Baby Summary 4 weeks old, baby #5

Baby Sir is doing just wonderfully thus far. We came home with an easy baby. By The Baby Whisperer standards, he is an “angel baby,” meaning He only fusses when he has gas or has a serious complaint…  and even then the fuss isn’t much. Because he was early, and is still young, this could all change I suppose. But in my experience their disposition stays pretty true to who they are as babies.

We have a pretty solid routine that doesn’t require much guess work on my part, yet. This is because I have to wake him for feedings. When we came home I thought for sure he would wake every few hours because he had low blood sugar at birth, was a big baby, and was a 37 weeker. But nope. He wouldn’t eat sooner than 3 hours, because he was so sleepy, so we settled on a 3 hour routine right away.

I had to wake him from the start, So I was able to determine our designated wake time from the beginning, which is really helpful when you have 4 other littles that depend on you every morning.

Ive swaddled Sir from birth, but today I tried the at his 2nd MOTN feeding, and he loved it. He’s just about too big for it. So I am trying to decide if I get him the next size up or put him in the Baby #4 hated being swaddled, and loved the Love to Dream. Sir however likes being swaddled… I’m pretty sure he will be a thumb sucker, so whatever we do will need to be a transition swaddle (with the detachable arms) so he can safely roll and suck his thumb before long. I will probably try the love to dream first, because we already have it, and see how it goes.

Woombie Swaddle

– ————-

here’s our routine at 4 weeks old:

  • 730am DWT- nurse, big sister #4 gets to hold him, bottle
  • 830 nap
  • 1030am- nurse, big sister #3 holds him, bottle
  • 1130 nap
  • 130pm- nurse, big brother holds him, bottle
  • 230 nap
  • 430pm- nurse, if someone missed their turn to hold Sir they get it here, otherwise he stretches out and gets bombarded with conversation 😂, bottle
  • 530 nap (this one is usually in the swing, but lately he has been going down fine in his crib)
  • 730pm- nurse, bath/big sister #1 holds him, bottle
  • 830pm bed
    he usually wakes around 1am, and then again between 4-530am. At the first MOTN feeding I give him a full feed, and at the 2nd feeding I just nurse, then put him in the swing until 730am.

(Yes, we had to create a system so each sibling gets a chance to hold him during the day without hurt feelings. 🙄)

because I nurse and supplement, it takes the full hour to do our feeding routine, which also takes guess work out of his wake time. I’ve found he goes down best with 55min-1hour wake time at this point. When it has gone over that he gets over tired.

If I didn’t have to wake him every 3 hours, his day would be a little messier… I suspect we will get there in due time as he approaches 2-3 months old and his wake time starts to vary, he drops the last nap, etc.

We are following the Wonder Weeks Leaps app, which goes by his due date, while growth spurts are calculated from birth date. He just went through a growth spurt, and for the life of me I can’t get him to stay awake for a full feeding the last 2 days. We are doing all the things- stripping him down, diaper change, cold rag, switching sides while nursing, tickling hands and feet… he is just super sleepy most feedings.

He should be hitting  4-6wk growth spurt this week so maybe that’s what’s going on.

— ———-

Things I want to remember:

  • he loves being held by his older siblings; he looks at them in amazement when they talk to him.
  • he loves baths
  • he looks most like big sister #3 and has her disposition … and if she has proven anything it is that easy babies become life loving, go at their own pace, Happy-go-lucky children
  • at 3wks5days he is 11.5 pounds on my scale, up from 9.0lb at birth
  • he is in size 2 diapers
  • he has lots of peeling skin, so we use and how does dating start, He loves having both put on … but it doesn’t really help with peeling skin
  • he can be hard to burp and gets hiccups a lot; gripe water sometimes help
  • he likes his Wubanubs
  • he’s a super heavy wetter, and as much as I LOVE Pampers Swaddlers diapers, we had to switch to the Pampers Baby Dry, because he is always wet. He also poops non stop… Swaddlers weren’t cutting it 😂
  • He looks like his Daddy 💕
  • he is always on the verge of smiling, you can see it in his eyes… I can’t wait for the real smiles to start




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Introducing Baby #4 {weeks 1-5 Baby Summary, sleep schedule and feedings}

Well, on July 22, 2016 at 10:47pm we welcomed our 4th child, and 3rd baby girl, Coralie into the world.

Her birth story is to come (and it’s a pretty good one!) but for now I will just focus on her summary for weeks 1-5.

Weeks 1-2 we focused on nursing, sleep, and getting her days and nights in order.  Not only was she confusing her days and nights (I had to wake her to eat during the day and she was up all night wanting to nurse 24/7), but she had reflux and was generally unhappy, sometimes even while nursing.

I didn’t cut out dairy before she was born, like I did with #3, and I did cheat and have creamer in coffee 2xs during the first 2-3 weeks so it is quite possible that her reflux was due to dairy in my diet.  As of now (week 5), she is not having reflux.

baby #4 Week 1-5 Summary

We also decided to go ahead and supplement with formula pretty early on.  I tried to avoid it with each baby, and with my last she lost 14% of her body weight only nursing before we tried formula.  So, in an effort to avoid that all together, for my peace of mind, and hopefully to satisfy her upset stomach we started Nutramigen formula- and within 2 days she was a different baby!  She was satisfied, her tummy didn’t seem upset as much (though she still had reflux from time to time) and she was happier.  (when she is older and I have more time we will probably start on our homemade formula)

Today, at 5 weeks, I am 100% off dairy, she is nursing great, and reflux is gone.  Reflux is known for coming and going and flaring back up around 6-8 weeks, but we are praying that won’t be the case. (I am actually posting this at 7 weeks ols, and her reflux seems to be back .. =/)

She has her days and nights in order, though I do have to wake her at the 3 hour mark sometimes to eat during the day.  She is going from about 7pm of last feeding to about 2-4am most nights now.  At 4 weeks old it was 2xs a night, and this past week has been mostly 1-2 times a night.  Sometimes she makes it until 5am

She is having a witching hour that varies from 4 or 6pm until 9pm.  Some nights she goes to bed at 8pm after her dinner no problems, other nights she witches until 9 or 9:30pm.  Regardless, I am not complaining.  Those first few weeks were incredibly tough, much harder than they were with my second or third babies.  But things are calming down.

I would say so far Coralie is most like my oldest as a baby; she is amazingly alert during her wake times, eats like a champ, and I think it will be a while longer before she gets her nights stretched out really well.

At week 5 here is our routine:

  • 6:45-7:15 wake, nurse, bottle (if she doesn’t wake up by 7am, I wake her to start our day)
  • 40 mins later nap- her first wake time is usually about 40 minutes and she is asleep by 45 minutes
  • 10:00am wake, (go outside) nurse, bottle- if she doesn’t wake herself before now, I wake her at 10
  • 40 minutes later nap (or after first yawn if she yawns before 40 minutes)
  • 1:00 wake, nurse, bottle- if she doesn’t wake up I wake her 3 hours after her last feeding
  • 40 minutes later nap (or after first yawn if she yawns before 40 minutes)
  • 4:00 wake, (go outside) nurse, bottle
  • 40 minutes later down for nap, (or after first yawn if she yawns before 40 minutes)
  • This is where she usually begins her witching hour.  She may go right to sleep for this nap, or she may stay up and fuss.  If she is fussy I typically hold her on and off so she gets some sleep; we also will nurse on demand if that is all that will soothe her
  • 6:30 bath if it is a bath night, I wake her if she is asleep
  • 7pm nurse, bottle, straight to bed- sometimes she continues with the witching hour until after 8pm, sometimes she goes right to sleep
  • 1 or 2 middle of the night wakings anywhere from 11pm-2am, and 4am-6am

Sometimes I miss her sleepy cues at nap and she gets a bit OT; I can usually give her a paci (a wubbanub to be more specific, she won’t take a regular pacifier …) to calm her, put her down and when she drifts off & spits it out, I take the pacifier away.  Sometimes it only takes once, sometimes it takes more than once, but usually that works.  Our biggest issue is getting her burped in time for the 40 minute mark without her falling asleep while being held and THEN avoiding hiccups.  Just like in utero, she is very hiccupy!

She is just like her biggest sister, in that she is very sensitive to wake times!  Sometimes she wakes early into her nap & fusses a few minutes and goes to sleep before I can even get to her; but mostly keeping her WTs at 40 minutes right now seems to be key.

Though a happy baby, she is a bit colicky, but very social.  She started smiling and cooing earlier than my others, it seems.  She is ticklish under her arms and at her ribs and loves to be snuggled by her older siblings.

She enjoys being outside and talked to.  I would say she is definitely more needy than Ila was, but then again, Ila was basically perfect in the eating, and sleeping departments. Coralie is more like her brother and oldest sister right now.

We will see how she changes and grows!

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Weekly Wrap Up: 10/17/2014

Welcome to weekly wrap-up for the week of October 17, 2014!  (Today is actually mine and my husband’s 8 year anniversary!  woo hoo)  Anyhow- here is a little update on what we accomplished this week.

Lexie (4) worked on her sight words each morning.  I have printed out many different “sets” of sight words, which I have laminated.  I keep these on a “master” ring, and as I assign them to Lexie, I put them on her own ring.  This is something I learned while student teaching under a great Kindergarten teacher.  These are words like at, the, am, that, my, you; basically words she will see a lot while reading, but that don’t follow the typical reading/phonics rules (although some do ..).  She does great with these, and we introduce 1-2 new words as I feel she is ready.

Sight Words Ring {Quiet In The Chaos}

While he was out getting groceries, daddy grabbed us some pumpkins to play in!  He cut the tops off and we let the kids scoop out all the goop and seeds.  They put the seeds in a clean, empty bucket; later we washed and roasted them in the oven (post coming soon!).  We did this last year also, and they enjoyed it a lot.  Lexie had more fun than Max (he surprisingly doesn’t care much for “messy” play), but Charlie enjoyed eating the seeds they dropped!

Pumpkin Sensory Play {Quiet in the Chaos}

Unfortunately, both of them broke out in a rash after playing in the pumpkin (which they had smeared all over their faces and arms).  We still aren’t sure why this happened?  They ate the roasted seeds, & those didn’t bother them …

pumpkin reaction

cheeks broken out from pumpkin? =/


One thing is for sure, I’ve gotta get the kids some epi pens. J.Tom has severe reactions to wasp stings and would need to go to the ER if stung on his chest/neck/head, and although the kids have never been stung, I don’t want to risk what might happen if they were.

This week I started doing more “structured” activities with Mister.  He knows maybe 1/2 of his letters?  But isn’t interested in sitting down and learning them like Big Sister was.  I am 100% okay with that, but thought he might enjoy a quick craft to get introduced to the idea. He enjoyed it for the most part; he isn’t a fan of glue on his hands (yet), but he had fun making an “H” and hanging it on the door by Lexie’s creations.  While I did that with Max, she created a magazine collage with pictures she found in my Real Simple magazine.

For Mister I am going to focus a little on a letter or two a week and plan an activity for him to join in on while Lexie does something independently; he loves to be included, i just need to find things he enjoys.  After he gets the hang of activities I hope to incorporate Before Five In A Row after Christmas.

For his H activity I just cut out a letter H, had him help me come up with “H” words (he knows his letter sounds, just not all the correct letter names) to write on it, then he colored on it and made ovals.  I traced his hands and he glued everything together.


And you know … we do a lot of this (after every feeding, actually).  They always want to take a turn holding Baby Ila after I nurse and giver her a bottle.

5 weeks old

How was your week?  Did you do any new activites?

Weekly Wrap Up: Fall is here 2014 {w/o October 5}

The past few weeks we have slowly been adding our learning time back into our routine.  Honestly, I could continue our break from it, but Lexie and Max both request it.  So back to it we go!

AAR manuals

We try to start our Mondays off strong, getting in as much reading and foundational lessons as possible.  This week we did good in that area; Lexie read her AAR readers like a pro, and flew through her sight words.  Since The Miss {baby Ila} was born, the hubby has been taking Lexie to gymnastics on Tuesdays.  When Ila is a few weeks older, we will spend Tuesday mornings at the children’s museum with some friends, then head from there to the gym.  Until then, J.Tom taking her works perfectly.  It allows Max and I to have some time together during Ila’s naps, too.

Wednesday is our day “off” from learning for now; I got caught up on laundry, pulled out more of Lexie’s baby clothes for Ila (if there is anything Ila will NEVER need, it is clothes!), vacuumed, and the kids did some art.  This is going to be our mid-week cleaning day.  Sometimes I can get a TON done on Wednesday, other times not so much.

Thursday we did more Sonlight reading and took a walk outside.  I wish I could say we were walking more, but honestly I haven’t found the time to get out much yet.  Between nursing Ila, then pumping for Ila, reading to the kids, and making daytime lunch/snacks there isn’t a lot of down time for me until the kids are down.  Then I get a breather, but obviously can’t go for walks!  (thankfully we have a treadmill now, so soon I will start walking/running on it.)

weekly wrap up October 2014 do a dot paints

We love Do-A-Dot paints!

This week Lexie decided to write her cousin a letter, we made snuggly pallets on the floor, kept the windows open, and I began work on the kids’ some more fall/winter clothes.  I am making Lexie a dress and a ruffle pants outfit, and for Max a few pairs of pajama pants with matching shirts.  I plan to make Ila a skirt or two to match Lexie’s clothes.

The past few weeks we have been so blessed by precious friends that have brought dinner, which has made it much easier on J.Tom and me those nights.  Then our church family (where we have been visiting for about a month before Ila was born) brought us a beautiful gift basket/storage bag with diapers, Burt’s Bees Baby products, and an outfit.  I am getting anxious to get back to church and running around town, but honestly with all the illnesses everywhere, I know we need to wait until Ila has more of an immune system- this is cold and flu season, on top of the enterovirus and possible Ebola fears going around.

Here is to a beautiful fall!

weekly wrap up October 2014 pallets

reading and snuggling on pallets

A Peek into Our PreK Day with Pictures {Crew Carnival}

Our Homeschool Day in Pictures {Quiet in the Chaos}
This week we are linking up with the Review Crew’s “Our Homeschool Day in Pictures.”  Click on the image above to read other Crew members’ posts!

This week Lexie’s reading EXPLODED!  She has been reading her AAR readers like crazy; we love this program.  I am so proud of her, but mostly I am just thankful her confidence has gone through the roof.  She will try read just about any word I point to.  We are working on using her finger to point to the words (she doesn’t like to do this, but reads much better when she does) and not using the pictures to guess what the sentence says.  As you can see, we used an envelope to cover the pictures so she will read the words first, then look at the pics.

Weekly Wrap Up: AAR


And now we do a whole lot of this ….

baby collage homeschool day


We have snacks outside, twice a day.  (I think this is their favorite thing to do …)

A peek into our preschool day


The Mister enjoys playing “connect four” and reading books.

A Peek into our Preschool


We have also been gardening (LOTS of tomatoes coming off our plants), and just adjusting to having a baby in the house.  Overall, everything is going smoothly and everyone is adjusting well!  =)

Weeks 4 & 5 Summary

Max is now 5 weeks old, so it is time for his 4 week summary from last week.

Sleep has been about the same; a 2.5-3 hour routine, waking between 2:30-6:00am for a snack, then back to sleep until 7:00 to start our day.

Well, I was trying to write the 4 week summary during week 5. But week 5 was so rough, I didn’t get it done.

When Max went to his newborn checkup, we knew he had some reflux. This is really normal, and as long as it doesn’t bother baby, there is nothing to really worry about. Most babies outgrow it; Lexie had a mild case of reflux, we even had an upper GI test done on her, but we never prescribed meds. She was diagnosed around 2 months and at 3 months I started cereal to help keep it down; she was already sleeping through the night it was just her days were so horrible with crying for hours.

Well …. Mister has decided to follow in her footsteps a bit early. At 5 weeks old, which was October 8, Max stopped sleeping during the day (but still slept 8-10 hours at night…)
His symptoms were choking and coughing after feedings; even 3 hours after a feeding. He would pull off when we nursed, arch his back and cry .. but then over eat from the bottle to comfort himself, which in turn caused the reflux and gas pains to be worse. He wasn’t really spitting up that much, it was more silent reflux, with occasional spitting up. The spit up would be clear with white in it; come to find out that is the stomach acid with milk in it. Normal baby spits up is just mostly milk. So the poor little guy was miserable and during the day so were Mommy and Lexie.

The doctor gave us some Zantac to try. It seems to help, but I ordered some ColicCalm, because I’d like to get him off the Zantac if I can. I wanted this a lot more after I heard stories of how this drug could cause health issues such as Stomach Cancer and Colorectal Cancer. This is quite scary. If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with the cancers listed below, it may be worth getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer las vegas (or one closer to where you live) for example to get the compensation you deserve. No one said this could solve everything, but these medical bills are not going to pay by themselves.

It messes up the natural bacteria in baby’s tummy (because it nuetralizes the acid) and can cause constipation and even worse gas than he already has. The poor kid doesn’t need anymore issues! We are also trying a tiny bit of oatmeal in his bottles; I really didn’t want to do this, but after 4 days on the Zantac, which is helping with the burning sensation, he is still choking during naps from the reflux coming up. So we are hoping the oatmeal will keep it down. If it doesn’t work we will not keep doing it; he already sleeps so well at night I don’t want to risk anything hurting his tummy more or causing issues that interrupt the only rest he gets.

I really, really thought we were in the clear because he was so happy, so sleepy, so hungry … then the reflux flared. So, I am trying to go as natural as possible, but we may have to stay on the (very expensive) Zantac. Maybe this week will be better…

3 Week Summary

**I stared this on Sunday, and finished it Wednesday. Don’t judge**

Today is Sunday, September 30; today marks the beginning of Max being 4 weeks old.
I just wanted to do an update for Max’s 3rd week of life, which he just completed.

J.Tom was gone all week; he went to Canada for a goose hunting trip. Of course he had a blast; and yes we missed him terribly. There was no way I could tell him no to the trip, and we knew about it last year, so I was prepared for a hard week without his help. And honestly, it wasn’t that bad.

Max has started cooing a lot more, he makes eye contact and is holding his head up so well. He loves watching the fan (of course …) and his favorite position is sitting up tall. He still keeps his hands in little fists and usually has his legs curled up tight. He does really well holding his head up now. We do some tummy time, but really I need to do more. It’s hard to find time when he is completely “safe” from Lexie, and can be on his tummy.

He eats every 3 hours during the day. At night, his last feeding is at 7:00pm; he nurses and then takes about 3oz of formula. Then he is out until 4:00am or later… which is awesome! But last night he was so gassy, he wouldn’t nurse, he just kept pulling off and then only took 2oz of formula, so he was back up at 1:00 hungry. Then he slept from 1:00am until 6:00am.

One month old!

SleepingWe are still doing a Wake, Eat, Play, Sleep routine. So he is up from about 7:00am until 8:30ish, then sleeps until about 10:00. This goes on in a 3 hour routine, but usually his middle nap (asleep at 11:30) is the longest. Sometimes he will sleep until 3:00. I try to wake him up to eat, but sometimes he is just passed out, other times he wakes just fine. At night, like I mentioned earlier, he sleeps from about 8:00/8:30 until 3:00 or 4:00am- that’s the norm for him. But randomly he will wake at 1:00am or sleep until *gasp* 6:00am! I’d like more of those days..

We did get a video monitor, so I can see him in his crib rather than get up at every grunt and whine. He is very vocal in his sleep (and while nursing). There is a lot of grunting going on so I would be going crazy at every sound during the night. We like the video monitor and I wish we have gotten one for Lexie, too. (Mainly because once she started getting older she was so funny, it would’ve been great to see what all she was doing in there before she fell asleep.)


Her latest endeavor at the park

Lexie’s behavior has gotten a little worse this last week. I’m not sure what changed or clicked, but everything has been a battle and power struggle. Most of it I *think* has to do with her skipping naps. She has started napping a little better, but the days she doesn’t take one her afternoon is horrible, and the next day is rough. Some days she will pass out on her own, other she lets me pat or rock her to sleep, but some days she is having no part of it. If she gets still for 2 minutes, she goes to sleep. Although we put her down for bed earlier on days she doesn’t nap, it still isn’t the same quality sleep she would have if she took a nap. *read* NAPS ARE IMPORTANT!!! haha Especially in this house!

We are going to get back into play groups here soon. Max is 4 weeks old now, so in a few weeks I will feel better about him being around other kids… Although he won’t be in direct contact w other kids, Lexie will be, and then she will be indirect contact w Max. And I really, really would like to avoid unnecessary illnesses for him this young. Lexie cut teeth early, but she didn’t get sick for the first time until 4.5 months old-and of course it was the flu! So, I’m hoping we can keep him well at least that long. And breastfeeding helps with that.

Anyway, back to Lexie- she needs lots of time out of the house. She gets bored easily, like any two year old, and right now I’m not able to do all the fun things I’d like to do because for an hour out of every 2 I’m either feeding Max or getting him down for nap. I know she is adjusting, and things will smooth out eventually. She was really care free the first few weeks; now she seems a little more anxious and while I know this has some to do with Mister, I’m positive a LOT of it is napping. She is a different child on days she naps.

***EDIT*** I wrote the above yesterday. After that she napped. Woo Hoo! And was a completely different child- happy, easy going, and cooperative. Whew.

Usually I nurse Max around 6:00am, then we get Lexie out of bed at 7:00am. Everyone gets a bottle/sippy of milk and we snuggle in the big chair. Then I make Lexie’s breakfast while Max has some independent time in the pack n play. While they do that, I empty the dishwasher, start laundry, or clean a bathroom.. Something productive. Mondays and Tuesdays are cleaning days. I usually break it up into two days- one day I do the front of the house and laundry. The second day I do my bathroom and our bedroom (back of house) and *ehum* finish laundry. On those days Lexie has longer independent time in her room, which she doesn’t mind too much. She has really started pretending a lot. It’s funny how at this age, you can give them the toy version of things and they don’t really play with them too much. But they will pretend random things are something else; for instance this morning one of her number flash cards that she LOVES became an iron. It was great. I TOTALLY, COMPLETELY 100% believe in simplicity and that less is usually more.

Adventures at the Country Club Park

feeding the chicks some bread

Collecting Eggs

loving Scarlet

Missy Cat loves Max
Proud Big Sissy Lexie

Two Week Update

Well, for the last few days Max has had a terrible tummy ache. It has included bad (and stinky) gas pains, and no pooping. But, I read over at one of my favorite blogs this could be a growth spurt. I’m coming to find that it is important to know behavioural patterns are as a result of growth spurts and which aren’t, which is why you might want to check out something like Best For Mums guide on baby growth spurts if you’re unsure if your baby’s behaviour is normal. He not only had slowed poopy diapers, but was more fussy than usual, slept more, and was up at odd hours during the night. I did not realize fewer poopy diapers were part of the “growth spurt” symptoms. Anyway, this morning he finally had a poopy diaper and it looks like he is feeling better and back to his usual self.

He is so laid back! I thought Lexie was laid back (aside from her 2-3 hour screaming/colic spells) but Mister is WAY more relaxed than she was. He nursed like he knew just what to do from day one, he is a BIG eater, and an even bigger sleeper. I have to wake him all day for his feedings. This morning was the first feeding he actually was awake when we started, and stayed awake the entire time! I was very proud of him. =) Now, I say he is a big eater … he was NOT prior to this growth spurt. He acted like he could care less abotu eating; he slept during feedings, didn’t eat well when he did eat, and wasn’t gaining weight. After 2 weeks he had only gained 1 oz (at this point he should have been gaining an ounce per day, on average). So we started supplementing like we did with Lexie. This also has to do with my supply, which is super low on one side (as it was with Lexie). Max doesn’t even like to nurse on that side anymore really, but I try to get him to as long as possible. After he nurses for 40-50 minutes, he now takes a 2-4oz bottle. And he attacks it! So he is now eating MUCH better, staying awake longer throughout the day, and gaining weight.

Mister has gone from 8lb 11oz at birth, to 8lbs 4oz on day five, to 8lb 5oz on day 12, to 9lbs 4oz on day 17 (or 2.5 weeks).

Max still sleeps a lot throughout the day. We do a Wake, Eat, Play, Sleep routine (loosely, mind you). He doesn’t always do the wake/play part. He is a very sleepy baby; Lexie was a very wakeful, spirited baby who slept while nursing and in short spurts of about 40 minutes throughout the day until at 5 weeks she slept 8 hours through the night! Max sleeps all the time. He is getting better about staying awake throughout the day in short spurts, but sleeps more than he is awake. At night, he eats between 7-7:30pm, is usually asleep by 8:15pm, and sleeps until about 1:00am. I don’t wake him to eat and I don’t do a dream feed. I sleep. =) This is why I feel so good this time around; some people may say my milk supply will suffer going that long at night without feeding, but I really think my mental state is more important. So I sleep.
At about 1-1:30am I change his diaper, he nurses, takes some of a bottle (only about an ounce though at this feed) then sleeps until about 4:00-5:00am.
Now, the last few nights have been an exception with the fussiness, terrible gas pains, etc. I am hoping tonight he goes back to his regular sleep routine, and the past few nights have been this “growth spurt” that occurs between 2-3 weeks of age. We will see!

Mister wasn’t having soaking wet diapers at all prior to supplementing. His diapers had one tiny damp spot after 3-4 hours. They were actually so dry I hated to change them at all and waste dry diaper! This was a big cue to me he wasn’t getting enough. Even a breastfed baby should have 6 soaking wet diapers a day. He had 6 damp diapers, but never soaking wet. Once we started supplementing this boy has a soaking wet diaper before and after a feeding! He was also not having regular poopy diapers before, but now has at least one per day (minus, the past 2.5 days of miserable tummy problems). So things are looking up.

It just took longer for Max to catch up to the outside world. He is so mellow and happy, as was Lexie most of the time, I think that is how he will approach life. Where his sister is a bit OCD and likes things in just a certain, perfect way, I think Max will be more care free like his daddy. It’s fun that they already have their own personalities, and I get to watch them change and grow!


This was our first 2 hours home frm the hospital;
I left the room to do some laundry, and came back to this.

Lexie has adjusted well. We have a few power struggles each day, but that isn’t anything we didn’t have prior to Mister being here. I’m sure that’s just part of her 2’s. Otherwise she is just as fun and easy as always. She loves to sing, makes up her own songs about what we do throughout the day, loves dancing, rolling around, playing outside and getting dirty.. VERY dirty. And she loves to love on her brother; she calls him Bubby Max and herself Sissy Lexie.

Loves her Bubby Max

4 weeks old

So, I am a little confused about how to age Lexie now.  I don’t know if she is 4 weeks to the day of the week… or one month to the day of the month (September 3rd to October 3rd)?  Well, either way one month ago today I was in the hospital waiting for her arrival!

It is crazy how quickly time goes by- already a month old.  It makes me happy but sad too, because I am not ready to send her off to daycare and me go back to school.  Of course I have 3 more months before I have to do that, but if it goes by as fast as this month it will be too soon.

Stitch loves his baby!

She has really started enjoying her contrasting colors board book.  It is all red, black and white (which are colors baby can see easily and really help stimulate their little brains).  She will just stare and kick her legs.  She has started giving smiles, but they are not really real smiles (I don’t think yet, anyways).  She also enjoys the mobile over her pack n play.  She doesn’t have one over her crib in her room, but it would be hard to find one that would fit the crib.  The rails are so wide, standard sized items do not fit.  But anyways, that is not for sleep time anyways, it is for “mama needs her arms and hands for a little while” time.

I have her sleeping in her crib, which she does well with.  I read that having the baby sleep in your room actually helps reduce the risk of SIDS.  But she doesn’t sleep well in the bassinet (for some reason).  Also, did you know since the early 90’s when doctors started recommending babies sleep on their back rather than their stomachs the infant deaths due to SIDS have gone from 5,000 per year to half that?  Their face does not actually have to get stuck on the mattress.  If their head is turned just enough for them to re-breathe their carbon dioxide, which means they are not breathing oxygen, that is enough to cause it.

Today we are listening to Baby Einstein Music- it is amazing how many of those album can be found for free download.  =)  She really enjoys listening to them.

Here are a few pics of Lexie in the last 3 days.  She is getting too big to fast!

Wearing her first overalls- so cute!
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3 Weeks old *sigh*

Well, needless to say it has been a little crazy around our house and I have not had much time or energy to blog.  I say crazy, what I really mean is I have been exhausted.  It is actually really calm and quiet most of the time…

I will start with week one.

Lexie went to her first doctor’s appointment the Thursday after she was born, so she was 6 days old.  She had not gained any birth weight back, and had actually lost a few ounces since we left the hospital-which is normal.  Otherwise everything was perfectly fine and she got a clear bill of health from the doctor.  However, I was told I could, but did not have to supplement to get Lex back up to her birth weight.  Dr. Z said she was not concerned and we could wait until the next weight check to decide on supplementing, so that is what I planned to do.  By the way, I LOVED our doctor (J.Tom was out of town with work, so he couldn’t go with us).  She is from Little Rock and is so new to Hot Springs that she is not even in the paper work at the hospital.  She is in the directory online, which is how I found her.  She believes in trying different things, is not super crazy-strict on rules, and is very sweet.  Anyways, she loved Lexie and I feel really good about her.

Week 2

The following week, we went back for just a weight check. Lexie had only gained 2oz, so she was up to 8lbs 6 oz.  The nurse (we don’t see the doc at a weight check) said this was okay if she seemed satisfied after each feeding.  I told her how we had been having terrible crying fits after each feeding but that I was told not to nurse longer than 30 minutes at a time (because babies start to burn more calories than they are taking in at that point) but that I didn’t think she was getting enough.  She suggested supplementing with either pumped bmilk or formula.  I really didn’t want to use formula so I was pumping after every feeding and doing everything in my power to up my milk supply… to no avail really.  A few days later I spoke with a lactation consultant who is the sister in law to my sister in law (haha) and she helped us SO much.  She said to just keep nursing 30 minutes at a time, pump when I can, and if I have to top her off with formula it is no big deal.  So now, Lexie is nursing 30 minutes and then she gets 2.5-3 ounces of formula or pumped milk, just depends on if we have any. She is a a little piggie! But he is satisfied and it helped SO much.  The poor baby was hungry-that is why she was crying so much!!  I felt terrible she was hungry for 2 weeks, but was glad we figured it out.

Week 3

Now, here we are at the beginning of week 3!  Mostly, everything is going better.  The last 2 weeks Lexie was not sleeping from one feeding to the next at night; she would wake about every hour-hour and a half.  This was incredibly exhausting.  Some days she doesn’t sleep but an hour or so during the day, which is okay because hopefully that will get her tired enough to sleep more at night.  The last 2 nights she has slept from one feeding to the next, which is about 2-2.5 hours at a time.  So, that is super nice.

I am going to take her in some time next week for another weight check to see how we are doing with the supplementing.  She seems full after a breast milk bottle and a formula bottle, both; the only problem being I cannot seem to pump enough to supplement after every feeding, so that is where we come in with formula.  =(  But, she is out of her newborn footie pajamas and is wearing her 3 month pj’s now!!!  So, I would have to think she has gained some weight, plus it looks like her fat rolls are filling out again (like they were in the hospital).  So going by those things I think we are doing great.

In General
In general, things are okay.  Sometimes she has terrible gas and she fusses for a few minutes (maybe 10-15 minutes?)  We are trying the Gripe Water and we always do gas drops with each feeding.  The biggest problem with this is that the gas and tummy pains wake her up, which in turn wakes ME up.  So while she can go right back to sleep, I am not so lucky.  But we will get it worked out.  I think maybe my eating home made bleu cheese dressing on salad every day for the last week may have something to do with it?  So I am going without it for the next day or 2 to see if there is a difference.  Otherwise we are going to try a soy formula-which our Walmart doesn’t carry!  Go figure.  But online, Walgreens says they have it so if need be we can find it there.

Thursday night and last night I got some sleep so I am feeling a little better.  I know some of you were pretty concerned because I sound (on the phone) and look so exhausted.  Part of that probably is because I have NO STINKIN TAN!  haha  No, it probably really is because I was/am so tired  But I think that is very normal for the first 4-6 weeks of having a newborn, so while I may complain, I am not really complaining because I know it will end eventually.  Not to mention J.Tom helps me SO much.  He stays up with me for a while at night and then if I need him for some reason in the middle of the night/morning he helps with a smile on his face and never complains.  He runs any and all errands and helps in general around the house.  I don’t know what I would do without him, really.  I know it must be hard for single moms, but I think it would be even harder to have a husband who didn’t help you much or none at all; I couldn’t handle having someone there who did not support me and our baby.  We are very blessed to have each other.

So, I guess that is it for now!  About to take out the second batch of chocolate chip cookies and watch the Hogs get reamed by Alabama (hopefully not though).

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