Surviving Airplane Travel and Vacation with Small Children

Surviving Airport and Vacation with Small Children

As I write this post I am relaxing while my children take naps.
Our family (and I mean my husband’s ENTIRE family-18 of us) are all vacationing this week. It has been Ah-mazing, and has opened an opportunity for a good “how to survive…” post. If you’re not lucky enough to be able to hire a private jet with Jettly, read on!

So, here is it: How to Survive The Airport and Vacation with Small Children

1. Food- When all else fails FEED THEM. I packed a bazillion snacks for our plane ride. As a matter of fact, I carried an entire back pack full of snacks. Fussy? feed them. Ears hurt? Feed them. Tired but won’t sleep? Feed them. Bored? Feed them. Talking too loudly on a red eye flight? Feed them. (oh yea, if they’re hungry you should feed them too!)

Surviving Vacation & Airplanes with Small Children

2. Seating- On an airplane you can make sure your family’s seats are together by logging into your account online (or calling, I’m sure). Our planes had two rows of seats, 3 seats wide. So for us, with a family of 5, it was best to have: number 1 child at the window, number 2 next to number 1, then daddy on the aisle seat to help managed them, while mama sat across the aisle in the aisle seat, with baby. That way if we needed to hand/trade off we could. I could easily pass baby to daddy while I made her bottle/got her food out, etc. Also, brother (2.5yo) could come see me when he needed to. Also be sure to check your seating arrangements the day before you fly because they could have been changed without your knowledge!

3. One Activity- For us, drawing and writing is infinitely interesting to our kids, most of the time. Whatever it is that occupies your kids at home (that isn’t huge or require a lot of little pieces), take it with you for the plane and long lay overs in the airport! **Don’t take a TON of things. Chances are your kids will be just as content (if not more) having only one or two things to focus on. However, if your kids are at the “throw down and lose everything/have mom pick it up” stage, skip this entirely and let them play with the magazines on the plane!

4. Personal Backpacks– If your kids are 2 years and older, chances are they can carry a small to medium sized backpack with ease through the airport. With most airlines, each person that has a seat/ticket on the plane gets to take a carry on bag. That means even children can “carry” a bag on the plane. Take advantage of this! My daughter (4yo) took her own small backpack that had her “planner,” pen, a favorite book, and lovey for sleeping. In her brother’s backpack we carried them both a change of clothes, extra diapers for him (for sleeping and to prevent frequent bathroom breaks), and his sleeping lovey. Bringing a backpack is especially useful for long haul flights. We’re thinking of taking a trip to England since we found some good deals on stratford hotels. I’ve always wanted to visit that area but we’ve always been put off going due to the long flight. I might just wait until the kids are a little older though.

5. Change of clothes– This is HUGE. I never would have thought to take a change of clothes for the plane (this is my husband’s tip). But if you are flying over night, or all day long, a change of clothes can go a long way for everyone! Putting kids into their pajamas at night when they would usually be getting ready for bed sends a sleep que to them, and can help them be comfortable and relaxed. Also, a change of clothes (undies, shirt/yoga pants, shorts, or dress) for mom and dad is also nice. After all the loading, moving/running through airports it is nice to be able to change just your shirt. Don’t carry an entire new wardrobe, just enough to help you feel refreshed/clean/better.

6. Wear Baby- I found that wearing baby was a life saver! I didn’t really know how much I would use my carrier, but it turned out to be awesome. Now, don’t go get a carrier the week of vacation; you will want plenty of time to use it and get comfortable using it with and without help. I wore #3 on my front for the plane, and on my back at the beach. I did need help getting her in the carrier for my back because without a bed to drop her on (accidentally) I am just not comfortable doing it blind. What carrier should you get? That’s up to you; I love love love my Baby Hawk Mei Tai. There is also the BabyHawk baby Carrier that snaps! I sorta wish I had seen that one when I bought my mei tai before #3 was born… snaps are fast and easy, though not as versatile. (Just make sure you read how to properly wear baby, please! High on your chest/back, no facing outward, etc)

7. Sleep!- Let them sleep! I know on vacation it is hard to stop all the fun and going/doing for naps. But, for us, everyone is much happier and can go and do much, much more if they are well-rested. If the kids are exhausted and can’t function, how can you have a good time?! So, take a few hours, go rest, then get up refreshed and ready to go! The best way to get refreshed and energized by a good nap is if you’re staying in a beautiful and welcoming hotel while vacationing, like Boutique Hotel Downtown San Jose. This way, you and your child can rest up with a comfy bed while staying in luxury!

8. This thing: Trust me, you need it! Leave the pack n play at home and carry this for travel sleeping arrangements; we LOVE ours

What’s your favorite tip for traveling, flying, & vacationing with little ones?

Counter Culture, Anyone? Part One

God has been working on me a lot the last year, and I have too.  I have had these very strong feelings and passions about life since we found out we were pregnant with Lexie over 2 years ago.  I am so blessed that JTom shares those same sentiments; I couldn’t really find anything to describe our parenting style, and then while talking with like minded mamas on a forum, I found it- Counter Culture.  It’s pretty much us, to a T.  Some things that we do that are counter culture:
  • We say “no”- our children don’t get anything and everything they want.  If they cry and pitch a fit they especially don’t get it
  • We don’t watch TV.  JTom and I watch some television on occasion but in our house the TV is off.  Lexie knows a few shows (more than I’d like due to being around other family and friends) and sometimes she watches Thomas the Train.  But we limit it to a few times a month
  • We don’t do Disney.  that isn’t to say we will never take our children to Disney World, although I can think of a million other places I’d rather take them …  Disney is an overpriced, over commercialized parent trap.  Maybe when the kids are older we will visit, but we do not buy a bunch of Disney products or movies, etc.
  • We pray.  As a family.  A lot.  Much of this is instigated by the two year old herself.  One of our family goals this year is to pray as a family more.
  • We know we are created in His image, and seek to live closely with Him
  • We don’t believe that today’s “normal” is normal.
  • We don’t believe that today’s “good” is good.
  • We don’t believe that certain things come with “childhood.”  Sugary foods, not eating healthy meals, playing video games, and bossing parents around are not rights of passage in childhood.  They are not part of being a kid.  They are for some kids, but not for ours.
  • We go against the flow
  • Aren’t afraid to be ourselves, be different

Basically to sum it up, our culture is about self gratification, and we are trying to raise our children against the grain.  This may result in the exact same outcome every other family has; I am not saying our way is better or the best.  It is just how we do it.  We are trying to instill in our children that this life isn’t supposed to be lived just for us, it is supposed to be lived to the Glory of God.  That means we don’t always get what we want, what we beg for, or what other people have.  It is okay to be different, as a matter of fact, it is GREAT to be different than mainstream society; society today is not a good normal.  
What we do offer our kids is love, affection, time spent one on one, special outings, and an occasional splurge.  They aren’t deprived; but our society and even people in our family would probably tell you that “having lots of stuff/toys makes kids happy.  It’s just who kids are.”  No, that is who kids’ are raised to be.  That is how society has brought them up.  But JTom and I really don’t want that for our kids.  They have nice clothes, toys, books …. but they don’t need an excess of it all.  Sometimes gifts we receive go back to the store.  We would rather use the money for something they need rather than something they don’t even know they want.

J.Tom and I are raising our children as counter culture as we can, and started living this way well before we knew it had a “label.”  We seek God and His glory in all we do and try to extend that to our children.  Sometimes I think maybe I need to justify myself, my family, or the raising of our children to others, including our own extended family.  Then I realize … no, i don’t.

I can explain it, but really I can just refer people to scripture.
Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Romans 12:2.

Stay tuned for the rest of the series on our family and how we are going against the grain.

Home Management and Intention

Intention In Your Day {}

Photo Credit HERE

Lately the word “intention” has been weighing on my heart. I am an organized person, I schedule and routine my children and our days so we can make the most of our days. Despite my best efforts, some days I feel like things are so chaotic.

The word intention brings me back to reality; laundry can wait when Lexie wants me to sit and do puzzles with her. Cleaning up the dishes really can wait when Max is awake and only has 1.5 hours to play before his next nap.

Intention– does every minute (or at least most) of your day have intention? Do you follow God’s priorities for your day, and therefore essentially your life?

I struggle with this on a daily basis, but I told my mom a few weeks ago, my motto for this year is “Are my priorities for the day God’s priorities for today?”

It’s hard as a stay at home mom, or a mom in general, to split your time between keeping the house, raising the children, loving your spouse, and taking care of yourself.

My husband goes to work early and stays late, deals with so much, then comes home to us. I truly don’t want him to come home to chaos in the evenings. I don’t want him to come home to nasty floors from this mornings breakfast, or a pile of laundry to fold that is still on the couch from nap time, because someone decided to wake up before I could get it finished.

But some days, that is how it goes.

Being a stay at home/work from home/homeschooling parent doesn’t mean our home or lives are perfect; it also doesn’t mean I sit on the couch and watch soap operas while the kids eat Cheetos and drink juice all day. As of current, I’m soon to be looking into new house plans to enable me to have my own workspace as well as have more space for a new homeschooling environment, because currently the whole house gets used as a school and an office all within a day and it’s probably hindering focus and progression. Working from home does have its benefits, especially for me as a mum. It allows me to be there 24/7 for my children, even if I am working. You can learn more here about working from home.

I compare raising a home to teaching in a classroom, a lot. This is because in teaching we have what is called classroom management- basically it is how you run your classroom, keep the children on task, accomplish the day’s learning goals, and get your own work done. It encompasses all the daily routines, from calling roll, lining up for lunch, turning in papers, to ending the school day. As teachers, we (I say “we” although I do not currently teach in a classroom outside my home) spend most every minute of the day tending to our classroom. Cleaning up messes, paying attention to students, talking to parents and coworkers, preparing lessons; there is instructional time, independent work time, circle time, and lunch time.

As a stay at home/homeschooling wife and mom, my days aren’t much different than those of a school day. Because we implement a routine and schedule, my children know what to expect and when to expect it. Even Max, at 5 months old knows our routines; when he hears my nursing bra click, he knows its time for dinner. When he sees me get the wrap, he starts getting excited and kicking his legs because he knows mama is going to wear him; he knows when he wakes up his diaper gets changed and then … Oh boy! Time to eat! And after bottle, he expects to sit in his bumbo and get oatmeal. If mama gets side tracked and doesn’t put him in the bumbo right away, a fit does ensue.

Routines make up every day life and when you are managing a household with two+ small children all day, you live by routines. I depend on them, my babies depend on them, even J.Tom depends on them for helping with the kids; and we are a happier, well put together family because we have routines and schedules. My children are well adjusted, they know I’m not going to starve them because they know when its time to eat, they get fed. They also know when they are tired, mama is going to put them down for a restful sleep. This has led to us having a two year old that tells us when she is tired and ready for bed; she knows when she feels tired, because she has always had a decent bedtime, and has been put to bed when she was tired. Not 2-3 hours later when she is so over tired she is bouncing off the walls and cannot settle.

But despite my best efforts, some days the laundry gets folded, but left on the back of the couch until everyone is fed and has had their fill of Mama for however long that takes. Some days the dishes seem a mile high, bottles need to be washed, and dirty laundry is suddenly piled everywhere-the hallway, the bathroom, the kids’ rooms, and the laundry room. Oh my, Heaven forbid Lexie Raye’s gymnastics shirt not be clean on gymnastics day! But it happens.

Although things are just super crazy with the move (I won’t even begin to describe the state our home is in), I am trying to keep things as routine for everyone as I can. Lexie gets to face-time her daddy during breakfast and dinner every day, and that helps a lot with him being gone. We have our own way of getting things done during the weeks J.Tom is gone, and it works. But I am so looking forward to next week, when we will hopefully all be together under one roof, all the time. (this post was written during our move from AR to NE).

Every day I struggle with God’s priorities for me: I know they include Bible time for myself and for the kids, I know they include playing with my babies, keeping myself, JTom, and the littles healthy by preparing nutritious meals, and some days they include special trips to the library or the park. But knowing and doing are not the same thing.

I seriously stop myself during the day and ask, “what are my priorities here?” and I go from there.

Some days the decisions are harder than others, but mostly the answer is simple: what would God have me do to please Him?

22 weeks old … I think

Im in bed writing this post, and i usually have my planner to help me with what week i am on.  I do not, however, have my planner.  Oh- it is a very fun planner, it is an Erin Condren life planner, and i LOVE it.  My only complaint is there aren’t enough lined pages for writing notes and thoughts .. but they sell a separate notebook for that, of course!  Anyway.  This is not a post about my planner.  The point of me mentioning it, was to say the weeks are running together on me!

Max is in the middle of his 22nd week of life; this weekend is going to be SO busy, so I am writing this one early.  He is rolling over like crazy; especially when he is trying to go to sleep.  He is a side sleeper.  So he rolls onto his side and sucks his thumb.  Its oh. My. Gah. So cute!  Bt, he also flips over to his belly.  And while playing and alert, he can easily flip back over to his back.  B when he is tired and trying to go to sleep, he gets angry and does a lot of yelling… So i have to go roll him back over.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen.

He is nursing better, thankfully.  He is taking his bottles well, but after about 5oz he is ready for his oatmeal.  The boy is devouring oatmeal!  I use a measuring spoon to measure out the oatmeal, then eye ball the formula to mix it with.  He usually ends up eating 4-6 tablespoons, sometimes more, 3xs a day.  That usually means i end up mixing the rest of his 8oz bottle into the oatmeal.  So he is taking a full 8-9oz per feeding.  I am still doing the probiotics twice a day and not doing any solids besides the oatmeal.  Since we are moving and all, I think I will wait until after the move to add in real foods.  It will just be easier with the traveling and everything to only have t have oatmeal, formula, and my pump in case he doesn’t nurse well.

He is in 6 month clothes and pajamas, and can wear some 6-9 footies, they’re just a little big in the feet.  But it wont be long and they will fit perfectly.  We are still signing, I am doing “milk” and “more,” while he eats.  He watches me, like “Hrm, what is it that she’s doing?” but hasn’t started signing back at me yet.  He likes to squeal!  It sounds like he is gasping for breath, you know what I mean?  But he is squealing- it’s cute.  He is obsessed with his feet (what a difference a week makes!) and reaches for his toys, or anything that is in front of him.  I have started sitting him up more, and he can balance for a second before he topples over.  =)

Lexie is so much fun, we have started building forts!  She loves it,  haha.  We went to Mid America Science Museum Sunday, and it was wonderful!  We have never been because before now she was really too young to enjoy it.  But thanks to super bowl, we were the only souls in the whole place.  Seriously, she got to run around and do anything and everything she wanted.  It was us and a lady building with blocks.  And the guy who took my $10.  Lexie is under 3, so she was free.  Who knew a $10 outing would be so fun?!  I promised we would go back next week after Jtom leaves.  I have some videos i will upload here soon.

Tuesday we went to the library.  I have packed up *most* of her books, so we have started borrowing them.  Her new favorite book is the “Three Billy Goats Gruff”. She retells it by saying, “the billy goat broke the troooole!”  That’s the only thing she cares about.  I didn’t realize how scary/weird those classical stories are… But they are important for her to read.  She is down to one day a week of school, so now we can do something fun on that day we don’t do school anymore.  Really, I’m relieved she isn’t going to school two days a week.  A break is nice, but now that Max is older and can travel more easily for outings, i feel like our time can be better spent together, learning and experiencing things together.  Although i did a lot of chores while she was at school 2 days a week, the other three days during the week were mostly spent at home, because otherwise were were out of the house 3-5 days out of the week!  That’s a lot of running and going with two young children.  It’s just too much for us.  So now that she’s down to one day, we can use a second day for our outing(s), and spend the other days playing and learning at home.  Its less chaotic and less pressure.

My woven wrap came in!  WE LOVE IT!  It is a beautiful bright turquoise.  I only know hwo to do one carry, but I will learn some others soon.  I have sold some of my girly cloth diapers, and have my ring sling listed to sell.  I am saving money for this wrap:

Isn’t it beautiful?!  It is a super strong wrap, the length I want is $135, so I have a way to go to save!  But I am getting there.  I have tried to find one used, but they’re hard to find because people love them so much.  So I may end up having to pay full price.  The mama owned business I want to get it from offers a 5% discount coupon, so that would help some.  Anyway, wraps are super fun. There is a whole lingo (sorta like cloth diapering, and sleep training) for wearing babies, especially in wraps.  You have to “break in” your wrap.  The Colimacon et Cie that i bought is pretty soft out of the package and doesn’t require as much breaking in.  But the Storch I want is one that needs a lot of work.  It’s suggested that you sleep on/with it, use it for picnics, forts, braid it (which is basically making a chain knot like you would in crochet), let the kids play on it, wash it, etc. to get it broken in good.  I want the longer length in this one so I can do more carries with it, plus I like having a longer tail on mine.  The turquoise one I have is an average size length at 4.6 meters, but I think I would be more comfy with the longer length, especially until I lose some more of the baby weight (which is slowly coming off, but at least it is coming off!)  I got a few pics of Max and me in the wrap outside the other day; after I get them uploaded to the computer I will get them on the blog.

Anyway, so that’s what we have been up to. Something sweet, the other day we were reading our devotional.  That day it was about angels, and how God sends them to watch over us and take care of us.  Lexie said, “Like Da does!”  (She calls JTom Daddy, dada, and Da, a lot).  I said, “Yes!  Just like Daddy does.”  Oh, priceless.  Today, JTom got home and Lexie was down for nap… not napping.  When it was time to get her up, he went in and she was so excited she stuttered.  She couldn’t get anything out!  It was so cute.  When he got her changed into her “walking panties” (those are her regular panties, instead of her “night night” panties which are her lupus , and got her milk she said, “mama!  I am so excited, Daddy is HERE!”  haha  After that we showed daddy all her new tricks- she can wink!  We also do this thing where I lay on the floor on my back, and put my hands by my head.  She stands in my hands and I lift her up.  It is what we used to do in cheerleading to prepare for single basing stunts.  Anyway, she loves it, so that was new.  We also do a new trick where i lay down and put my feet on her chest, then lift her in the air, and she is on my feet … if that makes sense?  I will get JTom to do some pictures this weekend.  Anyway, we had to show him that, and the library books … and the fort.  Then I ran to TJ Max to get boxes and they played outside, feeding the chickens and stuff.

About the move
We have the movers lined up for Monday, February 18th.  They will come and do some of the packing I am not doing, like the kitchen, breakables, pictures, mirrors, electronics, etc.  Tuesday the semi truck will come and load up, and leave!  The kids and I are going to drive to Memphis, see family in a quick 36 hours, and then my mom is traveling with us to Nebraska.  Once there, our things will hopefully have arrived by then, and we can get settled in.  Mom can help w the kids, and the decorating, etc.  Although we have all this “planned” it is strictly contingent on the closing of the house.  I am signing papers in AR and supposed to be over-nighting them back to whomever I’m told to… There are still a few things not complete, like something the appraiser is supposed to have turned in.  If everything gets done and here are no glitches, we close next Friday. 7 days and a handful of hours from right this moment.  And I am terrified.  Not really.  I am actually pretty calm about it, for me.  I’m just concerned about something not going right and the closing being moved … which means we live separate for 2+more weeks.  =/  The other option is to move into the basement JTom is a guest in.  And if closing doesn’t go well, then that may be just what we do!  Just pray for us that things go smoothly, and happen like they should.

Thankfully, JTom’s uncle is just 40 minutes away and he is going to take the chicks for us.  I am so sad, and I mean SO SAD, to let them go.  They’re so rotten, and so sweet.  And I have enjoyed eggs every single day since JTom has been gone; with the longer days they are back to laying an egg a piece per day!  Maybe that’s why I am losing weight, I eat eggs and whole wheat toast for breakfast and dinner.  =)

Here are some videos. I figured out how to upload them from my phone to youtube, so hopefully I will be loading a lot more on here in the future.

I don’t remember if i posted this one or not?  It is from August (notice her tan!), she was not yet 2, identifying all her ABCs.  She now knows the sounds of some of the letters.  We play phonemic awareness games during the day; for instance I will ask her what words start with the /m/ sound- like Max.  And she will name a bunch of words that start with m.  She also does it on her own, randomly.  I might say, “let’s do a flip!” and out of no where she will say, “flip is like four or friday!”  Using that as a teachable moment, we will talk about the letter f and the sound it makes.  We have fun =)

Identifying and placing some of the States on her map puzzle

These are all from the museum Sunday:

p://” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

This is probably my favorite.  It was so warm the other day, and she wanted to water the flowers.  So… that is what she did!

Wrapping and Wearing. No, not a Christmas sweater!

So, a new, fun thing we are doing is baby wearing!  I’ve had a sling and a baby bjorn for a long time.  I used both with Lexie- the Baby Bjorn when we went camping/hiking, and the sling while shopping.  Here is a BBjorn (yes, I am wearing her wrong, her knees should be above her hips- Don’t do what I did before I knew better).  These were taken in April 2011, when Lexie was 7 months old.



I loved the ease of wearing Baby #1, especially while running errands; there is no room left in a buggy after you put in the carrier, and those TJmax carts are SO tiny, all they will hold is the carseat (*did I only shop at TJ Max at the time? … coffe-check. chocolate-check. baby clothes- check. so yea, probably haha).  I’ve been thinking about when we move to Nebraska, Lady will only go to MDO once a week, if at all, and I will probably need to take both babies with me shopping.  Mister is about to get used to being worn!  haha

We have done the BBjorn a few times, but he likes the sling, when I can get it on comfortably.  I have ordered a wrap, they look like this:

picture credit

I’ve ordered a colimacon et Cie.  It’s bright teal, 100% organic and I cannot WAIT to use it.  Everyone says wrapping is like cloth diapering, once you start you become addicted!  Thing is, none of these things are cheap, and for what you would pay for the material to make one, you could buy one that is stronger and organic.  Mister is sitting in his sling now, as I type this.  =)

I won’t be one to use wrapping for napping or all day wearing (which is basically attachment parenting), because it just isn’t my parenting style, I suppose. However, for an hour around the house, while running errands, or while on playdates for Lady, they are perfect for Mister.  I’d rather have him happily next to me, than fussing while sitting in a carseat carrier, any day.

21 Week Baby Summary- baby 2

Baby 2  is 22 weeks tomorrow, and 5 months old!  Wow, how the last 2 months have flown by!  The first 3 …. well, those seemed to drag on forever, and that’s probably because he didn’t feel good.  But now, they are going by so quickly.

Developmentally, during his 21st week of life, he started really grabbing and reaching for things.  If a toy was on the blanket next to him, he rolled to his side, and reached for it.  It was pretty cool the first time he did that.  =)  He can sit well in the corner of the chair, but isn’t really anywhere near ready to sit on his own.

Something I notice with #2, is they don’t get to do as much as early as #1 did.  Well, for mine anyway.  I think this is because I still have to be careful where I put Mister, can’t leave him etc., with Lady able to reach.  She will try to lay him down so she can lay with him, roll him over, sit him up.  She knows not to, but being the 2 year old she is, she thinks he “needs to, Mama!”  haha

He is rolling over consistently now, from his back to his belly.  Mister is a side sleeper!  When he falls asleep, it is often on his side.  Oh the joys of having a video baby monitor  =)

I think I mentioned last time, Mister’s reflux has seemed to flare up.  The dr. said although the dairy allergy aggravates it, babies with reflux will have flair ups between 4-6 months old, it just happens.  She suggested medicine, which our insurance doesn’t cover and is …. $132 a month!  Not happening.  So, I got to thinking and remembered I had some powdered probiotics (this brand) left over from Lady having thrush.  I started googling and read that many parents have calmed reflux flare ups with probiotics.  We tried it, and it is working!  Yay!  $17 (I think they were) vs $132, I’ll take that any day!

Because of the reflux flare ups, I have taken him back to only formula mixed in oatmeal, no more solid foods; he was’t tolerating them well.  Everything came back up.  He is eating the oatmeal/formula mix like crazy, and that’s good enough for me, for now.  =)

JTom came home last weekend, and everyone was so happy to see him.  L was excited, of course, and Mister laughed and talked to him a lot.  Baby2 definitely knew his daddy!  I think we were both a little nervous he wouldn’t after 2 weeks.  But, he did.  The first thing Lady did when she saw her daddy was show him her fingernails. Then she hugged him and asked him to play.

We are anxiously awaiting the move; I have started packing.  Warning to all grandparents: NO more stuffed animals or dolls.  EVER!  For either child.  I do not care how cute they are, how fluffy they are, or how much they look like our own animals.  No more!  Please … =)  I have thrown out I don’t know how many stuffed animals that L doesn’t play with.  Oh, and no more battery operated toys, unless they are the trains that go to her Thomas set.  Those are okay.  Books, age appropriate puzzles, art stuff, educational toys, that stuff is fine.  Just no more stuffed fuzzy things, please.  =)

Anyhow … oh!  Good news!  We found a chicken!  We thought the dog killed and drug off the missing chicken, but it turns out she was at the neighbor’s house … so Lady and I went down yesterday afternoon and got her.  The only problem we had was Lady eating the banana we were going to use as bait… But we got the chick.  She is happy, being back with her buddies again.

That’s it for now.  I will try to keep updating through the move, but it may be hard for a while.




Comparing schedules

Ive been going back and looking over my blogs from when L was Mister’s age.  Turns out they are so much alike it’s unreal.  On my Nov 12th post, when Lady was 2.5 months old, she was sleeping exactly as long as Mister is, about the same size, and eating about the same amount.  The biggest difference is with her, I didn’t start meds for her reflux, and I didn’t have her napping quite as well as M does.  I think that just has to do with A) him being no meds and B) me knowing what to look for as far as him being sleepy.

However, I’m worried his Zantac isn’t working anymore … The last two days have been horrible.  He’s been in a lot of pain and only naps well in his swing. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on but I’m going to give it the weekend before I call the dr about upping dosage (for weight increase) or changing meds; he has started pulling off while nursing again, and after eating he will cry out and then gulp/choke/gasp for breath.  So I know the reflux is hurting him; and I don’t think the rice is helping.  I can’t make it any thicker and it go through the nipple, so I’d have to spoon feed it to him, and I think he’s just too young for all that.  Anyway, after the weekend we will see.  The Coliccalm doesn’t seem to be doing anything for the reflux, not sure about his gas?

My days now are a bit more structured, mainly because I understand what baby whisperer and baby wise are saying and also because I have a 2 year old smack dab in the middle of her terrible-ness.  At that time, I had L on a great routine, but looking back she was definitely way over tired by the time I was putting her down for naps, and therefore wasn’t napping well.  But she always had good night time sleep (thank goodness!). So that was an okay trade off!

But, at almost 8 weeks old, here is what Mister’s routine looks like:

  • 5:00-6:00- Wakes, Zantac, small feed, goe back to sleep (either in crib or with Mama in chair)
  • 7:00- wake for the day, regular feeding, nurse then 3-4oz bottle
  • 8:05- Down for nap- rests on and off depending on gas/reflux until
  • 10:00- Eat, nurse 3-4 oz
  • 11:05- down for nap- rests on and off depending on gas/reflux until
  • 1:00pm- Eat
  • 2:05- down for nap (however he usually has not slept well at this mid morning nap, and therefore goes to sleep closer to 1:30pm, sleeping until about 3:30 in the swing if necessary)
  • 4:00 Eat
  • 5:30pm Cluster feed
  • 7:00pm last feeding of day
  • 7:35 asleep in crib
SO, that is typically what our routine looks like, but with him being so young and having the reflux and gas, it tends to be more flexible in the naps department.  Eating, however is always the same.  After his 10:00 feeding, we usually go for a walk and/or play outside.  If it is a day we plan to go grocery shopping or run errands, we do this about 8:30, home by 10:00 for him to eat and L to have a snack.  At 25 months, her routine looks like this:
  • 6:40-7:00- wake, daddy gets her from crib, she demands milk
  • then snuggle time with Mommy and “my Max” while mommy nurses and daddy gets ready for work
  • 7:30-  breakfast (yogurt, toast, oatmeal, fruit, etc)
  • play time
  • 11:30-12:00- lunch depending on am wake time
  • 12:00-12:30- down for nap depending on am wake time  (here is when she usually poopies in her pullup (this whole potty training thing has us all out of whack), I have to go change her, then put her back down for nap… but because this interrupts her getting ready for sleep, I’ve been going back in at the hour mark and rocking her to sleep.)
  • 2:30- if she didn’t nap I get her out of bed at the 2 hour mark
  • 3:00- if he napped, she is awake by 3:00
  • play outside, crafts, etc if napped… relax and keep it low key if she didn’t
  • 5:45pm- dinner
  • 6:30-7:00- bedtime depending on morning wake time
Right now, L needs a total of about 12 hours of sleep.  Her naps are usually 1.5 hours, which leaves 11.5 hours of night sleep on days she naps.  If she does’t nap, she has a very early bed time to prevent over tiredness the next day.  It’s all a numbers game..
So, big plans for the next few weeks.  This weekend we are going to a family reunion in LA.  Then next weekend my dad comes to visit, the next weekend my mom comes, then a few weeks later we have Thanksgiving!  ALREADY!  That’s insane.  I think we are going to Memphis for Thanksgiving… that should be a fun challenge.  Our first overnight trip wrangling two!  Fun Fun!  Of course halloween is this coming week.  Ew.  I’m not a fan of halloween, and until my kids are old enough to stay up late enough, we aren’t celebrating.  And yes, I will be one of the moms that takes the candy and exchanges it for something cool, a toy or new clothes, etc… like the tooth fairy only for crappy, overpriced junk food.  =)
OK, well I am going to bed now.  It;s 9:17pm, that’s about 20 minutes past my bed time!


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