Camping Trip- Halloween Weekend, 2011

This weekend we decided to go camping. With J.Tom gone so much this month, we decided we needed some major family time with no work, no laundry- just play time outside!

Friday night we got our pop-up camper all folded out, cleaned, and loaded down with all our stuff. We love pop-up things – it just makes setting up so easy! I always say to people that one of the first things you should buy in preparation for a trip is a camping instant tent. There is absolutely no fun in spending hours trying to build a tent! It was about 8pm and everything was packed and ready to go. Saturday we headed for Dover, Arkansas to the Long pool Campgrounds. When we arrived we started unpacking all our things, fed the baby, and went to visit some friends we were meeting there. Lexie had the BIGGEST time ever! She LOVED playing in the dirt, throwing the rocks and running around like a crazy person exploring everything. She teased Scarlet, staying just out of her reach, the whole time. She played with leaves, learned about camp fires, and got to ride in the wagon with her friend Reid.

It’s a good thing she was wearing her overalls Saturday, because let me tell you- they were much needed! With all the falling, running, and playing sitting in mud that Lexie did, she definitely needed those overalls! She also needed some boots, but we didn’t have any of those… she wore her BRAN SPANKING NEW WHITE stride rite walkers I spent a gajillion dollars on that are so comfy on her fat baby feet. Yes, it was time for new shoes; our Lou bug is in a 5.5 wide now. 14 months old. Whew.

Anyhow, so Lexie had a big time. If she fell down, or grabbed hands full of mud, dirt, and rocks, she just dusted them off and kept on going. She’s definitely going to be her Mama and Daddy’s outdoor girl! (YAY!!!) Since we have been home, she goes to the front door and says “out out,” wanting to go play outside. She has discovered the grass and also mastered the steps (of course I’m all over that one, just in case, but she can do it on her own). She did really well at the camp grounds on the little steps up and down from the paved slabs to the gravel areas. She also knew how to sit on her “booty” on the stone wall (which wasn’t much of a wall). I think her favorite part was definitely playing in the mud and dirt. Next time we are going to have to go away for longer! My friend recommended going onto and seeing what camping and hiking adventures we could go on!

dirt on my booty

dusting off the dirt

“I gotta leaf, I gotta leaf …”


playing in the dirt
Lexie and Reid

Just chillin’


I NEED one of these!

Never holds still!

wiping my face and nose