Weekly Wrap Up: July 11, 2014

The last week we have finally gotten back into a routine form our travels to AR and TN. We got all the hard stuff (unloading, unpacking, laundry, etc) done the afternoon we got home and madly did it pay off! We had the rest of that week to menu plan, get groceries, pay bills, and just get things back in order. The last thing we want to do is find payday loans in Texas, United States. However, if we have too, we will.

The following week we started back on our learning time routine. We did a quick review and a lot of playing. We have spent all morning, every morning, outside playing in the back yard, playing in the pool, eating apples, and playing with the dog. It has been wonderful!

Here are a few snaps I managed to take during this week:

Lexie found a picture of blocks in the back of her Highlights magazine and she wanted to build what they were building. I helped her with a few pieces- but I was amazed at how well she would perceive what they had done. Some of these were HARD!:

building blocks {Quiet In The Chaos}

We have read more books this summer than I think we did while stuck inside last winter. Mister has really become obsessed with reading books, and of course Bug wants to (read or) be read to all the time.

reading together {Quiet In The Chaos}


My children *love* to be outside- we spend most of our time outside when the weather permits. Lexie had a great idea when she wanted to combine their love for books with the great outdoors!

reading in their


Our sweet Charlie girl:

Charlie Our Springer Spaniel {Quiet In The Chaos}

Charlie Our Springer Spaniel- 11 months old, July 2014


As you know, we *love* the free and fun curriculum from This Reading Mama (we use it with our AAR). Here, Lexie is working on her new sight word, “me.”

Sight Word

The week wouldn’t be complete without baking something yummy. We made (whole wheat, NO refined sugar) chocolate muffins. Lexie just had to lick the spoon. =)chocolate muffins {Quiet In The Chaos}

Last week was a lot of fun- during all this fun, we also started potty training Max. I do have some SUPER cute pictures of that, but they’re probably not appropriate for the blog. haha

Monday the painter comes to paint Lexie’s room; then the kids will start sharing a room! *so scary* Just praying they get used to each other and sleep through the night fine. Lexie wakes up needing to potty and sometimes with night terrors, so that could be a problem. After Mister’s room (aka the nursery) the nursery is painted, I can begin decorating, organizing, and playing in the nursery. YAY! Eight More weeks until baaaby!


Week 20 baby Summary/Lexie 28 months old

Here we are at the bginning of week 21, which means Max has finished week 20.  I’ve moved him back to a 3 hour schedule.  I did this because his wake time lengths aren’t 2 hours yet, which puts him sleeping between 2.5-3 hours between wake times- that’s just too much day time sleep for him, when he turns around and sleeps 12+ hours at night.  So, we are tweaking maybe a 3-3.5 hr schedule.  The onyl downfall with this is he really isn’t hungry at 3 hours, so he doesn’t eat very well …  It’s just something I am going to need to tweak; I will let you know how it goes next week!

Max is eating pretty well.  He likes solids, but he still needs the major calories provided by the formula, so I try to do formula first now, then solids, followed by offering more formula if he wants it.  Solids just don’t provide as many calories and he needs all those calories to grow and help his brain development.  Like I mentioned, he is eating every 3-3.5 hours and seems fine with that, but I know he can go 4 hours easily.

Lately, Max has been napping pretty well.  I think he may be getting past that terrible wonder week 19, so his sleep is back to being more routine, thank goodness!

Max is becoming more interested in his feet, but mostly only when he is naky.  I guess then he can actually see and feel them, so it makes it more fun.  Thinking back, Lexie was a naky baby a lot more than I let Max be naky.  Not sure why … maybe he needs more play time without his clothes on.  =)  This would thrill Lexie, she is always trying to take his clothes off (as well as her own).  He is shrieking and talking more, and really wants to sit up more.  He can lift his entire chest up from laying flat, and gets so mad that he can’t sit up.  Thinking back to Lexie again, I had the glider in the living room when she was this age, and I sat her up in it a LOT.  The seat is at an incline, so she didn’t have to risk falling out of it.  I should probably let Max do that some so he can build his back muscles more.  He is also doing SO much better on his belly now, and can push up with ease; while on his belly he holds his head up so well, and looks around.

We went to the dr for his 4 month well child visit; he is just under 16lbs and I think 25.5″ long.  He is perfectly healthy.  The dr said he has great head control.  She suggested I start trying to scrub off the plaques of cradle cap, and continue using head and shoulders.  She prescribed some hydrocortizone cream to apply.  I’ve never heard of this?  But we are going to start using it today- she said it is like eczema and can really itch.  So, we are going to see if that helps.  The dr. also suggested since he isn’t nursing, that maybe we try the prevacid again to see if that helps.  So here comes a long explanation for a short point, stay with me:  Just before JTom left his job in Hot Springs, the company changed insurance.  We have this insurance until the first of Feb.  With this new insurance, Max’s prevacid is not covered; it is $132 a month.  Honestly, with the way we budget we don’t have $132 for prevacid.  We are already paying $36 a can for his non-dairy formula, and he goes through one can every 6 days!  So for now, there will be no prevacid ….  JToms new insurance with his new company will start March 1, so if it covers the medicine, we may try it then, but for now Max can just be on a nursing strike and I will pump.

Lexie Raye
Lexie is just growing leaps and bounds every day.  She knows her left from her right, and has for a while now I just keep forgetting to post it.  She can identify many states, I may have mentioned that before.  I am working on uploading the video to YouTube so I can share it with you on my blog.  She is obsessed with being naky- she refuses to wear clothes at home most of the time, and I don’t make her.  It’s easier for her to go potty by herself, and it means less laundry for me.  =)  I do try to get her to at least where a shirt, but it doesn’t stay on long.

She is getting better at gymnastics; she can do small jumps on the balance beam (with help keeping her balance) and some small sweeps.  She LOVES the doing the bar, and her forward roll is perfect.  She likes for me to take down the hall mirror and put out the yoga mat for her to play.  She likes to watch herself … typical girl.

We read her devotional daily, usually before nap time.  Our mornings are a little hectic with Daddy gone.  But, he has been home this weekend and it has been wonderful!  She loves having her daddy home and behaves much better; I think him being gone for so long is just emotional for her and the only way she really knows how to express that is by acting out.  She has been talking back and not listening very well since he left.  I figure this is also an age thing.  So we are just working through it.  After JTom was home for about a day, her behavior got better.

We are really starting to get to crunch time on the move.  We have a few companies coming to do quotes for the move, then we will turn those in to JTom’s company so they can do the financial end of things.  Then next week I will start really packing up things for us to take, that we don’t want the movers moving.  The following week, we will close on the house (Feb 15th), JTom will come home that Saturday (Feb 16th), we will have the movers here the week of the 18th, and hopefully be in the house in Nebraska that week.  Whew, it’s going to be fast, stressful, and a lot of work. Once it is done, we can really start settling in and getting comfortable with the new neighborhood and town.  The sad part is, we can’t take the chickens.  The bylaws for the neighborhood specifically say no poultry; there isn’t a law against it in the city so we were going to take them and jus put up a fence, hoping no one would really make a fuss.  But, the problem there is we can’t put in a fence until the ground thaws in spring …. so for now we are going to get rid of the chicks.  =*(
What’s even worse, is we lost 2 girls.  I am very angry; the neighbor’s dog got under the fence and came in our yard while the chicks were free ranging, and he killed two of them.  He got one red, and one barred girl. I think JTom is more furious than I am.  So, we are down to 6 chickens.

Anyhow, back to the move ….  all things are contingent on us closing on the house Feb 15th.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly (we are praying!), all the papers are/will be together, and there aren’t any glitches or major bumps in the road.  I refuse to get super super excited until everything is signed and done on the house, because if it gets moved to the end of Feb, we will be a part that much longer.  =/

Anyhow, so this is our 20 week update.  I will try to get some pictures posted soon.

York, Nebraska

As you may have heard or read by now, we are moving to Nebraska.  I wanted to give a little more information on the town.  It barely has a spot on the map …  York, Nebraska.  Zip Code: 68467.  In 20120 the population was 7,766.  There are 55,000 people in Bartlett, and 11,000 in Arlington, TN, the towns I grew up in.  Our current location, Hot Springs is the home of 35,587 people.  I mean, my high school had 2400 students…  Needless to say, York is minuscule compared to to all these numbers.

And it excites us.  We are looking forward to such a small town- yes there will be that whole “small town state of mind,” but I’d rather raise my babies there than in a big city (not that Hot Springs is a big city …).  All their parks have been redone; we played at one when we visited  and it was awesome!  There is a small college there, York College of Nebraska.  I was impressed to read on their website, “York College’s Teacher Education program received national accreditation from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).  This means they hold the same accreditation as Henderson State University where I earned my BSE in early childhood education.  This is good news for the future, when we decide it is time for me to go back to work.  However, I do need to see how my degree/licensure moves from here to there.

According to The Weather Channel, the averages for York, Nebraska look something like this:

Month Avg.
Mean Avg.
Jan 36°F 16°F 26°F 0.75 in. 75°F (1990) -23°F (1974)
Feb 41°F 19°F 30°F 0.71 in. 81°F (1995) -18°F (1996)
Mar 52°F 29°F 41°F 2.21 in. 90°F (1986) -16°F (1960)
Apr 64°F 40°F 52°F 2.66 in. 96°F (1989) 3°F (1975)
May 75°F 52°F 64°F 4.73 in. 100°F (2000) 25°F (1967)
Jun 85°F 63°F 74°F 4.40 in. 108°F (1988) 37°F (1950)
Jul 90°F 68°F 79°F 3.73 in. 111°F (1954) 43°F (1971)
Aug 87°F 65°F 76°F 3.30 in. 108°F (1983) 39°F (1950)
Sep 80°F 55°F 68°F 2.45 in. 102°F (1956) 26°F (1984)
Oct 67°F 42°F 55°F 2.09 in. 96°F (2006) 11°F (1997)
Nov 51°F 29°F 40°F 1.56 in. 87°F (2006) -6°F (1976)
Dec 38°F 19°F 29°F 0.89 in. 75°F (1964) -24°F (1989)

York, NE (68467) Weather Facts
  • On average, the warmest month is July.
  • The highest recorded temperature was 111°F in 1954.
  • January is the average coolest month.
  • The lowest recorded temperature was -24°F in 1989.
  • The maximum average precipitation occurs in May.

The warmest it has ever been in York, is 111*…. in 1954.  Seriously?  It’s that hot here, half the summer!  And they have community swimming pools; how are you supposed to swim in July when it is only 90*?  I guess we will get acclimated, haha.  I am looking forward to it.  I know JTom will enjoy cooler weather.  This also means the camping season in Nebraska is longer- it will be much easier to have the kids out camping and fishing when it isn’t 105* at 12:00pm in the afternoon.  So, after considering selling the camper, because really a popup is a bit small for a family of 4 with a 2 year old and a baby, I think we are going to try to make it work.  I’m not sure how, but we definitely want to enjoy camping again.  So, we will see how it goes.

Aside from the big change in temperature, we will be experiencing a different type of geography, as well. Though it doesn’t have a lot of trees or any mountains, in comparison to Arkansas, it does have hills.  Nebraska is more like western Tennessee, rolling hills and flat plains.  MapsofWorld.com says this about Nebraska:

“The state comprises two major land regions:

  • Dissected Till Plains: Covering the eastern fifth of Nebraska, the Dissected Till Plains consist of rolling hills crisscrossed by streams and rivers. The region is fertile and suitable for growing corn, soybeans, and sorghum grain. The northern section of the Plains is known as the Loess Hills.
  • Great Plains of Nebraska: The area lying to the west of the Till Plains is referred to as the Great Plains. The region comprises several smaller, diverse land regions, including the Sandhills, the Pine Ridge, the Rainwater Basin, the High Plains and the Wildcat Hills. The highest point in the state, Panorama Point lies in this region.”
  • York is located in the eastern part of the state, which is rolling hills.  The terrain is marked with some sharp, steep hills which look like small mountains; these were created by the melting and shifting of ice glaciers (this was a geography lesson JTom gave me on our trip up there).  It is really fascinating to see on the drive up; there are also little tributaries all over.  The Lewis and Clark National Historical Trail goes along the entire eastern border of Nebraska.  The Oregon Trail crosses Nebraska as well.  Nebraska is home to Arbor Day, Kool Aid, vice grips, Warren Buffet, and Cabela’s.  I’m pretty sure somewhere not to far from us there must be a gigantic Cabelas.

    I am going to wrap this post up for now, but there will probably be a Nebraska, Part II.

    Week 15/16 Baby Summaries

    Max is 15 weeks old-OMG how did that happen?  He is almost 4 months old- that’s crazy.  I feel like we spent so much time trying to fix his reflux that the first 3 months just flew by!

    Max has been feeling pretty good, reflux and eating wise.  We have started eating oatmeal- he loves it!  The child just took it right off the spoon like he knew exactly what to do.  We started oatmeal because he just didn’t seem satisfied anymore.  He was taking so much formula, and would then spit up a lot of it, but still wanted more to eat.  So, I tried the oatmeal and he loves it! So at 10, 1, and 640 he nurses, then get some solid food, then takes 4oz of formula.  He is a growing boy!  =)

    Mister has really started talking more.  He does it mostly when he is by himself playing in the pack n play w all his toys.  He likes to roll onto his sides and kick.  He is raising his shoulders and chest way off the mattress- but still hasn’t found any interest in his feet yet.   He seems much more laid back than Lexie was.  She was a determined little thing, and he just kinda doesn’t care … If he is fed and dry he is a happy boy.

    Lexie loves to pay with Max.  Today she had an empty wrapping paper roll, declared herself a “sheepard” and then said, “Max is Baby Jesus.”  It was hilarious!  We have all been enjoying the fire, Max and Missy Cat especially.  He loves to watch the fire, and Missy loves to lay in front of it.

    This past week was Christmas- we had snow!  It started Christmas afternoon, and didn’t stop until the next morning. We literally had 8″ of snow.  I will post pics later.  Lexie didn’t like it much- she just enjoyed walking in it.  haha  But, we lost power.  There was a lot of ice before the snow fall.  We heard limbs snapping one after the other, and about 7:45pm we had no power!  So we toughed it out that night, with a fire.  The next morning we went to the inlaws a stayed the day, and night.  The next morning we had power.

    I will try to get a post in on what our Christmas was like.  Things are just really busy here, and about to get even more busy.  So, it may be a while before I get it up!

    Happy New Years!

    Camping Trip- Halloween Weekend, 2011

    This weekend we decided to go camping. With J.Tom gone so much this month, we decided we needed some major family time with no work, no laundry- just play time outside!

    Friday night we got our pop-up camper all folded out, cleaned, and loaded down with all our stuff. We love pop-up things – it just makes setting up so easy! I always say to people that one of the first things you should buy in preparation for a trip is a camping instant tent. There is absolutely no fun in spending hours trying to build a tent! It was about 8pm and everything was packed and ready to go. Saturday we headed for Dover, Arkansas to the Long pool Campgrounds. When we arrived we started unpacking all our things, fed the baby, and went to visit some friends we were meeting there. Lexie had the BIGGEST time ever! She LOVED playing in the dirt, throwing the rocks and running around like a crazy person exploring everything. She teased Scarlet, staying just out of her reach, the whole time. She played with leaves, learned about camp fires, and got to ride in the wagon with her friend Reid.

    It’s a good thing she was wearing her overalls Saturday, because let me tell you- they were much needed! With all the falling, running, and playing sitting in mud that Lexie did, she definitely needed those overalls! She also needed some boots, but we didn’t have any of those… she wore her BRAN SPANKING NEW WHITE stride rite walkers I spent a gajillion dollars on that are so comfy on her fat baby feet. Yes, it was time for new shoes; our Lou bug is in a 5.5 wide now. 14 months old. Whew.

    Anyhow, so Lexie had a big time. If she fell down, or grabbed hands full of mud, dirt, and rocks, she just dusted them off and kept on going. She’s definitely going to be her Mama and Daddy’s outdoor girl! (YAY!!!) Since we have been home, she goes to the front door and says “out out,” wanting to go play outside. She has discovered the grass and also mastered the steps (of course I’m all over that one, just in case, but she can do it on her own). She did really well at the camp grounds on the little steps up and down from the paved slabs to the gravel areas. She also knew how to sit on her “booty” on the stone wall (which wasn’t much of a wall). I think her favorite part was definitely playing in the mud and dirt. Next time we are going to have to go away for longer! My friend recommended going onto https://www.dreamlandtours.net/ and seeing what camping and hiking adventures we could go on!

    dirt on my booty

    dusting off the dirt

    “I gotta leaf, I gotta leaf …”


    playing in the dirt
    Lexie and Reid

    Just chillin’


    I NEED one of these!

    Never holds still!

    wiping my face and nose

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