Introducing Baby #4 {weeks 1-5 Baby Summary, sleep schedule and feedings}

Well, on July 22, 2016 at 10:47pm we welcomed our 4th child, and 3rd baby girl, Coralie into the world.

Her birth story is to come (and it’s a pretty good one!) but for now I will just focus on her summary for weeks 1-5.

Weeks 1-2 we focused on nursing, sleep, and getting her days and nights in order.  Not only was she confusing her days and nights (I had to wake her to eat during the day and she was up all night wanting to nurse 24/7), but she had reflux and was generally unhappy, sometimes even while nursing.

I didn’t cut out dairy before she was born, like I did with #3, and I did cheat and have creamer in coffee 2xs during the first 2-3 weeks so it is quite possible that her reflux was due to dairy in my diet.  As of now (week 5), she is not having reflux.

baby #4 Week 1-5 Summary

We also decided to go ahead and supplement with formula pretty early on.  I tried to avoid it with each baby, and with my last she lost 14% of her body weight only nursing before we tried formula.  So, in an effort to avoid that all together, for my peace of mind, and hopefully to satisfy her upset stomach we started Nutramigen formula- and within 2 days she was a different baby!  She was satisfied, her tummy didn’t seem upset as much (though she still had reflux from time to time) and she was happier.  (when she is older and I have more time we will probably start on our homemade formula)

Today, at 5 weeks, I am 100% off dairy, she is nursing great, and reflux is gone.  Reflux is known for coming and going and flaring back up around 6-8 weeks, but we are praying that won’t be the case. (I am actually posting this at 7 weeks ols, and her reflux seems to be back .. =/)

She has her days and nights in order, though I do have to wake her at the 3 hour mark sometimes to eat during the day.  She is going from about 7pm of last feeding to about 2-4am most nights now.  At 4 weeks old it was 2xs a night, and this past week has been mostly 1-2 times a night.  Sometimes she makes it until 5am

She is having a witching hour that varies from 4 or 6pm until 9pm.  Some nights she goes to bed at 8pm after her dinner no problems, other nights she witches until 9 or 9:30pm.  Regardless, I am not complaining.  Those first few weeks were incredibly tough, much harder than they were with my second or third babies.  But things are calming down.

I would say so far Coralie is most like my oldest as a baby; she is amazingly alert during her wake times, eats like a champ, and I think it will be a while longer before she gets her nights stretched out really well.

At week 5 here is our routine:

  • 6:45-7:15 wake, nurse, bottle (if she doesn’t wake up by 7am, I wake her to start our day)
  • 40 mins later nap- her first wake time is usually about 40 minutes and she is asleep by 45 minutes
  • 10:00am wake, (go outside) nurse, bottle- if she doesn’t wake herself before now, I wake her at 10
  • 40 minutes later nap (or after first yawn if she yawns before 40 minutes)
  • 1:00 wake, nurse, bottle- if she doesn’t wake up I wake her 3 hours after her last feeding
  • 40 minutes later nap (or after first yawn if she yawns before 40 minutes)
  • 4:00 wake, (go outside) nurse, bottle
  • 40 minutes later down for nap, (or after first yawn if she yawns before 40 minutes)
  • This is where she usually begins her witching hour.  She may go right to sleep for this nap, or she may stay up and fuss.  If she is fussy I typically hold her on and off so she gets some sleep; we also will nurse on demand if that is all that will soothe her
  • 6:30 bath if it is a bath night, I wake her if she is asleep
  • 7pm nurse, bottle, straight to bed- sometimes she continues with the witching hour until after 8pm, sometimes she goes right to sleep
  • 1 or 2 middle of the night wakings anywhere from 11pm-2am, and 4am-6am

Sometimes I miss her sleepy cues at nap and she gets a bit OT; I can usually give her a paci (a wubbanub to be more specific, she won’t take a regular pacifier …) to calm her, put her down and when she drifts off & spits it out, I take the pacifier away.  Sometimes it only takes once, sometimes it takes more than once, but usually that works.  Our biggest issue is getting her burped in time for the 40 minute mark without her falling asleep while being held and THEN avoiding hiccups.  Just like in utero, she is very hiccupy!

She is just like her biggest sister, in that she is very sensitive to wake times!  Sometimes she wakes early into her nap & fusses a few minutes and goes to sleep before I can even get to her; but mostly keeping her WTs at 40 minutes right now seems to be key.

Though a happy baby, she is a bit colicky, but very social.  She started smiling and cooing earlier than my others, it seems.  She is ticklish under her arms and at her ribs and loves to be snuggled by her older siblings.

She enjoys being outside and talked to.  I would say she is definitely more needy than Ila was, but then again, Ila was basically perfect in the eating, and sleeping departments. Coralie is more like her brother and oldest sister right now.

We will see how she changes and grows!

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Weeks 4 & 5 Baby Summary

Max is now 5 weeks old, so it is time for his 4 week summary from last week.

Sleep has been about the same; a 2.5-3 hour routine, waking between 2:30-6:00am for a snack, then back to sleep until 7:00 to start our day.

Well, I was trying to write the 4 week summary during week 5. But week 5 was so rough, I didn’t get it done.

When Max went to his newborn checkup, we knew he had some reflux. This is really normal, and as long as it doesn’t bother baby, there is nothing to really worry about. Most babies outgrow it; Lexie had a mild case of reflux, we even had an upper GI test done on her, but we never prescribed meds. She was diagnosed around 2 months and at 3 months I started cereal to help keep it down; she was already sleeping through the night it was just her days were so horrible with crying for hours.

Well …. Mister has decided to follow in her footsteps a bit early. At 5 weeks old, which was October 8, Max stopped sleeping during the day (but still slept 8-10 hours at night…)
His symptoms were choking and coughing after feedings; even 3 hours after a feeding. He would pull off when we nursed, arch his back and cry .. but then over eat from the bottle to comfort himself, which in turn caused the reflux and gas pains to be worse. He wasn’t really spitting up that much, it was more silent reflux, with occasional spitting up. The spit up would be clear with white in it; come to find out that is the stomach acid with milk in it. Normal baby spits up is just mostly milk. So the poor little guy was miserable and during the day so were Mommy and Lexie.

The doctor gave us some Zantac to try. It seems to help, but I ordered some ColicCalm, because I’d like to get him off the Zantac if I can.

It messes up the natural bacteria in baby’s tummy (because it nuetralizes the acid) and can cause constipation and even worse gas than he already has. The poor kid doesn’t need anymore issues! We are also trying a tiny bit of oatmeal in his bottles; I really didn’t want to do this, but after 4 days on the Zantac, which is helping with the burning sensation, he is still choking during naps from the reflux coming up. So we are hoping the oatmeal will keep it down. If it doesn’t work we will not keep doing it; he already sleeps so well at night I don’t want to risk anything hurting his tummy more or causing issues that interrupt the only rest he gets.

I really, really thought we were in the clear because he was so happy, so sleepy, so hungry … then the reflux flared. So, I am trying to go as natural as possible, but we may have to stay on the (very expensive) Zantac. Maybe this week will be better…

Two Week Update

Well, for the last few days M has had a terrible tummy ache. It has included bad (and stinky) gas pains, and no pooping. But, I read over at one of my favorite blogs this could be a growth spurt. He not only had fewer poopy diapers, but was more fussy than usual, slept more, and was up at odd hours during the night. I did not realize fewer poopy diapers were part of the “growth spurt” symptoms. Anyway, this morning he finally had a poopy diaper and it looks like he is feeling better and back to his usual self.

He is so laid back! I thought L was laid back (aside from her 2-3 hour screaming/colic spells) but Mister is WAY more relaxed than she was. He nursed like he knew just what to do from day one, he is a BIG eater, and an even bigger sleeper. I have to wake him all day for his feedings. This morning was the first feeding he actually was awake when we started, and stayed awake the entire time! I was very proud of him. =) Now, I say he is a big eater … he was NOT prior to this growth spurt. He acted like he could care less abotu eating; he slept during feedings, didn’t eat well when he did eat, and wasn’t gaining weight. After 2 weeks he had only gained 1 oz (at this point he should have been gaining an ounce per day, on average). So we started supplementing like we did with L.

This also has to do with my supply. After he nurses for 40-50 minutes, he now takes a 2-4oz bottle. And he attacks it! So he is now eating MUCH better, staying awake longer throughout the day, and gaining weight.

Mister has gone from 8lb 11oz at birth, to 8lbs 4oz on day five, to 8lb 5oz on day 12, to 9lbs 4oz on day 17 (or 2.5 weeks).

He still sleeps a lot throughout the day, like any newborn. We do a Eat, Play, Sleep routine (loosely, mind you). He doesn’t always do the wake/play part. He is a very sleepy baby; Lady was a very wakeful, spirited baby who slept while nursing and in short spurts of about 40 minutes throughout the day until at 5 weeks she slept 8 hours through the night!

Mister sleeps all the time. He is getting better about staying awake throughout the day in short spurts, but sleeps more than he is awake. At night, he eats between 7-7:30pm, is usually asleep by 8:15pm, and sleeps until about 1:00am. I don’t wake him to eat and I don’t do a dream feed. I sleep. =) This is why I feel so good this time around; some people may say my milk supply will suffer going that long at night without feeding, but I really think my mental state is more important. So I sleep.
At about 1-1:30am I change his diaper, he nurses, takes some of a bottle (only about an ounce though at this feed) then sleeps until about 4:00-5:00am.
Now, the last few nights have been an exception with the fussiness, terrible gas pains, etc. I am hoping tonight he goes back to his regular sleep routine, and the past few nights have been this “growth spurt” that occurs between 2-3 weeks of age. We will see!

Mister wasn’t having soaking wet diapers at all prior to supplementing. His diapers had one tiny damp spot after 3-4 hours. They were actually so dry I hated to change them at all and waste dry diaper! This was a big cue to me he wasn’t getting enough. Even a breastfed baby should have 6 soaking wet diapers a day. He had 6 damp diapers, but never soaking wet. Once we started supplementing this boy has a soaking wet diaper before and after a feeding! He was also not having regular poopy diapers before, but now has at least one per day (minus, the past 2.5 days of miserable tummy problems). So things are looking up.

It just took longer for him to catch up to the outside world. He is so mellow and happy, as was Lexie most of the time, I think that is how he will approach life. Where his sister is a bit OCD and likes things in just a certain, perfect way, I think Max will be more care free like his daddy. It’s fun that they already have their own personalities, and I get to watch them change and grow!


This was our first 2 hours home frm the hospital;
I left the room to do some laundry, and came back to this.

Lady has adjusted well. We have a few power struggles each day, but that isn’t anything we didn’t have prior to Mister being here. I’m sure that’s just part of her 2’s. Otherwise she is just as fun and easy as always. She loves to sing, makes up her own songs about what we do throughout the day, loves dancing, rolling around, playing outside and getting dirty.. VERY dirty. And she loves to love on her brother; she calls him Bubby Max and herself Sissy Lexie.

Loves her Bubby







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