6 month (26 weeks) baby schedule/summary- Baby #5

Oh my goodness! Baby 5 is getting sooo big. The days are so much fun with him in them, we are all just in awe of his sweetness.  The boy only cries if he really has a complaint, and even then it isn’t much. He like to be in the middle of everything and has started a little signing (for “milk”). At 5 months he was over 99% on length and 88 or so on weight. He is going to be tall like his daddy.

Right now, at 27 Weeks, Sir is eating solids for 3 meals. First he nurses, then takes a bottle of supplemented formula/pumped milk, then he downs almost 2 cartons of Stage 2 baby food!  He is a big eater, to say the least. Im not making his baby food right now, I just don’t have the time. The most I do is grind oats for adding to his purees. But he doesn’t like solids from our plates yet, only purees.  He gets sooo excited to eat, but put a solid in his mouth and he isn’t a happy camper. haha

He is napping after 2 hours of wake time.

Right now his 3.5hour routine looks like this:

  • 730am- nurse, bottle, solids
  • play time with siblings in the floor/watch mama work out
  • 930- nap
  • 11am- nurse, bottle, solids
  • play time with siblings, sibling read books to him, play in floor
  • 1pm-nap
  • 230pm-nurse, bottle
  • outside play time- biggest sister pushes in stroller outside, play on picknick planet, parent wears for walk in woods
  • 430pm- nap
  • 530- up, nurse
  • 6ish solids, family time (especially loves hanging with daddy), bath some nights
  • 700pm-nurse, bottle, in bed by 73opm

Sir’s play time consists of all the things above, including time with me, being read to, laying on my bed while I get ready, being toted by siblings, etc. haha. He get SO excited when big sister puts on his coat to go walk outside. He loves being outdoors, in true Wright Baby fashion.

Developmentally, he is trying to talk. He will move his mouth while watching yours, as you talk. We practice “mama” a lot, but he isn’t quite there yet ? He has just started reaching for things, like his toy ball. Tummy time, belly surfing, and spinning around are so much fun right now. For about 3 weeks he started practicing rolling in his sleep, and wouldn’t roll over from his belly to back, but would just cry instead. So one of us would go in and flip him over …

But now he has started flipping over and sleeping happily on his belly. Yay! He LOVES bathtime and really gets excited to play in the water.

He is such a sweetie; we could not ask for a happier baby. He’s been such a blessing to our family.


In the next month or 2 I expect his naps will get super messy (ie- fighting the cat nap before bed, not being able to nail down a good wake time length for the other naps, thus getting over tired), and we will take the leap to a 2-3-4 schedule. This is when baby takes a nap 2 hours after Morning Waketime, then 3 hours after that nap he takes a 2nd nap, then 4 hours after he wakes from nap, he goes to bed. This is the last nap change before dropping to 1 nap around a year old.

baby #5 has definitely been different than my others.  His naps have been a dream *knock on wood* and he is a higher sleep needs baby- meaning he needs longer naps plus his solid 12 hours at night, than typical. So he may hang out at our current routine longer than my others. By 7 months I think most of my others were on a 2-3-4 schedule ( which is definitely easier than chasing the infant optimal wake time length!).




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The One With The Boys {a simple woman’s daybook 30}

Outside my Window …
My boys.

Mister has been attached to his daddy all day long.  He’s done tractor work, dirt work, garden work, and now they’re playing baseball in the front yard.

I am thinking…
I wish this baby wasn’t so fussy so we could go join them; but she currently hates the cold, and it has turned cooler again.

I am thankful…
for a husband that loves spending time with his babies, guiding them, and teaching them how to be good people.

In the kitchen…
nothing.  Lots of dirty dishes and no meals planned.  That’s my kitchen today.

I am wearing…
pajama pants and a tshirt

I am creating…
plans for a few dresses; but I did get some things done in the sewing room last week, so that was nice.

I am going…
to Costco tomorrow!  woo hoo, our favorite. =)

I am reading…
a few different titles, and my The Old Schoolhouse catalogue that came.
I am hoping…
Baby speeds up this teething process because this last week she was a bear, and still is!

I am looking forward to…
The Walking Dead tonight (yes … I love that show).  School and relaxing this week.

I am learning…
This parenting thing is just flying by.

Around the house…
it is a disaster.  Mama is lazy today.

A favorite quote for today…

My 6 month old teething …

‘Nuf said.

One of my favorite things…
bonfires with good friends, late nights with my husband,, easy mornings with my babies,

A few plans for the rest of the week:
get lots of school done, rearrange the living room a little, plan the garden

A peek into my day…






Simple Woman {Daybook}

The One With a Puppy {Simple Woman’s Daybook 29}

Outside my Window …
It is warm and cloudy; why is it in the 70’s in February?!  I won’t complain about the fog and early morning drizzle, we need the rain. And I won’t complain about the warmth, but I mean really?!  If this means we will have snow in May, I’d rather it be cold now!
I am thinking…
I have so much to get done this week!

I am thankful…
that we had a friend from AR come visit this weekend, that we had rain this morning, that we have a little farm, and that we added a new buddy to the farm this past week!

In the kitchen…
There is bone broth in the crock pot, eggs on the counter, and leftovers for dinner.

I am wearing…
leggings and a shirt

I am creating…
a few things in my sewing room

I am going…
to Costco and the library this week

I am wondering…
if we are going to have anymore winter between now and spring?!

I am reading…
Teaching From Rest, as recommended by so many homeschoolers … it is a good book.  Except I have already implemented most of what I am reading so far, and my train of thought is already there, so I am wishing I had picked it up at the library and not purchased it.

I am hoping…
I find more info in the book that is helpful, and not just a bunch of ideas and thoughts I already have, agree with, implement in my home. =/

I am looking forward to…
The warm week-warmth means mama and Baby can go out more (she does NOT like the cold, even bundled up, so I’ve been inside more than I’d like this winter).

I am learning…
how to work with a puppy, specifically and LGD puppy that is going to hopefully bond with and protect my chickens and family- he is NOT for playing with.  He has play time, in the evenings, but the rest of the time he is watching chickens, sleeping with chickens, and sitting with me as we learn about chickens.  The cows are too big for him to be with right now, but I wouldn’t be against adding a few calves for him to bond with soon.  =)

Around the house…
It just is.  Things are pretty clean, tidy.  I just have a ton of laundry to get through.

A favorite quote for today…
Dog best friend
One of my favorite things…

Meet Huck!  As in Huckleberry Finn.  He sure is a sweet, sensitive boy that likes adventure.  We are sure the 40 acres will be a good place for him to learn, grow, and protect.
I won’t write about how we are training him, because honestly there is a LOT that is going into it, and I don’t know if it will all be successful.  I have spoken with a consultant that has assured me Thora’s escalating resource aggression wasn’t a result of anything we did.  So I am hoping that what we do for Huck can prevent any issues and create a great guardian.  Because these kinds of dogs don’t necessarily “bond” with chickens like they will mammals, we have to do a little extra work to ensure he is okay around them.

However, so far he gets very upset when he is not in the run with the chickens.  He was raised with his parents and chickens for 14 weeks, until we got him, so he is used to them.  It is just avoiding playing with them at this point, that is important.

Huck is part Great Pyrenees, and part Anatolian Shepherd.  Anatolian Shepherds are more aggressive with predators than a Great Pyr, and are better able to take on a coyote than a GP might.  They are also more likely to stay closer to home than a GP, or so I read. So we will see how he does. =)

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Run errands, do school, get some sewing done, work with Huck, menu plan, and work around the farm in the WARMTH!  woo hoo

A peek into my day…
See Huck’s photo collage above.

Peek Into My Day {SD 29}

We did school, then went for a walk in the woods after lunch.  Aaah, fresh air, and fun!

Simple Woman {Daybook}

Best Baby Swaddle Transition Blanket {week 27/6mo summary}

PERFECT swaddle blanket & 6.5 month baby summary {Quietinthechaos.com}

Ila is 6 and a half months old, and today (Thursday, March 19th) begins the 27th week of her life. She is still a happy, sweet, content baby girl. She is definitely the most sensitive of our children; Ila really watches your face for cues to see if you are happy or upset before she will smile or interact with you a lot. Lexie was a determined go-getter from the start; she wanted your attention and would scream across the room and be silly in order to get it. Max was much more moody, but not based on anyone else’s mood; his disposition was usually determined by how his tummy was feeling (reflux and colic), and if he had a full belly or not. Ila is going to be a sensitive, loving girl, and that is okay. =)


In the past two weeks Ila has finally started working on all those skills her past wonder weeks prepared her for- she is more smoothly reaching for things, talking, and rolling from her back to her front. She wants to sit up all the time and is not content laying down. We are working on sitting up by herself, and I have a feeling it isn’t far from happening. She also like to kick and stand.

She has recently started playing in the bathtub, which is so cute. She kicks the tub and splashed everywhere. Her little baby legs are just covered in fat rolls, and she is the happiest thing you have ever seen.

We also have two teeth, and I think she is trying to get a third on the bottom? But I am not 100% sure yet. She loves to talk when she is by herself, but when her older siblings are around she mostly just watches in wonder and awe. She think they are hilarious and they both love to sit with a book and read to her. This morning (3/25/2015) she finally reached for the toys on the bouncer and discovered one plays music when she pulls it.


Ugh. I don’t know if it is the 6 month growth spurt, the 6 month overall regression, my milk supply dropping because I am walking, Ila getting teeth, or a combination of all the above, but the last two weeks she has been on somewhat of a nursing strike. =( My perfect nursing baby is now very opinionated on when she wants to nurse and when she does not. Unfortunately the last few days it has been more of the not, than the wants to. I am not sure what to do to encourage her, so I am going to start back on my fennel oil to help increase my supply, continue pumping twice a day, and always offer to nurse before solids or a bottle. So far, if I get her up and nurse in her bedroom, with it dark and the door shut she will nurse pretty well.

As soon as Ila wakes, we nurse, then take a bottle. At her 11:00 feeding we nurse, then she gets solids (wither avocado or applesauce in oatmeal), and then she takes a bottle.

First baby food {QuietInTheChaos.com}

She loves avocado!

The Miss is devouring solids, so we are probably going to start offering them at her 3:00 feeding as well, for a snack. (which is also why she doesn’t get them before nursing..) She opens her mouth and really enjoys eating now, her eyes get SO big when it is time for a bite, but sometimes she can’t seem to figure out when to open her mouth- it is really funny.

Once she decides she is ready to wean, I will use our homemade formula exclusively for her bottles. Hopefully we can continue nursing until 12 months.


Ila was double swaddled until about 2 weeks ago- then my whole life changed for the better! She had been fighting the swaddle, and was getting one arm out in the middle of the night, sometimes managing to get both out (which woke up her early in the mornings). But no matter how hard I tried, she still would not sleep during the day with one arm out. So I decided to get the Love to Dream Swaddle-Up 50/50 blanket.

Swaddle Up- Sleep to Dream- This is the bEST swaddle transition blanket EVER

{photo from Amazon.com}


Do you hear that?

It is angels singing!

Oh my goodness, why did I wait so long to get this?! I wish I had bought it MONTHS ago. It is amazing. (and no one is paying me to tell you that!)

So the blanket is made of a stretchy knit material, that allows baby’s arms to be free in the swaddle, but also tight enough that they don’t wake themselves during sleep transitions! Then, on top of that, the little arms are UN-ZIPPABLE!

You read that right!

When baby is ready to roll over, or start the transition to one arm out of the swaddle, you just unzip that bad boy and there you go! A perfect transition- one arm out and one arm in, but able to move and go back to sleep at the end of a sleep cycle. It is perfect!

Yes she chews and suck on the fabric that is zipped on, but it is not problem. It is seriously the most perfect thing ever in the history of baby products. I will get one for every single person I know having a baby in the future!

I would have started her in this blanket at about 3.5-4 months old if I’d had it on hand.

Once Ila is a little bit older we will probably start to use one of the blankets that a friend who lives in Germany bought us. It was such a sweet and lovely gift. Our friend actually had a blanket custom made just for our little girl printed with photos of all of her family members so that she can always be close to them.

She told us that you can now FotoDecke mit Ihrem Foto, Text oder Design gestalten (design blankets using your own photos for those of you who do not speak German!) quickly and easily using some of the brilliant custom gift websites out there. I still cannot get over how cute this blanket is and I am so excited to put it to good use once Ila outgrows her current one.

Anyway, her sleep is usually great and I really do attribute that to the Love to Dream Swaddle.

So for now, our schedule looks like this (we JUST extended her first wake time to 1.75hrs):

  • 7am wake, nurse, bottle
  • 8:45 down for nap
  • 11:00 wake, nurse, solids, bottle
  • 12:45 down for nap (this will probably move to 1:00 soon)
  • 3:00 up, nurse, begin solids here soon, bottle
  • 4:45 down for cat nap (this will probably be 5:00 soon)
  • 6:15pm up, nurse, bottle, bed by 7
  • usually asleep by 7pm

This spring weather that started way early is amazing and Ila is really enjoying being outside. She hangs out in her bouncer, which my big helper Lexie takes outside for me. =)

Postpartum Update

As for a mama update- I am mostly good. Still working on healing my DR so I can move on to more intense workouts. I am just really taking it slow; it is hard because I want to jump right back in but I am telling you- my body feels SO MUCH BETTER since I stopped doing the wrong exercises! I cannot give enough praise for Fit2B.com- I will do a whole post on that another day.

But since starting my DR exercises, I can tell my TA (transverse abdominis) is getting stronger because my back no longer hurts as badly as it did. Your TA is the deepest ab muscle and wraps from your front to your spine; when you have back trouble and someone says you need to strengthen your core, this is the muscle you really should be working on.

Anyway, as my body heals I just feel better and better, even if I am not losing a ton of weight yet. This take priority right now. I have quite a bit of weight to lose, but don’t expect it to come off until Ila is done nursing.

I am not willing to stop nursing or go on a crazy strict diet and lose my supply while nursing, for the sake of losing weight. I figure, I am young, I won’t be fat forever and I only get to nurse my baby once. Some days I struggle with it, but I know this is what I want for both of us.

Emotionally I feel great- hormones don’t seem to be making me a crazy person right now (though that usually comes shortly after baby weans). We have been enjoying incredibly warm weather so at naps I have been laying out-Oh my goodness, REAL sunshine and vitamin D are some of God’s most wonderful gifts! I feel like a different person than I did in December just because of the sunshine.

So, that is it! Our 6.5 month update!


Simple Woman’s Daybook {9}

Outside my Window …
It is cool and cloudy.  I really wish it would rain.

I am thinking…
All this sickness is getting old.  Ready for everyone to be well!

I am thankful…
For my essential oils, bone broth, and coffee.

In the kitchen…
There is a refrigerator FULL of food.  As in, I over bought and cooked this week.

I am wearing…
My husband’s flannel shirt to keep me warm.

I am creating…
Ila’s dress to match Lexie’s.  Finally finishing one set of their summer dresses.

I am going…
To do art with Lexie this afternoon.

I am wondering…
If Ila is going to catch this bug we are all passing around.

I am reading…
Through the Sonlight catalogue because it is fun ..

I am hoping…
The baby doesn’t catch our sickness, and that my husband doesn’t either!

I am looking forward to…
Saturday.  The weekend, PBS morning “working shows” with my babies, spring weather, camping this spring, and everyone feeling better.

I am learning…
It is hard to plan future years of curriculum when I am unsure of where Max and Ila will be. Do I pair up Lexie and Max, or Max and Ila?  Probably Max and Ila, depending on her personality.  Lexie will probably be on a first grade level by the end of next year, and Max will still just be in a Preschool state of mind.  I think, depending on Ila, I will probably end up with Max and Ila working in the same core in the future, but we will see.

Around the house…
There is a couch full of folded laundry (that I will put away after everyone wakes from nap), the downstairs is a wreck, there is more laundry in the wash and dryer, and I don’t think I will accomplish anything today because I am now sick, too.

I am pondering…
When we can go camping this spring!  I can’t wait to take Ila on her first camping trip.

A favorite quote for today…
Be Adventurous {Quietinthechaos.com}

One of my favorite things…
Camp fires, grilling hot dogs, smores, coffee in fresh morning air.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Finish everything I haven’t done since yesterday when I started getting sick.

A peek into my day…

First baby food {QuietInTheChaos.com}

She loves avocado!

Simple Woman {Daybook}

28 weeks old (6.5 months)/ First update since February

Well, it’s been a while huh? So … we have moved!  We successfully moved our children, the animals, and our belongings a month ago.  Whew, it was a little crazy, but we did it!

Sweet little mister

First I will do a quick update on Max and Lexie, then an update on everything else.  Max has outgrown most of his 6 month clothes and is sitting for long stretches of time now.  He still likes his feet, and loves his Lexie.  We have been signing for “milk” for a month or two now, and he has started to do it back while eating or waiting for me to finish making a bottle.  I am not sure if he has put the meaning of it to the actual result, but he signs back at me.  So he is either good at imitating and will get the meaning soon, or he already gets it.  He has been less than a good sleeper since we moved.  
For the first 3-4 weeks his room was too bright while we waited on blinds to arrive.  He was also getting used to his new surroundings, which I think was very distracting for him.  He has started having good naps about every other 
day.  I’ve noticed when I get him up he smells SO BADLY of acid, and his sheets have been stained, so I do believe we are dealing with reflux again.  This could be due to many things: A)not taking his medicine.  We were doing probiotics and no dairy which were both helping.  But at this age reflux tends to flare back up, and teething can make it worse. B) his baby food could be contaminated with dairy.  Did you know food companies are not required to put ingredients on their products if it is cross contaminated, and not an actual ingredient?  So it is possible his baby foods are coming in contact w milk.  Also, I don’t have the carton to his oatmeal, but it’s possible it contains whey.  We are going to the grocery store today so I am going to double check.  We go to the dr tomorrow afternoon.  

As for Lexie, since we cut back on milk, yogurt, etc. her eczema doesn’t seem to flare as much on her face.  I  just want to know for sure that Max has a dairy allergy, and what is causing Lexie’s eczema.  I had some of his Prevacid left over so we started it again… with our new insurance we have to pay for all of it, and here it will cost us …. wait for it ….. $224.31.  for a 31 day supply.  When the insurance lady told me this I cried all morning.  How is it possible these medicine companies can sell pain meds for $10-$15 a bottle (which many people turn around and sell on the street for $5+ a pill) and my son’s medicine, which he needs in order to EAT costs more than a car note?  I don’t understand how this is possible?!  And they don’t make a generic for the SoluTabs he has been prescribed.  So at the dr tomorrow we will be asking what else we can do, if the dr. feels it is the reflux flaring up again.

snuggly girl after bath

So, because of the possible reflux flare up, the move, teething, etc. Max has just not been taking good naps. On good days he will take 1.5hr naps.  On bad days, he sleeps for 20-40 minutes at a time.  It’s exhausting for everyone, because it effects everyone.  But like I said, about every other day is a good day for him.  Then we try to replicate it the next, and it’s awful.  I really have no idea what is going on.  Hopefully it will smooth out in the next few weeks.

Lexie loves her new gymnastics.  It is much different than the gym we went to in AR.  Her tot class is in the evenings, and there is a lot happening in the gym at that time.  It is really overwhelming for her, and it takes her about 10 minutes to become cooperative and pay attention to what we are doing.  She has always been this way; at MDO she stood back and watched the other kids until she was comfortable a few weeks into it. The same went for playing at the Y while I worked out.  And also at our play dates.  Now instead of quietly standing back and watching, she just wants to go do something else, and won’t pay attention.  I think this just comes along with her age, and being overwhelmed.  After a few weeks I think she will be more comfortable.  She has learned a lot of new, more advanced things, and has also shown the teacher a lot of things she could already do.

She LOVES her new house- her favorite room is the basement.  I have set up a little area down there for us to play and learn.  It is also plenty big for us to “practice” her gymnastics in the mornings when we can’t go outside.  =)  Gotta get some of the wiggles out.  She is obsessed with Thomas and Friends (although she has’t watched TV since our first week here-more on that in a minute), and to definitely not help out with that situation, a train runs through the corn field on the other side of the house.  They all have names from Thomas-Gordon, Charlie, Rose, Emily, etc.  All names are the same as her imaginary friends that showed up after Christmas… and are still around.  Nap times are now spent talking to them, instead of not napping.  But I’ve convinced her to tell them she needs to sleep, so they need to sleep.  She tells them no talking, but that lasts all of 15-20 minutes.  (hey- I think that’s pretty good for a two year old!)

We have been doing a lot of fun activities; it is a lot easier now that I have a place to keep all our materials and things.  I am going to do several separate posts on those.

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks around the house:

helping daddy
telling daddy how to do it … no doubt.

good morning!

reading Thomas with Daddy
oh garsh!

sharing her Baby lamb with Mister, and asking for a kiss on the hand

just playing and watching Sissy Lexie

I can sit up really well now!

bath time

Lexie reading to Max (and she got all the words right!)

Scarlet’s new normal- she can see in the back sliding glass door and windows.  She and Lexie talk to each other.

Going for a walk

I know- so dang sweet!


This is how they clear the roads out here-they push the snow into our backyard!  Lexie liked it though

“Oh- Im going to show daddy I wear his hat!”

Max vs Lilly- the stare down

Before the BIG cut 
This is hair after- it now sits right at her shoulders when wet

Good times!

Well, I have been incredibly busy.  We were off for Spring Break last week, but Lexie and I went to Memphis for a visit with my family.  J.Tom went on a fishing trip to L.A.  I am almost done with school!!!!  only 4.5 weeks left, I cannot believe it.  My last day will be May 6, and I graduate May 13, WOO HOO!!  I still have SO much to do though.  =/

So, Lexie has learned so much this last month! In her 6th month of life she has: cut two teeth and is working on at least one more, sat up on her own, learned to bend and reach while sitting, can now roll from her back to her tummy (she’s been rolling from tummy to back since 2 months old!), started babbling and saying daddadadadada in her babbles, FAKE crying and coughing, and has learned to dance.  Yes, she can dance.  As seen in the video below:

She is a little stinker; she will now cry just to get your attention and when you say “Lexie!” in a disapproving tone, she laughs.  She also blows raspberries at you when SHE disapproves of something.  For instance while nursing, if she is done-raspberry.  Tired of sitting in her bumbo seat while mama cooks or prepares her bottle-raspberry.  Doesn’t want to nap although she is exhausted- raspberries… and her favorite-done eating her veggies?  Let’s blow raspberries and therefore, our veggies ALL over mama, the floor and counter.  Fun times.  There is a lot of spit flying around our house these days, but it will all make good memories.

Also, I am not sure I have mentioned to everyone, Lexie modeled last Tuesday!  She was a subject in a professional photographer’s class.  A photography studio here in town needed a 6-9 month old to model in a class for them.  They have been in business for 30+ years here in town and have a good reputation, so I felt comfortable letting her do it.  But anyways, so they go to church at her church-daycare; they came in and asked to see the babies in her age group and she was highly qualified, and precious, of course.  =)  So, anyways I have also entered her into a baby photo contest for Avon, per my MaJean (grandma) who is a rep for them.  She thinks Lexie is the “cutest of the cute.”  Who knows, maybe she will get in the top 25?  Maybe not..  Just FYI, I do not plan on putting her in pageants and things.  But this kind of stuff is fun, and innocent.  Plus winning stuff and getting free professional pics is pretty awesome too.

We will get the professional pics they took of her last week, sometime tomorrow or the next day. It was so cute; they put her in this big antique bowl (naky of course) with pearls, antique lacy hats, flowers and stuff.  She was so good!!  We also got some in a tutu.  I am glad they aren’t pics like everyone is doing, with the leg warmers, headbands, etc.  They are a little different..

Anyways, gotta get to bed.  Hopefully I can write again soon!!


Lexie Babbles

I guess if she knew what she was saying, J.Tom wins.  I have been working so hard with her to say “ma ma ma ma ma” But it wasn’t successful.  haha  jk.  She’s too sweet.

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