12 Month Baby Schedule Update {baby #5 babywise}

Baby 5 aka Sir, turned 1 year old last Thursday. He is definitely the most baby of all our kids… He just started crawling the week of his birthday and is getting into *everything* now. He is hitting his developmental milestones, and is enjoying being the baby of the family.

We were doing great on 2 naps, but recently they became messy. I tried stretching wake times and doing all the things to keep 2 naps, but it was just not worth it. 2 40 minute naps and a super cranky baby, meant we were going to one nap.

So the week of his 1st birthday, Sir began the following routine:

  • 730 DWT, bottle, breakfast
  • 930 independent play in crib
  • 1030 small snack
  • 1130/12 lunch
  • 1230 Nap
  • 330 up from nap, book and snuggles
  • 400 small snack
  • 530/6 supper
  • 715- book, bottle and bed

Between meals and nap, he of course gets lots of loves and family time. Daddy and his siblings are his favorite, for sure. Sir loves being outside, and asks to go out by saying, “ah ah.” Sir has words for- dog, cup, please, outside, mama, dada, and ball.  He tries to mimic all of our most commonly used words and is learning so much.

The week before his birthday, we started weaning by dropping 2 feedings.

The week of his first birthday, Sir was teething and refusing to nurse all together, so I just took the opportunity to wean 100%. Im not sure I was completely ready, but I was sooo ready ? So, here we are. He is still taking 2 bottles a day, and honestly that’s just because I enjoy that time with him. He looooves both of those bottles. I will probably drop the morning bottle soon, but usually keep my babies’ evening bottles til about 16 months, just because we can.

Sir loves to eat, and will devour all the things: meats, eggs, veggies, spinach on sandwiches, and fruits. He enjoys goats milk from our farm, and in general is a super healthy boy. His 1 year check up went very well. We did a blood draw for food allergies, but honestly I don’t expect much from it, since they’re not very accurate. It was really just to see if the almond reaction he has had is bad enough for an episode pen… otherwise I don’t think it will tell us very much.

So that’s it. 12 months, 1 nap, 3 meals and a happy baby.


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WW 50 and Zipadee Zip {11 month Baby Summary}

Ooooh, sweet Baby #4.

Not only is she just precious, and fun, she definitely knows what she wants!  Unlike her older sister, #3, she has been a very vocal, more demanding baby.  We are entering Wonder Week 50, or Leap 7.

Last month we went on a family trip to the south; while we were gone C cut a new tooth (it literally cut through on day 2 of our trip), and ran a fever with it.  She was not feeling good; by the time we got to my family she was miserable- we don’t know if it was from teething, the travel, new people and places, or what … Probably a combination of it all.

As she is starting to enter the territory of toddlerhood, I am finding tantrums abound! I’ve never had a baby throw fits like this one; she gets so angry, and I am hopeful that as she gets more words and mobility, the tantrums will subside.


C is a strong girl!  She is a little copycat, and will say just about anything you say, at least once.  She repeatedly uses the words: hi, Huck (one of our dogs), Max, Mama, Dada, Up, dog, toes, and Ma for more. She likes to play peek a boo, itsy bitsy spider, pat a cake, and will move your hands off your face to find you.

She is signing for more, but that’s about it. *insert eye roll here* I am so ready for this wonder week of development to be done so we can move beyond this phase.  It is hard!

She wants to move, but refuses to crawl.  She likes to walk around the house, with me holding her hands from behind, but isn’t yet walking on her own.  So, I brought in the big guns today.  Hopefully using the push toy she will begin picking up her feet and becoming more comfortable standing and moving on her own.  I really want her to crawl, but after hours and hours (combined, not all at once) of blood curdling screams and her banging her head no the floor in anger, she just isn’t wanting to crawl.  So, I think we will begin moving in a way that makes her happy, and then  hope she will crawl and walk on her own.

Sleep and Schedule

We have dropped her first 2 bottles of the day-no more bottle at 7am, or 11am after nap #1.  When we wake at 7am, she goes straight to breakfast with some of her homemade milk in a sippy cup.

  • 7am wake, snuggle, wake up siblings, breakfast, play
  • 9am first nap-this will drop soon and we will move to one nap from 12-3
  • 1030 wakes
  • 11 lunch
  • 1:30pm nap #2
  • 3:00pm wake, bottle, snack, play
  • 5:30pm dinner, bath, play
  • 6:40pm bedtime bottle, bed

Munchin' on some broccoli

We tried switching out of her transition swaddle a few months ago, and it was a disaster.  This usually isn’t the case, but C sucks on the sleeve of the swaddle blanket, right on the seam. So when we took it away she freaked out! She would not accept her lovie, which she’s slept with since about 4 months old, as a substitute.

So, on to a Zipadee-Zip we went.  Yesterday we tried it for second nap and it was devastating for her. =(  But last night she did fine, and this morning for nap she did great!

Zipadee Zip and big sister

I like the Zipadee-Zip because it allows more movement for her in bed, which should help with her physical development (because we all know babies practice development in their sleep).  In the transition swaddle (which is AWESOME, until they need a little more room), she just couldn’t stretch and move that one arm, because she wanted the sleeve zipped on for sucking.

In the Zipadee-Zip, she is able to put her arms into full, unrestrictive sleeves, which she can also suck.  But she also can open and close her hand very well inside, so if she wants to grab a rail, a lovie, etc she can.  When I opened the Zipadee-Zip it looked HUGE.  C is about 23lbs and almost 12 months old, so I went with the large.  After I washed and got it on her, it fits great, and has lots of room for her to grow.  It is comfy, soft, and really nice. I am so thankful we decided to go with it, because it is a perfect fit for our needs at this time.

I am excited to see what the coming months bring; hopefully more words and mobility for her, so she can express herself and feel more confident.  She is so much fun, and so full of personality!

Just for fun =)  Baby #4, and me when I was a baby

Baby #4Mama

Disclaimer: Some links on this blog are affiliate links; when you use those links you help support my family, at no additional cost to you.  Thank you!

Baby Summary: Babywise Baby 1 year

Happy First Birthday!

Well, sweet little Mister is a year old!


He is just so dang sweet.

And he loves me, and wants me for comfort, etc.

But he is obsessed with
his daddy.  I may have mentioned in another post, but Max doesn’t say “dada.”

He GROWLS it.  It is hilarious!  And so sweet.  So then J.Tom growls back at him “Maaax,” then Mister responds … and they have this whole man code thing going on.

Pretty cute.

He also LOVES his cars and trucks that he can push around.  He pushes them all around the house, and likes to load things up in the dump truck bed.

Right now, his favorite “hand” toy is his Kevin the Crane Train, my dad got him for his birthday.  He loves that thing and carries it around most of the day.

If he doesn’t have the crane train, he has his lovie.  Oh my.  It goes everywhere!  It’s pretty cute. And if he isn’t holding it right that minute, it better be close by, or he walks around aimlessly until he finds it.  Then resumes his previous activity.

reading his birthday card, with lovie close by  =)

He still loves Scarlet, very much.  They “bond” through the screen door.  haha  “dag dag dag”- which is dog dog dog.  And sometimes it comes out “da da da,” and we only know he isn’t talking about his daddy, because he isn’t growling it (and he is looking at Scarlet…).  haha

What else? …

His favorite foods are peanut butter, banana (NANA!!!), any fruit really, chilli with rice, eggs, oatmeal, and anything we are eating that he can have.

He’s just so pretty!

He is now on the coconut milk tonic from Eat Fat, Lose Fat.  It has the equivalent calories to cow’s milk, and he loves it.  He still takes it from a bottle.  He took it from a sippy once, and then refused it for an entire day after that… I am not really concerned about the bottle, because he only takes it a few times a day, and we will break it eventually.

He LOVES his kombucha out of his sippy though.  Give him some “bucha bucha” in his sippy and he walks around like he owns the place.  So I am sure he will accept the milk in it soon.  No rush here though.

We are still a no go on the cow’s milk- it makes his throw up all day, and scream when laying down.  And that was only a spoon of dairy.  Hopefully he will outgrow this by 2?

Goodnight Moon is his favorite book… we read that at bedtime along with a few other favorites.  He is doing the motions to twinkle twinkle little star.

OH!  This was so cool- we were in church last Sunday, and he pointed at the star in his book, and said “sta!”  I was so proud!  =)  He has only done it once since then.  He can point to it if you ask, he just sorta refuses to say it.  Polar opposite of his big sister…

Mister is obsessed with my watch, which we call a clock, overhead lights, and dumping things.

If he can put something inside something else- he is a happy little camper!  The other day he just took his whole puzzle over to the trash can and dumped it in!  That was fun cleaning up ..
When Lexie and I are playing with something in the floor, he immediately starts tearing it apart and putting it into its respective container/tote/box (blocks, animals, balls, etc).  haha


“truck truck”


Mister and lovie it at the state fair

I know, the boy is never in clothes.  Well, he has been lately because of the cooler temps.  But have I told you what a sucker I am for sweet baby fat rolls in cloth diapers?!  *Guilty*

My mama says he looks like a little hippy boy ….  I’m good with that!  =)

Big bear in the playground tunnel (this was an impromptu walk to the playground, hence no clothes..)


Happy Bear


SO, last month I took this picture of Max in my lap.  And I immediately thought of this picture of my brother.  My brother, Jeremy is on the left, Max is on the right.


Lookin like my Uncle Jeremy


Kinda amazing.

But then, there are days he looks like my baby pictures:

Anyway, that was just for fun.  I think Jeremy would be proud that Mister looks like him.

So … he enjoys just hanging out in one of his block boxes …
the box … the lovie.


He weighs in at 23.8 pounds (we FINALLY got a scale in the house) and I am not sure on height.  Thi is good considering the rough start he had with formula and milk, reflux,and poor weight gain for the first 6-8 months of this life.  But he is on track now!

Sleep is still two naps, and 12-13hours at night.  We tried moving the first nap back, like I mentioned in my last update.  But that totally backfired with shorter naps and earlier morning wake times.  So we are still at a 2 hour wake time before first nap, 3 hours before second nap, and 4 hours before bed (usually 6:30-7pm).  It is working, knock on wood.

We are coming into wonder week 56, but he always starts them early by a week or two, so I think that is what this last disruption has actually been.  I figure by the end of it he will either naturally push that nap back, or completely drop a nap on his own.  Max has always consolidated his sleep on his own- I attribute that to him never having been in daycare where they determine his sleep, and thus disrupt it.

We have been able to naturally work with his sleep needs and it fits in great with our family routines, so it works for us!  Clothes are 18 months, I figure we will be completely in 18-24 and 24 after Christmas.

Bubby LOVES his sissy Lexie

He was in a 4 shoe this summer, and he is wearing a 4.5 wide stride rite walker now.  This boy has the flattest, fattest little feet ever.  haha  They’re so cute!  Lexie had really wide feet but super high arches.  Mister’s little feet are so flat.

And I guess that’s it.  Still putting everything in his mouth.  Everything.  Enjoys playing “what can I dunk in the toilet today?!”  Poor Lexie does a really good job at keeping her toilet lid down in her bathroom, but sometimes …. and I think Max just had a radar that tells him the lid is up.  haha

OK, I think that is about it for our 12 month summary.  He is just a super sweet little mister!

Speaking Vcabulary

Lexie, while I would consider her a baby genius, is your average one year old.  She is constantly trying to repeat new words and understand what you are saying.  She has a LOT of words in her vocabulary, all of which she uses constantly.  I thought I would write a list of all these words.  Next year when I write a new list it will be fun to compare how much she has learned!

I will explain some of the od ones.  These are not in the order that she has learned them, they are just written randomly:
kitty cat
pole (we have two poles in the carport that she likes)
hello (only while talking on her phone)
eat (and signs)
milk (and signs)
more (mostly signs)
thank you (will repeat and sometimes will sign)
baaa (for what a “sheep says”)
poop (lol … yea)
raaar (for what a “lion says”)
oo ah ah (for what a “monkey says”)
vicki (a teacher at school)
zebra (new one)
work (Daddy is at work)
uh oh!

I am sure I will think of a few I have missed, and I will make an update.  But I mean that is really a lot of words, and doesn’t include the ones she will randomly repeat but doesn’t use in her every day language.  I’m only a little proud.

B is for Booty!

Lexie is definitely coming into her own.  She has a strong personality anyway (cannot imagine where she gets that from ..) but she is getting more and more hilarious as the days go by.  As I have mentioned before, she picks up on every little thing we say and do.  As I am changing her diaper I usually give her a toy because she is so wiggly these days; apparently she has picked up on me saying “I am trying to wipe your booty, hold still!”.  Because NOW she says “booty” every time we go to the changing table.  It’s really quite hilarious.  She also knows when I say “I need to check your diaper” to come see me, and tots right over.  

Lexie knows most of her important body parts; eye, nose, mouth, belly, feet, toes  ….. and booty!  =)
She is signing more and more; literally, she signs “more” now.   She did this for a while a few months back, and then we both got out of the habit of using it.  Mainly she uses “please” A LOT!  It is just too precious when she is pulling on my leg, and I  look down to find her signing “please” to be picked up!  HOW CAN YOU DENY THAT?!  It’s so sweet.  

Next, I am going to work on “help” and “thank you.”  She will say “thank you” after I do, but she does not do it on her own.  However, I am not sure how to enforce the use of “thank you.”  With “please” I just withheld whatever it was until she copied my sign, and now she does it all on her own.  I can ask her “what do you say?” and she will sign “please” and SOMETIMES (but rarely) say it, too.  But thank you may be a different story since that is something you say after you receive something.  So I don’t know.  I used to sign “eat” a lot, and haven’t done it in a while; one of her Baby Einsteins is a signing DVD.  She has learned to sign “eat” from watching it!  It can’t be from me, because I haven’t used it in a few months, I’m sure.  She is just a genius.  😉

Her daddy has taught her to say “clock” and she is obsessed with pointing to it and the fan.  Sometimes the fan is “fan” and sometimes it is “clock.”  She says “juice,” although her juice is about 1oz juice and 6 oz water, and milk is still “gack.”

Her misbehaviors are pretty much pinpointed to pulling up her play mat, now.  I wouldn’t mind her doing it so much, except she eats them.  Apparently she is never going to get out of the “oral” stage, because everything still goes in her mouth before she tried to figure it out.  It is like an octopus using it’s tentacles to feel something out before it uses it; that’s what Lexie does with her mouth!  haha  No, really though I guess it is the teething, now everything goes to the side/back of her mouth, so it must be those new teeth.  Ick.
Anyways, back to her behavior.  When she does that I will try to distract her, then say her name once, and then tell her she will get time out. … (that’s technically 3 warnings). Time out for a one year old.  I mean, she gets it.  She knows when she goes in her pack n play with no toys and I say “time out” it is because she has done something she shouldn’t have because when she gets out (after one minute) she usually doesn’t try it again.  But I am not sure if that’s the right way to handle it.  squeezing her hand doesn’t work anymore, and popping her “booty” doesn’t work most of the time.  Unless JTom does it.  Then her feelings are really hurt and she will stop. It is rare that it comes to that.  Most days we have no problems at all.  She is just learning and pushing her boundaries, which is normal.  I’m thankful she is such a sweet, smart baby girl!
Her teachers LOVE her.  They always have a funny story about something she has done that day.  Last time it was using baby doll clothes to wipe her feet off (Hrm, wonder where she gets that?)  She also does this thing where she props herself up in the highchair at home and kicks her foot up against the try while she drinks her milk.  Evidently she has started to do that at school.  Only at school, they sit in real-life chairs attached to the table and her legs gets stuck.  So they have to un-attach the whole chair and pull her leg out when it is time to get up.  Haha  She is a mess..

And, the last big announcement: it is FALL!  Woo hoo!!  How exciting.  I  love this time of year; I really want to decorate, but that will have to wait a little while.  I am trying to decide what Lexie will be for Halloween.  We have done the bumble bee; a friend suggested a butterfly or the hungry caterpillar.  That is a possibility, but I don’t know if that will just be too much of the whole Hungry Caterpillar thing.. but it’s cute!  So, I don’t know.  Any suggestions are welcome!

So, I’m one years old … now what?!

Talking on the phone

This was when she first got sick last week .. you can tell she doesn’t feel good.

“baby toes”

Yummy baby toes!

playing with her rocking horse (from Uncle Jeremy and Grandaddy Steve)

This was taken at night, sleepy baby

loooves for Sweet Bunny and Mr. Bear

tee hee hee



Time for “nap nap time”
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