies and/or asthma they are often accompanied by eczema.  Lovely.   I guess our daughter is doomed in the wellness department.  Maybe God will give her a decent hand in the sweet tooth/love to exercise/never want to smoke department.  A mother can only hope.

So anyways, we left there and came home.  She has not held down the pink medicine, so I just called the nurse, who in turn said to come in for a shot at 3:30.  Poor Lexie.  =(  Her cough sounds terrible and her nose is so runny but she plays like she feels fine.  I have a feeling when we get there today he may want to go ahead and do chest xrays; he didn’t do them yesterday because the xray tech lives in Malvern and could not get to work.  Since everyone will probably be there today, I think he may take a different approach.  I hope her oxygen levels stay up and she isn’t worse than he thought.  I don’t want my baby admitted into the hospital, although it wouldn’t be a HUGE deal it would make me feel like a failure as a mother.. but whatever gets her well is what I want them to do.

Due to the 5″ of snow we got in great ole HOT Springs, Arkansas I did not have my supervisor evaluation Thursday.  It has been rescheduled for Tuesday of next week which makes me terribly nervous.  I did get my video teach done, spur of the moment (we planned to do it Wednesday, but because of the weather…) but I am really not happy with it.  Frankly, I don’t care that much.  The one snippet of teaching from a semester where the children have had 9 days of snow, 5 days of NWEA Testing, a week of Dibbles testing, and are in a brand new classroom (which the teacher moved into over Christmas break) is not going to make or break my teaching career or tell the world what kind of teacher I will be.   I am tired, can you tell?

I do LOVE teaching though.  And when I had the classroom to myself last week (my coop teacher was gone to a space convention) it was awesome!  I felt very much like I would love to have my own classroom.

Also, Lexie gets dedicated Sunday, hopefully she will be well by then!

Flu Virus and first shots

Well… I am sure you have heard by now, I have the flu. Fortunately, the doctor thinks we may have caught it in the first 48 hours. It’s quite lucky we did catch it before it got more serious. But luckily if something like that did happen, then all I would have to do is go to somewhere like this flu urgent care horsetooth.

I have been sick the last week and a half with Lexie’s crud, so I thought that’s all it was. I woke up Friday morning at 12:30 with a 102.4 fever, took some ibuprofen and went back to bed. When I woke again at 5:00, the fever was gone and I felt much better; this made me think it was definitely just a bug or something because surely if it were the flu or strep, ibuprofen wouldn’t make me feel 80% better!

I went to school, did my regular thing. About 12:00 I started feeling pretty bad. By 2:00 I was freezing cold, and by 2:45 my cooperating teacher told me to leave. When I got to the doctor about 3:15-3:30, my lips were blue I was so cold and my whole body ached. I had some spots on the back of my throat, so I thought maybe it was just strep=something they could give me meds for and I’d be fine by Sunday or Monday. The nurse took my temp and said I had a low-grade fever. She asked for my symptoms, I told her achiness, chills, throat, ears and chest hurt, etc. She said they had TONS of strep cases today, and only 2-3 flu cases all season, so it may just be strep. When the doctor came in and asked for my symptoms, I told her the same things. She got worried and asked if I’d had a flu shot. I told her no, I’d never had one and never had the flu, despite working in childcare and everything. She said if it was strep we were fine, if it was flu we were in trouble (in terms of Lexie). Looking back, it seemed silly as to why I didn’t get a flu shot. They’re so easily available with most doctors offering them like this doctor leichardt based, and it was definitely in the best interests of Lexie. Nevertheless, it’s happened now, and I’ll have to deal with it.

So, the nurse snuggled Lexie, while I went back to the room where they do “the tests.” The nurse stuck a cotton swap the length of a ruler down my throat, which of course made me gag. I told the nurse we would have to wait on the flu test because I just might get sick. A few minutes later I told her to get it over with, she then proceeded to stick the same kind of cotton swab up my nose, touched my brain, and wiggled it around some as far as she could get it. Truly, the strep test was worse than the flu test, but neither was fun…

While I waited on that, Lexie’s nurse came in with her shots. I held her facing away from me, while the nurse unsnapped her pink footies. She quickly stuck her right leg with the first shot, Lexie squirmed and cried. Then came the next shot, Lexie squirmed and cried for about 4 seconds total and then went right back to sleep. =) She was just fine. I’m not even sure she made any tears. Haha Anyways, so the doctor also gave me some stuff to dry up her congestion that remains from her crud. And, we did the regular check up stuff- she is 18.6 pounds and 27″ long. She was off the doctor’s chart on weight and length (again)! She said at about 6 months her growth will start to taper off. I’m not so sure!! This kid is growing like crazy. Her teacher at school said she is the size of her 9month olds. hahaha She is so long though!

Anyways, so I got Lexie down last night and then I crashed. We got up at 5:30, I changed her diaper, and then we curled up in the big chair to nurse and sleep. We slept until 7:45. So I got a good 11 hours of sleep. I am resting when Lexie naps, and we are just taking it easy this weekend. Please keep us in your prayers that she and J.Tom don’t get this mess. =( I asked if I need to quarantine, and Dr. Z said no, there is really nothing we can do now that she’s been exposed except continue to nurse her, use antibacterial stuff, and no kissing on her. She said IF we caught it in the first 48 hours like we think, the tamiflu should have my fever and symptoms gone within 48 hours. Then after 24 without fever I can go back to school, so maybe as soon as Monday. But I think regardless I am going to send Lexie to school Monday, and stay home and rest.

I just hope my sweet girl doesn’t get it. I am trying to hold her as little as possible, disinfect my hands constantly, and not let her touch me too much. =( It really stinks.

Week one down, 112 days to go (minus 33 Saturday and Sundays)= 79 days

until I get to be back at home with my Lou!

Here is the predicament. Right now, I think I would really enjoy teaching.  I also think I will be a good teacher, and I feel like I have a lot to offer helping other people, whether it is in the classroom or in some social work-type setting.  But I would rather be home with Lexie and her future siblings.  There just isn’t anything quite like loving on a baby all day.  =)

Each day this week either my mother in law or J.Tom checked on Lexie while she was at school.  She had really good days, ate well, napped well, and was happy when I picked her up. Until Friday.  Friday I did not have orientation at HSU, but I had to go meet with my cooperating teachers at 11:30.  So, I took Lexie to school at 10:00, then ran to Kroger, ran home to unload the groceries and got arrived at my elementary school 15 minutes early.  I met with my first teacher, then hung out with her in a meeting with her principal (really it was just lunch because the K teachers had worked so hard, but I think they had to call it a meeting.. I don’t really know), then I met with my second assignment teacher, which will be 3rd grade.  After leaving there, I ran to Walmart to get the rest of the groceries, formula, etc, and walked out $120 broker (how do you like that word I made up?) than when I went in.  At 3:00, I picked Lexie up to go to the doctor for her shots.  When I get there, they’re all like “oh yea, she feels a little warm but we knew you would be here about 3:00 so we didn’t call.”  When I feel her head, she is burning up!  So as I am packing her things the teacher comes over with a thermometer; it doesn’t even get done reading her temp and it says 100.4 but you have to add 1.6 to that, since it is a temporal thermometer, which means she had a temp of 102!!!

I finally got her and her million things loaded in the car and call J.Tom hysterical.  I am upset because I didn’t want her in school to begin with, I don’t particularly care for the way they do some things, and NOW my baby is sick with a 102 fever.  I am not a happy mama.  J.Tom tells me to just calm down and get her to the doctor.  So I do.  About 10 minutes after I get there, J.Tom walks in  =)  I was so happy to see him.  The nurse calls us back and I tell her that Lexie is sick and won’t be getting her shots after all.  We weigh her- 17lbs 8oz (HEALTHY GIRL!!!) and take her temp, which read at 102 on their thermometer.  Then they did some tests.  Fortunately it wasn’t the flu or a virus, but a bacterial infection.  Dr. Z. said basically “she had snot and it got infected.”  And I think to myself, “well she probably got “snot” from all those snotty kids with dirty faces at school and then it got infected because she is only 4 months old…” Anyways, so she called us in some antibiotics and gave us some baby saline solution because her nose was all icky.  Dr. Z. also said she has fluid behind her ears, but not quite an ear infection.  Thankfully.

So, we have been home since Friday afternoon with a sick baby.  I think her fever finally broke for good this morning, but we are still doing Tylenol, just in case.  She gets her antibiotics every 12 hours, Tylenol every 4, and J.Tom got a Vicks humidifier for her room.  She has been SUPER cranky last night and all this morning.  Friday night she and I were up all night, basically, then last night we only got up about 4 times.  I had all her snot sucked out her nose nice and clear, but then of course it clogged back up last night, despite me doing saline when she woke up.  During the day I have been doing the saline solution every hour or so, and using the bulb thing; that has really helped.  I guess since it all settled back in her head over night, I will do it again today.  Poor baby, she doesn’t feel good.  =(

I am praying it snows, snows, snows (and sticks) and we get to stay home tomorrow.  I can’t stand the thought of sending her to school not feeling well.  She needs mama and daddy snuggles.

Good news is that she has almost double her birth weight at 4 months old!  (FYI: That is a 12 month old milestone.)  So she is definitely healthy.  We didn’t do her length and all because she has to go back for her shots in a week or so anyways, so Dr. Z said we would just wait.  But I do know she is SUPER long.  She is still doing her little squealing thing; in fact she did it this morning while we were trying to watch Sunday Morning.  She is pretty hilarious.  We started some veggies this week, and she likes those ok.  She def likes the apples better, but I don’t want her to only eat sweet stuff so I am trying to introduce the veggies now too.

As far as my school goes, I think I am really going to enjoy it.  I can already tell I will feel very comfortable in my first assignment classroom because she is structured but loving, like me.  I totally believe in routine and structure (as you already know) because it helps children feel secure.  And when we feel secure we feel better and perform better.  I worked on my iWeb Folio all day yesterday while Lexie napped, so I have a pretty good start on that.  I am just concerned about this Impact on Student Learning Project.  In all our time in this education program, we have never done a case study which involved collecting data, making charts and analyzing them…  Can I do it?  Yes.  Do I feel comfortable doing it?  No.  But I have my cooperating teacher and my internship supervisor to help me.  I really like my supervisor.  He is an older man who has taught, been in administration, and has been a principal for many years.  He is organized (like me!) so I am excited that he requires we keep a labeled binder and stuff.  I am a total nerd, and I love it!!

Here is my poor sick baby girl.  Pray she feels better soon (and that we get snowed in for a few days!!!)

Lots of thoughts and prayers

Well, yesterday was J.Tom’s check-up at the neurosurgeon.  Not good.  He will be having back surgery Monday, December 6 to repair the damage caused by the tear in his spinal cord.  Apparently this tear caused a sack to form and this sack is putting pressure on nerves which is causing the pain in his back and numbness everywhere else.  So, they will cut through fat and muscle, remove some more bone, and put a drain in this fluid-filled sack.  It is also possible that the nerves have herniated through the neck of the sack (think of a balloon), in which case they will stick them back in the spinal cord canal and seal it up so they cannot come back out.

This surgery will last about 1.5 hours, possibly longer, and he will be in the hospital for 3 days while the sack drains out through the catheter.  Then once home, J.Tom will be off work for 2-3 weeks.  I guess we will know more about his recovery later, when he is recovering.  I am asking for your prayers regarding his safety during surgery, the ability of the surgeons, and an easy, full recovery.  We are still looking at a possibility of permanent damage to the nerves causing the numbness-this is not good.  So, just keep thinking about us, please.

On another note, Lexie appears to be on a nursing strike.  She has done this before, but never this much or for so long.  Today is the fourth day, so let’s hope she isn’t trying to stop completely!  (Formula is awfully expensive).  Everyone says to pump to keep my supply up, which I do, but I don’t get nearly as much as she does when she nurses.  So, I am not sure how long I can keep my supply by just pumping.  She will nurse for about 3-5 min then just doesn’t want to anymore, but cries because she’s hungry! 

Her upper GI test went good the other day.  She does have reflux, but all babies do (apparently) and the doctor said she should grow out of it by 6 months.  My only concern is that the reflux could be why she isn’t nursing and I know it hurts her because she cries when she gets it, but the doctor doesn’t want to do meds.  I dunno though, we will see how the next few weeks go and I may ask for medicine.  I really hate to put her on anything though, hopefully we can tough it out.

Tomorrow my mom comes in town!  We are looking forward to seeing her.

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