Tyson’s Run, Streaming Now!

Tyson's Run

Tyson’s Run  is streaming now, and you definitely want to check it out! You can buy it on DVD or digital now!

This feel-good story of faith, grit, and courage is a welcome change to the cultural norm on our TVs right now. The unlikely alliances that support a teen on the autism spectrum will have your family walking away inspired! Fifteen year old Tyson watches his hero father lead the high school football team, and yearns for his approval. This leads Tyson to push himself further than anyone thought possible.

Tyson’s Run is relatable, and an absolutely beautiful picture of the blessings that pour out of determination and building relationships, and accepting others. The heart warming story of overcoming odds, changing perceptions, and of loving others is going to be a family favorite. This is probably most appropriate for kids 12+, but as always, make sure it is okay for your family-everyone is different.

I enjoyed the soundtrack, Tyson’s sweet disposition and innocence, watching his character change and grow, but especially seeing the “normal” mold being broken. I loved that the film gave Tyson, and children on the spectrum, a voice that shows they are not abnormal. We are all different, and that’s a good thing. Things have a way of working out for the best (a doctor in the show)- boy, don’t they! 😉

Thank you for a film we can watch without worrying what messages are being sent to our children. The messages in Tyson’s Run are clear- love, genuine kindness, and determination always pay big dividends.

Four-time Grammy Award-winning gospel singer Yolanda Adams recorded If You Be-
lieve, an original song, just for Tyson’s Run.

Buy your digital copy or DVD of Tyson’s Run today!


Parents should know: There is some bullying in the school (the characters are not glorified who do this, but cause several obstacles for the main character). There are a some words/name calling our family doesn’t use, though these are not main themes or in the majority of the film. There is also standing up for what’s right, and defending those that cannot defend themselves. All of these situations are used to show the changes and redemption of characters in the show, but also how to do what’s right when others are doing wrong.

Giveaway: One digital copy of Tyson’s Run- Leave a comment on this post, or the Quiet in the Chaos Facebook post of Tyson’s Run for your chance to win. Comment in both places for an extra entry.

Giveway closes July 4, 2022

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Building Thinking Skills with The Critical Thinking Company

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The Critical Thinking Co.™

If you’ve been hanging around a while, you probably know that we really enjoy The Critical Thinking Co. products in our homeschool (their catalogue is really fun to browse, too! I always love it when we get one in the mail). We have been using Building Thinking Skills® Level 2 -Grades 4-6 (Ages 9-12) for a little summer enrichment.

What Is It?

Building Thinking Skills® Level 2 -Grades 4-6 (Ages 9-12) is a full, complete logic/critical thinking skills program. We are using it to sort of … sum up, refresh and expand our learning over the summer. While we are continuing with our regular school subjects 3+ days a week, we are also being intentional about fun and supplemental learning. This book definitely falls into the fun and supplemental categories for us.

If your student(s) are specifically in need of a critical thinking curriculum for state/transcript purposes, this is perfect for you! It is also a reproducible license within your home, so families with multiple children can make copies without fear of copyright problems. I have children in 4th and 6th grades, so they have both been working through this.

This is is a physical, full color workbook that is designed to help students build higher order thinking skills, by working through areas of logical thinking, vocabulary, spatial awareness, classification, analogies, and so, so much more! This book is 412 pages, broken up into 10 chapters, with an answer key and expansions, in the back.

Students will focus on a specific area for each chapter:

  1. describing shapes
  2. figural similarities and differences
  3. figural sequence
  4. figural classification
  5. figural analogies
  6. describing things
  7. similarities
  8. sequencing
  9. verbal classification
  10. verbal analogies

The chapters are broken down further, into categories. For example, chapter 1- Describing Shapes- is broken down into topics of describing shapes, quadrilaterals, triangles, and solids, recognizing folded patterns for solids, describing position, describing stacks of shapes, and estimating area.

Building Critical Thinking Skills: The Critical Thinking Company

This book really does help build thinking skills for reading, writing, math, and science. For example, the language used to describe and classify is a huge help for expanding on descriptive writing. The engaging activities are developmentally sequenced, meaning they begin first in the semi-concrete, figural-spatial form. Then move forward from there to verbal, or more abstract concepts. This is so great, because not all students in the same grade are at the same level, but also it is a gradual growth. Children are getting the foundational work in that is required for the more abstract thinking. So even if the beginning chapters seem too simple, they aren’t!

Building Critical Thinking Skills: The Critical Thinking Company

Analyzing relationships between objects, words, and then both together builds academic vocabulary, math concepts, and skills. Skills such as observing, recognizing and describing characteristics, understanding similarities and differences, and working through analogies. (Anyone else struggle to get their children to use their great vocabulary and language in their writing?! Well, this helps tremendously.) The verbal skills used and built later in the book help with spelling, writing, following multiple step directions, map reading, logic, orientation and so much more.

This is going to be developmentally appropriate for you kids, and a great curriculum to build those critical, independent thinking skills we want our kids to have.

The Critical Thinking Company also offers free Math & Critical Thinking Worksheets (PDFs), and a few other things on their site.

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Wholesome Family Chapter Books (mid grade): Whatsoever Stories

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Whatsoever Stories

(Can we just take a minute and appreciate the logo above?! 😍)

 I am always running out of books for my oldest. She is almost 12, a voracious reader, and loves to read anything she can get her hands on. My oldest son is almost 10, and he really enjoys adventure animal stories, and historical fiction.

I love finding wholesome books that leave an impact on my children; the kind of books that have them asking questions while they’re reading, and when they’ve finished. That’s why I was so excited for Whatsoever Stories‘s Trial At The Ridge, by Kinsey M. Rockett. This is a beautiful fiction book that your entire family will enjoy!

Trial at the Ridge: Kinsey M Rockett- wholesome family books

Trial At the Ridge

This is the story of the Whitlocks, a God loving family, and their life on the place they call home. Their farm. When they are threatened with foreclosure, we watch as the family handles it with grace, and love. Although the plans put in place to save the farm continuously get derailed, they find a way to make it work, all the while working together.

My daughter says:

My favorite part was when the too friendly cat jumped on the shoulder of a man wanting to buy the farm. I also liked that there were some hard words, and it gave their definitions. I enjoyed the book because it was dangerous and they were Godly people, that makes it different from a lot of books I’ve read.

While this book is generally written for a 10+ audience on an independent reading level, it will make a wonderful family read aloud! Kinsey has written a book that is definitely going to be enjoyed by parents, grandparents, and kids alike. With the beautiful glossy cover, easy to turn pages, and easy to read font, the 188 page book is going to make a great read aloud, or reader. I would say that using copywork from the book would be super easy too, with witty dialogue and scripture throughout (did I mention the vocabulary?!). Of course it would make great leisure reading as well. The binding is sturdy, and overall I love how the book feels in my hands- it really is just right. =)

Trial at the Ridge: Kinsey M Rockett- wholesome family books

What I love is that my children are reading books by a Christian author, the storyline isn’t introducing my kids to a plot or attitudes we do not value (no agenda, or worldly kid/teen “problems” here!), and the* vocabulary!* I loved reading the language Kinsey used in her book to draw in the reader. Add to that actual vocabulary words and references in footnotes throughout the book, a glossary, and her Not All Fiction section at the back of the book, and I am here for it! Kinsey is a homeschool graduate 🥳, and her love for the Lord clearly shines through her writing.

Trial at the Ridge: Kinsey M Rockett- wholesome family books

I can’t wait to read her book, Prisoner of War, which features many of the same characters. I know the kids will love it as a fun read aloud this summer.


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Anne Wilson: My Jesus {debut album}

Our hearts were won over by Anne Wilson’s My Jesus, the message the song gives to listeners, as well as her powerhouse vocals. Now, you can check out her debut album, “My Jesus,” which dropped on April 22!

Anne Wilson live event

The album’s rootsy, country vibes, and signature vocals set it apart from other debut offerings– staying true to Wilson’s Kentucky upbringing and showcasing her joy and effervescent outlook. Each song on the album, co-written with songwriting heavy-hitters like Ben Glover, Matthew West, MiaFields, Jonathan Smith, Jeff Pardo, Emily Weisband, and more, is specifically crafted.

Stream Anne’s new album now

The track line up is:

  1. Prelude (Scatter)
  2.  Scatter
  3. My Jesus
  4. Devil
  5. Sunday Sermons
  6. Hey Girl
  7. This House
  8. Mansions
  9. Mamas (with Hillary Scott)
  10. No Place Like Home
  11. God Thing
  12. That’s What We Need
  13. Something About That Name
  14. Closer To God
  15. My Jesus (feat. Crowder)

The powerful ballad Scatter is about the power of God to scatter the enemy. Devil gives the glory of life to Jesus, and “death to the devil.” Everyone is going to love the Sunday Sermons and Hey Girl tracks; they’re easy to listen to and bring you back to your roots. This House describes how the world builds everything, churches, steeples, beautiful buildings, but if it isn’t build on the Lord, it is going to fall. And how true it is!

Along with the beautiful My Jesus hit, you will find Hillary Scott is featured on the song Mamas. The official music video for Mamas will release 5/4/22 just in time for Mother’s Day, and includes exclusive footage of Anne surprising her mother with the song, and Hillary Scott with her daughters. God Thing is maybe one of my favorite songs on the album, because I love for people to hear that things in life aren’t lucky, or by chance. It’s a God thing!

Something About that Name, however is definitely my #1 favorite song on the entire album!

Stream Anne’s new album right now, because you don’t want to miss it! You daughter’s are also going to love this one …

Anne Wilson is the first female solo artist debut single to reach #1 on the Billboard ChristianAirplay chart, and My Jesus was the longest #1 single on Billboard’s Christian Air-play chart of 2021 at 7 weeks total. That’s a pretty incredible run. The Lord has big plans for Anne, and her ability to reach the hearts of others by sharing the Gospel through music.

Fun Facts:

  • “My Jesus” was nominated for a 2022 Billboard Music Award for “Top Christian Song” against Kayne West.
  • The awards will broadcast live coast-to-coast on May 15 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m PT on NBC. It will also stream live on Peacock- We are all rooting for Anne!
  • “My Jesus” Hit #1 on Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 and #19 on the Rolling Stone Top 25. Trending charts

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Famous Men of Rome- Classical Education Homeschool History

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Memoria Press

Memoria Press is known for their great classical education curricula and programs. We’ve used their Latin program, and a few other products. The last few weeks my 11 year old has been working through their Famous Men of Rome program. This is geared towards grades 4-5, and is an introduction to the great drama and action, beginning to end, that was the men of Rome. This is going to be a wonderful addition to any classical history, or eclectic homeschool.

Famous Men of Rome: Memoria Press

What It Is

Famous Men of Rome is a year long study consisting of 3 books and flash cards. The text or reader contains 30 stories documenting the rise and fall of this civilization via 30 biographies of men from Rome. The illustrations and artwork in the textbook are absolutely beautiful; this is one of my and my daughter’s favorite parts of this book! The pages are thick, and glossy. The pages are not hard on my eyes, but are just glossy enough to make the artwork pop. The pages are also the thickness and material that allows the pages to stay open more easily, which I really like!

Famous Men of Rome: Memoria Press

There are 160 pages in the textbook, including the maps, pronunciation guide, and glossary. The program covers
the biographical stories of:

  • NERO

The student guide is where most of the work will be done by the student. This newest edition also contains maps of: Rome, Italy, and the Roman Empire, as well as a glossary of people and places. These pages are a regular paper, easy for writing, and do not feature any distractions. Students will find interesting lessons that include famous quotes, key people and places, vocabulary words, and comprehension questions. There is map work as well, which most homeschool parents love to include in our studies. =)

Along with all the comprehension questions, facts to know, vocabulary, and review lessons, I really like the activities listed for each lesson. The lessons help make this an even more comprehensive program, but add hands on elements.

Famous Men of Rome: Memoria Press

example of activities at end of lesson

These activities include discussion questions, but also many will translate well to discussion questions and starters. There are also research activities in some lessons. My daughter really enjoyed the family tree activity, and because we enjoy mapping, that has been fun for her as well.

Famous Men of Rome: Memoria Press

In true classical education style, the program includes memorization for the student. The Drill Questions found in the appendix of the study guide and on the flashcards, will be memorized to help student have instant recall. How to do this, and how to use the program in general is all outlined for the teacher in the teacher’s guide. The teacher’s guide is just that- you will find detailed answers, examples, and what is expected of the student. I *love* this because it helps those of us learning right along side our children know what is expected of them, and how to better help them get there. I also like to have my child look at the teacher’s guide once we have completed a lesson, so they can see where they needed improvement and where they did exactly what was asked of them.

I am working more closely with my 5th grader on this program, because she is ready for more detailed responses in her work (clearly … haha). This is a great program for student to begin more independent work, or to be used as a family/with the parent. The text can be shared between students in a family, or read aloud by the teacher during morning time. Each child can have their own student book, or some students may work from the student guide, and others work orally (for younger kiddos), or maybe orally and by drawing illustrations.

I think this is going to work well for any family that is learning about Rome in history (one of our favorite things we have studied!), whether they are a classical education family, or more eclectic like ours. We love learning using many educational philosophies, and tweak anything we use to work for us! So if memorization isn’t your thing, this program can still work well for you. This is also going to work well for independent learners or as a family subject. The possibilities are truly endless.

Lastly, the flashcards are exactly that. They feature questions about people and places learned about in the stories from Famous Men of Rome, and are used to help their recall and easy memorization of what they are learning.

Memoria Press always offers great programs and supplements, and their Famous Men of Rome set is no different. I highly recommend this for any family studying this phase of history.

Famous Men of Rome: Memoria Press


Connect with Memoria Press

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SchoolhouseTeachers.com Homeschool Membership {self paced, online learning}

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This week I get to share with you all about the Ultimate Membership from SchoolhouseTeachers.com a division of The Old Schoolhouse®. This is an online membership full of resources for parents, students, and online courses galore! Homeschool families will find online classes for kindergarten through 12th grade, including (but not limited to) history, science, math, Bible, language arts, and tons of electives. So many online electives, yall! Membership also includes access to hundreds of streaming resources, World Book, and more.

It would be impossible for me to hit all of the amazing benefits of this membership, but I will certainly do my best to highlight what I think will be most appealing to my readers.


SchoolhouseTeachers.com Welcome

What is Included with the Ultimate Membership from SchoolhouseTeachers.com?

The Ultimate Membership is going to be any homeschoolers best friend. This online subscription is one price for the entire family, and gives you access to courses in every subject, every grade level, for every student in your home. You will find there are no textbooks to buy, hundreds of courses that are self paced, easy lesson plans to follow, and wonderful parent support!

There is an entire page worth of classes, just for parents; things like Building Faithful Kids, Finally Conquer Fractions, and Growing in Homeschool Confidence caught my eye, but the list is extensive. There is even a Joy in the Morning Christian Motherhood course.

And did I mention resources? Aside from printables, planning pages, organization, charts, and monthly menus you will find over 400 streaming resources. Some videos are included in the courses, but with the Ultimate Membership you also receive access to:

  • Creation.com
  • Drive Thru History
  • Vision Video
  • Discovery House
  • Boat Angel
  • City on a Hill Productions
  • RightNow Media
  • and more!

You may have heard of the popular Right Now Media.  There are shows and movies for adults, families, and specifically for kids.  Seeds Family Worship, The Pilgrim’s Progress, and The Torch Lighters series are some of our favorites.



The website is easy to navigate and laid out in an organized fashion that makes it simple to get where you need to go. Classes offered cover all subjects from kindergarten to 12th grade, including core subjects, arts, and electives. I can’t possibly list all the individual classes offered, but you can check them all out here, or browse their website using the: grade tab, subject tab, or school boxes tab.

SchoolhouseTeachers.com subjects


Hey … speaking of school boxes!

SchoolhouseTeachers.com offers entire grade packages titled School Boxes for even easier planning and organization. If parents don’t want to pick and choose individual classes for each child, the prepackaged school box is the way to go. This can be especially convenient for planning high school; the 9h-12th grade boxes will contain everything your student needs to graduate with confidence that they have taken all the credits necessary for their homeschool diploma!

There are Prek and parent boxes coming, but in the meantime you will find school boxes for K-12th grades! Simply choose the grade that you need and then select the subjects you want to teach. Lesson plans are based on the Scope and Sequence found on the planning pages. Curriculum guides are provided for each subject and make everything so streamlined and simple. Each day the guide will provide the links needed for class. School boxes take care of the planning that may be overwhelming, or difficult during a season.


SchoolhouseTeachers.com Preplanned School Boxes


I know you will find SchoolhouseTeachers.com is something that your family can benefit from, but just in case it turns out that it isn’t your jam, you can cancel anytime! And I can tell you first hand how great customer service is, so you never have to worry about getting help when you need it.

Coupon code time! Use the coupon code FINISHWELL on the quarterly membership through 3/18 and families can get the quarterly ultimate membership for grades PreK-12th for $45. (You will continue to keep your current price, even if it’s a sale price, as long as you keep your membership active.)

This includes a quarterly print subscription to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine and Applecore Silver Plan, a record keeping program!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Connect with SchoolhouseTeachers.com

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Math Mammoth: Homeschool Math Spotlight

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew
Math Mammoth

We’ve been using Math Mammoth in our homeschool the last several weeks. My 5th grader has been going through the Grade 6 Skills Review Book, and my 7 year old has been working on the 2nd grade Light Blue Series (also called Math Mammoth Complete Curriculum). We received the digital sets for review, but you can also purchase CDs, and physical copies. There are some pros to the Digital version- one being that you can print as many copies as you need for all your kids. But what is also cool, the PDFs can be filled out using a computer, phone, or tablet. You can find instructions for how to do that on Math Mammoth’a website.


Math Mammoth

About Math Mammoth

Maria Miller is a math teacher and homeschool mom; she created Math Mammoth out of the desire to help homeschool moms teach the why. This is a program specifically designed for homeschoolers, by a homeschool mom and math teacher by degree- Sounds pretty awesome to me!

Math Mammoth Light Blue Series is a full math curriculum program for grades 1-7. It is mastery oriented, which means that students will be mastering one skill before moving on to the next skill. Each chapter focuses on one topic and its related skill sets. Mental math is a big emphasis in this program, along with number sense.

Number sense is so important- you know, it’s that thing that most of us were never taught, because we were learning skills before we really understood what they were for. Raise your hand if you had no idea the tens place was actually just a place for groups of 10 ones, until you were teaching your first born math in kindergarten?


Just me? Okay then …

The Skills Review books are just that- they cover the review of skills learned in the curriculum. They are spiral oriented, which means they cover lots of concepts at once.

These books are broken down into chapters, and those chapters correlate with that grade level’s curriculum. It can be used right along side the curriculum for added review and practice. If you’re trying to catch up a child who is moving from public school to homeschool, or maybe they need some enrichment over the summer or extra practice to keep skills fresh, this is probably a great book for that purpose.

foresee using this with my son to do some review on 4th grade math before hitting 5th grade next month.

Math Mammoth Grade 2 Light Blue Curriculum

What We Thought

Well, let me first tell you how much the Light Blue Series showed me that I needed to focus on number sense more with my 7 year old. This isn’t something that comes naturally to all children; sometimes a 5 year old may have better number sense than their older siblings… (hmm) But there are things we can do to build number sense for those that need extra practice, and Math Mammoth lays a good foundation for that!

I really liked that each lesson she went through in the 2nd grade curriculum had my daughter thinking about numbers with visuals. There is a great emphasis on visual models and this is oh. so. helpful! It helps the child understand why they’re doing what they’re doing. Which makes remembering how to get the answer much easier. It also makes self checking easier, because they understand the actual process, not just a set of procedures.

Math Mammoth Grade 2 Light Blue Curriculum

Grade 2 Math

I also love that the entire curriculum is written to the student; there is no script, or separate teacher’s manual. You can find notes for the teacher  at the beginning of each chapter, but the chapters can be completed 💯 independently by your child, if so you choose. The included online videos of Maria teaching are great, and simple to understand. If your child needs someone to show them vs reading instructions, then the videos are going to be your friend! (Or you can show them).

The Skills Review book was wonderful! My 5th grader is a wonderful independent learner. She enjoys figuring things out for herself and comes to me only when she needs help. The review of 6th grade (which lined up with the beginning of her current 5th grade curriculum) really gave her a different perspective for doing math. I like that she is learning a deeper context to her math skills. We will continue with the Skills Review books for her as needed.

Overall, I am so glad we finally tried Math Mammoth; it is going to be great to incorporate it into our homeschool.  I love the foundation it lays for number sense and conceptual math skills for my youngers, and it’s especially going to beneficial as math concepts become more difficult for my olders. The kids enjoyed it, I think they liked the change and the way the math was explained.

If you’ve been hesitant about trying Math Mammoth, check out their samples online, the free videos and other great resources shared on the website. I didn’t know that treasure trove was there before this review, and I wish I had!

Math Mammoth

Connect with Math Mammoth


You can read more reviews from the Crew and see other grade level details by clicking on the banner below!Tackle Math Curriculum with Math Mammoth

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Louie Giglio The Wonder of Creation

The Wonder of Creation

The author of our very favorite devotional has come out with his next book: The Wonder of Creation. This devotional is available now!

Louie Giglio is known for his powerful messages about science and the Bible, and his passion for inspiring kids to notice, enjoy, and be in awe of God’s creation.

In The Wonder of Creation, children will find new delight in God’s creativity with 100 devotions that explore:

  •  Animals–from honeyguide birds to flying snakes to white rhinos
  • Space–from black holes to volcanic moons to gamma-ray bursts
  • People–from optical illusions to brain freezes to our immune systems
  • Earth–from rainbow rivers to blue lava to flowing
  • And much, much more!

The illustrations are engaging, and my children loved the photography. My kiddos are 5-11 years old, and everyone likes this devotional before bedtime. We read as a family, and they soak it all up.

There are 100 devotions that feature scientific fact or an easy activity for exploring faith, a related Bible verse, and a closing prayer. The book itself is a hard cover, beautifully embossed and bright, with a ribbon bookmark. The Wonder of Creation is going to be your perfect go-to for a Christmas gift this year, too!

What I love about the devotionals is they don’t argue any of the young earth/old earth ideas. They *just give fact,* and point it to God in scripture. For every scientific fact the author gives, he always uses it to show how Great God is. And it is just beautifully done. This devotional will makes a great addition to a homeschool STEM curriculum, or like our family, a perfect addition to a bedtime reading routine.

Along with the beautiful devotional, parents can download the free Parent Discussion Guide HERE. This is a free resource that parents and can use to go along with their devotional, no matter how you decide to sue it with your kids.

Get your copy ordered today, and give it to your favorite kids, or family!

Louie Giglio: The Wonder of Creation

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God With Us: A Journey Home {and giveaway}

God WIth Us: Children's Storybook Bible

We have been reading through God With Us: A Journey Home, by author Jeremy Pierre and illustrator Cassandra Clark. This beautiful retelling of the greatest story ever told is a children’s storybook Bible that will awaken children to their brave journey home- home with God.

I received an unofficial paperback copy, but your purchased copy will be a 268 page hardback, with the same beautiful illustrations. My children loved the pictures in this book. I like that the overall message gives children hope beyond what the world can give them.

We 100% read the actual Bible in our home, and I believe children understand so much more than we give them credit for. This beautiful storybook Bible is a wonderful addition to a home with young children because it helps them understand the overall message of scripture- A relationship with Jesus is the only way to heaven, and this earth isn’t our lasting home.

This place is beautiful, and full of God’s fingerprints, but it is not where we find our hope. The world isn’t our forever home.


This storybook Bible does include an  imaginative retelling perspective; like an adult telling a story to a child. It isn’t a word for word scripture retelling picture book.

God WIth Us: Children's Storybook Bible

This is going to be a perfect Christmas gift for the children and families in your life! Get your copy ordered today!

Giveaway- using the tool below, enter to win your own copy of God With Us!


God WIth Us: Children's Storybook Bible
Many thanks to Shepherd Press for providing this product/product information for review.  Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.  I did receive the product in exchange for this review and post.






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Practice Monkeys Online Piano, Violin and Self Defense

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Practice Monkeys

I am so excited to share Practice Monkeys with y’all again this year. We reviewed their violin program a few years ago, and recently tried out piano, and self defense in addition to our violin lessons. If you don’t know, Practice Monkeys is an online program that teaches many different instrument and self defense classes. Families will need a computer with a camera, or a device with a camera such as a iPad, since lessons are video based via Zoom. What I love is that enrollment for one class is for the entire family! If you enroll in piano, everyone can take piano. If you enroll in self defense, everyone in the family can take it.

We have used:

  • Violin for ages 3+
  • Piano for ages 3+
  • Self Defense for  ages 5+Practice Monkeys Online Instrument and Self Defense Classes

They also teach cello and guitar lessons!

How Lessons Work

Practice Monkeys classes are unique because they’re set up completely online; everything students need can be found in their Treehouse. This is like their lessons landing page, where all their skills, forms, and videos can be found. If a class is missed, recordings can also be found in the here.

Supplies needed are pretty simple; some instrument classes require a music book and accompanying CD, and of course your instrument. Here in the Treehouse (image below), families will find instruction for getting started, class links for their live lessons and recordings, and the videos for their Skills to Master. In the Treehouse parents will find the practice sheets to be filled out each week; this tells students what to work on and what they are reviewing, etc. This is for parents to fill out based on what the student is working on in the Treehouse.

Four days a week, Monday-Thursday there are live video lessons (the time depends on which lesson type and level you are in) which are in class practice. Then students can do their after class practice where they go through the assigned skills on their practice sheets. Especially in the earlier levels, students will need a parent to help them get things just right with their instruments.

When students need extra help, or are struggling with something, there are help classes on Wednesdays; this its a targeted, 1:1 help from their instructor. This is also a great time to make sure they are ready for assessments. We always try to do 1-2 help classes before we do an assessment, because there is always room to improve before moving up a level. There are help classes for the instrument classes, as well as self defense!



Assessments are how students test into their next level. You will schedule an assessment via the website; this is $10-$30. This is a motivator to make sure your child is ready for the assessment 😉 In the Treehouse you will also find the assessment form, which is exactly what the instructor will use, so students can be sure they are prepared for everything on that sheet to move to the next level. We have found assessments to be great fun, and enjoy the time with Mrs. Sarah.


We have done all kinds of violin lessons since my daughter began-mainly because we have moved and needed a new teacher each time. No one has been as wonderful, hands on, or as knowledgable, as the instructors at Practice Monkeys. Mrs. Sarah is such a sweet, caring teacher. She wants students to succeed and gives great help and technique tips.

My daughter always enjoys her classes, working through her treehouse, and the help classes she’s done. We do take a while to work through a level, because she is a bit more timid about taking an assessment. But Mrs. Sarah has always been so kind and has never put pressure on her to move faster. She gets to move at her own pace, and we love that! We have had a couple of different teachers depending on the level my daughter was in, and they’ve all be great!


My older 3 children worked through piano lessons with Practice Monkeys the last few months. The lessons, like violin, are Suzuki style, which means that listening to the recorded music and learning to play by ear are taught first. I have seen the fruit of this teaching style in my oldest who has done violin since she was 3/4 years old.

While my kids wanted to know where every key was right away, they had to get used to learning the notes by ear as they learned where they were by sight, through practice. For some of them this was simultaneous, and for some it was not. Even my youngest, who was not taking lessons at all, was learning to play by ear by listening to the others. They were all so excited when they got down their twinkle twinkle variations.

The Piano classes were simple, focused on practicing skills from the Treehouse, and the teachers are always kind. Live lessons are kept short, so there is no problem keeping student’s attention, and there is plenty of time for after class practice. Students can ask questions here, but mainly they are working on skills with a teacher. My kids loved the finger songs and playing along with the teacher live.

Self Defense

“Well, how in the world do you take self defense classes online?” you may ask. I had the same thought, but yall- it was so great! They are online and video based. So students can interact with the teachers via video. The instructors show what they are working on, step by step, give specific instructions and corrections to help students as they go, and then they all work on the moves together. The instructor is able to tel students when they need to switch hands, and what to do next, just as if they were in a real classroom.

Practice Monkeys self defense is jiu jitsu style and Dr. Van Kleeck is great with the kids.  As students move through the program, they will graduate level to level via assessments, and end with their official belts. Dr. Van Kleeck is enthusiastic, patient, and enjoys seeing them learn and grow in their skills. This class requires 2 people, that can be the student and a friend, parent, sibling, etc. But there needs to be 1 person to practice the defense skills on; if 2 family members are taking the class together they simply take turns switching roles. This class was a lot of fun and in a few short weeks I saw my kids’ confidence grow so much!


I want to say thank you to Practice Monkeys because this program is exactly what we needed for our family- lessons on our schedule, at our pace, in our own home. Driving al the way to the nearest large city every week was a lot when we tried to do that, not to mention the teacher really wasn’t worth it. With Practice Monkeys my kids get the best of the best, with all the help we could possibly need, and their skills grow! That’s worth our family’s time and money, 💯

Visit their website, watch a recorded lessons, and try them out!


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