WW 50 and Zipadee Zip {11 month Baby Summary}

Ooooh, sweet Baby #4.

Not only is she just precious, and fun, she definitely knows what she wants!  Unlike her older sister, #3, she has been a very vocal, more demanding baby.  We are entering Wonder Week 50, or Leap 7.

Last month we went on a family trip to the south; while we were gone C cut a new tooth (it literally cut through on day 2 of our trip), and ran a fever with it.  She was not feeling good; by the time we got to my family she was miserable- we don’t know if it was from teething, the travel, new people and places, or what … Probably a combination of it all.

As she is starting to enter the territory of toddlerhood, I am finding tantrums abound! I’ve never had a baby throw fits like this one; she gets so angry, and I am hopeful that as she gets more words and mobility, the tantrums will subside.


C is a strong girl!  She is a little copycat, and will say just about anything you say, at least once.  She repeatedly uses the words: hi, Huck (one of our dogs), Max, Mama, Dada, Up, dog, toes, and Ma for more. She likes to play peek a boo, itsy bitsy spider, pat a cake, and will move your hands off your face to find you.

She is signing for more, but that’s about it. *insert eye roll here* I am so ready for this wonder week of development to be done so we can move beyond this phase.  It is hard!

She wants to move, but refuses to crawl.  She likes to walk around the house, with me holding her hands from behind, but isn’t yet walking on her own.  So, I brought in the big guns today.  Hopefully using the push toy she will begin picking up her feet and becoming more comfortable standing and moving on her own.  I really want her to crawl, but after hours and hours (combined, not all at once) of blood curdling screams and her banging her head no the floor in anger, she just isn’t wanting to crawl.  So, I think we will begin moving in a way that makes her happy, and then  hope she will crawl and walk on her own.

Sleep and Schedule

We have dropped her first 2 bottles of the day-no more bottle at 7am, or 11am after nap #1.  When we wake at 7am, she goes straight to breakfast with some of her homemade milk in a sippy cup.

  • 7am wake, snuggle, wake up siblings, breakfast, play
  • 9am first nap-this will drop soon and we will move to one nap from 12-3
  • 1030 wakes
  • 11 lunch
  • 1:30pm nap #2
  • 3:00pm wake, bottle, snack, play
  • 5:30pm dinner, bath, play
  • 6:40pm bedtime bottle, bed

Munchin' on some broccoli

We tried switching out of her transition swaddle a few months ago, and it was a disaster.  This usually isn’t the case, but C sucks on the sleeve of the swaddle blanket, right on the seam. So when we took it away she freaked out! She would not accept her lovie, which she’s slept with since about 4 months old, as a substitute.

So, on to a Zipadee-Zip we went.  Yesterday we tried it for second nap and it was devastating for her. =(  But last night she did fine, and this morning for nap she did great!

Zipadee Zip and big sister

I like the Zipadee-Zip because it allows more movement for her in bed, which should help with her physical development (because we all know babies practice development in their sleep).  In the transition swaddle (which is AWESOME, until they need a little more room), she just couldn’t stretch and move that one arm, because she wanted the sleeve zipped on for sucking.

In the Zipadee-Zip, she is able to put her arms into full, unrestrictive sleeves, which she can also suck.  But she also can open and close her hand very well inside, so if she wants to grab a rail, a lovie, etc she can.  When I opened the Zipadee-Zip it looked HUGE.  C is about 23lbs and almost 12 months old, so I went with the large.  After I washed and got it on her, it fits great, and has lots of room for her to grow.  It is comfy, soft, and really nice. I am so thankful we decided to go with it, because it is a perfect fit for our needs at this time.

I am excited to see what the coming months bring; hopefully more words and mobility for her, so she can express herself and feel more confident.  She is so much fun, and so full of personality!

Just for fun =)  Baby #4, and me when I was a baby

Baby #4Mama

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12 month molars

Lexie has a new phrase.. “uh oh!”  It’s pretty cute when she drops something and looks up at me to say, “uh oh.” Then she tots over to retrieve it.  But it’s not quite as cute when she throws things from her high chair or changing table and says it.  Stink pot.

She has apparently reverted her understanding of what a “duck says,” because now EVERYTHING says “moo.”  Even Mommy!  lol  She may be reaching for the vase on the table, or pulling up her play mat and I will say, “Lexie, no. no.”  or “Not for Lexie.”  Then if she reaches again, I STUPIDLY say, “Lexie, what did Mama say?” and her reply?  “MOO!”  That turkey.  So, my first reaction was that she must not really know what a cow says, because she is just mimicking me.  But then when we are reading her book, she points to the cow and says Moo.  So, while I am thinking, “Hrm… she doesn’t really get it” she is in fact thinking “I’m being a smarty pants when Mama asks me silly questions, like ‘what did I say, Lexie?’.”  LOL  Naughty naughty.  But so dang cute.

We had about three good weeks of FABULOUS napping, night sleeping, eating, and playing without Mama needing to be there.  Then, she starts cutting her stupid 12 month molars.  Poor baby, she is just miserable.  I have THREE, count them- 1, 2, 3- boxes of teething tablets on the way!  Everyone swears by them but you cannot find them in the stores anywhere.  The most popular brand, Hyland’s, was recalled right before Lexie was born so they took them off the shelf.  But there are other homeopathic brands that you just can’t get in the stores.  So, I got some of those online.  She is eating good, but not really napping well and is rather cranky.

She shows all the signs of needing two naps still, but is only wanting that one nap a day.  It just isn’t enough sleep and by the late afternoon she is exhausted and falls asleep taking her night time bottle-which I DO NOT like at all.  I offer two naps every day, just in case though.  Again, I’m pretty sure it’s the teething.

Oh, and did I mention we threw our first public fit Monday?  Oh yes.  We went to a lady’s house in the Village about a job.  (which I got, btw, and will start the first Tuesday in Sept!- yay!)  Lexie wanted down, which I guess is this new found freedom of crawling/walking she has.  If I wouldn’t put her down, she would push me away, start screaming/whining fussing, and get all ugly.  If we were in Walmart, I would know what to do-tell her how it was going to be or leave.  But at a potential customer’s house?!  So I would put her down, then pick her up when she got too far away or became too nosy.  I tried to distract her first, of course, giving her my keys or telling her to look at the pictures of the baby… yea that didn’t last long.  So, we are just going to battle this independence.  She was naughty in church Sunday, too.  SCREAMING, squirming.  I told her she would be going to the nursery if she kept acting like that.  I’m not going to let her down in church to run around and do whatever she wants- that is not what church is for, and it isn’t a time to go out in the fellowship hall and play.  She can either sit in my lap and play/behave, or she will go to the nursery.  It’s not a time to be acting wild.  When she is older, coloring or reading is acceptable, but I’m not going to let her act crazy in church, despite what people say.

But she is still cute, of course.  =)

When I picked Lexie up from school the other day, her teacher asked if she could have a plate like the other kids got.  I told her no.  She said that Lexie grabs for what they have and she wants to eat what they’re eating.  I just replied that I didn’t want her having processed foods and I would send her food.  I do realize not everyone has the time to make their kids’ lunches.  I do.  I send pureed foods, like roast and veggies, chicken and blueberries, sweet potatos, etc. and I ALSO send finger foods- blue berries, pieces of fresh, hormone free chicken that we grilled or baked, greens beans, bananas.  There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for Lexie to eat fried, processed chicken nuggets, peas that are filled with BPA because they’ve been in a can on a shelf, or pears that are dripping with excess sugary syrup. Not just no, but HELL no.  There is no reason for it.  Next time they ask (this was the 2nd time it’s been brought up) I will tell her very quickly that Lexie will always want to do what others are doing- piercings, drinking a beer, talking to her parents with disrespect, not going to bed at a decent hour- but she will not be doing any of those things either.  She is 11 moths old, and frankly I don’t care what she wants, she does not have the good sound judgement to know what is good for her and wasn’t isn’t.  SHE IS ELEVEN MONTHS OLD!  HELLO?!  I know what it is, though.  She doesn’t want to spoon feed her, which mind you, takes all of 7 minutes.  That baby eats so well, and so fast that it is gone and hardly and inconvenience.  She is too young to exclusively feed her self finger foods; she would not get the nourishment or calories she needs if she were left to feed herself.  11 months old.  GEEZ.  I guess she thinks it is an inconvenience for her, but Lexie is there TWO days a week.  Grr. 

So, her BDay is almost here, as you all know.  I got her romper in the mail the other day- SO CUTE!  I wanted it to be a surprise, but could not resist taking pictures.  Most of you received them in an email or on FB, but just in case you missed it (or need to see more!) here she is.  =)

Posing-of course!

Lexie Video OVER LOAD!

OK, so just ignore what I said in the last post about needing to go to Youtube.  Apparently I can just embed them in my blog, using Youtube!  Perfecto!  =)

Also, you may have to hit play, and then pause it for a bit to allow them to “buffer,” or catch up.  Otherwise you may be stuck watching it play and stop, play and stop… just fyi, for the fam.  Also, some of the are 2 minutes, some are 12.

I think that is all for the newer ones… there may be some repeats in there.  Not sure.  And if i find I missed some, I will do a new post.

August videos and pics

Looks like I will have to start uploading the longer videos to YouTube  The blogger server will not let me put them here, they are too large. I will add links to my blogs that will direct you to the videos.  I suggest opening them in a new window or tab, so you don’t have to hit the back button to get back here, to click on the next link for the other videos.  I will not be making the videos “public” as of right now.  So, you have to have the link or maybe you can book mark it too, in order to see them.  In other words, you cannot go to Youtube, search for “lexie raye wright” and find our videos.  My user ID is Megs901, in case you want to add me to your favorites, etc for easy access to my videos.

They are uploading to their server now, so I will do another post with the links.  =)

In the meantime, here are some newer pics, enjoy family!  (OH!  I have some SUPER cute naky pictures of Lexie.. but you know I may get arrested and sentence to jail for 25+ years if I post or email them out.  And frankly, now that I think about it, I’m a little afraid to have them printed at walgreens.  =/  Gosh, I’m scared to print pics of my sweet baby’s naky booty, but if I were that Anthony woman I could get away with murder.. scary, huh?)

Ok, happy thoughts now!  =)

stacking cups

“Hrm, wait a minute!”

“ROCK ON!”  Uncle Jeremy would be proud  =)

toting Pink Baby

loves for Pink Baby

loves for soft baby doll

“well, looky there”

**I started this LAST wednesday, I think.. just now posting-sorry!**

Well, this will probably be a pretty long blog.  I have so many updates on life in general; lately I have been a little “cluttered” and have not had time to post much.  By “cluttered” I mean busy; last week my free time was spent making a new batch of baby food, preparing for Lexie’s first days at her new school, making appointments, paying bills, and making other important phone calls for the month.

Lexie is learning new things every single day!  This week she has already learned where her ears, hair, and feet are.  She can point to them when you ask  =)  She was blowing her nose when you asked “where is your nose?” but she has temporarily stopped doing that.  More on Miss. L in a bit  =)

So, as you know last month was a big month for us: we closed on our lot last Friday and we also made an agreement with someone on our house.  When I say we made an agreement, I mean a verbal one.  There is still a sign in the yard and they have not yet signed any papers.  As anyone who has ever purchased or sold a home knows, everything depends on the bank and the bank is slow as molasses.  So, whether they actually buy the house or not is to be determined.. But regardless we have out lot and are very thankful!

J.Tom is gone this week to MS, so we are ready for him to be home.  Last night Lexie would crawl to the gate looking for him and say “dadadada.”  She misses him so much!  However, we are glad he doesn’t have to leave for weeks or months on end, like some of our friends’ husbands in the military.  

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but we have hummingbirds!  I kept seeing the same little female outside our big window for like two weeks.  I have a chest/trunk (which acts as a table) in front of the window and on it sits a flower arrangement.  The little female would try to eat from the flowers, through the glass!  So, in her persistence she convinced me to get a feeder.  =)  I didn’t make my own nectar, I need to get my Granny’s recipe.  I just bought a little thing of concentrate for now; it hangs on a Shepherds hood in front of the same big window.  I put it up Monday, and she quickly discovered it, drinking from it all day long! Yesterday (Tuesday) there was a male drinking from it as well.  He is a red throat hummer and I am not sure what she is.  But now there are at least THREE hummingbirds!  The female and male fly from the trees in front of our house, down to the feeder and fight over it. While they were fussing at each other, a third bird flew up!  So now I think I need to put another feeder out there.  The shepherds hook has 3 hangers on it, so there is room for more feeders.

If you can’t tell, the hummingbirds have been a bit of an obsession as of late.  But they’re so fascinating!  Lexie finally saw them yesterday and now she looks for them all the time. I can say, “look there’s the hummingbirds” and she will run slide as quickly as possible to the window to look out.  She is still walking, but it is just steps here and there still, she doesn’t really go for very far distances.  It is exciting to watch her learn new things like walking, but it is sad too.  I’m not ready for her to be big enough to walk around!  =*(  She is also trying to climb; she started that about a month ago, but she is getting  better with her attempts; so that’s not good.  I have a feeling we will need to bolt furniture to walls with this one-she is sneaky and too smart for her own good!  It’s also about time to drop her mattress to the lowest setting.

Lou has always been SO snuggly, but now she is more snuggly than ever- she wants to “love” EVERYTHING!  Every stuffed animal or doll, every lovie blanket, anything soft. Oh, and of course she loves to snuggle J.Tom and me.  It’s just precious!  Our time together playing and snuggling in the bed every morning is just priceless.  He usually gets her from her crib and then we all play they wake me up by pulling my hair or tackling me.. =)   (But it’s fun)  Lexie is very much infatuated with Stitch (still) and likes to try to snuggle him.  Surprisingly, Missy Cat let’s her pet and love on her more than Stitch; he is a little skittish since she can now move so quickly!

Lexie’s July Calendar
3-   decidesshe really likes watermelon
4-   stood on her own in the middle of the floor
5-8 says Mama a lot more (and a few weeks later says it non stop)
8-   Daddy came home-very excited (stops saying Mama, cause Daddy is here now!)
11- says “book”
13- rolls ball w Mama and Daddy
14- signs “more” by clapping
15- walks on bed- a LOT!
17- 4 steps on floor by herself!
18-  milk is now “gak” or “gaga”
20- 6 steps!
21- lots more steps (got video)
25- totes everything in mouth as she moves from one place to another
28- first day back to school; mom cried like a big loon
29- we closed on our lot!


As of today, August 8, Lexie is walking everywhere!  She will plan on going somewhere by crawling bu then stop and stand up to walk the rest of the way.  We are not completely on a one nap schedule.  Some days it is one nap, some days it is two..  I offer two naps every day, but sometimes she just won’t do it.  I think she is at that transition phase where it just depends on the day and activity.  Also, she can tell you what a cow says, “Moo”  haha SO stinkin cute!

Stitch got a new haircut and looks OH so cute.  We are getting ready for Lexie’s BIG DAY and I cannot wait!  We found someone to do the cake, got the invite ordered, her outfit is being made, and I am working out the final details.  I would love to have it outside again, but I am not sure how hot it will be that weekend; probably too hot to do it outside!  So we may all be jammed inside singing happy birthday to Lou Bug!

Oh, have I mentioned Missy Cat’s hair is finally coming back in?!  And she has gained a little weight; I was doing canned cat food but she only licked the gravy and left the food parts, so now she is on dry cat food and feeling much better.

I will try to get a video or two of Lexie posted tonight-I have lots but they may be too big to upload, who knows?!

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