{updated!} Homeschool Valentine Resources for the Very Young

Updated, originally published Feb 2014

Valentine’s Day is upon us.  And in honor of that, I am here with some great Valentine’s Day Resources for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Free Valentine's Day Resources for Prek-K from Quietinthechaos.com

  • I really like BusyBeeKidsCrafts.com  They offer lots of printable educational Valentine’s Day activities such as word searches, mazes, math worksheets, and dot to dots.  Lexie really enjoys dot to dots, mazes, and anything where she has to find numbers.
  • As you may know, I loove This Reading mama all year round!  We use one of her reading curricula to supplement our homeschool activities.  She also has some great Valentine’s Day activities and printable packs:
  • Cutting practice (my daughter’s favorite!)
  • Entire PreK V-Day printable pack, including emergent readers, rhyming activities and more!
  • This awesome Valentine’s Day Scripture pack is one of my favorites!  It is a countdown to VDay, using scripture, courtesy of Kim from Not Consumed.  She has some other great resources on her site.  Check it out!
  • I think we made these every year in school, and it never got old- Tissue Paper Hearts using paper plates and tissue paper
  • Marble painting is so fun, and is the perfect developmentally appropriate process art! Place cut out hearts on an old cookie sheet or box lid, roll marbles or golf balls in tempra paint (plastic bowls and spoons work well). Then, place the marble/ball on the cookie sheet/lid and roll around, leaving paint trails on the hearts. This is so easy, so fun, and makes super cute hearts for decorations and cards! Younger and older kids will love this!
  • Noodle Garland is a great fine motor activity for all ages as well! Get some different shaped pastas, paint them with red and pink tempra paints. Then glue onto cut out paper hearts. Hang them on twine via little wooden clothes pins.
  • ChristianPreschoolPrintables has some fun Bible themed Valentine’s Day printables- you can make your own valentines, create a minibook, and print a VDay sewing craft!  Lots of fun stuff for the tiny humans.  =)



Valentine's Day RoundUp

A Real Christmas Lesson: If He Had Not Come {a review}

Christmas Book If He Had Not Come {Quiet in the Chaos}

With the holidays coming up, it is important to our family to focus on the reason for Christmas- Jesus Christ’s birth.  We were able to read and review a precious book, If He Had Not Come.  Originally written by Nan F. Weeks, it has been reintroduced by David Nicholson, a retired school teacher and missionary.

This is a wonderful story for any Christian family that wants to truly show their children what Christmas celebration is all about.  Though the book is recommended for ages six and up, my (just turned) four year old really enjoyed and understood it.  The casebound hardback version can be purchased for $18.95, or choose the e-book version at $3.99.

About If He Had Not Come

This book was such a pleasant surprise to receive in the mail!  In the front cover was a special, handwritten note from David himself, which Lexie thought was just wonderful.  The book is a beautiful hardback, illustrated by Charles Jaskiewicz- there is a lot of detail in the illustrations that support the story so well.  We have read this book many times already, and Lexie has noticed something new in the pictures each time.

The story begins with a young boy, Bobby, getting ready for bed on Christmas Eve, anticipating opening the gifts from his family the next morning.  (I will say, one of my favorite things about this book is there is no mention of Santa Claus).  But when he goes to sleep, he dreams of a world where there is no Christmas; there is no church, no Christian run/owned businesses like homeless shelters, hospitals, etc.  When he goes looking for each of these things, in its place he finds a sign reading, “If I had not come.”

After realizing what a desolate world he would live in were it not for Christ, Bobby wakes up and thanks Jesus for coming, for being the very best Christmas gift.

What We Thought and How We Used It

This is honestly one of the best Christmas books we own.  Really.  It isn’t too much for a young child to understand, and it clearly and honestly opens their eyes to Christmas and the Christ in Christmas.  The story shows them not only would we not have Christmas to celebrate His birth, but our world would be so different without Jesus. There are so many things we take for granted that we would no longer enjoy if Christ had not come to save us.  This is a great book for all families, and Sunday school classes alike!

We have been reading this book for my four year old’s bedtime routine.  I wasn’t sure at first what she would think, or if she would enjoy it.  Well, she has requested it for nap and bed time since the day we introduced it!  My husband and I have been able to take If He Had Not Come and go deeper into the meaning of Christ’s birth-even farther than the meaning of Christmas.  (in the picture she was in her gymnastics leotard and I am not sure what was up with the crazy headband ..)

Wonderful Christmas Book: If He Had Not Come {Quiet in the Chaos}

In the back of the book you will find several helpful pages.  There is a page of interactive topics for families and Sunday school teachers- the questions are thought provoking and open ended to allow plenty of discussion.  They will really help you have a deep, wonderful, honest, discussion with your child/ren.

There is also a section titled, “Going Deeper;” these are questions to help you and your child explore what the Bible says about the birth of Christ.  I really like this section, as it has possible answers for you to share/follow up with, and references specific Bible verses!  That is really helpful for any parent trying to lead their little one to God.  There is also a small section on the last page with an idea to help you celebrate Christmas using a fun activity.

If you are looking for a book to add to your Christmas collection, or want to do a unit on Christmas with your children, this is the book I would suggest you look at first.

Connect with David Nicholson

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Mark Twain House {and inspiration}

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).
– Notebook, 1904

At the beginning of October my husband and I traveled to the east coast. Not only was it amazingly beautiful, and refreshing to get away together, but we learned a lot.

This book nerd nearly lost it when I saw Orchard House (where Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women and based her stories) and the Mark Twain House were right near where we were flying in for our first night’s stay.

Mark Twain House {Conn}

The houses were both beautiful, and the Mark Twain museum had loads of information I didn’t know about him in a timeline format. It was so neat to see who he was, and what he was creating in the world around him at that time.

Orchard House and that visit deserves an entirely different post, all its own. To say it was divinity would be an understatement. The experience was so amazing and I cannot wait to take my girls there one day! I am already planning that trip. haha

Mark Twain Journals


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Gingerbread Play Dough

I have been looking at a lot of different crafts for the kids and I to do together.  I came across a recipe for salt dough, which is a homemade play dough.  I had planned on trying it, then today my mom sent me a similar recipe, but there were two differences: 1) her recipe was for GINGERBREAD play dough and 2) it used fewer ingredients than the recipe I had.

Gingerbread Salt Dough
You will need:
  • 1c flour
  • 1/2c salt
  • cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, etc to desired smell/color
  • 2tsp cream of tartar
  • 1c water
  • 1tsp veg oil
  • essential oils of your choosing

Just as in baking, mix all your dry ingredients together- the flour, salt, cream of tartar, and spices.  The spices are just for a great gingerbread smell and color.
In a separate bowl, mix the water and oil
Add water-oil mixture with your dry ingredients in a small/med pan.
Cook mixture over low/med heat for about 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently.  WARNING-it becomes thick quickly.
You will know it’s done when it starts to pull away from the sides and bottom of the pan.
When it’s done, knead on the counter until it is nice and smooth.
*don’t forget the cookie cutters and rolling pin!*

This is the best and easiest play dough recipe I have found.  When the holidays are over, exclude the seasonings and add regular food coloring for year-round fun!

(Original post Dec 2011)
Here is Lady (15 months old) playing with play dough for the first time:

 She was really only interested in the cookie cutters at first .. and yes she arranged them in size order?
” Hrm .. maybe I will touch it a little”
She did not like the texture of the dough at the beginning.


More with the cookie cutters ..


Then I made her name out of the play dough and she liked it!  Her favorite letter from her name is “i,” so she enjoyed playing with the “ball” on the “i.”  When I spell her name out loud, it goes something like this:
Me- “l, e, x
her- “I!!  I!!! I!!! I!”
her- “LEXIE!”

It’s a lot of fun!  So, our first go at play dough was a success.  There were a few snacking attempts, but overall she did really well!  This has made me less fearful of doing more crafts and activities with her, for sure!

Try it out with your little one!

What are some of your children’s favorite activities, crafts, etc to pass the time and learn?

ESV Illuminated {art journaling edition} Bible

As I’ve been pouring over some new books this fall season, one that landed on my counter *ehum* desk, was the ESV Illuminated Bible, Art Journaling Edition– Oh. My. This Bible features a refined and eye catching cover, along with gold edged pages, and beautiful art work.

Win Your Copy! Illuminated Bible Art journaling Edition

This is probably one of the prettiest Bibles I have ever laid eyes on. On top of being just lovely and elegant, this Bible is a full ESV text, in 9 pt Lexicon font, spaced in single columns to allow room for note taking, journaling, art work, and any other praise you can put on paper.

There are over 500 hand lettered, gold inked illustrations by artist Dana Tanamachi; she has been featured world wide and is probably best known for starting the chalk-lettering trend that abounds. The Smyth-sewn binding fits the weight of this Bible perfectly, ensuring it will hold up to the years (and generations?) of use, art, and the love it will receive.

About 2 years ago I was introduced to Bible art journaling; it is a wonderful way to combine time with the Lord, worship, prayer, and any enjoyment for art/creativeness. Anyone can use this Bible but those that love to color, doodle, and relax through journaling, painting, and stamping, will especially enjoy combining one of the best translations (ESV), with their love for the Word. I hope to find time to create one journaling Bible for each of my children to have one day… I am working on the first for now. 😉

I’ve written in every Bible I have ever owned, because I like to make notes of new understandings, record how a verse or passage specifically affected and influenced my life at that time, and to document prayers. But most Bibles lack room for much prayer journaling or documenting. The ESV Illuminated Bible, art journaling edition, provides ample room for all of this and more!

(giveaway) Illuminated bible Art journaling Edition

Some of my favorite times in my Bible have been while I sketched out something that represented *to me* what a verse or passage was saying. Using different art mediums make it impactful, colorful, and memorable in a relaxing and a fun way.

If you are looking for a journaling, (or maybe you’ve filled one and are ready to move on to the next?), or a personal gift this Christmas season, the ESV Illuminated Bible is a breath taking Bible to use! In addition to what I’ve mentioned above, it features:

  • 2- color printing
  • 64 full page, book opener illustrations
  • 50 full page verse illustrations
  • 250+ hand lettered margin verses
  • 100+ other illustrations throughout (such as florals, scrolls, etc)
  • gold edges and detailing
  • arrives with a permanent slipcase, perfect for storing and gift giving

You can read about Dana Tanamachi HERE, and see even more details, including images and video, of the ESV Illuminated Bible HERE.

One lucky winner will get a copy of their own- enter below to win!
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Fun Evangelism Tools for Kids {a review}

Happy Fall to everyone! We have been using and enjoying the Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack from Let the Little Children Come. If you are involved in work with young children, you are going to want to check out these great little evangelism tools for kids!

These have been so much fun for my children; they’re ages 7, 5, 3 and 1. Obviously the baby hasn’t been using them much, but the older three have.

The Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack includes 10 tracts for children to learn about Jesus and His love for them:

  1. John 3:16 Animated Tract
  2. Gospel Buttons Flip About
  3. The Most Amazing House Pop-up Tract
  4. Wordless Bracelet Kit
  5. The True Story of Christmas Animated Tract
  6. The Lost Easter Egg Pop-up Tract
  7. John 3:16 Flip About
  8. Silicone Salvation Bracelet
  9. Where’s Everybody Going? Animated Tract
  10. Wordless Book

Each of these items have continued discussions about salvation with my own children; I can only imagine how far a full set of one or two items could reach in a Sunday school class, sports team, etc. These are also perfect as Halloween bag goodies!

The pack comes with colorful, detailed instructions for each of the items, as well as a summary of how to use them. (The website also helps with what to say, how to use/present each tract, etc.)

The animated tracts are by far one of the favorites in our home; by sliding the black plastic sheet over the images in the book, the images move “like a movie,” as my daughter said. My children have spent countless hours using these animated tracts.

The flip abouts are definitely made for busy little hands and inquisitive minds! These are perfect for those that enjoy puzzles. My 7 year old find them fun and really enjoyed showing me how it is “so easy” to use, after I told her it was frustrating for me. I think of the flip abouts like a Gospel-speaking fidget toy!

Each of the tracts and flip abouts are the perfect size for little hands, children’s pockets, to use as bookmarks, and easy to carry in their favorite bag. I would also say they are durable and well made. They have survived a few weeks of constant use by 3 children on a farm- that says something!

The pop-up tracts are again, well made. The pages are thick enough to be durable, but the entire book is small enough to go anywhere in a tiny human’s hand. My 3 year old is especially entranced by the pop up images, and let me tell you, they are actually really neat little books! The images are detailed, informative, and simple enough for children to grasp the meaning of the message. I was impressed with the quality of the pop-ups themselves.

The wordless bracelet kit was lots of fun and so simple to make; perfect as an end of semester gift for a craft class at co-op. We made the bracelet together, and discussed the meaning of all the colors. This might be my favorite item from the sample pack. It will fit most wrists from age 3+ because of the adjustable sliding knot assembly (which is very easy!).

The colors on the bracelet’s beads can also be found on the silicone bracelet, and in the wordless book- again, another favorite by the 3 year old. Each of the colors in the wordless book pages represents the following:

  • Gold/yellow reminds us of heaven.
    God wants us all to be with him in heaven.
  • The dark color/page reminds us of sin.
    Because we have all sinned, we cannot get to heaven on our own.
  • Red reminds us of the blood of Jesus.
    Jesus came to earth to take the punishment for our sins by dying on the cross.
  • The clean/white page reminds us that we can be made clean from sin by believing in Jesus.
  • When we believe in Jesus, we can have a relationship with God and will one day be with him in heaven.
  • Green reminds us of things that grow.
    It is important that we grow in our relationship with Jesus.

Gospel Tract Colors

This is a very simple explanation of the Gospel to plant the seed of knowing Jesus in the hear of children. My son was really interested in the bracelet and the colors of each of the beads.

The sampler pack has items that are just right for a large age range- from preschoolers to tweens. Another thought goes beyond children, to perhaps nursing and retirement homes, community centers, etc. I feel like everyone enjoys getting a little special from children, and these are a great way for children to give the Gospel to others, in a way that they can understand the work they are doing for the Lord.

The uses for any of the tools is really endless- I am thinking stocking stuffers, Christmas goodie-bag exchange, thank you’s for children working hard in a play/presentation at church, graduation goodies from a program, VBS awards, co-op classes, etc.

The Gospel Tracts and Evangelism Tools Sampler Pack has truly been a delight in our home. (And now, per the request of my 7 and 5 year olds, we have to spend a day researching & learning how exactly the animated tracts work …)

You can check out my review of Let the Little Children Come’s Is there Anything Better Than Candy?  box tract here.

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DIY Fall Nature Banner Handicraft {nature craft}

This last week in one of our co-op classes we had SO much fun making a DIY fall nature banner. The timing was uncanny! A few weeks ago, we came across a PVC banner printing that we thought was just amazing. So when we found out that we were doing banners, I was extra excited! I wanted to share with you what we did, so you can do it at home as well!

This could be adapted for spring, Christmas, summer … any season or occasion really. I would say it is an appropriate activity for ages 2+; a 2-5 year old may need extra assistance with the mallet, obviously. My 5yo son was able to do most of the hammering himself, he did get tired once or twice, so I would hammer and give his arms a break.

diy fall nature banner handicraft #charlottemason #naturestudy #handicraft #homeschool

First you will need to gather supplies:

  • thin fabric such as a light, thin linen or muslin
  • leaves, buds, flowers, grasses from nature
  • rubber mallet or hammer
  • tarp or cardboard (for laying everything on before hammering)
  • 3 hole punch or knife (we use a 3 hole punch so the kids could do it, and the holes would be evenly spaced)
  • twine for stringing
  • small piece of clear tape (for taping the end of the twine so it doesn’t unravel)
  • decorative leaves/acorns/etc from craft store that you may want to add
  • hot glue gun

You can either punch your holes before or after hammering, that is up to you. We did it afterwards.

  1. gather leaves, flowers, buds, & grasses of all different colors-the brighter the better!
  2. cut fabric into neat triangles (print a triangle template the size you want). You can do this by hand if you’d like or if you’re planning to make quite a big garland, I’d recommend looking into the best fabric cutting machines for precise cuttings. It’ll be a lot quicker than cutting it free hand too.
  3. warm up your hot glue gun if adding decorations
  4. lay out your tarp or cardboard, the harder the surface the better the colors will come out of the leaves and flowers. So maybe on top of concrete or a garage floor would be good.
  5. place leaves and flowers *under* your fabric triangles
  6. use the mallet or hammer to bang away!
  7. leave the bits of leaves and petals on the fabric, once they dry they are easy to roll off
  8. using a 3 hole punch, place the triangle, top edge in, under 2 of the holes and punch on each triangle
  9. cut your twine. For 4 triangles, we cut twine 36″ long, you would need more if you do a longer banner.
  10. wrap scotch tape around one end of the twine, for weaving through the holes
  11. weave twine through the holes, then tie a knot on each end
  12. *IF* you want added decorations, hot glue them onto the banner now
  13. Hang and enjoy!

Some of the students really liked using a hammer better; it does give a lot of bang for your buck. The rubber mallet covers more area, so for smaller/younger students, the mallet made the job a bit easier/less tiring.

I want to give a shout out to our wonderful “Maker’s Space” class teacher. This is one of my favorite activities we have ever done in our homeschool! It was so enjoyable, and simple to do. I look forward to doing it at home with all my kids, another season.

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Halloween Ideas: Pumpkin Box Halloween Tract {a review}

Fall time celebrations are quickly approaching! If you are anything like our family, you may keep an eye out for alternative or out-of-the-box ideas for holiday giving. In lieu of door to door trick or treating at halloween, many families enjoy harvest festivals, or small pumpkin/bon fire parties with their friends or homeschool co-ops.

This year we had the chance to try out some really fun candy alternatives for giving at halloween- Is There Anything Better Than Candy? Box-Tract by Let the Little Children Come. These little pumpkin Halloween tracts are perfect for a fun little something to drop into trick or treater bags, share with those in the community, or create in a children’s church classroom.

The small paper pumpkins are made of a nice quality card stock and sit nicely in the palm of my hand (for size reference). The inside of each section contains a simple, yet colorful message on how to know Jesus, and be saved. These are a great evangelism tool for young children to gain confidence in sharing the gospel of Jesus with friends, relatives, and those in the community.

My 7yo daughter immediately thought of  people we could share them with:

  • nursing home residents
  • trick or treaters
  • harvest festival hand outs
  • hand out at your family’s farmer’s market or craft show stand (if you have one)
  • leave out and about in the community (park picnic tables, benches down town, self check out at grocery store, etc)
  • co-op fall party
  • classroom/sunday school/co-op parties
  • drop in neighbor’s mailboxes

These were very simple to use, even for my 7 and 5 year olds; we carefully popped them out of the perforated paper, laid them pumpkin side down, and gently folded up the sides starting with the stems. Each “petal” has a small slit cut into it, and we simply slid the slit over the top of the stem pieces. Then, we continued until all the petals/sections were up, making sure that #6 was the last one. They were both able to completely assemble their pumpkins independently.

**The key (for us) to not tearing the tract while assembling was to gently squash the pumpkin down as we added sections to the stems, instead of trying to pull up and over the stems.


Things that could fit inside:

  • homemade mini-muffin-tin crayons
  • foam stickers
  • hand written notes on fun card stock
  • a handmade friendship bracelet
  • fabric book mark (maybe from a handicraft like crochet or knitting, done in homeschool?)
  • those little sticky jewels for crafts
  • small plush keychain
  • handmade leather beaded necklaces
  • small hand painted rocks
  • small foam stamps
  • stickers
  • a few tootsie rolls, peppermints, gum, or other small candies

(You know those plastic containers small vending machine toys come in? Pretty much anything that would fit in there, would fit inside these, with a little room to spare.)

We really enjoyed putting a few of these together! When we get a little closer to halloween, we will probably fill them with hand painted rocks and drop throughout the community as a little “happy” for someone’s day.

This is a fun and safe way for children to share the gospel this fall season!

Connect with Let the Little Children Come:


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Charlie The Tramp {a children’s book review}

*giveaway closes 12/14/16*charlie-the-tramp-cover

I am a lover of all things quality children’s literature.  I subscribe to Charlotte Mason’s way of thinking, that twaddle books keep children from reading, enjoying, and learning to love real, quality literature.

I am so happy to say we have been reading Charlie the Tramp, for a review, and it is a beautiful children’s book.

Charlie is a beaver who wants to be … not so much a beaver!  He wants to be a tramp when he grows up, because tramps don’t have to chop wood, keep their teeth sharp, or learn how to build dams.  He tells his family that he wants to go out into the world and be a tramp; so they pack him a lunch, give him hugs, and send him on his way.

But Grandfather Beaver says, “You never know when a tramp will turn out to be a beaver …”  And of course, Charlie turns out to be a beaver! 😉

This lovely, award-winning book is written by Russell Hoban, with beautiful illustrations by Lillian Hoban; it is an American classic that has been reissued in hardcover format for its 50th anniversary! You will recognize Russell and Lillian Hoban as the author and illustrator of the Frances books, enchanting stories about a badger named Frances.

We have been enjoying this story in our home at bedtime readings.  My son (4 years old) is very interested in being a firefighter when he grows up, so he has really enjoyed the tale of Charlie wanting to become a tramp when he grows up.  The story offers many character and simple life lessons children and adults of all ages will enjoy.  It is definitely a wholesome story, that you can feel comfortable reading to your family.

Charlie the tramp-a-review

With the holidays coming up, I know many of us like to limit gifts at Christmas time and this will make a perfect “something to read” gift!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016


Well, here we are with Christmas just a few weeks away! That is amazing, how did the holidays get here so quickly?

I am very excited to write about our favorite picks for holiday gift giving.

    1. By far my number one favorite is Kwikstix! We are giving these as gifts for several families we know this year. They are the perfect “non toy” but NOT messy gift or junk-y gift. They are tempra paint in a stick- no water, no clean up, no spills, NO MESS! Super easy, even my 2 year old loves them. (see my review here) They are also high quality and and make beautiful pictures. You can get them at Target or Amazon.


      Making journal entries with their Kwikstix

  • Magna Tiles– these are the first things my children played with when we would go downstairs. For the cooler weather I have moved them upstairs to my son’s bedroom so he can play and build with my 2 year old while big sister is doing school. I linked to the larger set, but there are smaller ones. I have found, that just like with blocks or legos, you need a larger set to make really cool structures.
  • Perplexus– I cannot be 100% certain that this will be a big hit, but I predict it will be. My son is a HUGE puzzle lover, and of course loves playing with balls- this is a puzzle in a ball! They have different levels of difficulty, but we will begin with the original and if he likes it, move up.
  • Stencils– we had these growing up and I loved them! My daughter is getting a set for Christmas. Stencils are fun, easy, and can be use din so many ways for learning and art!
  • Waldorf Dolls-Let’s just say … we have acquired a few Waldorf dolls over the years. They are similar to ragdolls, but tend to be a little more simple. I have linked to Amazon here, but I have *loved* the purchases I’ve made off Etsy.com for my daughters. My oldest is 6 and right now she is obsessed with her Waldorf and rag dolls. (She also plays with American girl dolls, but in a different way)
  • Classic wooden top– It seems simple, but this is one of those toys that kids can play with for long lengths of time. There is SO much learning fun that can be had with a simple wooden top!
  • Play Silks– A good quality play silk will not be cheap, but when I tell you they give hours and hours of fun, they really do! I have made my children 3 different sets, and given them as gifts to family as well. I purchase my silks from Dharma Trading company, as well as my dies. It takes a little time to make them yourself, but it is certainly more cost effective that way. Ours are played with every. single. day. That’s not an exaggeration!
  • Tonka Trucks– It goes without saying that Tonka Trucks are truly a favorite! You have to be careful which ones you purchase, because some are mostly plastic these days, and won’t survive the average boy’s play. But the ones we have my son *loves* and also plays with daily.
  • Tree Swing– This should be higher on the list! Another item that gets used daily at our home is this awesome outdoor swing. Our children love it, especially when daddy swings them way up in the air. It really is an awesome swing, and so far has held up great! (we have had it about 3 months)
  • Gardening Tools– Again, used all the time and provides hours of fun and learning outdoors!
  • For Baby- a wooden toy set. We don’t have many plastic toys anyway, but I try to make sure when I do spend money on toys they are high quality and safe. For baby I prefer wooden toys, since they put everything in their mouth. This set makes a wonderful gift!
  • Fat Brain Toys Squigz– These are so cool! My mother in law brought them on a trip and all the kids, ages 18 months to 8 years enjoyed playing with them.
  • Bath Colors– these are a favorite stocking stuffer that we give our children every year! The bottle lasts us all year, and that is using them in the bath a few times a week.

Don’t forget your favorite homeschool mama or crafty friend! Something like this awesome spinning organizer! It comes from Hobby Lobby, is sometimes on sale, or you can use a coupon!

I *love* ours; it is so roomy and there is still space for more supplies. We keep our colored pencils, Kwikstix, markers, glue, and scissors in it.

If your child is a little older and into gaming, you may consider purchasing an account on league of legends accounts for sale. It’s an incredibly popular game with some great characters and stunning graphics. They will probably have to spend time learning how to play and making their way gradually through the levels. Some parents find that they could play the game with their children to help them level up and will look for somewhere to buy lol smurf accounts. Do not worry too much if this takes too long though, as there are a number of boosting services out there such as Boosting Boss that can be used to unlock skins and reach the higher divisions. There is also the option for them to play with others once they have achieved a certain rank, which will help them to develop their social skills. You never know, they might excel in the game and become a real expert, in which case they’ll probably want to invest in Unranked LOL accounts so that they can be part of a multiplayer online battle arena.

What are you buying for everyone this year?



My 2 year old showing off her “painting” with done with Kwikstix.

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