Releasing Expectations {fmf}

Five minute Friday- Release

Releasing Expectations

Release makes me think of releasing preconceived notions about what life should look like, all parts of it.

Working/careers, marriage, parenthood, homesteading, homeschooling, self care (working out, eating right, relaxing, etc), church, friendships … None of those things actually look like how most of us imagine they will.

I think the biggest question we have to ask ourselves to avoid disappointment and giving up is, “Are these God’s ideas or mine?”

Often our ideas don’t really line up with the Lord’s. Our plans, our expectations really aren’t His ideals, but our own. And as scripture tells us, our hearts don’t know what’s best, so our minds certainly don’t (Jeremiah 17:9). Our minds are wrapped up in what is of the world-what our co workers should be doing, what our spouses say, how our children should behave, what church should look like- very rarely do our expectations for life really line up with Jesus.

And that’s okay; not because it is actually okay, but because we are flawed. We are sinners in a fallen world and walking with Jesus takes work, dedication, and a whole lot of prayer. It is a characteristic, a habit (Charlotte Mason), if you will that requires us to be self aware, using our walk with Jesus to find grace and make changes.

I’ve found many things within myself I’ve wanted to change don’t need my focus- they need prayer and direction. Rather than focusing on what needs “fixing,” we can replace the word stop with become.

For instance: I don’t want to stop being critical of others in life, I want to become their example of grace.

Releasing preconceived notions in all areas of life seems like a perfect way to be closer to the Father, lean on Him instead of our own understanding.

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FMF: Visit {& Processing Meat Chickens for the Freezer}

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is Visit



and go!
I am outside on this beautiful Memorial Day weekend writing my FMF post, because I didn’t have 5 minutes yesterday … on Friday.

Visit is a great prompt for me this week; my mom is coming to visit.  She’s a school teacher, so she just got out of school for summer break, which works out perfectly because we are butchering our meat chickens this weekend.

(pictures courteous of my 6.5 year old)

Cornish Cross Meat Chickens ready for Butchering


Today is set up day, where we get all the equipment ready, gather our tools, etc.  Then tomorrow morning we will get up and get busy!  My mom will keep the kids occupied and out of the way so we can work as quickly as possible without interruptions (like making lunches, snacks, playing, etc).  Butchering and processing, bagging, and freezing 50 chickens is a LOT of work and takes a pretty long time without 4 tiny humans needing you every few minutes.

Raising our own meat on the farm means a lot to our family; for our children it is just a way of life.  For my husband and I it encompasses everything we want our children to learn about life in general.  Raising, and caring for animals the way they were meant to be raised, in a clean & happy environment, then butchering them humanely, in a process that preserves the integrity of their purpose is important. Not wasting parts of the animal, not covering them in dangerous chemicals for the purpose of mass production and shipping … those things are important to us.

You work for what you get, even when it costs more in the long run that buying it at the store, (and it is worth it), is a lesson we like passing on to our kids.

So, we are excited to see Mia, and thankful she can help us with the tiny humans, while we work.  The kids will enjoy her and it should be a nice week of weather for her visit.  After the work, we will spend the rest of the week playing.

(I will have a post with pictures and steps, on how we process our meat birds soon!)

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