17/18 weeks old baby summary

Max has finished his 17th week of life, but wasnt 4 months old until the 2nd.  So, his weeks are a litttle off from his monthly age.  He is really starting to come into his own; last weekend we had a play date and we were talking about how quiet and laid back he is.  Then that evening, he just suddenly started squealing, yelling, and growling non stop!  Now, if he is awake and in a familiar place w familiar people, he is talking!

This boy is devouring solids!  He watches me while i get everything ready and then sits there with his mouth open like a little bird.  Its funny; he loves sweet peas, green beans, apples, and pears.  Oh, and he likes oatmeal mixed into any of those.  Those two bottom teeth?  Yea, theyre trying to cut through.  Some days they bother him more than others, but mistly he is doing okay with them.  His little cheeks stay red (due to the teething) and he drools a lot.  I have also started signing with him, when i think about it.  I do the sign for “milk” right now, but should probably start doing, “please,” “more,” and “eat” as well.  Lexie was signing “milk” at about 7 months i believe.

He isn’t really rolling over much anymore.  He doesn’t like to be on his tummy, and after a few minutes he cries and fusses, like Lexie did.  I need to start making him push back over, because i know he can, since he used to do it.  He does like rolling side to side on his back, though.  Lexie makes him laugh a lot  a lot.  He likes this rattle ball his aunt Courtney gave him for christmas, and loves the wooden squish toy; it was Lexie’s favorite too.

His hand movements have gotten smoother, he reaches for and grabs whatever he wants, and he has found his feet a few times, but isnt really interested in them.  Im wondering if this is because he always has a toy to play with, thanks to his big sister, Lexie.  Haha. She makes sure he has plenty of toys, at all times.  He really enjoys sitting, and standing up these days.  He is very strong, and is so proud of himself while standing.

Lexie is a big help.  When we get him ready for nap, she sits in the glider while i stand and hold max, and we sing “Jesus Loves Me,” then i put him down in the crib, and lexie sneaks out past me.  She loves to “help” put him to sleep.  I cant remember if i mentioned it in his last update, but he is in his sleep sack now, no more swaddle.

Lexie has been out of school for the last two weeks, but starts back monday (the 7th).  Last friday we started back at gymnastics after a holiday break.  It was much needed, and she enjoyed it.  Her backbends are amazing, and now she can do hand stands!  She doesn’t really know shes doing them, it just sorta happens during her donkey kicks, but none the less, she is so strong!  Watching her last week on the bars, her little muscles are just ripped.  She is def not the dainty, ballerina type; i think gymnastics is a great fit for her, at least for now, until she is older and knows more of what she wants to do for fun.

December 2012 Pictures

So, after having our iphones for so long, i just stopped using my camera.  But Max would rather watch the light on it than laugh and talk while I take pictures and video.  (and without the flash, the pictures aren’t good at all)  So, I got our the good ole’ camera the other day.  I forgot how much better the pictures are on a real camera.  haha  Not to mention Max does better with it, because there isn’t an insanely bright light shining in his eyes.

Baby Summary Weeks 8-9

I know, I’ve been slacking. I am running behind on Max’s updates.  Things have been very … crazy around here.  But crazy good!

For the last week, Mister has been waking at 4:00am in the morning!  Sometimes as early as 3:30am!  I knew this was a possibility, that he would go from sleeping so well, to waking early.  I also read that sometimes before babies start sleeping through to wake up time, they may teeter-totter going from 3:00am, to 4:30am, back to 3:00am, etc.  That’s exactly what Mister did for the last week.  Then suddenly, at 10 weeks old he slept through to 6:00am!  Woo Hoo!  
Now, the last two days he woke at about 4:00am or so, fussed for a minute, then went back to sleep before I even got to his room.  I think this also has to do with us starting some CIO. At first I let him cry during the day for anywhere from 10-20 minutes, depending on how he was crying.  And so far, things are going really well; he is only waking for about 3-6 minutes now, fussing and falling back asleep.  It’s amazing!  I’m not doing hard-core CIO; I didn’t do it until 8 months with Lexie, but i didn’t really have to until then.  With Max I need him going to sleep on his own sooner than she did, so that’s why I am trying it earlier.

Anyway, for his weeks 8-9 everything was pretty much the same as before.  Week 9 he started eating more at each feeding.  He will nurse and now takes about 4-5oz after nursing… So he is a hungry little Mister!  His schedule is the same, based on a 3 hour routine…  He is talking a LOT, super snuggly, laughs at mommy, daddy, and Lexie all the time.  He is staying awake for a little longer now.  His wake time is about an hour to an hour 20 minutes, depending on what we did during wake time.  If he was super stimulated (ehum, by Big Sister) then he may go down earlier.  His wake time includes: diaper change, eating, burping, playing, talking, diaper change, and swaddling/wind down for nap.  That’s a lot to fit into an hour and 20 minutes, so there isn’t much “playing” quite yet.  I am anxious for the day he is awake longer, but I know it will come.  I’m just ready for him to get to interact with all of us more.  =)

I’m making Mister’s summary shorter this time, because Sissy has MUCH bigger news going on these days than Bubby does!

playing with Mister

Love Bug is back in school, two days a week.  We were getting read to put her in gymnastics when JTom remembered that we put aside a rather large chunk of his paycheck at the beginning of the year for mother’s day out.  Our plan was to have her home w me after I stopped cleaning houses, which was at 7 months pregnant, until max came.  After Max came we would do mother’s day out one-two days a week for Lexie’s sake and mine.  Well …. we FORGOT!  So, to use up the rest of the money (because it’s a cafeteria plan we will lose it if we dont use it) she is going 2xs a week through january.  Then she will drop to once a week.  However, we are still doing gymnastics- and she LOVES it!  We went last Friday to try it out.  She was already a beginner tumbler, she’s had so much practice in her crib and all … so she fit right in!

Speaking of cribs … we are in a big girl bed now!  Scary I know- but so far so good.  She loves it, the transition was an easy one.  She is still in her sleep sack, not sure when we will discontinue it, but she can’t get out and roam as long as she wears it.  =)  Plus, she loves her “night night gown” … i think she feels secure in it.

A few weeks ago Payne came to visit us, and then the next weekend Granny and Mia came to visit.

Payne and Max

Just a singin’



wasn’t so sure about the foam pit

Life is Good!

Granny and Max

Mia, Max, and Lexie

Granny and Lexie cooking “greens”

Bed head

Lookin like her Mama

Counting her “monies”

New clothes from Granny

Such a precious girl

6 Week Summary

So, Max is officially 7 weeks old today, and is over 11 pounds.  Here is a re-cap of his 6th week of life.

Happy boy

We are still doing the Zantac, while waiting on the Colicalm to get here. I think it will be here Monday.. fingers crossed!  Anyway, he’s still on Zantac, and sleeping great at night!  Sometimes 10-11 hours.  He is on a 3 hour schedule, with cluster feeding in the late afternoon.

Max is nursing about 20 minutes at each feeding, then takes 2-4 ounces in a bottle.  Sometimes it’s breastmilk, sometimes formula.  I tried some rice to see if it helps keeping the reflux down, so far I don’t think it is really doing anything?  I know it has thickened his poopy diapers and he isn’t pooping as often.  So today I’m not doing any rice, and we will see how it goes.  I was afraid it would mess up his system, and it looks like it may  =/  Not sure though.  But he seems to be doing fine without it, so I may just stop it all together.  I will see how this afternoon goes.

Night time is great right now.  His last feed is at 7, he is usually asleep by 8:00, and sleeps until sometime between 4:30am-6:00am most mornings.  I am really hoping this doesn’t change and he goes back to MOTN (middle of the night) wakings, but we will just see.  I swaddle him for every sleep-time, which he seems to enjoy.  Once I swaddle him, and sing a little of Jesus Loves Me, he relaxes and gets ready for sleep.

Day time sleep is a bit different …  Like many babies, Mister wakes about 20 minutes into his naps.  This is either because A) he is over tired when I put him down, or B) he is going from light to deep sleep, and is waking up during the transition.  Since i have tried an earlier put 

Sleeping Mister

down time, and he still wakes, I have moved on to option B, he doesn’t know how to transition during sleep phases yet.  So, I am letting him cry for a bit.  However, he gets more worked up if I try to let him CIO (cry it out) so I usually give him 3-5 minutes, then go intervene somehow.  Sometimes this is sshing him back to sleep, patting, or moving him to the swing.  Babywise says if CIO isn’t working yet, to try something else until he is a bit older and then try CIO again.  Hopefully by moving him to the swing, it will help him make a smoother transition over time, and he will evcentually sleep right through the light to deep sleep phase.

I am currently putting him down while drowsy, but not completely asleep.  Sometimes he goes right to sleep, sometimes it takes a bit more to get him asleep.  But overall he is doing good sleep-wise.  =)

And we have 2 year molars!  Yay!  Yesterday I tried an earlier nap time and it worked!  I put her down at 12, she was asleep by 12:15 and slept for an hour and a half.  Today I did the same thing and she is in there playing … I guess it’s hit or miss, but no matter what I am sticking with 
the earlier nap time.  it seems to be the only time she falls asleep on her own.  Between the potty training, the natural sleep regression at 2, and the teething, it’s really a lost cause.  But I am deteremined to keep trying.  Because at some point she will be potty trained completely, past the sleep regression, and done with the molars, and we will need a consistent routine.  I also need my sanity which means 2 hours of Lexie in her crib for nap, rest, whatever you want to call it.  But man, yesterday after her nap she was the sweetest, happiest Lexie; she was her normal Lexie self!  Not the sleep deprived, demanding, whiny “terrible twos” Lexie she 

Mama’s country bumpkin’

becomes on days without a nap!

Life in general is good.  Last weekend we took the kids to the sate fair.  Lexie LOVED all the animals; they even had a live animal show with a Bamboo, dog, and parrot.  She of course really enjoyed that.  Max did good on our little family outing (of course he was chilling in the double wide the whole time so he was a happy boy).  JTom’s back may be going out on him again; he’s going to see the doctor hopefully this week if he can get in.  I am getting lots of night sleep, and rest during the day most days.  I’d say 4 out of 7 days I get an hour of down time; even if that is me nursing Max while Lexie naps- I consider that down time!  =)


Yummy apple
Playing dress up with daddy

Ready for the fair!  … but is it ready for me?!

Lexie and her buddy Shelby


Happy girl 

Headed to Mommy’s dr apt

More apple!
This picture says it ALL!

3 Week Summary

**I stared this on Sunday, and finished it Wednesday. Don’t judge**

Today is Sunday, September 30; today marks the beginning of Max being 4 weeks old.
I just wanted to do an update for Max’s 3rd week of life, which he just completed.

J.Tom was gone all week; he went to Canada for a goose hunting trip. Of course he had a blast; and yes we missed him terribly. There was no way I could tell him no to the trip, and we knew about it last year, so I was prepared for a hard week without his help. And honestly, it wasn’t that bad.

Max has started cooing a lot more, he makes eye contact and is holding his head up so well. He loves watching the fan (of course …) and his favorite position is sitting up tall. He still keeps his hands in little fists and usually has his legs curled up tight. He does really well holding his head up now. We do some tummy time, but really I need to do more. It’s hard to find time when he is completely “safe” from Lexie, and can be on his tummy.

He eats every 3 hours during the day. At night, his last feeding is at 7:00pm; he nurses and then takes about 3oz of formula. Then he is out until 4:00am or later… which is awesome! But last night he was so gassy, he wouldn’t nurse, he just kept pulling off and then only took 2oz of formula, so he was back up at 1:00 hungry. Then he slept from 1:00am until 6:00am.

One month old!

SleepingWe are still doing a Wake, Eat, Play, Sleep routine. So he is up from about 7:00am until 8:30ish, then sleeps until about 10:00. This goes on in a 3 hour routine, but usually his middle nap (asleep at 11:30) is the longest. Sometimes he will sleep until 3:00. I try to wake him up to eat, but sometimes he is just passed out, other times he wakes just fine. At night, like I mentioned earlier, he sleeps from about 8:00/8:30 until 3:00 or 4:00am- that’s the norm for him. But randomly he will wake at 1:00am or sleep until *gasp* 6:00am! I’d like more of those days..

We did get a video monitor, so I can see him in his crib rather than get up at every grunt and whine. He is very vocal in his sleep (and while nursing). There is a lot of grunting going on so I would be going crazy at every sound during the night. We like the video monitor and I wish we have gotten one for Lexie, too. (Mainly because once she started getting older she was so funny, it would’ve been great to see what all she was doing in there before she fell asleep.)


Her latest endeavor at the park

Lexie’s behavior has gotten a little worse this last week. I’m not sure what changed or clicked, but everything has been a battle and power struggle. Most of it I *think* has to do with her skipping naps. She has started napping a little better, but the days she doesn’t take one her afternoon is horrible, and the next day is rough. Some days she will pass out on her own, other she lets me pat or rock her to sleep, but some days she is having no part of it. If she gets still for 2 minutes, she goes to sleep. Although we put her down for bed earlier on days she doesn’t nap, it still isn’t the same quality sleep she would have if she took a nap. *read* NAPS ARE IMPORTANT!!! haha Especially in this house!

We are going to get back into play groups here soon. Max is 4 weeks old now, so in a few weeks I will feel better about him being around other kids… Although he won’t be in direct contact w other kids, Lexie will be, and then she will be indirect contact w Max. And I really, really would like to avoid unnecessary illnesses for him this young. Lexie cut teeth early, but she didn’t get sick for the first time until 4.5 months old-and of course it was the flu! So, I’m hoping we can keep him well at least that long. And breastfeeding helps with that.

Anyway, back to Lexie- she needs lots of time out of the house. She gets bored easily, like any two year old, and right now I’m not able to do all the fun things I’d like to do because for an hour out of every 2 I’m either feeding Max or getting him down for nap. I know she is adjusting, and things will smooth out eventually. She was really care free the first few weeks; now she seems a little more anxious and while I know this has some to do with Mister, I’m positive a LOT of it is napping. She is a different child on days she naps.

***EDIT*** I wrote the above yesterday. After that she napped. Woo Hoo! And was a completely different child- happy, easy going, and cooperative. Whew.

Usually I nurse Max around 6:00am, then we get Lexie out of bed at 7:00am. Everyone gets a bottle/sippy of milk and we snuggle in the big chair. Then I make Lexie’s breakfast while Max has some independent time in the pack n play. While they do that, I empty the dishwasher, start laundry, or clean a bathroom.. Something productive. Mondays and Tuesdays are cleaning days. I usually break it up into two days- one day I do the front of the house and laundry. The second day I do my bathroom and our bedroom (back of house) and *ehum* finish laundry. On those days Lexie has longer independent time in her room, which she doesn’t mind too much. She has really started pretending a lot. It’s funny how at this age, you can give them the toy version of things and they don’t really play with them too much. But they will pretend random things are something else; for instance this morning one of her number flash cards that she LOVES became an iron. It was great. I TOTALLY, COMPLETELY 100% believe in simplicity and that less is usually more.

Adventures at the Country Club Park

feeding the chicks some bread

Collecting Eggs

loving Scarlet

Missy Cat loves Max
Proud Big Sissy Lexie

Last of Summer

Yesterday was officially the first day of fall!  Yay!  So summer is over, we are so thankful!  No more hot, humid days.  This morning was rainy and 55*, but now it looks like the sun is coming out.  So maybe we will get to walk this afternoon.

Max is three weeks today; I will post his 3 week update at the end of the week and let you knwo how things are going.  However, last post I spoke too soon- his tummy is still upset.  I thought maybe he would keep having poopy diapers after the last one, but he has had some pretty uncomfortable gas and no more poopies … So I am hoping he has one today.

Here are a few pictures from the last days of summer.  From here on out we will be celebrating FALL!  WOO HOO!!!  I want to get some fall activities together for Lexie; just some crafts and things she can do in her high chair “craft” chair while I nurse Max, or days it’s too nasty to go out.  The great thing about the highchair now being her crafting chair is she can’t get out of it!  *evil laugh* She sits in her portable high chair, strapped to the big chair at the table.  It’s really more of a booster seat at this point, and is perfect for her now.  Max will use the highchair later, and I guess move to the booster when she is ready for a big chair (or rather, when I am ready to put her in a big chair without fighting her about getting up, which will be when she’s about 4!).

Playing with Stitch and the chickens

Hi There!

Angel Baby Girl
Sleeping with Daddy 

Relaxing outside

Snuggly baby before bath time

Two Week Update

Well, for the last few days Max has had a terrible tummy ache. It has included bad (and stinky) gas pains, and no pooping. But, I read over at one of my favorite blogs this could be a growth spurt. I’m coming to find that it is important to know behavioural patterns are as a result of growth spurts and which aren’t, which is why you might want to check out something like Best For Mums guide on baby growth spurts if you’re unsure if your baby’s behaviour is normal. He not only had slowed poopy diapers, but was more fussy than usual, slept more, and was up at odd hours during the night. I did not realize fewer poopy diapers were part of the “growth spurt” symptoms. Anyway, this morning he finally had a poopy diaper and it looks like he is feeling better and back to his usual self.

He is so laid back! I thought Lexie was laid back (aside from her 2-3 hour screaming/colic spells) but Mister is WAY more relaxed than she was. He nursed like he knew just what to do from day one, he is a BIG eater, and an even bigger sleeper. I have to wake him all day for his feedings. This morning was the first feeding he actually was awake when we started, and stayed awake the entire time! I was very proud of him. =) Now, I say he is a big eater … he was NOT prior to this growth spurt. He acted like he could care less abotu eating; he slept during feedings, didn’t eat well when he did eat, and wasn’t gaining weight. After 2 weeks he had only gained 1 oz (at this point he should have been gaining an ounce per day, on average). So we started supplementing like we did with Lexie. This also has to do with my supply, which is super low on one side (as it was with Lexie). Max doesn’t even like to nurse on that side anymore really, but I try to get him to as long as possible. After he nurses for 40-50 minutes, he now takes a 2-4oz bottle. And he attacks it! So he is now eating MUCH better, staying awake longer throughout the day, and gaining weight.

Mister has gone from 8lb 11oz at birth, to 8lbs 4oz on day five, to 8lb 5oz on day 12, to 9lbs 4oz on day 17 (or 2.5 weeks).

Max still sleeps a lot throughout the day. We do a Wake, Eat, Play, Sleep routine (loosely, mind you). He doesn’t always do the wake/play part. He is a very sleepy baby; Lexie was a very wakeful, spirited baby who slept while nursing and in short spurts of about 40 minutes throughout the day until at 5 weeks she slept 8 hours through the night! Max sleeps all the time. He is getting better about staying awake throughout the day in short spurts, but sleeps more than he is awake. At night, he eats between 7-7:30pm, is usually asleep by 8:15pm, and sleeps until about 1:00am. I don’t wake him to eat and I don’t do a dream feed. I sleep. =) This is why I feel so good this time around; some people may say my milk supply will suffer going that long at night without feeding, but I really think my mental state is more important. So I sleep.
At about 1-1:30am I change his diaper, he nurses, takes some of a bottle (only about an ounce though at this feed) then sleeps until about 4:00-5:00am.
Now, the last few nights have been an exception with the fussiness, terrible gas pains, etc. I am hoping tonight he goes back to his regular sleep routine, and the past few nights have been this “growth spurt” that occurs between 2-3 weeks of age. We will see!

Mister wasn’t having soaking wet diapers at all prior to supplementing. His diapers had one tiny damp spot after 3-4 hours. They were actually so dry I hated to change them at all and waste dry diaper! This was a big cue to me he wasn’t getting enough. Even a breastfed baby should have 6 soaking wet diapers a day. He had 6 damp diapers, but never soaking wet. Once we started supplementing this boy has a soaking wet diaper before and after a feeding! He was also not having regular poopy diapers before, but now has at least one per day (minus, the past 2.5 days of miserable tummy problems). So things are looking up.

It just took longer for Max to catch up to the outside world. He is so mellow and happy, as was Lexie most of the time, I think that is how he will approach life. Where his sister is a bit OCD and likes things in just a certain, perfect way, I think Max will be more care free like his daddy. It’s fun that they already have their own personalities, and I get to watch them change and grow!


This was our first 2 hours home frm the hospital;
I left the room to do some laundry, and came back to this.

Lexie has adjusted well. We have a few power struggles each day, but that isn’t anything we didn’t have prior to Mister being here. I’m sure that’s just part of her 2’s. Otherwise she is just as fun and easy as always. She loves to sing, makes up her own songs about what we do throughout the day, loves dancing, rolling around, playing outside and getting dirty.. VERY dirty. And she loves to love on her brother; she calls him Bubby Max and herself Sissy Lexie.

Loves her Bubby Max

It’s a …..

So many updates!  Well first … we’re having a BOY this time!  The gender reveal party went great.  I think everyone had a good time; and although I killed myself was exhausted from getting everything ready, it was wonderful.  I am looking forward to our next party- Lexie’s BDAY, which will probably be the weekend of August 18th, because the baby is due Sept 2nd and who knows when he will get here…

But anyway, yea- so boy it is!  We are having a hard time deciding on names (unlike with Lexie) and I can’t find any bedding I like, so I may attempt making it.  I don’t want a “theme” I just want colors and patterns- plaids, solids, and boy paisleys.  I already have a quilt in the making that is for a boy, all I have to do is complete it and that’s what I’d like to base the nursery on.  I think; but that may change.  Here is the ultrasound picture- after 20 minutes of trying to find if he was a he or she, the tech finally got this pic, and a few others.  We did get a video of the ultrasound, and I finally got to watch it Saturday night- he is a stubborn little guy!

Updates on Lou Bug (19 months)- well let’s just say we are super officially in toddler-hood!  This child will carry on a full blown conversation in 3-4 word sentences.  It’s hilarious.  And she is SO serious about it, too.  She knows most of her colors- red, orange, blue, pink, purple, yellow, and white, and is still counting to 11.  She can identify all of her letters except N, she always has a tough time with N, and sometimes confuses X/Y, and W/M, and stumbles on Z.  Funny story, last week she walked into my room and said, “whew!  Messy Mama’s room!”  Well, I’ll be damned if we didn’t start cleaning up!  haha  She also says, “thank you, Mommy!” for just about everything when we are home and this morning thanked her milk after she took a drink of it.  Pretty funny kid.  I think my favorite thing she says is when she uses “too” appropriately- which is all the time!  It’s constantly, “daddy’s coming too” or “Mommy eats eggs too.”  So sweet.  She romps on everything, and loves to run everywhere she goes.  She has been helping me water outside and play in the flowers … her help is basically throwing dirt everywhere, and we have a GREAT time doing it!  =)

She still loves cleaning up, and knows that to go from one activity to the next, we clean up our mess.  We play outside just about every day; her favorite things outdoors are playing in the dirt, swinging, Scarlet, and her cars!  She is “going shopping!  See you later!”- all the time! 

Helping Mama build the new chick brooder

I have to watch her with the chicks because she loves them SO much, she likes to get into the feed and throw it at them to them.  But she means well.  This morning they just looked so big in their little 30 gallon brooder, so Lexie and I got busy building them a bigger one.  They L O V E it!  They’re getting so big already, and almost have all their feathers.  They are going to be gorgeous, plump ladies when they get older!  We cannot wait for fresh eggs!  Before we can leave the house or go outside, we have to stop and “kiss hug” the baby “cheeks” aka chicks.  haha  Anyway, they will eat out of our hands- Lexie just giggled and giggled this morning when they ate their crumbles from her hand.  It is such a neat experience, and although she may not remember it we will get to do it again one day.  I’m already addicted and thinking after these girls are producing this fall, maybe we need to get more chicks next spring and build another coop!  =)  I’m sure JTom will go for that- right!  haha

The girls love their new BIG brooder!

3 weeks old- Dolly, Ginger, and Tessa
3 weeks old-Essie and Soup

finger pain

Mama’s flapper girl!

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