Lots of new pics and a video!

As you can imagine, we have been very busy. Last week, Lexie got her 6 month shots-she did not shed a tear! She just sat there!! I did notice that this time the spot where she got the shot bruised and was/is really hard and swollen some. They say this is normal; she has never had that happen before. She is 19.3 lbs (not much weight gain) and 28″ long! She is also rolling from her back to her belly, and rolls herself over to sleep on her tummy sometimes, but not much. We are working on tummy time still, she is not really a fan of pushing herself up yet. But she will move around in circles on her belly by using her legs. It is kinda funny. She spends longer amounts of time awake during the day, and really enjoys her exersaucer more now than she did before.

She is absolutely infatuated with Stitch, as you can see from the video. They are pretty cute together. She can sit up for as long as you leave her now, and she somehow manage to spin around; I have not witnessed it yet because she does it when I leave her alone (while I usually clean) and when I come back she will be facing the opposite direction. We also eat A LOT now. She is taking 2 big scoops of oatmeal and can have pretty much anything to eat that comes in baby food. I made mashed sweet potatoes with bananas and orange the other night (YUM!) and we gave her a bite. She LOVED them. So we may become more adventurous with our foods soon.
We have started our garden; when I graduate in May I am going to start making her baby food myself, from the garden. I will still have to buy some of it, but I think it will be nice for her to have fresh, pesticide-free veggies from her own garden! The other day she stayed outside on the blanket with a few toys while J.Tom and i planted carrots, lettuce, and a few more things I think. We also got our Rosemary and Cilantro planted. Lexie loves to be outside! We went downtown this weekend and walked/shopped. We stopped at the Arlington Hotel for some drinks and Lexie loved being around all the people (as usual). She was super busy saying hi to everyone. Also, we got a new bed! YAY We decided to go ahead and get a king size bed; we needed a new mattress anyways. We decided on a memory foam. We almost got a walmart mattress after looking at the good reviews, but we love our memory foam! Lexie likes it too; it is big enough for all of us to play and laugh, so she thinks that is great.

Having a big time squealing
laughing (look at my teeth!)
I know something you don’t know!
Aaaa! hahahahaha!

On our outing downtown Saturday
On the patio at the Arlington

oooh, really?

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