Art Class at Home- ARTistic Pursuits Homeschool Art

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ARTistic Pursuits 

If you are looking for a great art core series for your homeschool, look no further than ARTistic Pursuits.  My oldest daughter has been so interested in art the last few years; she has always been a creative girl doing all sorts of handicrafts. But in the last year or 2 she has really taken by art, drawing, and doodling on everything (including her math work). She has never had a formal art class, outside of a co op art class which would be similar to elementary art, so we began with Drawing with Graphite Pencils, Art Core 1.

We have been using the physical product, but also received the streaming flip book and videos. This is a great option for families that do not want/need a physical product and only want an online resource. The streamed flip book is an exact copy of the hardcover textbook, with thumbnails, note taking capabilities, zoom in and full screen features, as well as a table of contents tab for easy navigation to the lessons.

ARTistic Pursuits Graphite Drawing Core 1

What Is It?

Drawing with Graphite Pencils, Art Core 1 is a non-consumable (it can be reused) beginner art program focusing on Element of Art. The program comes with a high quality hard cover textbook, dvd video lessons, and you can choose to add lifetime streaming if you’d like. This is an independent course that does not require intense parent involvement- students will read the 10 minute lesson material from the textbook (which can be led/ discussed with parent, but isn’t required), set up the video, have materials ready and begin!

ARTistic Pursuits Graphite Drawing Core 1

Materials needed include:

  • the program textbook and videos (physical or streaming)
  • paper- we used a sketch book
  • 4 graphite pencils
  • vinyl eraser
  • pencil sharpener
  • 8 sheets of black construction paper

Each of the 4 units is divided into 4 lessons, and has students observing the art element from that lesson in their environment, studying the element in art of the masters, and how to incorporate each element into their own works of art. Then students will complete a project for each lesson; projects may take up to 50 minutes, but if you child is like mine, they will most definitely enjoy it and the time will fly by. While lessons are designed for 2x a week, my daughter was doing them as often as she could! I can already see we will be needing the next program, Core 2, very soon!

homeschool art ARTistic Pursuits Graphite Drawing Core 1

Units included in the program cover:

  • lines
  • space
  • shape
  • texture
  • value
  • form
  • animal forms
  • human forms
  • man-made forms

homeschool art ARTistic Pursuits Graphite Drawing Core 1

You will also find objectives listed in the back of the book for documentation/grading purposes (if that is required for your state).

Drawing with Graphite Pencils, Art Core 1 can be used with multiple students, and because it is non consumable can be used over and over gain. 😅  my 7 year old is already watching along with big sister and wants so badly to begin her lessons.

So, what did we think? It is probably pretty clear that this is one of our very favorite reviews this year! However, it is more than that … it is probably one of our favorite homeschool programs we’ve used. It has brought joy into our homeschool day; it is simple, my daughter has learned so much already, and I can see her confidence growing. (and did I mention it’s independent at this age/level if I need it to be?!). The videos aren’t cheesy or boring, they’re concise, fun, easy to follow, and very clear on explanations.

Thank you ARTistic Pursuits for a wonderful homeschool art program we can count on and enjoy! We look forward to using the rest of the cores offered!


Video #4 Texture Drawing from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. on Vimeo.


Connect with ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

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Wholesome Family Chapter Books (mid grade): Whatsoever Stories

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Whatsoever Stories

(Can we just take a minute and appreciate the logo above?! 😍)

 I am always running out of books for my oldest. She is almost 12, a voracious reader, and loves to read anything she can get her hands on. My oldest son is almost 10, and he really enjoys adventure animal stories, and historical fiction.

I love finding wholesome books that leave an impact on my children; the kind of books that have them asking questions while they’re reading, and when they’ve finished. That’s why I was so excited for Whatsoever Stories‘s Trial At The Ridge, by Kinsey M. Rockett. This is a beautiful fiction book that your entire family will enjoy!

Trial at the Ridge: Kinsey M Rockett- wholesome family books

Trial At the Ridge

This is the story of the Whitlocks, a God loving family, and their life on the place they call home. Their farm. When they are threatened with foreclosure, we watch as the family handles it with grace, and love. Although the plans put in place to save the farm continuously get derailed, they find a way to make it work, all the while working together.

My daughter says:

My favorite part was when the too friendly cat jumped on the shoulder of a man wanting to buy the farm. I also liked that there were some hard words, and it gave their definitions. I enjoyed the book because it was dangerous and they were Godly people, that makes it different from a lot of books I’ve read.

While this book is generally written for a 10+ audience on an independent reading level, it will make a wonderful family read aloud! Kinsey has written a book that is definitely going to be enjoyed by parents, grandparents, and kids alike. With the beautiful glossy cover, easy to turn pages, and easy to read font, the 188 page book is going to make a great read aloud, or reader. I would say that using copywork from the book would be super easy too, with witty dialogue and scripture throughout (did I mention the vocabulary?!). Of course it would make great leisure reading as well. The binding is sturdy, and overall I love how the book feels in my hands- it really is just right. =)

Trial at the Ridge: Kinsey M Rockett- wholesome family books

What I love is that my children are reading books by a Christian author, the storyline isn’t introducing my kids to a plot or attitudes we do not value (no agenda, or worldly kid/teen “problems” here!), and the* vocabulary!* I loved reading the language Kinsey used in her book to draw in the reader. Add to that actual vocabulary words and references in footnotes throughout the book, a glossary, and her Not All Fiction section at the back of the book, and I am here for it! Kinsey is a homeschool graduate 🥳, and her love for the Lord clearly shines through her writing.

Trial at the Ridge: Kinsey M Rockett- wholesome family books

I can’t wait to read her book, Prisoner of War, which features many of the same characters. I know the kids will love it as a fun read aloud this summer.


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YWAM Christian Heroes Series: Lottie Moon

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YWAM Publishing

Our family enjoys the Christian Heroes Then and Now series from YWAM Publishing. If you haven’t heard of this series, it is a series of chapter books focusing on the biographical life story of young men and women who have answered the call God laid on their life. These Christian biographies for kids and families are absolutely wonderful! We’ve read a few different ones, this time my 5th grader enjoyed Lottie Moon: Giving Her All for China. Many of these stories are of Christian missionaries, others are written about famous Christians like C.S. Lewis, and their walk with the Lord.

YWAM Publishing Lottie Moon- Christian Heroes Missionary Stories

About Lottie Moon: Giving Her All for China

This 208 page, paperback book has a beautiful, thick cover with binding that isn’t going to fall a part after a few reads (😅 good thing with 5 kids …). The pages in the YWAM book are great for highlighting with a colored pencil. I love that the cover gives us something to explore in the book about the person, and the culture they lived in.

I would say Lottie Moon: Giving Her All for China is appropriate for ages 10+ to read on their own, and probably for 8+ as a read aloud.

My daughter says

“At first Lottie Moon didn’t like the idea of being a missionary, even though she lived in a Christian environment. She grows up, and feels led by the Lord to declare she is a Christian; then she starts a school for girls. Her little sister, Eddie, goes to be a missionary in China. Then she goes to China to be with her sister, and become a missionary. I don’t want to tell you the rest, because it will spoil it.”

Isn’t it funny how the Lord works in our lives, how He allows experiences that mold and shape our views, then He gives us a new perspective? A perspective with a renewed heart. I would say the same is true for Lottie Moon, the wealthy young girl who thought all Christians were a bunch of gossiping, bitter churchgoers. She was a well educated Southern woman, who was called by God to do even more in the way of missionary work. She followed that calling, and because of her many people heard The Good News. As always, blessings flowed from trusting the Lord, and living according to His plan.

What do I love about this series of books?

I love that everyday kids and families get to hear the amazing way God worked in everyday people’s lives to glorify Him, to change their lives, and bless others in the process. I love that real life is intertwined with Biblical truth, as it should be. I love that children can see God’s amazing work happening in places where things are harder, less comfortable, and appear to be falling apart.

YWAM publishing also offers unit studies for their Christian Heroes Then and Now series. You can find the unit studies on their website. The unit studies can be used for personal study time by the student, filled in/answered as a family discussion style, or used as assessment if needed. They include an overview for how to use in the classroom//homeschool setting, Sunday school classes/small group, and an overview guide of what’s included in the unit studies. You will find a list of all the books in the Christian Heroes Then and Now series, and what they focus on. This is going to help parents and teachers incorporate each book into whatever their family is studying at the time.

Right now we are in year 1 of American History, but after year 2 we will be in Eastern studies. This guide is going to be so helpful for planning read aloud and readers for my children! For a complete list of what is included in the unit studies, visit the website and check out the description of guides you are looking for.

YWAM Publishing Study Guides

The Christian Heroes: Then & Now Unit Study Curriculum Guides cover:
  • Student Explorations – essay writing, creative writing, hands-on projects, audio/visual projects, arts/crafts
  • Social Studies – reproducible maps, geography, terms/vocabulary, journey tracking, critical thinking
  • Bible Study – scripture memorization, devotional application, spiritual concepts
  • Community Links – meaningful field trips, guest speakers, service projects
  • Related Themes to Explore – missions, current events, life skills, math, government, science
  • Bibliography or Related Resources – books, movies, documentaries, magazine articles, websites
  • Culminating Event – project displays, cultural food, music, oral presentations

This resources is invaluable for a homeschool or a classroom setting. Definitely check them out!

Connect with YWAM Publishing


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Listicle: Favorite Christmas books

Winter Wonderland Blogger Campaign

This is one of our favorite times of the year as a family. While the world is going full speed ahead with over commitment, stressful obligations, and an abundance of distracting noise, we like to take this opportunity to be home, in a relaxed environment with close friends, and focus on the blessings we have already been given. Most of all, Jesus.

Part of that time together as a family is spent playing games, enjoying movie nights, and of course … reading good books.  There are few things more enjoyable than hot cider, a bowl of popcorn, and some fun family time enjoying each other in all our craziness!

Here are our top Christmas Books this year, a few classics, and a few newbies (to our home):

  • The (illustrated) Narnia Series– We are reading The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe this December as a family, and I am *loving* it. I haven’t read C.S. Lewis since I was a child, and I honestly did not fall in love with them (mandatory reading in middle school). But my 8 year old has multiple copies, all falling a part, of each Narnia book, and has read them tens upon tens of times. So … I felt like we should try a one for Christmas time as a family. It has not disappointed!

  • A Christmas Wish for Corduroy This was sent to me in a precious Christmas package from my PRH publicity agent (along with an ornament and hot chocolate, y’all!) and let me tell you, she chose a perfect set for our family. This sweet story will take your  family back to the beginning; back to Corduroy’s first wish of becoming a special child’s toy. Each distinguishable thing about Corduroy makes him special, much like each person in our family, and those specials things are exactly what Lisa loves about him. Your family will find the classic Corduroy illustrations and a sweet story to inspire hope, perseverance, and love this Christmas season.
  • Corduroy Takes a Bow- The second title in my Christmas gift package was Corduroy Takes a Bow; during the time of year when we are all going to the theatre for ballets, Christmas Pageants, and plays, this is a perfect way to get children interested in the goings-on behind the scenes of their favorite show. Everyone loves Corduroy and his shenanigans, this sweet story is no different! We added both of the Corduroy titles to our Christmas book opening for the month of December and my kids have so enjoyed them.

  • The Christmas Story– Y’all. Come one now, Eloise Wilkin? Always. The answer is always. Her illustrations are just lovely and I haven’t found a single book with her name on the cover that isn’t just perfect.

A few more favorite titles:


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God With Us: A Journey Home {and giveaway}

God WIth Us: Children's Storybook Bible

We have been reading through God With Us: A Journey Home, by author Jeremy Pierre and illustrator Cassandra Clark. This beautiful retelling of the greatest story ever told is a children’s storybook Bible that will awaken children to their brave journey home- home with God.

I received an unofficial paperback copy, but your purchased copy will be a 268 page hardback, with the same beautiful illustrations. My children loved the pictures in this book. I like that the overall message gives children hope beyond what the world can give them.

We 100% read the actual Bible in our home, and I believe children understand so much more than we give them credit for. This beautiful storybook Bible is a wonderful addition to a home with young children because it helps them understand the overall message of scripture- A relationship with Jesus is the only way to heaven, and this earth isn’t our lasting home.

This place is beautiful, and full of God’s fingerprints, but it is not where we find our hope. The world isn’t our forever home.


This storybook Bible does include an  imaginative retelling perspective; like an adult telling a story to a child. It isn’t a word for word scripture retelling picture book.

God WIth Us: Children's Storybook Bible

This is going to be a perfect Christmas gift for the children and families in your life! Get your copy ordered today!

Giveaway- using the tool below, enter to win your own copy of God With Us!


God WIth Us: Children's Storybook Bible
Many thanks to Shepherd Press for providing this product/product information for review.  Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.  I did receive the product in exchange for this review and post.






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Homeschool Math Help with Math Skills Rescue from math Essentials

I received this complimentary product  through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Math Essentials Speed Wheel Drills

Math Essentials has done it again, with a great homeschool math helper! This time my 5th grader has been using their Basic Math Skills Rescue Parts 1 and 2. This is a 2 part math series designed to help mathl students master the critical, foundational skills in grades 3-algebra. This is going to be a wonderful resource for homeschoolers needing extra practice or help getting down those hard to grasp skills!

Math Essentials- Math Skills Rescue

I can’t tell you what a great time it was for our family to use this series. Though she has only worked in book 1, the extra practice has been such a great help for my 11 year old. Long division with 2 digit divisors y’all … it’s taking more effort than math skills in the past.

About the Books

These lessons are short, concise and help students with the math they need to know, with each topic building on the next. It has really been a helpful practice for my daughter. The back of the book has the answer key, which is helpful for student’s self checking, or for parents. These skills are all the same things we are learning in our math curriculum; it lines up perfectly in 5th grade! I know if we can get through these books, pre algebra and algebra are going to be so much easier for my girl.

Book 1 covers topics:

  • Whole numbers & integers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals

Book 2 covers:

  • Geometry
  • Problem Solving using all the above skills
  • More Advanced Pre-Algebra Skills

Math Essentials- Math Skills Rescue

With a strong background in these areas, students will be prepared for success in algebra and beyond.

The cover of each book is thick and glossy. The pages are a thick, white paper that just barely shadows, but does not bleed through. They are 242, and 248 pages long respectively. The back of each book has a glossary with terms used, and some very helpful charts- charts for symbols, fraction equivalents (woo hoo), and squares and square roots just to name a few. The first are pages are resources for parents, including tips for using the online video tutorials, notes to parents, and a How to Use This Book section. The table of contents breaks pages down by skill learned which is going to be helpful your child needs to brush up on specific topics.

Basic Math Skills Rescue Book1


How We Are Using The Series

Book 1 is as far as we have gotten for now, but it has been a great practice book so far. Now that we’ve made it to the 2 digit divisors section, and she worked through the lesson, I think she’s finally got it! Whew, we’ve been working on this for a few weeks on our own.

I’m so glad to know that these topics are important for future math skills, and that we have help to master them before middle school. We do use graph paper to help with the process of “showing work,” so on most of her pages are just the answers. She puts her graph paper work pages into the book with the corresponding page so I can see her work/help if there are mistakes.

Each lesson has a helpful hints section, which are reminders on how to do the math skill learned in that lesson. This helps set parents and students up for success. The reminders are well written, to the point, and give examples/visuals of what is being practiced. This was helpful for my daughter to remember a specific skill that she maybe hasn’t practiced in a while.

Review is built into each lesson so your child retains what they have learned thus far. There are final tests to measure progress, which is great for parents that are keeping records, or just want to be sure their child is ready to move forward. I like to keep tests for records, and chunk the practices, so I will plan to keep these tests as well.

Something else that is sooo helpful, is the free access to an online video library with the author of the Basic Math Skills Rescue series. If you have purchased the books, the videos are included for your benefit.

We will continue working through the series as we come across the corresponding topics in our math curriculum.

Math Essentials- Math Skills Rescue

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Ensure Success in Algebra 1 with Math Essentials

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Archer and Zowie by Hans Bluedorn

Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew

My children have been reading  Archer and Zowie, written by Hans Bluedorn for fun the last few weeks. This is a fanciful story of friendship written in the humorous style in which the author also wrote The Fallacy Detective (see the Crew link for more reviews on his works). This is a 234 page, paperback book with fun black and white illustrations and a lot of imagination! It held up through a lot of reading and toting around with a sturdy binding and easy to read pages. *If you have a child who is easily intimidated by many small words on the page, this is a great fit for them. The print is large and the pages are not overwhelming*

When their mischievousness leaves them with a failed experiemnt and a broken microwave, best friends Archer and Zowie discover their microwave can now do mysterious things- all of which send them on an adventure to space via the Hungry Caterpillar, with penguin aliens, the author, and much more.Archer and Zowie


My children who read this book are 10 and 8; it is science fiction for middle grade students … I’d say the tween age (8-12) will probably enjoy it most. My 8 year old son thought it was pretty funny; he read it in a matter of days. I think this can be attributed to the world building the boys get to experience, and the silliness of the writing style. My kids found parts of the book extra silly, something that stuck out to my 8 year old,

I liked how they explained about trash day. They thought on trash day (like our cleaning day when we throw out things while cleaning), that you just never see your trash again, they thought it was a giant beetle thing that took the trash away. But they find out  on another planet that trash day is once a year, and they shoot all the trash into outer space and it makes a ring around the planet; which is sad. They were good friends and helpful to one another.

On their imaginary adventure the boys learn more about the world around them, about their differences, and to be better friends because of it all. There is mild potty talk that my kids pointed out (I wondered what they would say) because we don’t use potty talk in our home, but I will say it is mostly harmless and not something that is a main theme in the book.

The life lessons learned are pretty profound even if children don’t realize it, and the boys really learn a lot about themselves and one another on their journey. It helps them to become better friends and understand life a little more. Isn’t that what childhood is about?- learning about yourself, learning to love others, and learning about the world around you, all while playing pretend in your backyard?

Archer and Zowie

This turned out to be a really cute read that my kids enjoyed, and I liked the lessons learned along the way.

Connect with Hans Blyedon


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Emergent Reader Fun with one More Story {a review}

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

You may have seen me posting about One More Story over on Instagram. This has been so much fun for our family. One More Story is an app (or website, we tried both ways, but settled on the iPad app), where children and families can enjoy being read precious picture books. There are currently over 87 books to choose from, on five different book cases, with more to come!

One More Story-the best picture books read aloud any time, anywhere

After logging in, there are different ways for children to use the program. First click on the book cover to hear the title and author/illustrator. Then:

  1. Select the book you want to read, then click the green button below it
  2. Click Bendy, the bookworm site host, to have the book read to you, and pages turned automatically
  3. Click the green arrow in the bottom right corner to have the book read to you with the pages turned manually. You will continue touching/clicking the green arrow in that spot to turn each page.
  4. Click on the I can Read badge on the left to read a book on your own, with the sound track turned off. Any word can be clicked to hear it read by the narrator. Click the E in the lower left of the text post to hear the entire text read. Children can “echo” back the words.

There are also vocabulary words for each book (woo hoo!- I see a whole creative unit to be made using books from One More Story).

In both automatic and manual modes, the words are highlighted as the narrator reads, which is a proven way to help emergent readers understand text on a page- this is similar to following the words with your finger while reading to children. Pointing to/highlighting the words in a book teaches early readers that words have meaning on a page, and that we read left to right on a page. These aren’t just valuable, they are necessary pre-reading skills for children. Thank you One More Story, for adding this into your program! Emergent readers are actively learning, while reading a book, which is just what we want as teachers.

When a book is read in the I Can Read mode (number 4 above), any word the child clicks to have read to them, is added to the My Word List. This gives a young reader the opportunity to identify, review and master words that cannot easily be sight read for them. When a word is mastered, it can be dragged on My Learned Words. The My Word List badge is displayed on the last page of a book so that children can review the words they have learned from that book! This is such a great motivator, and an easy way to see how far your children have come. (Below I’ve added the word said to the My Word List.)

One More Story-the best picture books read aloud any time, anywhere

I love that the books have background noises/music to go along with them. The stories really are brought to life in this way; it makes them more real, and reminds me a lot of watching Reading Rainbow (throw back!). Maybe that is because it is original music by Sesame Street vet Robby Merkin. These stories are books we have on our shelves, or would like to- and that’s how I know they’re high quality. No twaddle here! Plus the narrators are just delightful-so much expression and easy to understand/listen to voices.

We found a new favorite book, Rattletrap Car, by Phyllis Root. This farm family is getting ready for a trip to the beach. But on their way, first a wheel falls off, then the floor falls out, the gas tank falls off, etc. Each time there is a catastrophe, the children have a creative way of fixing the car from their packed goods. (This is the perfect chance to make a family book club/activity and enjoy some chocolate marshmallow fudge delight. Mmmm) There are so many sound words (onomatopoeia) in this book, kids are going to love it! Mine definitely did, as did I.

One More Story-the best picture books read aloud any time, anywhere

One More Story-the best picture books read aloud any time, anywhere

We have really enjoyed using the One More Story subscription in our home. It is going to be perfect for a cross country car ride to the beach this year with young children. We are also going to enjoy adding it in as part of our summer homeschool.

Connect with One More Story

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Family Devotional with Bob Goff- Homeschool Morning Time, Bedtime

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Each night we read a chapter/section from a devotional, and often read a few stories from the Beginner’s Bible, to our children. The lst several weeks we have been using a new “devotional” and have really enjoyed it. Tommy Nelson Publishing so graciously sent us Everybody, Always for Kids , by Bob Goff and Lindsey Goff Viducich.
We love supporting theologically accurate books which teach about loving like Jesus and walking in such a way that reflects that. Everybody, Always for Kids  fits into our family perfectly. We have enjoyed reading a new story several times a week, before bed. My kids beg to read from this book, enjoy the lovely illustrations, and understand the lessons taught.

Everybody, Always for Kids by Bob Goff

The binding feels sturdy, and the thick, glossy pages should hold up well to many years of love. There is also a royal blue, satin ribbon bookmark along with an inscription page, making this a perfect gift.

Inside this hard bound book, parents will find 40 stories of personal experience, that help children see the world from others’ point of view, and help them understand how to love others well. Each story focuses on a different situation or feeling, and how to respond/go to action, from a biblical perspective. We especially enjoyed the Be Not Afraid-serving others, Trash Cans- about Pat who was an ordinary neighbor that did something small for his neighbors, and Land the Plan-about mistakes.

Sometimes our children have a friend in their life that is hard to love, be it at Sunday school, playdates, or co-op classes. Loving that friend doesn’t mean accepting what they do as okay, but it does mean we can love them anyway, just as God loves us no matter how sinful our choices may be. We can each relate to feeling outcast, different, or mistreated because of our differences.

Sometimes children see someone else who is being treated differently, struggling with their feelings, or sitting alone, and they may not know how to help them. But Everybody, Always for Kids , makes it easy to see the simplicity in kindness, and how that kindness shows God’s love to others.

I love that we don’t have to send our children into battle for them to be “salt and light.” God has made previsions for our children to impact the world through their words, behaviors, and kindness *right where they are.* He always meets us where we are. And it is true for our children as well- siblings, neighbors, at the grocery store, or with friends, they can love others.

This book sticks to topics that are developmentally appropriate for kids ages 6-10, so there won’t be anything too difficult to discuss with your children. My kids are 4-10 and have enjoyed reading it together (my 10 year old has also read it on her own for fun). I can tell they’ve been contemplating what we’ve read, when they come to me and want to talk about the story from the last day or 2 .  The stories are making an impact on how they see others.

Want some free bonuses? You can also head here, to sign up for some great bonuses from Tommy Nelson Publishing for Everybody, Always for Kids. This will include a fun, 5 lesson plan/activity pack for your family. It includes activities that reinforce the lessons in the first few stories. These would be a great addition to your morning time, or after nap hands on learning in your homeschool.

Connect with Tommy Nelson

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Vooks: Storybooks Brought to Life

Vooks is a visual book streaming service that brings books to like via animation. This program has been loved by each of my kids, even the older ones (because who doesn’t love being read to?!)

Vooks Curious George Vooks Curious George 2

Vooks brings storybook to life with fun, easy to understand voiceovers and beautiful animated illustrations. We found so many of our most beloved picture books while using Vooks, but also a treasure-trove of new books we’ve not read.

I have looked through the book selection, and have found only good, beautiful books that I wouldn’t mind my children reading without me. One of my favorite features, as a homeschool mom, is that the words are highlighted in bold letters as the book is read. There are also titles read aloud in Spanish, with Spanish text, which is great for those kids from a Spanish speaking home, or those learning the language.

Try Vooks free for 30 days! Go to VOOKS to sign up! 

We use Vooks for independent time, for the kids to hear some book read aloud with great interactive illustrations. We set it up on our larger monitor desktop, and they can each take turns selecting the books they want read aloud. We have food this perfect for cold and rainy days this spring. Also, I get to listen along while I fold laundry, which is fun for me. I love children’s picture books; and we get to interact as a family. The entire site is kid friendly and parent approved (and not just by me haha)

Vooks: Storybooks Brought to Life

Strengthen literacy, vocabulary, and promote independent learning for your kids using Vooks!

Along with all the beautiful picture books, parents and teachers can find free, printable lesson plans which include discussion topics, engaging activities, and more!

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Many thanks to Vooks for providing this product/product information for review.  Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.  I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.


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