Our day today, 18weeks 4 days old

 We are really, really enjoying our time off due to inclement weather.  =)  I am out of school again tomorrow  YAY!  I am just glad we get to stay home, it gives her little immune system time to re-coop before being submerged in kid-snot again. 

Oh, hello der!

Trying to roll over

Silly, silly, girl!

Feet!  Feet!  Oh my feet!

Tee hee hee

Playing Peek-a-Boo with her towel

Week one down, 112 days to go (minus 33 Saturday and Sundays)= 79 days

until I get to be back at home with my Lou!

Here is the predicament. Right now, I think I would really enjoy teaching.  I also think I will be a good teacher, and I feel like I have a lot to offer helping other people, whether it is in the classroom or in some social work-type setting.  But I would rather be home with Lexie and her future siblings.  There just isn’t anything quite like loving on a baby all day.  =)

Each day this week either my mother in law or J.Tom checked on Lexie while she was at school.  She had really good days, ate well, napped well, and was happy when I picked her up. Until Friday.  Friday I did not have orientation at HSU, but I had to go meet with my cooperating teachers at 11:30.  So, I took Lexie to school at 10:00, then ran to Kroger, ran home to unload the groceries and got arrived at my elementary school 15 minutes early.  I met with my first teacher, then hung out with her in a meeting with her principal (really it was just lunch because the K teachers had worked so hard, but I think they had to call it a meeting.. I don’t really know), then I met with my second assignment teacher, which will be 3rd grade.  After leaving there, I ran to Walmart to get the rest of the groceries, formula, etc, and walked out $120 broker (how do you like that word I made up?) than when I went in.  At 3:00, I picked Lexie up to go to the doctor for her shots.  When I get there, they’re all like “oh yea, she feels a little warm but we knew you would be here about 3:00 so we didn’t call.”  When I feel her head, she is burning up!  So as I am packing her things the teacher comes over with a thermometer; it doesn’t even get done reading her temp and it says 100.4 but you have to add 1.6 to that, since it is a temporal thermometer, which means she had a temp of 102!!!

I finally got her and her million things loaded in the car and call J.Tom hysterical.  I am upset because I didn’t want her in school to begin with, I don’t particularly care for the way they do some things, and NOW my baby is sick with a 102 fever.  I am not a happy mama.  J.Tom tells me to just calm down and get her to the doctor.  So I do.  About 10 minutes after I get there, J.Tom walks in  =)  I was so happy to see him.  The nurse calls us back and I tell her that Lexie is sick and won’t be getting her shots after all.  We weigh her- 17lbs 8oz (HEALTHY GIRL!!!) and take her temp, which read at 102 on their thermometer.  Then they did some tests.  Fortunately it wasn’t the flu or a virus, but a bacterial infection.  Dr. Z. said basically “she had snot and it got infected.”  And I think to myself, “well she probably got “snot” from all those snotty kids with dirty faces at school and then it got infected because she is only 4 months old…” Anyways, so she called us in some antibiotics and gave us some baby saline solution because her nose was all icky.  Dr. Z. also said she has fluid behind her ears, but not quite an ear infection.  Thankfully.

So, we have been home since Friday afternoon with a sick baby.  I think her fever finally broke for good this morning, but we are still doing Tylenol, just in case.  She gets her antibiotics every 12 hours, Tylenol every 4, and J.Tom got a Vicks humidifier for her room.  She has been SUPER cranky last night and all this morning.  Friday night she and I were up all night, basically, then last night we only got up about 4 times.  I had all her snot sucked out her nose nice and clear, but then of course it clogged back up last night, despite me doing saline when she woke up.  During the day I have been doing the saline solution every hour or so, and using the bulb thing; that has really helped.  I guess since it all settled back in her head over night, I will do it again today.  Poor baby, she doesn’t feel good.  =(

I am praying it snows, snows, snows (and sticks) and we get to stay home tomorrow.  I can’t stand the thought of sending her to school not feeling well.  She needs mama and daddy snuggles.

Good news is that she has almost double her birth weight at 4 months old!  (FYI: That is a 12 month old milestone.)  So she is definitely healthy.  We didn’t do her length and all because she has to go back for her shots in a week or so anyways, so Dr. Z said we would just wait.  But I do know she is SUPER long.  She is still doing her little squealing thing; in fact she did it this morning while we were trying to watch Sunday Morning.  She is pretty hilarious.  We started some veggies this week, and she likes those ok.  She def likes the apples better, but I don’t want her to only eat sweet stuff so I am trying to introduce the veggies now too.

As far as my school goes, I think I am really going to enjoy it.  I can already tell I will feel very comfortable in my first assignment classroom because she is structured but loving, like me.  I totally believe in routine and structure (as you already know) because it helps children feel secure.  And when we feel secure we feel better and perform better.  I worked on my iWeb Folio all day yesterday while Lexie napped, so I have a pretty good start on that.  I am just concerned about this Impact on Student Learning Project.  In all our time in this education program, we have never done a case study which involved collecting data, making charts and analyzing them…  Can I do it?  Yes.  Do I feel comfortable doing it?  No.  But I have my cooperating teacher and my internship supervisor to help me.  I really like my supervisor.  He is an older man who has taught, been in administration, and has been a principal for many years.  He is organized (like me!) so I am excited that he requires we keep a labeled binder and stuff.  I am a total nerd, and I love it!!

Here is my poor sick baby girl.  Pray she feels better soon (and that we get snowed in for a few days!!!)

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