Biographies in your Homeschool- C.S. Lewis with YWAM Publishing {a review}

YWAM Publishing Christian heroes

We have been reading  C.S. Lewis: Master Storyteller from the Christian Heroes: Then & Now from YWAM Publishing. My 8 year old daughter has been obsessed with the Chronicles of Narnia series since she began reading them on her own at the age of 6. I knew she would really enjoy reading about C.S. Lewis and his creative process for writing the series, and his other books.

YWAM Publishing Christian Heroes Series

Along with the book, we reviewed the Unit Study Curriculum Guide-this is such a wonderful resource! More details on it below!

My daughter’s favorite part about reading this biography was learning about C.S. Lewis’s past:

I didn’t know C.S. Lewis fought in a war! I enjoyed reading about him fighting in battles. He got hit by a shell, and when he woke up he was in a battle field with his mouth half full of dirt. Then someone that was searching for injured soldiers came, rescued him, and took him to the hospital. When he was able, he wrote a letter to his family telling them he was okay, but could only lay one side and that was a treat after only laying on his back for a few weeks.

I learned that he was called Jack, and he got married late in life; she {his wife} was sick, he prayed and prayed for her that her sickness would be taken away. At the end of the book, his kidneys failed and he died. He was pretty old.

He wasn’t a christian until he grew up; when he was younger, he didn’t believe there was a God (which is wrong, mama, there is a God). And he kept a journal almost his whole life, just like me!

I appreciate that this series of living books are juicy and factual biographies, but never dry or boring. They are Christian based, focusing on good people that did great works for the Lord. This story revealed weaknesses, struggles, and the journey C.S. Lewis took in finding his faith.

One of my favorite parts of this review is the curriculum guide which we used along with reading the book. This curriculum guide makes personalizing the education of your children SO simple! The download comes with helpful guides for utilizing the unit study within a classroom, home, or small group setting. Obviously, we used it in our homeschool. =)

C.S. Lewis Unity Study Curriculum Guide


We used the bible verses from the guide for C.S. Lewis: Master Storyteller for her copywork, and as memory work for the whole family. Bible Verse Selections from Guide


YWAM Publishing Christian Heroes Series

Chapter questions for this book included:

  • A vocabulary question drawn from the text and referenced to a page in the book
  • A factual question arising from the text
  • Two questions to gauge the level of a student’s comprehension
  • Two open-ended questions seeking an opinion or interpretation

I *loved* the discussion that unfolded from these questions! The deep understanding and critical thinking skills my daughter showed during this portion of using the guide astonished me. It is amazing what those little people can do when given a book!

The vocabulary words really drew on her understanding and we took this opportunity to use a dictionary- which turned into her reading the dictionary non stop for days on end, for fun… We also used these words for spelling; some had rules that were a review, while others were new to her.

The Student Explorations section of the guide is full of so many project ideas and learning opportunities:

  • essay questions
  • creative writing
  • hands on projects
  • audio visual projects
  • arts and crafts

We enjoyed doing some of the activities; collecting all our C.S. Lewis books, giving oral synopsis of each (similar to reading rainbow reviews), creating a collection of things related to the book, and utilizing ideas from the Social Studies section. This consists of:

  • Places. This section covers significant places related to the story and named in the text of the book C. S. Lewis: Master Storyteller.
  • Terms/Vocabulary. This section gives ideas for studying some of the terms used in the book.
  • Geographical Characteristics. This section contains suggestions for mapping some of the physical characteristics of the United Kingdom.
  • Conceptual Questions. This section provides the teacher with conceptual social studies questions related to the book

This unit study could be used to complete the geography, history, vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension portions of your homeschool! The projects and activities can act as extra curricular, art, and handicrafts.

There really is no limit to what you can use the YWAM Publishing books and their corresponding guides for in your learning time! I wish I could cover everything found in the guide, it is just too juicy!

Along with the unit study curriculum guide download is an overview guide for the entire series. In this guide you will find a list of each book in the series, the time period it correlates with, and the geological areas found in the book. If you are studying a specific era in history, or location in geography, this is a perfect way to match those things up and fins a heroes book that fits your unit!

We have a few more YWAM stories to read that go along with our history- Gladys Aylward and George Muller. I cannot wait to use the unit study guides for those books! We plan to continue adding these biographies into our homeschool, and will use the guides as well. I am so thankful for this amazing resource!

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