Sonlight P4/5: What I think so far

After I wrote this post , I did a lot of praying, thinking, re-googling and reading, and a lot more praying.

The next morning I woke up, and began purchasing what we need for Sonlight P4/5 for next year.  Between Sonlight, Amazon, and eBay I got everything we need, plus supplemental materials, for less than the package from SL.  This is important to our family; we try to live on a budget and I needed homeschool for this year to fit into that budget.

Sonlight P 4/5 review Part 1

I don’t know if we will go with SL in the future?  I don’t know if it will (mostly) fit what I want for my kids as they get older, but I do know after looking in the instructor’s guide for P4/5, it will fit us perfectly this year!

In the Instructor’s Guide, I am excited to see (and wasn’t expecting):

  • extra activities, cognitive and hands on, that we can add into our lessons and Max can be included
  • room to write in other activities- like our extra memory work, math lessons, etc
  • character traits to focus on that go with the week’s memory verse (LOVE character lessons in this house)

I went back and ordered the binder and tabs.  The tabs (which are weekly) can’t be found elsewhere up to week 36, and the binders have their own reputation for holding up well.  I also bought extra color-coding stickers for our book spines, because I plan to add more books into our reading.  (I may get their P3/4 sticker labels for our BFIAR books, so I can organize them as well for Max later.)  We read a lot.  But what I like about adding in our own selections is that we can read them as quickly or as slowly as we want, and it just adds more great literature.

There are a few titles that I am super excited about; the The Berenstain Bears’ Big Book of Science and Nature is one of them!  I think that will fit nicely with our Big Book of Play and Find Out Science Projects we will add in on our own, and nature studies.

Another title I think will be fun is the audio CD of American Tall Tales.  We love books on CD, and this looks like a great one.  We have the stories that go along with these in our book of Children’s fairytales and fables, A Treasury of Children’s Literature, though Sonlight doesn’t actually call for the physical books for them.

Now, I just have to structure out our extra memory work (poems), All About Reading, and Saxon math lessons into our schedule, and we will be ready to go!  Well, I also have to decide when we will begin, because with baby #3 coming in September, we will need to start early (probably August); but I also like the idea of just taking the month before baby to do nothing but spend time with the kids outside and hold the structure off until after baby comes.  Who know what we will do!  =)

Have you used Sonlight P4/5 in your homeschool?  Are you using something else?  Please share in the comments!


Pregnancy #3 Update: Beginning of Second Trimester

Well, with my first two pregnancies I updated pretty regularly. This time, we didn’t announce the pregnancy until almost 12 weeks, so I haven’t really been writing updates thus far.

We are almost 16 weeks along now; I had a doctor appointment last week and everything was great. The heartbeat was 157 (I think…) and the doctor okayed me to stop the progesterone supplements. My next appointment is in April and we will have the anatomy scan. Here, they only do one ultrasound (what’s up with that?!) at 20 weeks. We had an ultrasound at 6 weeks, to date and confirm the pregnancy.

6 week 2 day ultrasound- Quiet in the chaos

We will not, however, be finding out the gender. We have a girl and a boy, all babies are September babies and the nursery can be gender neutral. I am good with that. (ok, so if you know me well, you are probably as surprised as I am that I am okay with not “planning” for a girl or boy…) The urge I have to perform a home baby gender test is a little too strong at the moment!

The surprise of finding out in the delivery room with only my husband far surpasses my innate need to plan, design, and decorate. I can’t wait to spend that moment with him. We are also not talking names. To anyone. Or to each other, for that matter. =)

J.Tom and I haven’t even discussed names, because we can’t seem to agree on anything. So, I figure if we wait until we have him or her in our arms, we can whip out the handy dandy name list and we can go from there. I just don’t feel like arguing over names, or listening to other people’s opinions of names when we don’t even have a name semi narrowed down yet. *and I’m not saying that all snotty* If we happen to come up with names before the baby arrives, I will be happy to discuss. But we said this time we want to wait until we have our baby in our arms, and that’s what I am sticking with.

It will be fun.

Lexie is very excited about “baby #3.” We don’t call the baby “the new baby” because that just seems mean to the siblings. So it is baby #3. Max is pretty clueless, of course. He is too obsessed with eating, throwing things, and chasing the dog.

Oh yes, we got a new dog. She’s furry, and sweet, and smart, and precious.

We will room Lexie and Max together. For now we are planning on J.Tom building bunk beds- the top bunk will be above the crib, and then when Max is ready to move to a big bed we will build a bed frame for a bottom bunk. I really like snuggling in the bed with Lexie, so maybe I will just put the crib in her room and take out a dresser…. It is up in the air for now.

It is hard watching my babies all grow up on me! It is exciting, of course. This pregnancy wasn’t originally planned. After experiencing a loss in early December, we decided at the very last minute (literally) to try for baby #3. The timing worked out to being another September baby, which I had hoped would happen, but hadn’t actually thought would happen. Just before our loss and all we decided to wait another year. Funny how God works.

No nausea since about week 12-13. I have 3-4 days of TONS of energy, and then a day or two where I am exhausted and can’t keep my eyes open. I workout a few times a week with T25, or we go for walks on warmer days. No weight gain so far (well, technically I gained back the weight I lost in the fall, but that happened before this pregnancy, so I don’t count it) but I am pretty sure my hips are bigger! How does that happen? … And I haven’t lost the weight from Max, so it doesn’t seem likely that I need to gain much. The doctor is good with that.

Still praying for a healthy 5 more months. I hope to go full term, as usual. Big healthy babies seem more durable when you have a Max Payne running around the house. Poor Mister, he has no idea what is coming! Then again, neither do I.

Pray for me, friends! =)


Preparing for Next Year’s Homeschool: PreK 4/5 Curriculum Choices {2014/2015}

curriculum choice 2014/2015 Sonlight

Well, for years months and months I have gone back and forth over what we will use for our curriculum next fall.  What curriculum, what style suites us best, what will keep Lexie’s fire going, her passion for learning; what will also work for Max so we can reuse some materials, etc.

I have also had to consider what will be easiest to fit into our life, with baby #3 due in September of this year.  =)

As you know I have mostly decided on a classical/Charlotte Mason education style for our family because it just fits us (and our love of the outdoors, learning, and books); but I have also been contemplating joining Classical Conversations.  There is a community not too far from us that a dear friend is also a part of.  I really enjoyed the open house I attended and Lexie did AMAZING sitting in the room with me for the 2 hours we were there.  However, I just don’t know if we are ready for it yet.

love the Charlotte Mason approach to learning.  It encompasses everything I believe about education and family uniting.  It is Biblically based, and literature rich (so is classical education).  It is truly where my passion for learning and educating my children comes full circle.

Charlotte Mason is also what I see in my children.  I see Lexie loving books- asking questions about everything we read; wanting to know more and making connections from her books to her world.  Max is beginning the same process- he didn’t love reading books at first, but at about 13 months old, he became obsessed with them, just like big sister.  When I sit on the floor, he will bring me a book and say, “boo-k,” turn around and plop into my lap.  He then proceeds to open the book and I will read.  He really likes for me to take his finger and point to everything in the picture and say its name.  He loves reading.  And that tells me he will also love learning.

I want to keep their fires burning, but I need to do that in a way that will fit our young family’s lifestyle.  As a busy mom of soon-to-be 3, there won’t be much time for the intense planning that a combined classical/Charlotte Mason style education can require.  So in the fall, (well, really in January probably) I think we will begin with Sonlight’s P4/5 curriculum.

Sonlight P 4/5 includes: read alouds and language arts, science, Bible, rediness skills, beautiful art books and studies, and introduces world cultures.  One thing I love about classical education is it begins history at the beginning.  So children not only learn there is much, much more to their world than just their immediate surroundings, but they also learn where it all began.  Sonlight does an amazing job of choosing wonderful children’s literature and living books to teach every subject, which is where the Charlotte Mason style comes in.  Another point I love is that Sonlight is fairly adaptable.  You can supplement with as many books as you’d like, whatever math you prefer (although they sell a few great curricula), and you can make it work with just about any style of education, if you really want to.  Their book list is what has driven their popularity for years, but as more and more families have used it, the more it has become known for being a wonderful core curriculum.  (no, this is not a review and I am not being paid to say any of this!).

We already have a phonics/reading program we will use, which we haven’t started yet.  I chose All About Reading because it is so child friendly and hands on, which I think will be fine for Lexie (as I am mostly sure she has a photographic memory) but I know will be great for Mister, because he is my 100% tactile learner.  We will use this with our Sonlight, along with Saxon or Horizon’s math, and a few supplemental activities in science.

I have many friends ask me about two things :1) homeschool curricula and options and 2) converting to a healthier, real food lifestyle.  #1 is mostly why I am writing this post.

I tell you, I cannot wait to get started next year.  We might begin in August, to get a head start, then take off in September-Christmas with the baby coming, holidays, etc., then start back in January.  Or we may just begin in january and go through part of the summer…  I know me, and I know Lexie, and chances are we will not want to take that much time off.  We both crave structure and our learning time together, so I imagine we will get back to it pretty quickly.

One thing I am really looking forward to is not having to plan and print every thing we do in this season of life.  Right now, I am using a printable curriculum (that we both love) and we are doing Five in A Row which is Charlotte Mason style, but requires all the planning be done by the parent. So it requires a lot of time on my part.  Sonlight has done most of the work for me, meaning I can enjoy my time teaching, learning, and snuggling, all three of my babies this fall.

So, I have to get busy filling orders in my etsy shop, since that is how I plan to pay for this curriculum!  haha  If you haven’t noticed I haven’t been writing much lately.  There is a two fold reason for this. 1) The first trimester of this pregnancy has kicked my butt!  Between the extreme nausea and exhaustion, I am just now catching up on household duties! and 2) I have been very busy making baby blankets in my etsy shop.  I keep saying I am going to slow down, finish my drapes for the kitchen, and make a few dresses for Lexie, but so far that hasn’t happened.  Hopefully soon!

Weekly Wrap-Up: Nov 3, 2013

Welcome to our weekly wrap-up!  This is for the first week of November.

This week we continued what we worked on last week:

Reading Katy No Pocket, working on sight words, writing her name and family member’s names.  She is pretty much obsessed with sight words and writing names. Shes finds sight words in every. single. book she reads, or we read together.

Lexie did a great job!  She did this while I was making their lunches…
She is obsessed with writing!

Rainy day fun- bubbles!


this week Max started coloring with crayons.  He mostly just wanted to eat them ….


Lexie’s bears were riding on the “bus”- that’s daddy bear, middle size mama bear,
and little Lexie bear hopped on next.

This week we made our blessings tree.  It looks a little bare, because J.Tom was out of town when we made it, so his hands weren’t up.  We managed to get one handprint of Max’s, but it wasn’t on yet either.  Lexie decided Max would be thankful (if he could tell us …) for: his lovey, dog dog, dada, Lexie, Mama, and  bubbles.  In that order.

We started our conversation about Thanksgiving, but will dive in more the week before thanksgiving.  We are only have 2 BFIAR books to complete, and then we will start working on Five in A Row, after Christmas.  We will spend December mostly doing Advent and learning about Jesus, like we did last year.  Then in January we will being Five in a Row, and I cannot wait!

This week I finished a peasant top that is now offered in my etsy shop.  Lexie LOVES this blouse; she thinks it is just so pretty, and had to wear it to violin Friday.  I can’t wait to make her some solid white ones to go under dresses and jumpers for the winter.  I will soon have the ruffle pants in the shop as well! 



I hope everyone had a great week!

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Baby Summary: Babywise Baby 1 year

Happy First Birthday!

Well, sweet little Mister is a year old!


He is just so dang sweet.

And he loves me, and wants me for comfort, etc.

But he is obsessed with
his daddy.  I may have mentioned in another post, but Max doesn’t say “dada.”

He GROWLS it.  It is hilarious!  And so sweet.  So then J.Tom growls back at him “Maaax,” then Mister responds … and they have this whole man code thing going on.

Pretty cute.

He also LOVES his cars and trucks that he can push around.  He pushes them all around the house, and likes to load things up in the dump truck bed.

Right now, his favorite “hand” toy is his Kevin the Crane Train, my dad got him for his birthday.  He loves that thing and carries it around most of the day.

If he doesn’t have the crane train, he has his lovie.  Oh my.  It goes everywhere!  It’s pretty cute. And if he isn’t holding it right that minute, it better be close by, or he walks around aimlessly until he finds it.  Then resumes his previous activity.

reading his birthday card, with lovie close by  =)

He still loves Scarlet, very much.  They “bond” through the screen door.  haha  “dag dag dag”- which is dog dog dog.  And sometimes it comes out “da da da,” and we only know he isn’t talking about his daddy, because he isn’t growling it (and he is looking at Scarlet…).  haha

What else? …

His favorite foods are peanut butter, banana (NANA!!!), any fruit really, chilli with rice, eggs, oatmeal, and anything we are eating that he can have.

He’s just so pretty!

He is now on the coconut milk tonic from Eat Fat, Lose Fat.  It has the equivalent calories to cow’s milk, and he loves it.  He still takes it from a bottle.  He took it from a sippy once, and then refused it for an entire day after that… I am not really concerned about the bottle, because he only takes it a few times a day, and we will break it eventually.

He LOVES his kombucha out of his sippy though.  Give him some “bucha bucha” in his sippy and he walks around like he owns the place.  So I am sure he will accept the milk in it soon.  No rush here though.

We are still a no go on the cow’s milk- it makes his throw up all day, and scream when laying down.  And that was only a spoon of dairy.  Hopefully he will outgrow this by 2?

Goodnight Moon is his favorite book… we read that at bedtime along with a few other favorites.  He is doing the motions to twinkle twinkle little star.

OH!  This was so cool- we were in church last Sunday, and he pointed at the star in his book, and said “sta!”  I was so proud!  =)  He has only done it once since then.  He can point to it if you ask, he just sorta refuses to say it.  Polar opposite of his big sister…

Mister is obsessed with my watch, which we call a clock, overhead lights, and dumping things.

If he can put something inside something else- he is a happy little camper!  The other day he just took his whole puzzle over to the trash can and dumped it in!  That was fun cleaning up ..
When Lexie and I are playing with something in the floor, he immediately starts tearing it apart and putting it into its respective container/tote/box (blocks, animals, balls, etc).  haha


“truck truck”


Mister and lovie it at the state fair

I know, the boy is never in clothes.  Well, he has been lately because of the cooler temps.  But have I told you what a sucker I am for sweet baby fat rolls in cloth diapers?!  *Guilty*

My mama says he looks like a little hippy boy ….  I’m good with that!  =)

Big bear in the playground tunnel (this was an impromptu walk to the playground, hence no clothes..)


Happy Bear


SO, last month I took this picture of Max in my lap.  And I immediately thought of this picture of my brother.  My brother, Jeremy is on the left, Max is on the right.


Lookin like my Uncle Jeremy


Kinda amazing.

But then, there are days he looks like my baby pictures:

Anyway, that was just for fun.  I think Jeremy would be proud that Mister looks like him.

So … he enjoys just hanging out in one of his block boxes …
the box … the lovie.


He weighs in at 23.8 pounds (we FINALLY got a scale in the house) and I am not sure on height.  Thi is good considering the rough start he had with formula and milk, reflux,and poor weight gain for the first 6-8 months of this life.  But he is on track now!

Sleep is still two naps, and 12-13hours at night.  We tried moving the first nap back, like I mentioned in my last update.  But that totally backfired with shorter naps and earlier morning wake times.  So we are still at a 2 hour wake time before first nap, 3 hours before second nap, and 4 hours before bed (usually 6:30-7pm).  It is working, knock on wood.

We are coming into wonder week 56, but he always starts them early by a week or two, so I think that is what this last disruption has actually been.  I figure by the end of it he will either naturally push that nap back, or completely drop a nap on his own.  Max has always consolidated his sleep on his own- I attribute that to him never having been in daycare where they determine his sleep, and thus disrupt it.

We have been able to naturally work with his sleep needs and it fits in great with our family routines, so it works for us!  Clothes are 18 months, I figure we will be completely in 18-24 and 24 after Christmas.

Bubby LOVES his sissy Lexie

He was in a 4 shoe this summer, and he is wearing a 4.5 wide stride rite walker now.  This boy has the flattest, fattest little feet ever.  haha  They’re so cute!  Lexie had really wide feet but super high arches.  Mister’s little feet are so flat.

And I guess that’s it.  Still putting everything in his mouth.  Everything.  Enjoys playing “what can I dunk in the toilet today?!”  Poor Lexie does a really good job at keeping her toilet lid down in her bathroom, but sometimes …. and I think Max just had a radar that tells him the lid is up.  haha

OK, I think that is about it for our 12 month summary.  He is just a super sweet little mister!

Weekly Wrap Up: Week of August 11

This is a review of what we did the week of August 11th … we are only a little behind!  =)

We started the week by going to Lincoln for a dentist appointment.  The kids got their teeth cleaned and all checked out.  Everything turned out great!

Lexie has never been one to want to draw.  She sorta freaks out because she “doesn’t know how” to draw pictures like she sees in books.  SO we have been walking through the things that pictures need.  She comes up with some GREAT stuff!  =)

This is a picture of Daddy with big daddy hair  haha

She really enjoys our patterning block cards.  Thanks to my mom we have what seems like hundreds of patterning blocks!  (There’s nothing like having a teacher for a Mia!)  They are so much fun to sort, stack, and make pictures!

We got all ready for gymnastics one Thursday, only to arrive and realize the last week for summer session was the week before!  So, we decided to hit up the library where she got books all about what?  Why, trains of course!  And I grabbed the wonderful book, “The Well Trained Mind,” which is about classical education.

She loves free time downstairs with all our learning toys.  One of her favorites is the etch a sketch, which was mine and my brother’s when we were kids.  One day she brought it to me and said, “Look!  I made a Nebraska and Arkansas!”  Arkansas is reversed, but I gotta say, it looks pretty good to me!

ANd in our free time, we watched daddy work on his smoker:

We made pallets on the floor to watch The Sound of Music, Lexie’s favorite!

Max got his first peanut butter: Yum!

 Max learned all about driving the Cozy Coupe:

And eating mud:

Then at the end of the week, we built a fort in the living room!

So, that was our week for the week of August 11th!  What have you and your family done this month?  Share in the comments!

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Oh, My Mister

The sweetest, most gentle boy.

You do have a long childhood ahead, with Lexie as your big sister.  She loves you dearly, just be prepared to stand your ground.  That’s hard to do at 10 months, but one day she will get what’s coming.  😉  Just remember she does love you.

You are almost walking; and so proud of yourself when you stand in the middle of the floor and dance, or clap, or throw toys.  We are so proud of you, too.

You are saying uh oh every time you throw a toy.  Or food.  Or cup. 

Whenever you see Scarlet or your beanie baby dog you say dog dog, with such delight!  You have a favorite dog toy, and now a bear too.  The rest of your vocabulary consists of mama, dada, pegnuin, (gengin), bear (bur), duck, geckie for Lexie (sometimes), ball, llama, up and yay!  I know there are a few more, but I am forgetting them.

You are so smart.  And so laid back.  Your sheepish, shy smile reminds me of your uncle Jeremy’s.

You are just so easy going.  We are able to go to friends’ houses and you go straight to sleep at nap time- no crying, no fussing.  You love your sleep, possibly more than Lexie.  And that’s saying something.

You do love your mama (and please, don’t forget it), but you are attracted to anyone who shows you affection, it just takes you a little bit to warm up.  Sometimes people won’t understand that, but don’t let it get you down.  It’s okay not to want to be the middle of attention, or want to be around lots of people, especially ones you don’t know well.

It’s okay to make people earn your trust.  And don’t forget it.

You love your daddy and can hear him come in the garage even when I don’t.  You worship Lexie, follow her everywhere, and love playing with her belly button.  There isn’t anything she can do that you don’t laugh at (well, except maybe when she hits you on the head with a wooden spoon …).  Yall dance together on the floor, play house, dinosaurs, and doll house (even if you don’t know it yet).  And Scarlet is your new favorite toy.

You love other kids and gravitate towards them easily; I can’t keep you still at Lexie’s gymnastics or the pool, for you wanting to go play.  

Just keep in mind, happiness isn’t found in other people, you must first find peace with God and thus happiness within yourself.

You’re so sensitive and sweet; don’t ever let anyone tell you that’s a weakness.  If there were more compassionate people in this wold it would be a better place.  You, sweet Bear, are going to make it great.

Oh, our “Mister, Mixy Maxy” as Lexie calls you, you are precious.  We love you more than words can say, and I can’t believe you will be 12 months old in just 5 short weeks.  Where have the last 10.5 months gone?

It will be a sad but joyous day when we celebrate.  I am so blessed and so proud to say I am your Mama, sweet Bear.  

38 week baby summary

Max is now 39 weeks (9.5 months), so this is the update for last week, his 38th week of life.

Let’s just say Max is now moving, fast!  He is crawling everywhere, and is pulling up on everything!  If he can get his hands on it, he pulls up on it.  He likes to chase Lexie all around the house.

His new favorite thing?  Dancing!  He loves to dance and bounce.

He is still eating tons of finger foods.  I have been steaming him fresh veggies, freezing them on a cookie sheet, and then storing them in bags for quick meals.  I can’t get him to eat much off of a spoon anymore, he wants to chew!

Speaking of chewing, we have two top teeth!  That was not fun, but they are here.

His days look like this:

7am  wake and bottle
730  breakfast and play
8:55 down for nap
10:30 up from nap
11:30 bottle
12:00 lunch with mommy, daddy, and lexie
12:40/1:00/1:30 nap, depending on how long his first nap was
2:30/3:00 up from nap (nap is usually 1.5 hrs from whatever time he fell asleep)
3:30 bottle and snack, offer juice in sippy
5:30 dinner with family
6:30 bedtime- we shoot for 7pm, but he is usually begging for milk and bed at this point.

His naps have been SO great.  He has been feeling better since the teeth finally got here, not as whiny and clingy as the last week or two.  Literally, overnight he became my happy boy again.

We went to the pool Friday, and Daddy surprised us by leaving work early to join.  We had a great time, and max loved the pool!  We tried again, without daddy, to see if I could manage everyone by myself, and it was a success.  So it looks like we will be getting a membership for the summer.  They also have a toddler time from 12-1 certain days of the week.  It is time just for the littles to play and enjoy the water.  We may try once or twice a week, since that is lunch and wind down time for nap.  It’s not usually hot enough for the water that early here, or at least it hasn’t been yet.

I have reduced his reflux meds from 4ml, to 3ml.  So far so good.  He has some spitting up while playing and crawling, but nothing that seems to bother him.  Getting the medicine in him is still a challenge; we will both be so happy when he doesn’t have to take it anymore.

He did great at the chiropractor last week.  His lower back was out of alignment and Dr C asked if he had been constipated … as a matter of fact he had been!  Kinda crazy.  He got adjusted, took a nap, and woke up poopy.  True story.

Lexie has been her usual sweet self.  She loves playing with Max, and looks forward to our snuggles in the morning and after nap; daddy has been traveling and she gets extra affectionate when he is gone.  I think she needs that extra security.  

She randomly sleeps for naps throughout the week, but always lays down for 1.5-2 hours for rest.  Her bedtime is still 6:30 with no nap, she falls asleep right away and sleeps until 6:45-7am the next morning (usually).  We have tried a later bedtime, and get an earlier wake time, which tells me she isn’t getting enough sleep when she goes down later.  So we are sticking with early bedtime to keep from waking up at 5-6am!  On days she naps, bedtime is closer to 7:30pm.

She found mama’s favorite heels before church one morning

First time at the pool

Our roses from Arkansas

Big girl on her bike

Lima beans- yum!

Mama left me alone with avocado for 2 minutes….

Baby Summary Week 38: reflux and chiropractors

Max is almost 9 months old. This is the post for his 38th week of life.

He is EVERYWHERE. He is eating well, and is still loving finger foods. Like as in, LOVES. He will eat a few jars of baby food, and then sit in his high chair and eat finger foods for 30 more minutes. haha And most of the food is making it to his mouth now.

He is crawling all over the house, chasing Lexie Raye, pulling up on everything, and really trying to stand …. on his head! He loves to stand on his head and look through his legs. It’s hilarious.
But he is also trying to stand on his own. He finally picked those feet up and walked while holding my hands. It’s like he has realized, “hey, I can move!”

Sleep is good; two naps a day. One is at 9:00 and the other is either at 12:40, or 1:00 depending on how long his first nap was. I think he is trying to tell me it’s time to push his nap back, to 9:15 or 9:30, because lately the morning nap has been short. I may try it this weekend and see what happens.
Yesterday we went to the chiropractor (it was one similar to these Activa Clinics). Yes, we. I am so excited, we are praying this helps improve his reflux, so we can get off this awful medicine. If you haven’t read about chiropractic care in babies, you should Google it!

Illness such as SIDS, reflux, allergies, chronic ear infections, and poor health in general have been linked to poor spinal alignment. Spinal alignment affects our nervous system and our overall health. When adjusted correctly, these illnesses can be prevented and healed. Ear infections and reflux are two of the biggest reasons parents seek chiropractic care for their babies and children. If after reading this post you think you need to make an appointment with a chiropractor for your child then visit and you can organise an appointment with a reputable chiropractor in no time with no hassle. On Natural Parents Network, Gretchen has a great story about her baby’s ear infections and how the chiropractor she booked an appointment with helped get rid of them.

If you’re thinking, “Well Meghan, babies didn’t go to the chiropractor 1,000 years ago, or 100 years ago,” This is what I would say:
If you think about our evolution, (and I haven’t read proof of this anywhere, it’s my own thought) babies were carried in cloths, wrapped around on their mothers, with their hips appropriately below their knees (fellow baby-wearers know what I am talking about here) for centuries.
They weren’t strapped into car seats on a daily basis, strollers on the weekends, or sitting in highchairs, exersaucers, etc during their day. I’m not saying these things are bad, albeit, these things are necessary.

For the last 8 months I have hesitated taking him to the chiropractor, although JTom and I have both used a chiropractor with success and there are many different chiropractors that we could have used such as the round rock chiropractor. If you are looking for a chiropractor then just ask around and I’m sure you’ll find yourself a good reliable one. I think it was fear. I wasn’t sure about someone adjusting my baby, and I honestly didn’t take much time to read more about it.

But I’ve had enough.

This medicine is awful, it’s not good for him long term, I have to torture hold him down while he screams, gags, and coughs to get him to swallow it, and most days he spits it back up.
(We have tried all ideas for giving him the medicine, but if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments for me!) If the chiropractor doesn’t work, we will need to get back on the meds until we find something that does. I’m pretty hopeful though as there have been high reviews of the local chiropractor, we’ve got our fingers crossed though! We were either going to go to our local chiropractor or go a bit further and go to one of chiropractor clinics.

Our doctor was amazing; he was gentle and used an activator to adjust both max and Lexie. He used me as their “tester” or “surrogate,” to muscle test both of them.
I’m not a medical professional, so I won’t go into the long details of what a tester is. But, if he can push my arm down, while touching a certain spot on their bodies, it means it is a weak area for them. On an older child or adult he would use their arm, not a tester’s.

While doing Max (who was calm, relaxed, and happy, btw which I was surprised by since he screamed bloody murder at the family dr office the other day), my arm went down super far between his shoulder blades and his middle back.

I looked at the doctor like, “what is that?!” and he said,

“there’s your reflux. These areas are digestion, chest and esophagus.”

I cried.

Although we may not have success with chiropractic care for Max’s reflux, I couldn’t believe I waited THIS LONG to do it. I felt ashamed, in a way; this is so much better for him than those dangerous chemicals in his medicine he has been ingesting, against his will.

But I am glad we are doing it now.

I stopped the meds this morning; so far no reflux today. *edit: this is a weaning process, not something that happens immediately. I will be reducing his dosage, every other day, until we get down to nothing, or almost nothing.* We will make weekly visits for a month or so for adjustments. Then I will probably do once a month or so, if we have success.

Lexie was also adjusted; my arm dropped for her in a few different places. One was her middle back, and the other (which was worse) was her lower back. So he used the activator and adjusted her. He couldn’t test on her eczema, because it wasn’t flared. But he said if it does flare, bring her in and he will try muscle testing for it.

That was it. It was gentle, and easy. Nothing painful, forceful, and torturous about it.
I held Max, and of course Lexie was miss independent, but I could have held her if I’d needed to. The dr. was wonderful! Wonderful! I highly suggest him if you are in the York area. Contact me for more info, if you’d like.

I am not suggesting this for everyone, I am not a doctor or medical professional (I have to say this stuff to cover myself). However, if your baby suffers from reflux, ear infections, colic, internal body infections (like yeast build up, etc), you should research chiropractic care for you child.

Read personal testimonials, because it isn’t something the mainstream medical community is going to say, “Yes! Go try it and see if it helps. I won’t worry about the kick back I won’t receive from these medicines that only mask the baby’s symptoms!” No. That’s not the general response you will get. =)

My main reasons for finally trying it were:
A) it cannot harm them. It isn’t painful, or scary. It isn’t like filling their tiny bodies full of medicines that are not natural or meant for them.

B) I believe in nature. I believe in God, and His science in the body. I believe our bodies were made to protect and heals themselves.

C) I’ve always considered taking both of the kids to a chiropractor. It wasn’t until one of my dear friends told me her family’s story that I decided we would do it. A baby in her family was scheduled for surgery due to chronic ear infections; he had reflux, and in general had been sick a lot. He was taken to a chiropractor and adjusted. Later, the family took him back to the pediatrician to see about the surgery and the doctor said the baby no longer needed surgery. *true story, friends!*

That was proof enough for me. (This baby also happens to be the same age as Max)

Some of you are skeptical, and judging me right now. =) And that’s okay.

I may be an “extreme, counter culture crazy,” but we are trying everything we can to get Max well, and off medications. Like many of our decisions, this was done prayerfully, and I do pray next month I have a success story to share with you!

Or maybe you are interested, and curious to learn more.

Either way, I suggest reading and researching about chiropractic care, its risks, and benefits. Also, while reading, read comments written by others on the articles and blog posts; you will always find a wealth of information and links to blogs, websites, research, and studies in comments!

There are many videos like these on Youtube (the first one is our doctor):

Here are a few blog posts with personal experiences, websites on the subject, and my resources:


I hope if you have been considering this type of treatment for your baby, that this post will help you make your decision. I also hope if you are a skeptic, you will be encouraged to read, and educate yourself more. You may come out a skeptic, still. But maybe not. =)

Have you tried “alternative” medicines for your family? I would love for you to share your stories and experiences with me!

Baby Summary Weeks 35-36

Max hit the 37 week mark yesterday, so this is a post for the last two weeks of his life.

To say Max ha started eating is an understatement.  The boy is devouring finger foods.  Everything from dried blueberries and apples to sausage and sauerkraut!  He ate the sauerkraut like it was running away from him!  This weekend he enjoyed my cucumber and tomato salad in oil and vinegar … with garlic!  We still do pureed foods just because sometimes I don’t have a meal made that doesn’t have dairy in it, but he is eating a LOT more finger foods.  I can’t wait for him to try watermelon and cantaloupe this summer.

We still only have two teeth, but I think he is working on the top two.  They’re a little white but not puffy yet. He has been napping great!  Most days are 2 1.5 hour naps, sometimes a cat nap at 4:30 if he is really tired.  But we usually just do early bedtime at 6:30pm instead.

Crawling … well, he is moving about 2 feet at a time before he falls on his belly and decides to roll over.  So yes, he is crawling, but not for long distances.  He rolls and scoots around a LOT more than he does crawl.  **EDIT: he crawled all the way across the living room floor today!  I know, it’s a 37 week update, but had to add it!  YAY MAX!**

He enjoys being outside, and playing in the water.  We have had beautiful, warm weather as of late.  So Mama has been laying out while the kids play.  He sits in the baby blow up bath tub and Lexie plays in her kiddie pool.  Speaking of which, they are finishing our fence!  Woo hoo!  I am so excited.  It should be complete tomorrow morning.  They did most of it today.  Lexie is so excited, she has been waiting on her fence for a very long 3 months.

Helping mama make the salad …

Last weekend was Mother’s day; we went to church at the Methodist church (which I liked a lot, surprisingly, coming from a full gospel girl.   It was really homey).  JTom got me a bread maker for Mother’s day- woo hoo!  We have already used it several times and LOVE it.  way better than doing it by hand, any day.

This past weekend we stayed home and worked around the house.  JTom and Lexie got the garden in and JTom got the sprinklers set up in the flower bed.  He cut into the sprinkler system and put little sprayers in the flower beds.  They’re really cute.  Our garden this year is just: tomatoes (roma, big beef, early girl, burly boys, and cherry), red and green bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, and butternut squash. We put the bed in on the south side of the house, where they dug out for flower beds.  It’s the perfect spot, and J.Tom may cut in some sprayers for the garden as well.  I sure hope so.

I got some petunias for the back porch and filled the hanging baskets for the front, like I do every year.  Lexie and I planted some giant impatience in a big pot for the front porch; they smell SO good.  (I love having a front door that we use to come into the house)  

JTom also got some new burners for the inside of his grill, so we can get back to grilling again soon.

Overall it has been a low key couple of weeks.  Some how things have seemed really busy, but in all honesty we haven’t been super busy. 

How have you spent your last few weeks?  Anything exciting happening?

water play

she couldn’t resist; we didn’t have a kiddie pool yet

Mmm  blueberries

Our record heat one day last week- 100 degrees here in lil ole York (we had snow on the ground the week before …)

Daddy and Mister

Reading a gymnastics books while waiting on class to start.

My morning Yoga

Mmmm Cucumber!

My Mister’s curls

wearing Daddy’s hat and looking like my cousin Wesley’s twin when he was this age.  Like, if she didn’t have on the lace night gown, she would look exactly like him.

wearing daddy’s hat

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