Homeschool Bible Curriculum: Positive Action Bible Curriculum

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Summer is one of my favorite seasons for homeschoool- we “year round” homeschool, but take it pretty easy for a few weeks during summer. During this time we add in new supplementary programs/ books, do more nature study, and play in the pool a lot. My oldest (almost 5th grade) has been enjoying a Bible program, ludhiana girl dating, from number one dating site in nigeria. I have to tell you, it’s probably something we will add in from now on for Bible studies at this age. It’s a great program, easy to use, and we love it!


Upon opening our box from Positive Action Bible Curriculum, I found the soft over student book and the teacher’s guide binder. The teacher’s guide contains the answers on exact photo copies of the student pages. The guide is easy to use, and will help you with scheduling lessons; there are 5, 4, and 3 day options. In the past we have torn out pages from our books and put them into folders by weeks; I still like to do that with a lot of our curriculum. But for some of our work, I like to just have the kids do a lesson or 2 a week, and that’s what we have done here.

The student book has very high quality binding-no sheets falling out, yay!-with thick pages that have beautiful color illustrations. The images are not distracting, but are helpful to the lessons.

Each lesson is broken into 3 parts- A, B, and C. I love that in the front of the student book, there is a timeline of the Old Testament- this is such a great visual for students and parents. Each lesson contains vocabulary, a section to work on/ in verses that support the lesson topic, and other activities to get students into the Word of God. My 10 year old really enjoyed numbering order of events, the comprehension sections, and applying critical thinking to the meaning of verses.

Possessing the Land Positive Action Bible Curriculum Elem.

Possessing the Land Positive Action Bible Curriculum Elem.

I love that she is learning a bit of basic theology regarding foundational themes in the Bible; we love having Bible time as a family, and I see her growing even more during those times. I also like that because Possessing the Land isn’t dry and drab, it encourages students’ love for learning the Bible, and getting closer to God through his Word. Each lesson shows the character of God, His faithfulness and unchanging love. You can find the scope and sequence for Possessing the Land Here.

Possessing the Land covers 35 weeks of lessons including topics such as:

  • sin and redemption
  • the mercy of Joseph
  • the law of God
  • our Holy God
  • the loyalty and reign of David
  • the suffering of Job
  • songs of Praise
  • wisdom and vanity
  • the minor prophets

The pictures are colorful, meaningful, and include maps and other visuals that help students understand the Bible in context. Some sections that require students to fill in verses give help on where to find the answers; this is so helpful for students who are just learning their Bibles, struggle with memorizing, or those who just need an extra help. I know this was encouraging for my daughter.

Possessing the Land Positive Action Bible Curriculum Elem.

The teacher’s manual is one of the easiest I’ve ever come across while homeschooling. There is no drawn out script or confusing charts to follow. Each lesson has an overview for teachers/parents, and is then divided into sections just like the student’s book-A, B, C. It gives discussion/explanation points and a Target Truth 💜 such as If God is with us, we don’t need to fear, and God does not forget about out His children. I love these. The teacher’s guide is really helpful and full of valuable information in a concise format. Thank you!

I don’t want to forget a little gem from the teacher’s guide, found in the back of each week- a character trait activity! Each week focuses on a character trait that can be learned from the lesson, but then also applied and discussed as a family. We are faithful when we keep our word and stay worthy of trust. God is always faithful to His children.

Man. Y’all. This really is one of my very favorite products we have used in our homeschool. It is such a  simple program to implement, but so impactful.

Possessing the Land Positive Action Bible Curriculum Elem.

Possessing the Land Positive Action Bible Curriculum Elem.

If you’re looking for a Bible curriculum to supplement your homeschool, I would definitely recommend Positive Action Bible Curriculum. I’ve tried adding in other Bible programs and they’ve always been too dry or too fluffy (ear tickling theology). The pace of lessons in Possessing the Land make it something we don’t dread doing. My 10 year old really does enjoy it, so adding it in was seamless. I love that it isn’t preaching to my kids, but instead has them involved in their Bible, studying and thinking about what they have read for understanding.

I will definitely be adding other levels from Positive Action Bible Curriculum into our homeschool. I think my soon to be 9 year old will love it, too. Check it out here: ludhiana girl dating

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Family Devotional with Bob Goff- Homeschool Morning Time, Bedtime

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

Each night we read a chapter/section from a devotional, and often read a few stories from the Beginner’s Bible, to our children. The lst several weeks we have been using a new “devotional” and have really enjoyed it. Tommy Nelson Publishing so graciously sent us Everybody, Always for Kids , by Bob Goff and Lindsey Goff Viducich.
We love supporting theologically accurate books which teach about loving like Jesus and walking in such a way that reflects that. Everybody, Always for Kids  fits into our family perfectly. We have enjoyed reading a new story several times a week, before bed. My kids beg to read from this book, enjoy the lovely illustrations, and understand the lessons taught.

Everybody, Always for Kids by Bob Goff

The binding feels sturdy, and the thick, glossy pages should hold up well to many years of love. There is also a royal blue, satin ribbon bookmark along with an inscription page, making this a perfect gift.

Inside this hard bound book, parents will find 40 stories of personal experience, that help children see the world from others’ point of view, and help them understand how to love others well. Each story focuses on a different situation or feeling, and how to respond/go to action, from a biblical perspective. We especially enjoyed the Be Not Afraid-serving others, Trash Cans- about Pat who was an ordinary neighbor that did something small for his neighbors, and Land the Plan-about mistakes.

Sometimes our children have a friend in their life that is hard to love, be it at Sunday school, playdates, or co-op classes. Loving that friend doesn’t mean accepting what they do as okay, but it does mean we can love them anyway, just as God loves us no matter how sinful our choices may be. We can each relate to feeling outcast, different, or mistreated because of our differences.

Sometimes children see someone else who is being treated differently, struggling with their feelings, or sitting alone, and they may not know how to help them. But Everybody, Always for Kids , makes it easy to see the simplicity in kindness, and how that kindness shows God’s love to others.

I love that we don’t have to send our children into battle for them to be “salt and light.” God has made previsions for our children to impact the world through their words, behaviors, and kindness *right where they are.* He always meets us where we are. And it is true for our children as well- siblings, neighbors, at the grocery store, or with friends, they can love others.

This book sticks to topics that are developmentally appropriate for kids ages 6-10, so there won’t be anything too difficult to discuss with your children. My kids are 4-10 and have enjoyed reading it together (my 10 year old has also read it on her own for fun). I can tell they’ve been contemplating what we’ve read, when they come to me and want to talk about the story from the last day or 2 .  The stories are making an impact on how they see others.

Want some free bonuses? You can also head here, to sign up for some great bonuses from Tommy Nelson Publishing for Everybody, Always for Kids. This will include a fun, 5 lesson plan/activity pack for your family. It includes activities that reinforce the lessons in the first few stories. These would be a great addition to your morning time, or after nap hands on learning in your homeschool.

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Bible Journaling for Girls- Beautiful Word Journaling Bible for Girls

I written before about Bible journaling and how much I enjoy it. My oldest daughter is 10, and had just started asking if she was old enough for one. I told her yes she could buy now with her money, and we would look into finding her the perfect journaling Bible.

Just a week later we had the chance to review the NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls Pencil/Sticker Gift Set. Yall- it is perfect! She was already in her Bible reading often (daily), but now she is enjoying interacting with God’s Word through journaling and creativity.

Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls #beautifulwordgiftset & #FlyBy

This Bible has been crafted especially for girls ages 8 to 12. The sticker sheet and colored pencil set give girls the tools to get started connecting with Jesus through Bible journaling.

Girls will get creative through coloring and journaling in the NIV Beautiful Word™ Coloring Bible
for Girls. Included are pencils to color, blend and shade the detailed line art surrounding
hundreds of inspiring verses. This Bible gift set will become a cherished keepsake full of personalized creative expressions of faith.

Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls #beautifulwordgiftset & #FlyBy

Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls #beautifulwordgiftset & #FlyBy
Features include:
 Complete text of the accurate, readable and clear New International Version (NIV), which is easy for young girls to understand.
 Over 600 verses illustrated in ready-to-color line art
 Four colored pencils
 Six sheets of stickers designed for girls
 Thick white paper for writing and doodling
 Lined, wide margins for notes and reflections
 Satin ribbon marker
 Beautifully debossed and screen-printed cover
 Exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print® typeface in a readable 8-point print size


Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls #beautifulwordgiftset & #FlyBy

My daughter was *so* excited for her own journaling Bible. She loves that there are so many illustrations to color, and areas to journal, draw, and use her washi tapes. She has been working in her Bible and really focusing on understanding the Word. I love that the font is large enough for her to read with ease, without fatiguing her eyes.

The set comes in a beautiful, sturdy box that makes it easy to keep it safe and tidy. Bible journaling is a wonderful way for girls to learn how to highlight and write notes in their Bibles.

Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls #beautifulwordgiftset & #FlyBy

Click HERE for some beautiful coloring sheets to go along with the journaling Bible, or to enjoy while you wait for yours to arrive! Order from Christian book here

Our son is only 8, and not quite ready for a journaling Bible, but he is already asking for one so he can do it at night with his big sister.  I am really hoping Zondervan makes a Beautiful Word Coloring Bible just for boys, too! There aren’t any on the market; it is the perfect hands on way for boys to have quiet time with Jesus. Come on Zondervan, please! 😉



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Free Mother’s Day Devotional from Hachette Book Group

I *love* working with Hachette Book Group, and here they are again with freebies for moms-

Send the mamas in your life a little encouragement for all that they do and all that they are.

Authors Denae Jones and Jennifer Gerelds will send a 6-day e-devotional directly to her, just fill out the form found at the link below!
You can even add a personal note AND select devos specifically for her stage of motherhood, from pregnancy to grandparenting and every stage in between.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Free Devotional Everyday Grace for Moms EDevo


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The Heart Changer- a mid grade novel {a review}

Our family (my oldest child in particular) enjoys learning through historical fiction; we have been reading a wonderful Biblical fiction book from Jarm Del Boccio, titled The Heart Changer.

The paperback is 116 pages, with a glossy cover and thick, bright white pages.
The Heart Changer opens with a poem, The Master Weaver, and closes with a beautiful note from the author.
The fictional details of a true account in the Bible bring meaning to what may have been happening to a young girl behind-the-scenes; her life story may seem almost insignificant at first glance, but The Heart Changer is a book that helps dive a little deeper to see God’s hand at work in this famous Old Testament story.

This is the story of a young Israelite girl and the heartache she endures, the losses she experiences, and the changes she goes through. Much like our every day lives, Mirriam has no idea that the Lord’s plans for her life far exceed the angst and tragedy she has endured thus far. Torn from her family during an attack and chosen to serve the family in charge of destroying her village, Mirriam must overcome these obstacles (and more) in order to fulfill God’s victorious plan for her life, and those she will impact.

We hear Mirriam’s dialogue as she talks to God, wonders about Him, his authority, and his will. We watch as her heart changes from almost rebellious against The All Powerful One (because He could have stopped everything bad from happening) to one of love, understanding, and faithfulness.

She comes to realize, through the people Jehovah has placed in her life, that He is A God that Sees.
He sees her, her family’s situation, and all along had a plan of redemption.

I will say, seeing some favorite people from the Old Testament emerge in this book was exciting!

What We Think and How We Used It

My almost 9 year old, third grade daughter read The Heart Changer front to back in the course of a day and couldn’t put it down! We talked about what Biblical fiction means, in relation to history, and fact vs fiction. She enjoyed comparing this fictional book to the Bible’s Old Testament book, used as the base of the story.

We also used the free Teacher’s Guide (provided on the book’s page) to open some discussion, and learn more about life surrounding the story. The what’s in a name activities were the most fun- we looked up the Biblical characters’ names, our family names, and the different names of God. We enjoyed finding where those names are found in Scripture, and how they’re used differently. The Teacher’s Guide offers other activities and recipes that can be made together.

This book is lovely, and has been a blessing to our family. It would make a perfect gift for a young (or old) person in your life-it is suitable for ages 7+, easy to follow the story line, and full of surprises.


The Heart Changer {a middle grade Biblical fiction story}

Connect with Jarm Del Boccio:

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Self Care: Creating a Mama Morning Time Routine


Morning time can be a hard concept when you aren’t a morning person.

Growing up, I needed a good 20+ minutes to wake up before I could function, I didn’t eat breakfast willingly, and I walked around in a fog until lunch time. Haha (not really, but it took a while.)

Not much has changed, except now I have coffee, 4 children and a farm + an amazing husband. I learned after baby number 4 I have to take care of myself.

Mamas, this is the only body and mind we have. We need time, whether introverted or extroverted, to think through our day before the littles rise. We need time to talk with Jesus, read God’s Word, and pray before the world needs us.

Taking time for ourselves isn’t a luxury, it is imperative. We cannot take care of the people we love if we don’t take care of ourselves.

Self Care-Morning Time with Jesus

How to Make Time

Rise before the kids. My husband usually wakes me up before he leaves for work, around 530/6am. When he is traveling, or if he leaves very early, he texts me or I set an alarm.

When I had infants, I sometimes put my morning time on the back burner, but there were days I could squeeze it in-before the 5:30AM feeding wake up, or the quick nap from 6am to 7am before baby started his day. Some mornings are just more hectic than others, especially when there are tiny babies involved. Using the time at the end of the day for a quick devotional or mini art journal session does the trick, too. I remember the hours between baby going to sleep for the “night,” and waking for a middle of the night feed (7pm-11pm) were usually a good time for me to take “me” time before catching a quick nap.

Even today, with an 8, 6, 4, and 2 year old, we implement rest time from 1-3pm. The older 3 don’t usually nap, but the 2 year old does. I take this time to unwind just for me- I set the older 2 kids up with audio books, handicrafts, or alone time in their own space. During this time I am able to stretch, load up my water cup, have a healthy snack, and read a good book, journal, or sometimes sleep!

Getting Excited and Preparing for Success

  • Have your tools on hand

Keeping a tote with my favorite study Bible and a good devotional, like Help Club for Moms, gets me excited about my alone time with Jesus. In my tote I keep my Bible journaling highlighters, a few of my favorite pens for my Bible, sticky notes for marking things I want to come back to for studying, and all my favorite devotional books. (A video coming on that tote, soon!)

I love having all of my tools at hand; anything I am led to do, I can do right then and there. Whether it is copying a favorite verse to my planner for the day, reciting a special prayer from Prayers that Avail Much, doing a little art journaling, or just reading God’s Word, having it all together keeps me motivated, and accountable.

***You can use anything you have on hand for a tote-an extra book bag, backpack, basket, or old purse. There is no need to buy new things, when you probably have something on hand that will work! When you find your groove, and have worn out your repurposed tote or Bible, then treat yourself to a new one. =)

  • Set the coffee pot timer

Yes, this is seriously something that excites me and keeps me motivated.

Hearing the coffee pot beep right after my alarm wakes me, means I can go straight to the kitchen for a fresh cup of coffee… And you can’t lay down to drink coffee, so might as well sit up and read the Bible while you’re at it, right?! If you don’t do coffee, use the timer for a pot of hot water for making tea, hot cocoa, or whatever your favorite hot beverage may be.

  • Your Favorite Way to Connect with Jesus

Maybe journaling and devotionals aren’t your thing? That’s okay- there are so many ways to connect with Jesus. I keep the KLove app on my ipad and turn it on often. Worship music while reading or praying is a great way to start your day!

I also have the YouVersion app on my phone and ipad- there are so many quick daily studies for all walks of life- mamas, dads, youth, elderly, widows, parents with special circumstances-if you can think it up they have study for that topic or person. Their verse of the day may be just enough to fire you up for the day.

Podcasts are another wonderful way to take time for yourself, even when you don’t have the time or energy to sit and write/read/journal. Two of my favorite pastors to listen to on my podcasts app are: Adrian Rogers and Charles Stanley. You can also listen to them online, via those links.

I grew up with both of these pastors; being form the south there is something about those accents that make my heart sing, too. But they speak Biblical truth; that combined with their love for God and His people make listening to and studying through them very easy.

Mamas, I hope you have found something helpful here that will fire you up for self care time with Jesus.

Sometimes it is as simple writing on a scratch piece of paper the things we want to accomplish when we wake, so we don’t forget to do them! Remembering to start and stick to a new routine can sometimes be difficult-make it easier on yourself.

Look for the next post in this series, which will touch on other forms of self care!

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30 Days to Understanding the Bible {a book review}

Bible reading, journaling, and studying are some of my favorite ways to unwind, begin my day, and end my day. This month I’ve been using 30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Max Anders. This has been a fun review; learning, studying, and refreshing what I know about the Bible really helps bring everything together when I am reading and journaling.

30 Days to Understanding the bible

About the Book

Dr. Max Anders is the author of over 25 books. He has taught on the college and seminary level and is a veteran pastor. Max was also one of the original team members with Walk Thru the Bible Ministries. He provides resources and discipleship strategies at to help people grow spiritually.

30 Days to Understanding the bible

His book 30 Days to Understanding the Bible, has been recommended by Bible teachers and pastors for 30 years. I found it to be a straightforward, easy-to-use guide. I really like the structure of the book; in just about 15 minutes a day I have been learning and studying about the history, context, and structure of the Bible itself.

Inside, the 385 page book you will find 7 sections:

  1. The Story of the Old Testament, including the geography structure of the Bible, and each Old Testament book
  2. The Story of the New Testament, including the geography structure of the Bible, and each New Testament book/era
  3. The 10 Great Doctrines of the Bible (SO fascinating!)
  4. Nano Summary of the Bible
  5. How to Mast the Bible So Well That The Bible Masters You (how to study the Bible well)
  6. Teaching Plan
  7. Bonus Chapters-this is full of chapters that cover chunks of the Bible in depth, such as miracles, parables of Jesus, The Resurrection, prophecies, etc.

Also, there is a great appendix in the back, along with several blank pages for note taking (love that!)

The chapters are made up study notes, charts, lots of visual helps, and review studies. I found that their reviews are very similar to the classical education model, in repeating back what you have read, which is a proven helpful way to memorize and learn, then apply what you’ve memorized.

30 Days to Understanding the bible


30 Days to Understanding the bible

The visuals, charts, and icon images are definitely going to help visual learners! I can’t wait to hand this to my daughter; she will so enjoy the history, context, cultural break down, and studying of the Bible.

Alongside my copy of the book, I’ve been using my ESV Study Bible. This certainly isn’t necessary, but I like to make notes and highlight in my books, especially my Bibles. I was able to make many notes and reminders in my ESV study Bible of things i learned from 30 Days to Understanding the Bible.

This book will be a wonderful addition to your library or as gift for someone you love. Whether you are new to Scripture, studying as a refresher, or just wanting some history context and break down of the Bible, this is going to be a top notch resource!


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Life is Moments {of grace}

They sometimes disagree, I sometimes have to say “go work it out with your words, then come tell me how you fixed the problem;” We avoid being their referees as much as possible. Real life doesn’t come with a referee, we have to learn when to stand our ground and when to retreat.

Life is Moments of Grace

This life, homeschool, building relationships with siblings and each other … it is messy. It can be harder than we would like, yet often it is only as hard as we make it.

But Grace says we can. Grace, knowing there is room for error because Jesus, means we can.

(small backstory-grace is a really big trendy word in the Christian community the last several years. For what it’s worth, I am still learning about it. I think it is overused and misused often, so I was hesitant to make this post. I believe a lot of new Christians or those that don’t know Jesus yet are probably confused by the use of grace as I once was… but alas it was laid on my heart so here I am.)

The Word says we can overcome, work through, build, grow, fail, and try again at this parenting thing because of Him.

Not because we are patient.

Not because we are good or kind.

I’m not patient y’all and Im surely not good 😂- I’m not any better suited for this gig than any other mom.

**But we are not called to make choices based on patience, ability, or lack there of … God calls us, and He decides how to arm us for His work.

We aren’t perfect, therefore life isn’t either.

But life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

And we don’t have to be perfect parents to have beautiful, blessed, non-perfect children.

But we do need to be able to see them, speak affirmations of faith over them, and stop criticizing them, our spouses, and ourselves.

Don’t let the noise distract from the beauty. Find your quiet in the chaos in Him, in truth, and in all things beautiful to Him.

Those dirty hands, the messy hair, the loooong bedtime conversations that seem to go on forever- they’re going to end one day, sooner than I’d like.

I’m thankful for this reminder- for children that just came in from playing in the dirt, gathered around a book, one sprawled on a table covered in crumbs 🙄- the reminder that the hard days are *really* hard but they reap joyful moments, and that’s what life is made of.

Life is moments, good or bad, that we don’t get again.


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NIV Adventure Bible Polar Edition {a review and giveaway}

The Adventure Bible brand, having sold over 9 million copies, is beloved by Christian schools, churches, and families alike. Now, the #1 Bible for kids, including all of the trusted essentials loved by parents, is available in an exciting polar exploration theme!

My son could not wait to embark on a fun, exciting trek through God’s Word with the NIV Adventure Bible! He has been asking for a big boy Bible, that was more than an illustrated story Bible. For the last several weeks we have been reading from it as a family at bedtime; my daughter has a different version of the Adventure bible, so she was able to help him navigate through all the amazing features found within his Polar Edition. It makes my heart so happy to see them loving God’s Word, and finding truth for their life in Scripture.

While on this arctic adventure, readers meet all types of people, see all sorts of places, and
learn all kinds of facts about the Bible. And most importantly you’ll grow closer in your relationship with God.

Features of the NIV Adventure Bible, Polar Exploration Edition include:

  • The same trusted Adventure Bible content in a frosty new theme
  • Full-color images of polar animals, arctic outposts, and icy landscapes
    throughout make learning about the Bible even more engaging
  • Life in Bible Times—Articles and illustrations describe what life was like in
    ancient days
  • Words to Treasure—Highlights great verses to memorize
  • Did You Know?—Interesting facts help you understand God’s Word and the
    life of faith
  • People in Bible Times—Articles offer close-up looks at amazing people of
    the Bible
  • Live It!—Hands-on activities help you apply biblical truths to your life
  • Twenty polar-themed pages focus on topics such as how to know you are a
    Christian, famous people of the Bible, highlights of the life of Jesus, and how to pray.
  • Book introductions feature arctic art and important information about each
    book of the Bible
  • Dictionary/concordance for looking up tricky words
  • Color map section to help locate places in the Bible
  • Complete text of the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible
  • Thrilling new glacial cover on metallic paper

You can check out a sample of this new Polar Edition by clicking the following link:

Enter below to win your own copy of the NIV Adventure Bible Polar Edition; the publisher hopes to get the winner’s copy to them in time for Christmas!

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Scripture Bible Art Journaling {a review}

I *love* journaling, doodling, and especially writing; I have been debating buying a few different art and journaling books. I’ve been journaling since before I could write a sentence, but love learning new things like hand lettering and art methods. My love for words runs deep, and God has used that love of language to encourage me in Bible and scripture journaling.

How excited was I when given the chance to review some of the most beautiful art journals ever?! SO excited, y’all! AND, on my 33rd birthday? YES, please- (… and thank you!)

These are some of the most beautiful, high quality, well made art journals I’ve laid my eyes or hands upon! Ellie Claire Gifts has created delicious hardbound art journaling books that everyone should add to their shelves (or desk … or hygge space).

Ellie Claire Bible Art Journals

The Illuminate Your Story Journal opens with an introduction to illuminated letters, the history of this intricate art (how interesting!), and the process used to create your own within the journal’s pages and beyond! The journal is complete with a riveted pen loop, sewn binding, and smooth white pages which detail the art of creating illuminated letters, scrolls, ivies, and other shapes used in the ancient art of illuminated lettering. Between art practice pages you will find lined pages featuring quotes and scripture for journaling or continuing your practice. It even features an expandable envelope in the back for keepsakes. 😍 I LOVE this feature; it expands super wide, too. You will love it!

This journal is cream with a teal spine, pen loop, and elastic closure. It is smaller in size compared to the other 2 journals I received, but boy is it a beauty! There is a light teal bookmark found in the back, and beautiful gold embossing on the cover.

Illuminate Your Story Journal

Illuminate your Story Journal


The Illustrated Word coloring journal features sewn binding with a beautiful orange cloth spine, and contains sturdy, thick antiqued/cream colored pages filled with forty illustrations from the archives of the Museum of the Bible- there are lined pages between each illustration for journaling.

Each illustration spread features the original art work with a reference to it’s collection/creator at the bottom of the page, with a full page adapted illustration for coloring or painting. This is a beautiful, classic coloring journal; the cover is beautifully embossed with gold foil details all throughout the cover illustration.

Illustrated Word Coloring journal


Illustrated Word Journal

Lastly, there is my personal favorite, the Faith and Lettering Journal– it also has sewn binding with a riveted (thick) elastic pen loop (also found on the Illuminate Your Story Journal) filled with crisp, white, lined, grid, and decorative pages. The introduction has complete helps for rediscovering your creativity and how to use the book. There are step-by-step letter practices for decorative/creative lettering. Colorful, artistic verses are found throughout for inspiration during your devotional and time- they are sure to help imprint God’s Word in your heart. 💕

A Few of my Favorite Things

Faith and Lettering doodles

I love how helpful the Pro Tips (one example seen above) found throughout are to the practice of lettering and design. The square grid and dot-grid pages are perfect for getting letters, scrolls, doodles and other creative designs just right and sized to scale.

These are all perfect Christmas gifts for anyone- young and old- in your life! I know my 8 year old daughter would love using these, as would I! I cannot wait to dive into them further. They are simple to use, encouraging, and did I mention-Beautiful? Their beauty will definitely light a fire to inspire your creativity!

Bible Art Journaling Books

Thank you, Ellie Claire Gifts, for these amazing art journals; they have been a joy to review 💕




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