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Brinkman Adventures Audio Dramas

Brinkman Adventures has come into our home, once again, sharing their exciting, real life stories of heroes in history. We have been listening to (perhaps, non stop during this rainy season …) Season 6: Underground Rising, the digital version, for several weeks now.

If you haven’t discovered audio dramas in your home, let me introduce you! These productions are a cross between audio books, and movies- all the action, music, and performance of a movie listened via audio similar to an audiobook.

Enjoying Season 6: Underground Rising

Brinkman Adventures chronicles the exciting experiences of the Brinkman family, while telling real life stories of missionaries all over the world, and throughout history. This time, in Season 6: Underground Rising, the family visits their great grandparents (based on real life people) who not only survived World War II in Nazi occupied Netherlands, but were part of an underground movement to aid, hide, and protect the Jews being persecuted.

After I downloaded our MP3’s and burned them to a disc, my oldest (8yo) lit up when I told her she could listen, but I wanted to listen along. She immediately put the first CD on, and everyone flocked to the living room (6yo brother, 4 & 2 year old sisters included), and thus began an amazing adventure for our entire family. Everything from the performances of the cast, to the use of language and facts in the storyline made this real life account of God using his people to work in tragedy awe inspiring.

Listening to Audio Adventures

The first thing my oldest daughter commented on during first disc was the accents of the performers, which led to a discussion on accents, dialect, and what people from the world sound like… which led to a listening to youtube videos of people all over the world speaking English in their native dialect. She and her younger brother discussed how scary it would be to do something with the Germans threatening your every move, and how it took so much courage to both help others, and accept the help at the risk of being caught.

All of my children were intrigued, down to the 2 year old, coloring and building while listening to people just like their family go from ordinary citizens to heroes risking their lives for others. We have relished in conversations of How God can use us to do great things, how He takes who we were born to be in His image and molds us into who He plans for us to become- even when that means especially when that means doing very hard things.

I was a little stunned by the contributions made by even my 4 year old, who often doesn’t seem to be paying a lot of attention to things the olders enjoy. She clearly listened closely, and as one character became careless and was warned by the others- he is going to get in trouble, Mama! He needs to listen! While it seems so simple, the message of using your gifts, talents, or abilities (in this case, to help save an entire nation of people) humbly, the way God intends is clear to her… even if her verbalization is limited to you better do the right thing or you’re gonna get in trouble! haha What a fun way to experience great messages!

These are the messages our children & young people need to hear.

Doing the right thing is never wrong.

Even when it puts your life in danger. This production touched our family in many ways, and I suspect it will continue to do so. There are many messages to be found in these great stories. For children to hear and experience how God’s people used the church and their own place in life, to save the lives of others simply because it was the right thing to do can be life altering. It seems small when they are young, but the impact is big; all the while they are enjoying (and remembering) the stories and action that come along with it.

Time and time again, Brinkman Adventures shows us through wholesome, exciting, true stories that children and families all over the world can make an impact where they are. God is always working, even in the worst of times in our world. I love that deep connections with our children can be as easy as listening to audio drama missionary stories from today and throughout history!

Underground Rising

You can read the Real Stories of season 6 HERE. I read this page after we listened to the audio drama many times over, and I am glad I waited (there are some spoilers haha) I was pleasantly surprised! Like the audio production, the real life story of the heroes we have come to know and love, regular citizens turned missionaries, is captivating, shocking, and inspiring! I also noticed how small things we found interesting (ex: certain Dutch words that don’t directly translate to english) were highlighted in the Real Stories, providing extra detail and background to the audio.

I think we will purchase previous seasons for Christmas gifts; these make great listening on trips, and on cold, wet days of being inside. We love listening while working on handwriting, using play doh, and painting. I know my children want to hear more!

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