Friday on The Farm {Babies, Babies, Babies!}

Ok y’all, I know it isn’t Friday.  =)  But I didn’t have time this past Friday to write anything, so here I am on a Monday evening writing about a wonderful day I had with my kiddos.

Spring has been around the farm for a while, but it is finally LOOKING a LOT like spring, and the babies GALORE prove it.

Oh the beauty!  The grass is green, there is a nice breeze, the garden is GROWING, the chickens are happy, the dogs are laying, the sun is shining, and the kids picked up their wagons and toys so the yard is semi-clutter-free.  =)

50 meat chickens

the meat chickens in tractor coop, just before we moved them to a new area with fresh grass

These are our new baby chicks!  we have 3, but left one in the brooder with a fellow left over chick … there is a story here.

We ordered 60 meat chickens, they sent about 65 or so + one lone little “exotic” (they’re usually roosters).  So we have 55 or so meat chickens left, living out in the tractor coop so they can pasture.  But we had this one little chick who is much smaller than the Big old waddling meat chickens, and s/he needed another chick with it, (because they don’t do well alone).  Initially husband said no; after a trip to the farm store this weekend with the kids they came home with 3 silver laced wyandotte pullets.

So here are two of them.

Image may contain: grass, bird, plant, outdoor and natureWhat else …

The garden is coming along so great!  I really need to look up how to harvest lettuce.  I am most excited about what we planted this year.  We are doing a lot of plants we either haven’t done in years or have never done, including broccoli, okra, watermelon, cantaloupe, sugar snap peas, banana peppers, lettuces, and cabbage!  We also planted some daikon radishes from seed (hoping they come up), so I have everything for my fermented kraut except carrots (which aren’t worth the time they take to grow haha).

the compost bin (which we will soon be updating, somehow) and the Arkansas rose bush that we have literally moved all over this country)

I think these are the cabbages …

peas that will hopefully grow up the trellis


my little lettuces! I’m so excited about them


We’ve been enjoying lots of asparagus and eggs.

Oh!  EGGS!  Ya’ll! My mammy duck is broody!  One of the really dark campbell ducks (possibly a cayuga cross), spent a month laying eggs and getting her nest all … nest-ed.  About 8-10 days ago she started sitting!  I’ve only caught her off one time and it was too bright out to candle the eggs, so I still don’t know if they are any good.  Drake Campbells only have a 30% fertility rate, so unless some of those 18+ eggs are crossed with our pekin drakes, there probably aren’t many fertile eggs.

Mammy {the broody campbell duck}

Anyway, I am excited!  Hopefully we will have ducklings in a few more weeks (or 3…).

And, speaking of baby things-this little one here is Heidi.  She is our 12 week old Great Pyrenees. (I think I mentioned in a previous post that Anne had a lot of genetic issues with her mouth and jaws so she was returned.  She should have never been sold to begin with … anyway).

Heidi is pretty dang cute, and feisty … and nothing like Huck!  haha  She has a lot to learn.  Like, a lot. But she will get there, just slower than Huck I think, mostly because she is truly puppy.  Huck has always been an old man.  He does a good job of keeping her in line and teaching her about pack manners and such.

Sometimes he literally just lays on her lead so she can’t keep pouncing off.  haha (see the 2nd picture below)

Heidi {great pyrenees LGD 12 wo}


I can ask Huck, “Where’s your puppy?!” and he will almost always go right to her and just lay on her. =)  So far she is learning to do okay around the chickens.  She doesn’t chase or play when around them, but when in the pen part of the chicken run she will try to chase through the pen.  So that behavior has to stop.  I am working on it, and will let you know how that goes.


He most definitely interacts with Heidi differently than he did Anne, which is interesting to me.  He knows she is different in character and treats her as such.  They’re such awesome dogs.

Huck and Heidi


Each of my babies and me today:

Friday on The Farm



We spent the afternoon doing chores, loving on dogs, chicks, and cats, then rolled the ball back and forth.  Dinner was in the oven and everything was perfect … then the cows got out.  That was frustrating and exciting and exhausting.  But they’re back in now.  Stubborn hamburgers.  I love them dearly, and I will miss them after freezer camp, but am looking forward to a freezer full of grassfed, hormone free beef for my family.


SIlver Laced Wyandotte

he started acting all wild and barn-catty right after this … cause he’s a barn cat

dirty babies and chicks!


Surviving Airplane Travel and Vacation with Small Children

Surviving Airport and Vacation with Small Children

As I write this post I am relaxing while my children take naps.
Our family (and I mean my husband’s ENTIRE family-18 of us) are all vacationing this week. It has been Ah-mazing, and has opened an opportunity for a good “how to survive…” post. If you’re not lucky enough to be able to hire a private jet with Jettly, read on!

So, here is it: How to Survive The Airport and Vacation with Small Children

1. Food- When all else fails FEED THEM. I packed a bazillion snacks for our plane ride. As a matter of fact, I carried an entire back pack full of snacks. Fussy? feed them. Ears hurt? Feed them. Tired but won’t sleep? Feed them. Bored? Feed them. Talking too loudly on a red eye flight? Feed them. (oh yea, if they’re hungry you should feed them too!)

Surviving Vacation & Airplanes with Small Children

2. Seating- On an airplane you can make sure your family’s seats are together by logging into your account online (or calling, I’m sure). Our planes had two rows of seats, 3 seats wide. So for us, with a family of 5, it was best to have: number 1 child at the window, number 2 next to number 1, then daddy on the aisle seat to help managed them, while mama sat across the aisle in the aisle seat, with baby. That way if we needed to hand/trade off we could. I could easily pass baby to daddy while I made her bottle/got her food out, etc. Also, brother (2.5yo) could come see me when he needed to. Also be sure to check your seating arrangements the day before you fly because they could have been changed without your knowledge!

3. One Activity- For us, drawing and writing is infinitely interesting to our kids, most of the time. Whatever it is that occupies your kids at home (that isn’t huge or require a lot of little pieces), take it with you for the plane and long lay overs in the airport! **Don’t take a TON of things. Chances are your kids will be just as content (if not more) having only one or two things to focus on. However, if your kids are at the “throw down and lose everything/have mom pick it up” stage, skip this entirely and let them play with the magazines on the plane!

4. Personal Backpacks– If your kids are 2 years and older, chances are they can carry a small to medium sized backpack with ease through the airport. With most airlines, each person that has a seat/ticket on the plane gets to take a carry on bag. That means even children can “carry” a bag on the plane. Take advantage of this! My daughter (4yo) took her own small backpack that had her “planner,” pen, a favorite book, and lovey for sleeping. In her brother’s backpack we carried them both a change of clothes, extra diapers for him (for sleeping and to prevent frequent bathroom breaks), and his sleeping lovey. Bringing a backpack is especially useful for long haul flights. We’re thinking of taking a trip to England since we found some good deals on stratford hotels. I’ve always wanted to visit that area but we’ve always been put off going due to the long flight. I might just wait until the kids are a little older though.

5. Change of clothes– This is HUGE. I never would have thought to take a change of clothes for the plane (this is my husband’s tip). But if you are flying over night, or all day long, a change of clothes can go a long way for everyone! Putting kids into their pajamas at night when they would usually be getting ready for bed sends a sleep que to them, and can help them be comfortable and relaxed. Also, a change of clothes (undies, shirt/yoga pants, shorts, or dress) for mom and dad is also nice. After all the loading, moving/running through airports it is nice to be able to change just your shirt. Don’t carry an entire new wardrobe, just enough to help you feel refreshed/clean/better.

6. Wear Baby- I found that wearing baby was a life saver! I didn’t really know how much I would use my carrier, but it turned out to be awesome. Now, don’t go get a carrier the week of vacation; you will want plenty of time to use it and get comfortable using it with and without help. I wore #3 on my front for the plane, and on my back at the beach. I did need help getting her in the carrier for my back because without a bed to drop her on (accidentally) I am just not comfortable doing it blind. What carrier should you get? That’s up to you; I love love love my Baby Hawk Mei Tai. There is also the BabyHawk baby Carrier that snaps! I sorta wish I had seen that one when I bought my mei tai before #3 was born… snaps are fast and easy, though not as versatile. (Just make sure you read how to properly wear baby, please! High on your chest/back, no facing outward, etc)

7. Sleep!- Let them sleep! I know on vacation it is hard to stop all the fun and going/doing for naps. But, for us, everyone is much happier and can go and do much, much more if they are well-rested. If the kids are exhausted and can’t function, how can you have a good time?! So, take a few hours, go rest, then get up refreshed and ready to go! The best way to get refreshed and energized by a good nap is if you’re staying in a beautiful and welcoming hotel while vacationing, like Boutique Hotel Downtown San Jose. This way, you and your child can rest up with a comfy bed while staying in luxury!

8. This thing: Trust me, you need it! Leave the pack n play at home and carry this for travel sleeping arrangements; we LOVE ours

What’s your favorite tip for traveling, flying, & vacationing with little ones?

38 week baby summary

Max is now 39 weeks (9.5 months), so this is the update for last week, his 38th week of life.

Let’s just say Max is now moving, fast!  He is crawling everywhere, and is pulling up on everything!  If he can get his hands on it, he pulls up on it.  He likes to chase Lexie all around the house.

His new favorite thing?  Dancing!  He loves to dance and bounce.

He is still eating tons of finger foods.  I have been steaming him fresh veggies, freezing them on a cookie sheet, and then storing them in bags for quick meals.  I can’t get him to eat much off of a spoon anymore, he wants to chew!

Speaking of chewing, we have two top teeth!  That was not fun, but they are here.

His days look like this:

7am  wake and bottle
730  breakfast and play
8:55 down for nap
10:30 up from nap
11:30 bottle
12:00 lunch with mommy, daddy, and lexie
12:40/1:00/1:30 nap, depending on how long his first nap was
2:30/3:00 up from nap (nap is usually 1.5 hrs from whatever time he fell asleep)
3:30 bottle and snack, offer juice in sippy
5:30 dinner with family
6:30 bedtime- we shoot for 7pm, but he is usually begging for milk and bed at this point.

His naps have been SO great.  He has been feeling better since the teeth finally got here, not as whiny and clingy as the last week or two.  Literally, overnight he became my happy boy again.

We went to the pool Friday, and Daddy surprised us by leaving work early to join.  We had a great time, and max loved the pool!  We tried again, without daddy, to see if I could manage everyone by myself, and it was a success.  So it looks like we will be getting a membership for the summer.  They also have a toddler time from 12-1 certain days of the week.  It is time just for the littles to play and enjoy the water.  We may try once or twice a week, since that is lunch and wind down time for nap.  It’s not usually hot enough for the water that early here, or at least it hasn’t been yet.

I have reduced his reflux meds from 4ml, to 3ml.  So far so good.  He has some spitting up while playing and crawling, but nothing that seems to bother him.  Getting the medicine in him is still a challenge; we will both be so happy when he doesn’t have to take it anymore.

He did great at the chiropractor last week.  His lower back was out of alignment and Dr C asked if he had been constipated … as a matter of fact he had been!  Kinda crazy.  He got adjusted, took a nap, and woke up poopy.  True story.

Lexie has been her usual sweet self.  She loves playing with Max, and looks forward to our snuggles in the morning and after nap; daddy has been traveling and she gets extra affectionate when he is gone.  I think she needs that extra security.  

She randomly sleeps for naps throughout the week, but always lays down for 1.5-2 hours for rest.  Her bedtime is still 6:30 with no nap, she falls asleep right away and sleeps until 6:45-7am the next morning (usually).  We have tried a later bedtime, and get an earlier wake time, which tells me she isn’t getting enough sleep when she goes down later.  So we are sticking with early bedtime to keep from waking up at 5-6am!  On days she naps, bedtime is closer to 7:30pm.

She found mama’s favorite heels before church one morning

First time at the pool

Our roses from Arkansas

Big girl on her bike

Lima beans- yum!

Mama left me alone with avocado for 2 minutes….

Baby Summary Week 38: reflux and chiropractors

Max is almost 9 months old. This is the post for his 38th week of life.

He is EVERYWHERE. He is eating well, and is still loving finger foods. Like as in, LOVES. He will eat a few jars of baby food, and then sit in his high chair and eat finger foods for 30 more minutes. haha And most of the food is making it to his mouth now.

He is crawling all over the house, chasing Lexie Raye, pulling up on everything, and really trying to stand …. on his head! He loves to stand on his head and look through his legs. It’s hilarious.
But he is also trying to stand on his own. He finally picked those feet up and walked while holding my hands. It’s like he has realized, “hey, I can move!”

Sleep is good; two naps a day. One is at 9:00 and the other is either at 12:40, or 1:00 depending on how long his first nap was. I think he is trying to tell me it’s time to push his nap back, to 9:15 or 9:30, because lately the morning nap has been short. I may try it this weekend and see what happens.
Yesterday we went to the chiropractor (it was one similar to these Activa Clinics). Yes, we. I am so excited, we are praying this helps improve his reflux, so we can get off this awful medicine. If you haven’t read about chiropractic care in babies, you should Google it!

Illness such as SIDS, reflux, allergies, chronic ear infections, and poor health in general have been linked to poor spinal alignment. Spinal alignment affects our nervous system and our overall health. When adjusted correctly, these illnesses can be prevented and healed. Ear infections and reflux are two of the biggest reasons parents seek chiropractic care for their babies and children. If after reading this post you think you need to make an appointment with a chiropractor for your child then visit and you can organise an appointment with a reputable chiropractor in no time with no hassle. On Natural Parents Network, Gretchen has a great story about her baby’s ear infections and how the chiropractor she booked an appointment with helped get rid of them.

If you’re thinking, “Well Meghan, babies didn’t go to the chiropractor 1,000 years ago, or 100 years ago,” This is what I would say:
If you think about our evolution, (and I haven’t read proof of this anywhere, it’s my own thought) babies were carried in cloths, wrapped around on their mothers, with their hips appropriately below their knees (fellow baby-wearers know what I am talking about here) for centuries.
They weren’t strapped into car seats on a daily basis, strollers on the weekends, or sitting in highchairs, exersaucers, etc during their day. I’m not saying these things are bad, albeit, these things are necessary.

For the last 8 months I have hesitated taking him to the chiropractor, although JTom and I have both used a chiropractor with success and there are many different chiropractors that we could have used such as the round rock chiropractor. If you are looking for a chiropractor then just ask around and I’m sure you’ll find yourself a good reliable one. I think it was fear. I wasn’t sure about someone adjusting my baby, and I honestly didn’t take much time to read more about it.

But I’ve had enough.

This medicine is awful, it’s not good for him long term, I have to torture hold him down while he screams, gags, and coughs to get him to swallow it, and most days he spits it back up.
(We have tried all ideas for giving him the medicine, but if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments for me!) If the chiropractor doesn’t work, we will need to get back on the meds until we find something that does. I’m pretty hopeful though as there have been high reviews of the local chiropractor, we’ve got our fingers crossed though! We were either going to go to our local chiropractor or go a bit further and go to one of chiropractor clinics.

Our doctor was amazing; he was gentle and used an activator to adjust both max and Lexie. He used me as their “tester” or “surrogate,” to muscle test both of them.
I’m not a medical professional, so I won’t go into the long details of what a tester is. But, if he can push my arm down, while touching a certain spot on their bodies, it means it is a weak area for them. On an older child or adult he would use their arm, not a tester’s.

While doing Max (who was calm, relaxed, and happy, btw which I was surprised by since he screamed bloody murder at the family dr office the other day), my arm went down super far between his shoulder blades and his middle back.

I looked at the doctor like, “what is that?!” and he said,

“there’s your reflux. These areas are digestion, chest and esophagus.”

I cried.

Although we may not have success with chiropractic care for Max’s reflux, I couldn’t believe I waited THIS LONG to do it. I felt ashamed, in a way; this is so much better for him than those dangerous chemicals in his medicine he has been ingesting, against his will.

But I am glad we are doing it now.

I stopped the meds this morning; so far no reflux today. *edit: this is a weaning process, not something that happens immediately. I will be reducing his dosage, every other day, until we get down to nothing, or almost nothing.* We will make weekly visits for a month or so for adjustments. Then I will probably do once a month or so, if we have success.

Lexie was also adjusted; my arm dropped for her in a few different places. One was her middle back, and the other (which was worse) was her lower back. So he used the activator and adjusted her. He couldn’t test on her eczema, because it wasn’t flared. But he said if it does flare, bring her in and he will try muscle testing for it.

That was it. It was gentle, and easy. Nothing painful, forceful, and torturous about it.
I held Max, and of course Lexie was miss independent, but I could have held her if I’d needed to. The dr. was wonderful! Wonderful! I highly suggest him if you are in the York area. Contact me for more info, if you’d like.

I am not suggesting this for everyone, I am not a doctor or medical professional (I have to say this stuff to cover myself). However, if your baby suffers from reflux, ear infections, colic, internal body infections (like yeast build up, etc), you should research chiropractic care for you child.

Read personal testimonials, because it isn’t something the mainstream medical community is going to say, “Yes! Go try it and see if it helps. I won’t worry about the kick back I won’t receive from these medicines that only mask the baby’s symptoms!” No. That’s not the general response you will get. =)

My main reasons for finally trying it were:
A) it cannot harm them. It isn’t painful, or scary. It isn’t like filling their tiny bodies full of medicines that are not natural or meant for them.

B) I believe in nature. I believe in God, and His science in the body. I believe our bodies were made to protect and heals themselves.

C) I’ve always considered taking both of the kids to a chiropractor. It wasn’t until one of my dear friends told me her family’s story that I decided we would do it. A baby in her family was scheduled for surgery due to chronic ear infections; he had reflux, and in general had been sick a lot. He was taken to a chiropractor and adjusted. Later, the family took him back to the pediatrician to see about the surgery and the doctor said the baby no longer needed surgery. *true story, friends!*

That was proof enough for me. (This baby also happens to be the same age as Max)

Some of you are skeptical, and judging me right now. =) And that’s okay.

I may be an “extreme, counter culture crazy,” but we are trying everything we can to get Max well, and off medications. Like many of our decisions, this was done prayerfully, and I do pray next month I have a success story to share with you!

Or maybe you are interested, and curious to learn more.

Either way, I suggest reading and researching about chiropractic care, its risks, and benefits. Also, while reading, read comments written by others on the articles and blog posts; you will always find a wealth of information and links to blogs, websites, research, and studies in comments!

There are many videos like these on Youtube (the first one is our doctor):

Here are a few blog posts with personal experiences, websites on the subject, and my resources:


I hope if you have been considering this type of treatment for your baby, that this post will help you make your decision. I also hope if you are a skeptic, you will be encouraged to read, and educate yourself more. You may come out a skeptic, still. But maybe not. =)

Have you tried “alternative” medicines for your family? I would love for you to share your stories and experiences with me!

Videos and Pictures


Yummy- NO SUGAR ADDED, all natural fruit bar

loves from Mama Bear

Kiss kiss

Im a movie staaar

happy baby

tackling Mama

More tackling…

throwing the ball

Daddy is teasing me

her favorite book

more reading

the cutest cloth diapered booty ever

hey, what’s under here?
You lookin’ at me?

Hey, watch this!

A post of many things….

It has been so very long since i have blogged, and I am sorry about that.  We have been pretty busy-excuse typos, my typing skills seem to have decreased somehow.  I will fix the typos later.

Last week my mom was here, for 5 days.  It was a jolly good time; she had some quality time with Lexie.  Then this week J.Tom went out of town with business, so it was just me, the furry babies, and Lou Bug.  Boy, you don’t realize how much you husband helps until he is gone.  I don’t just mean with diapering and food, I mean with loving Lexie.  She was a different child this week while he was gone- now, she is cutting her stomach teeth, the bottom two next to the center, so I attribute part of her behavior to that- but she has been so fussy and clingy.  While I was talking to J.Tom on the phone last night, it dawned on me that he spends a LOT of time with her during the day.  He usually gets her from the crib, changes her diaper and takes off her night clothes, then we play in our bed for about 30-45 minutes before he gets ready for work.  Then he sees her at lunch and they play that whole hour, and then for an hour after work he usually sits down with her and plays.  So that is a LOT of quality daddy time she missed out on this week and apparently it makes a BIG difference for her.

Which I understand-it makes a big difference for me, too.  It was the first time he has been gone that long in a while and I missed him a lot (although I didn’t mind not cooking!).
So, this part of this blog is about living more simply.  I have always wanted to lessen what we have but thought I was too busy to do it.  Not only does it makes sense living off less , but I think we are all too caught up in material things.  So often we get rid of things so we can replace them with more things…  All of these things cost money and time and usually just collect dust somewhere.  It costs money to buy things, time to take care of or clean them, and usually cost even more money to use them.  Cleaning other people’s houses makes me want to get rid of stuff and clutter.  You know those houses you see in magazines that are so pretty and crisp?  You know why they look pretty and crisp?  Because there is not a lot of junk– and everything has a place. There is this four person family who has outgrown their home.. it is a big home FULL of junk.  I mean stuff doesn’t even make sense, things are just thrown in closets and cabinets…  As a matter of fact, I bet she could not tell you half of what is in every closet.  HELLO- THAT IS TOO MUCH CRAP, at least for me it is.

Anyways, so I want to live more simply.. only have clothes I need, not just a bunch of clothes I want because theyre trendy or cute.  I know there will always be an occassional fun splurge or shopping spree; sometimes this can become habit forming, a weekly activity for people.  And we teach this, right?  I mean we teach our children when they are young to go out a shop when they’re bored or sad.  Maybe we teach them to eat iceream to feel better.  Whatever.  But maybe if we wiped all those things out we would be happier.  Maybe, if we lived off less, knowing that what we have is all we need then we would be a happier society.  (that of course excludes food)

So, I want to live off less, and this includes food.  Use less electricity, less wasteful materials, less food… I think it makes sense.  That feeling of satisfaction that everything you need you already have and everything else is just extra and not necessary.  I am going to start getting rid of something every week.  I may sell it, or take it to the Goodwill, but I want to get rid of things we don’t need or use.

As part of all this, I have begun using my very own homemade detergent.  I’ve done it before, but this time I tweaked the recipe a bit for extra cleaning power. I chose to do this for A) cost and B) I like making my own stuff because it is fun.  And think of all the plastic containers I won’t be wasting anymore… and all that money I won’t be throwing away that we can put towards Lexie’s future or a new car one day when we need it.  If you want to try it it takes only 15 minutes or so total to make a HUGE batch, and there are recipes everywhere online.  I used my friend Ginny’s version, which you can find here.  Instead of a half cup each, I did a whole cup of each ingredient.  I also have a homemade detergent for my NEW CLOTH DIAPERS!  I AM SO EXCITED!  I know, everyone thinks I am nuts, well except the people I know that cloth diaper, but I LOVE it.  I got three of these BumGenius 4.0 Snap Pocket Diapers from the cottonbabies website, and one of these FuzziBunz washed but never used, and FIVE more of the BumGenius 4.0s new but at a discount from a mom who was gifted too many-still in packages with all the inserts!  I AM SO EXCITED!  Oh, and i got a free cover with my first purchase, so I picked up a few birds eye cloths at Walmart and will double those with some of the extra inserts that came with the others and wala!  Cloth diapering mama right here!  Cloth diapering is not like it used to be- we did it today with 2 poopy diapers and it was fine.  Nowadays, they make these here cloth diapers with Today, cotton diapers are made with super soft, wicking suede-cloth and microfiber and are just so dang easy.  Not only are they SO CUTE on Lexie and her chunky self, but it is cheaper than buying disposables- after using cloth today, every time I put a ‘sposie in the trash I feel like I just threw away part of her college fund.

Speaking of which, we have a Lexie college fund, feel free to donate  =)  haha  jk (no I’m not)  We will use disposables at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but that is it.  At night I will add and extra insert in her CD (cloth diaper) after I get the rest of them in the mail.  The rest are all being shipped today and tomorrow so they should be here next week!  Yes, the investment in CD is a little on the steep side, $200+ (eventually, I am a bargain shopper so I will try to save as much as possible within reason), but they are so worth it when you consider the average family spends $1500+ on disposables per child.  And there are all those landfills we will not be contributing to, AND I won’t literally throw money in the trash can 10 times a day.  There is a cost break down here and here.  Also, my original reason for wanting to cloth diaper, which began before she was born, is that all those terrible icky chemicals will no longer be on my sweet baby’s bottom!

Also, I am a project person.  As my friend Whitney would say, we are P-4 Majors (early childhood education majors) and always need some kind of project to keep us busy.  I make baby food, clean house, and now stash cloth diapers.  “stash”- isn’t that word fun?  That is what we CD mom’s call it, “our stash of cloth diaper.”  bahaha  No really, I am in love with the homey idea of CDing, but I also realize it is extra work.  Lucky for me I don’t mind extra work; somehow I manage to get everything done and still rest a bit during the day and play on my ipad2.  So no complaints.  And Lexie of course get plenty of attention and love because I do it all while she is napping, usually.  But, like what I did tonight was throw everything in the wash after she is in the bed and I am just iPadding, and it will all be ready tomorrow!

Oh- I am going to post a “monthly calendar” at the end of each month listing everything Lexie has done and important family events.  So here is the Calendar for June:

12- first taste of organic blueberry greek yogurt- LOVES IT
14- we put a for sale sign in our yard
15- 9 month shots, didn’t even flinch let alone shed a tear (love those chunky legs!)
16- first steps!!!!!
17- stopped nursing
19- says duck
20- definitely done nursing
24- steps to Susie
       eats first kiwi
       eats yummy sauteed veggies!
25- says MAMA!!!!!!!!!
       Mia worked on blowing kisses, and she did a few times… but has stopped.
28- waves hi and bye every time she sees you
30- says “hi” all the time
Sometime in the last week of June she finally cut the top two teeth on either side of the center two (eye teeth?).  YAY  But now she is working on those bottom two, and it is miserable.. as always.

I have started July’s calendar, can’t wait to see what all she accomplishes this month!

pushing her car-she loves the horn!

Loves for Mr. Bear

Cindy Lou Hoo

Prettiest baby girl ever?  Yes

Daddy’s (first) Father’s Day

First carrot from our garden this year- hrmm

Yep, it’s a keeper Mama!

Helping Mama clean while Daddy powerwashes the walk way

Hey, I was playing with that!


This is how I found Scarlet one morning while J.Tom was gone

Hi Daddy!

silly girl

Ta da!

Lexie and Mama at the lake

Rar, Mr. Bear

Yummy- grapes and watermelon for snack

talking to Daddy
Pretty Baby

loves for Daddy

Loves for Mr. Bear (some more)

Trying to stand up

Not only is she smart…

but she is a GENIUS.  haha  JK, she is a baby.  But here is the thing, she really doesn’t like for things to be stacked.  I can stack blogs, cubes, cups, anything and she HAS to stop what she is doing, knock it down, and then resume her precious activities.  Very funny.  She also (as mentioned before) can find Mr. Bear and if she cannot find him, she searches for him.

In the video she is looking around like I have Mr. Bear, but he is in fact on the floor in the same spot the whole time.  Watch her eyes as she looks for him, so cute!  When she gets excited, she spins in circles, we don’t really know why.  And as for her walking, we have taken a temporary hiatus.  She is a little afraid of it now and will start to kinda cry and fuss.  I know it takes time.. blah blah blah.  She will do it when she is ready; I guess she realized what she did Thursday and it scared her because now it upsets her to try.  Oh well, in due time.  I’m not ready for a ten month old toddler anyway!  (Can you believe she is almost 10 months old?)  Aaah!

9.5 months old

Well, Lexie has hit the 9 month old mark.. =( 3 more months and she will be an entire year old. This makes me sad, it is flying by! However, I know I am blessed because I will be staying home with her, so I won’t miss a beat. We get to see J.Tom at lunch most days and it is just wonderful!

I have a few houses I am cleaning regularly for a little extra income; it gives me something to do and allows Lexie the socialization she needs outside the house with other kids. Finding means of income whilst you have young ones at home can be a challenge so this is great for me, but I know of some moms that do blogging on the side and even invest in Easyjet shares for some extra income. Right now my precious friend Whitney and her 2 boys play with Lexie on Tuesdays and Thursdays-they have GREAT fun! Lexie just loves Mason and Maddex, and of course Ms. Whitney.

A few days before her 9 month birthday, she started crawling! She is also the happiest baby ever, and I know they don’t come any more precious than her. Everyone compliments on how good and sweet she is; I know we probably won’t be so lucky the next time around! haha

We go swimming at the condos down the road.
At 9 months her speaking vocabulary consists of: Dada, (sometimes mama, but rarely), up, and the newest one is cat. She is OBSESSED with poor Missy Cat, whom of course is terrified of Lexie! haha She lets her come up on the bed and pet her, but Missy doesn’t hang around too long… Lexie’s signing vocabulary consists of: milk, eat, and once or twice she has used please, but I not sure it was for real.

We put up a baby gate to block the stairs, and the house is pretty baby-proof for now. There are a few nice things on tables, but I have taught her “no” about one of the tables and she avoids it most of the time. She can’t yet reach the stuff on the other table, but when she tries I tell her “no.” She is pulling up on everything! What is so funny is she is so determined; she will let go of whatever she is holding onto to see if she can stand on her own-which she can! And for pretty long periods of time. She gets so excited about it she laughs and claps. Pretty cute. She is also trying to stand up on her own from the ground; she gets flat footed and in a leap frog position and pushes up from her hands. She was successful once yesterday but immediately went back down on her hands. At least she is catching herself! She loves to wear her walking shoes, and she stands much better when she wears them.

I remember as a kid I alwasy played under my mom’s ironing board, and she would get onto me, because underneath it had these holes all in it, and the fabric kinda poked through. It was a green board with a pink, homemade cover of some kind; I loved poking the holes. I also played under the table, and in the clothes racks at stores.. Mom and I were talking and I think all kids like to play under stuff-hence forts made from chairs and sheets. Lexie loves to play under things too. She gets under her highchair, the dinner table, and MY IRONING BOARD and plays for long periods of time. It is pretty funny. But what she really enjoys is taking the iron baby gate (with a door built in) and shaking it back and forth-that would of course be her favorite. And although she is really too big for her exersaucer, she likes to get in it and act crazy shaking and jumping. It creates lots of noise and good fun!
Yummy blueberries

I am still making her baby food, speaking of which I need to start a new batch. She has started eating some more finger foods. On top of her love for avocados, she now enjoys fresh blueberries! I just tear them in half and she gobbles them right up. I have given her a little shredded chicken and she liked it ok, but didn’t think it was all that special. Right this minute she is in her bed playing/whining because she doesn’t want to nap… but she is so tired!

Her schedule is still a 4 hour schedule, but I think she is trying to stretch it a little again. She is so active and so she stays entertained longer and doesn’t poop out as fast. But when she gets sleepy, it is super tired, so that is good. Sometimes she will play and then lay herself back down for a nap. Sometimes I have to go put her back down and pat her a minute. It just depends on the day really.

Overall she is just a perfect baby! Wednesday we got to the dr for her 9 month checkup and shots =( I am anxious to see how tall she is. I am pretty sure she is about 23 lbs, but don’t have any idea how long.


Are you talkin’ to me?

I can get it, I can get it!

Here… Puppy puppy!

Brushing her teeth-we’ve been doing this for months, but now she can do it herself!

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