The Lincoln Children’s Museum

A few weekends ago, (March 9th, to be exact) JTom had a great idea to spend a family day together in Lincoln.  We didn’t tell her where we were going, I just told her we had a surprise for after we ran some errands.  She loved the children’s museum in Hot Springs so much, we knew she would love this one, too.  We went to Sam’s, the hardware store, and then to the Children’s Museum.  After that we had pizza, at Lexie’s request, and then came home for naps.  The Lincoln Children’s Museum was great- packed with kids on a Saturday morning of course, but Lexie did good after the initial shock wore off.  She loved the water and especially enjoyed doing everything with her daddy.  She is a Mama’s girl when Daddy isn’t around (and sometimes when he is..) but she is her daddy’s baby through and through.  

Can you guess what her favorite part was?  You can guess either: playing in the water, driving the big truck, making a sandwich, or watching everyone else (I will tell you now, this last one was not her favorite thing … but it was a close second!)  I will label her favorite activity under the picture…

playing at the big water fountain

making water go through pipes and funnels
working with daddy

Her favorite part- driving the BIG truck!

they’re in there

flying an airplane

loved the keyboard

driving in space

He gets daddy of the year- not only can he style hair, pick our clothes, and  install water softeners and filtration systems ….. he can face paint!
milk, pizza, and colors- the best life ever!

nap time after her big day
It was a great family outing day!  One of our family goals for the year was to spend more days together doing little things away from the house, and camping more.  Hopefully we will have some great camping adventures this spring and summer!
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